love and other papercuts


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Dean and Cas are staring at each other, breathing hard. Both jaws and fists are clenched, and the small amount of distance between them is tinged with anger and hurt. Dean takes a step back, and honestly, can’t remember why he loves Cas right now.  The small disagreement escalated so quickly, and his vision is clouded with hurt and betrayal and anger; red-hot, heart-racing, all-I-can-do-not-to-scream-at-you anger.  

“I’m going out,” Cas growls, turning away from Dean and walking away. Dean’s throat closes up and his heart seizes; after all their whispered promises, all the murmured words between lips, Cas is leaving him? So easily?

His fear must radiate to the other man, because Cas turns back to him and manages a somewhat softer expression. “I’ll be back,” he said roughly, the words clearly not easy to get out. “I just need to clear my head.”

Dean swallows, drinking in the sight of him while he still can, and nods. “B-be safe,” he almost whispers, the words a stark contrast from the insults and accusations he was throwing only a few moments ago.  Cas clenches his jaw, seeing the same, and is gone in another few seconds.

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