love and other natural disasters

We are in part responsible for our own future. Of course there are things we have no power over, such a the death of loved ones, natural disasters and other strokes of fate life may bring upon us. But the rest is in our hands and we can’t just blame a crappy society or crappy people for a crappy life.
—  from “Lonely Traveller” part 2, by Sereno Sky, in progress



November 14th:

  • A TGV train derailed during a test run, into a canal in Strasbourg, France. 11 people were killed, over 30 were injured and 5 people are still missing.

November 13th:

  • 129 lives were lost in Paris to terrorist attacks and 372 people were injured. Their worst disaster since WWII.
  • Japan experienced an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude. Although there was no reports of injuries or damage, please remember that in 2011 Japan was hit by a Tsunami that caused 18,000 deaths and left over 230,000 people still yet to return to their home towns.
  • Lebanon lost 41 lives to two suicide bombings in their capital city - Beirut. This bombing is the deadliest in the capital since the end of Lebanon’s civil war in 1990.
  • Mexico was hit by an earthquake of 4.3 magnitude in a Baja California town. No reports of injuries or damage.

November 10th:

  • A business jet crashed into an embankment after hitting an apartment block from clipping a telephone wire in Ohio, USA. All 9 on board died.

November 7th:

  • A funeral held in a mosque in Baghdad was bombed. At least 17 lives were lost and up to 33 people were injured.

November 4th:

  • A cargo plane crashed after losing altitude in South Sudan. 41 people lost their lives, only 2 survived.

October 31st:

  • A Russian airliner crashed in the Sinai desert of Egypt en route from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Petersburg in Russia. All 224 passengers and crew were lost.

October 2nd:

  • A military transport plane crashed while taking off in Afghanistan killing all 11 on board.
  • A small aircraft crashed shortly after going missing after take-off in Indonesia. All 10 people on board lost their lives.

June 30th:

  • A military transport plane crashed into a residential area of Medan, Indonesia. All 122 people died on board, and at least 19 died on the ground.

April 2nd:

  • Garissa University College in Kenya was hit by gunmen. 147 lives were lost, 79 people were injured and 587 were evacuated. The death toll is the highest in a terror attack on Kenyan soil since the U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998

March 24th:

  • A Germanwings Airbus plane crashed into the French Alps en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, instantly killing all 148 people on board.

To date:

  • In Syria, over 250,000 people have died due to conflict to date. Amongst these, in October 273 individuals were killed by Russian forces alone.
  • All the countless other lives that were lost to natural disasters, conflict, etc that media doesn't show us and for which there is no statistic for.

The Islamic State (ISIS) are to blame for some of these disasters; not the Islam religion or the recent Syrian refugees

Do not blame Muslims. Do not blame nationality. Do not blame skin colour for what religious extremists do. 

On the topic of religion - hijabs, niqabs, and burkasshould not be banned and are not a symbol of terrorism. It is a freedom of choice.

So yes, lets ‘’pray for Paris’’ but let us pray for every single innocent life that was lost too soon when it shouldn't have been; whether covered by media or not. 

The ‘compassion’ we now extend to those in France needs to be widened to the world.

Pray for us Westerners for being so damn clueless, naive, gullible and being quick to blame others. If you don’t know what’s happening in the world around you - then don’t pretend to care by preaching on social media how much you are ‘’shocked’, or how you ‘’care and offer your respect’’ to such disasters. Stop sharing those pictures, posting status’s or following the latest hashtag trend. We do it for the likes and the attention, to make us look like we’re all for humanity when in reality - none of us actually care unless it directly affects us.

So let us pray for the world and for all those who have suffered and lost their lives. We need to respect each other and our own choices, and research before jumping to conclusions

Not all disasters need to be broadcast, but if you open your eyes, you will see what is happening around you. 

Everyone’s lives are equal, no death in the first world should be more important or have more meaning than a death in the third world.

Actually, let us not pray as religion itself has alot to account for for the loss of so many lives. Let us believe in what we want to believe, but please let us not kill or harm to prove our faith.

Instead, let us hope that all this madness and sadness ends; and the human race have some genuine compassion and understanding towards each other… before it’s just too late.

I have listed only a small few of the tragedies that have hit our world this year. It takes nothing to do a bit of research, to learn and to understand the truth of what’s happening around us.