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I saw your post about tips for writing love stories and it was really helpful! While the romance between my two characters is not the main plot it is certainly a big deal. I realized that I might have fallen victim to insta love and I was wondering how to avoid writing insta love?

Insta love is basically when the characters fall in love with each other without the backing of actually knowing each other and sharing experiences. So here’s a list on how to avoid it:

1. Instant attraction is different from insta love. Just like in real life, what people see first is on the outside, which might then spark them to learn about what’s inside. So you may have a character be attracted to another character the second they lay eyes on them, and that’s okay. It’s actually a pretty good start to a romantic relationship.

2. Let them get to know each other. Share struggles or moments of vulnerability. Let them flirt, ramp up the attraction, and get them to a point where they feel close to one another. This requires a bit of time. Of course, depending on who your characters are, this could take merely a few hours, but there needs to be some time between “Hey look at that cutie” and “I would die for them.”

3. Know your characters. What makes them open up to a possible romantic partner? Why are they attracted to this person? Why do they trust them and want to be with them? If you have legitimate answers, then that can explain a quick bond between two people which can lead to a quicker romantic fling that doesn’t count as an insta love.

4. Think about if your characters romantic progressions make sense and are healthy. It’s best to do this from the perspective of a best friend. If you find yourself going “oooh gurl, why u doin that” then maybe that’s not a romance your audience can root for. If outsiders think a relationship is moving too fast with too little footing, it might be lust, not love.

Hope this helps!

Crush Tip #3 Guys' Body Language

Body language.  

It’s huge. When there are no words, there’s the body; which is an entirely other gateway to how the person feels (sorry, eyes! 👀).

Decoding the B.L of a guy who has the crush:

1. He smiles at you. 

2. He maintains eye contact with you.

3. You catch him staring at you.

4. He’s always around.

5. He stands a little too close. 

6. He leans in, shoulders square to you, without turning his back. 

7. His legs, feet, or toes are pointed towards you. 

8. He stands tall. 

9. He mirrors your body language. 

10. He touches you. 

11. He raises his eyebrows. 

12. He grooms himself. 

13. He’s nervous, awkward, or clumsy around you. 

14. He laughs at your jokes. 

15. He shows off. 

16. After he says or does something funny, he looks at you for a reaction. 

17. His behavior changes instantly.

18. He treats you differently. 

19. He’s protective.

20. His friends tease him around you. 

21. Acts annoyed or jealous when you talk to other guys.

22. Watches you while he flirts with other girls. 

23. He hangs around one second longer. 

24. He takes one last look at you.

 A more detailed post about this will be updated soon, along with the vice versa for girls! 

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Hey- in the mafia au, what do you think is the detail or aspect about the other that tips the balance into love (or lust, won't get ahead of myself lol) tyty

Lust is the easy part when you have two ridiculously attractive guys in your hands lmao but it’s mostly Otabek’s cool reserved charm and Yuri’s spitfire nature & bold demeanor.

About love – finding that out is the majority of their journey tbh. It’s both linked to their own pasts. What they seek, they find in each other. Both have doubts and insecurities and damages that will become more clear in the story (I hope). I don’t want to get into detail in case I get too into it and end up telling all my headcanons before I put them into writing, but their gradual intimacy makes them better people. They are good to each other, good for each other. 

PS. ‘Better’ should be taken with a grain of salt because I wouldn’t define them as good people in the traditional sense, but that’s another story.


Moments can be just that, moments.
One set point in time when things align
Or they don’t.
A period of intense feeling, self validation
You feel at one, goals as clear in your mind as ever before
Or no vision at all.
A shared connection, one of deep seated lust
Love dances on the tips of tongues, encapsulated in euphoria
Or nothing is felt.

Moments can be what you allow them to be
Share them carefully and indulge frequently
Or do as you wish.

After all, they are exactly that
Your moments.

Tip Tip

Waking up to the sound of rain as your warm hands caress the valleys and hills of my body.
Being lost in your embrace as the world is being water and nourished by the blessings from the sky.
The tears of angels bless our place , enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape but the beauty that is beside me is my muse.
I listen as the droplets of water hit a container mirroring my breathing.
Slow and steady just like my heart beat because I’m content.
I’m happy
Just being in this bed.
Our bodies just in a plight to be one.
Your soul touching mine , creating a conversation about out past lives.
Igniting a night of passion that some deem forbidden but to us it’s just magical.
Lips on lips
Hips on hips
My tongue between those lips
Bring you to a state of awakening with my tongue on your clit.
We transcend to a place where all we hear is the sound of the rain and our own warm embrace.

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(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)"

Eyelid: Adoration
Ear: Temptation
The Bridge of Nose: Treasuring
Cheek: Dear/Kindness/Satisfaction
Lips: Love
Throat: Desire
Nape: Deep Attachment
Chest: Possession
Arm: Affection/Adoration
Wrist: Desire/Lust
Back of Hand: Respect/Love
Fingertip: Praise/Admiration
Tip of the Toe: Worship/Idolize