love and learn your hair

it’s the second time I draw this! Sorry for the lack of art I got my computer back clean and I lost the first wip of this so it took longer than I thought but it’s here finally! ♥️ 


-that boy loves lemons

-not anything lemon flavored just lemons

-he once peeled a lemon in front of Zoe and she hit him on the head with a can of beans

-that boy loves learning new hairstyles for long hair

-want somebody to braid your hair all fancy? Go see Connor Murphy with a basket of lemons and maybe he won’t kill ya on sight

-I just made him sound like some kind of eldritch God

-WELP that’s another one for the AU pile

BTS Reaction To You Having Curly Hair

Jungkook - 

He would love seeing your curly hair and would secretly pray for it to rain during your dates so that he could see it.

Jimin - 

Jimin would run his fingers through your hair and pull it a little to see it ping back into place.

Taehyung -

Tae would love your hair and would touch it any time he could. He’d make up excuses to pat your head so that he can feel your hair.

Yoongi -

Yoongi would be shocked but he’d learn to love it. He’d tell you that he loves your hair either way and ask if he can touch it.

Hoseok - 

Hoseok would be so in love with your hair and would even help you style it.  He would always run his fingers through your hair.

Rap Monster - 

He loved your hair whether it was straight or curly. He’d find it so cute when you tried out different styles to see which would suit you.

Jin - 

Jin would think your natural curly hair was so cute and he’d even go as far as to hide your hair straighteners.

Send me some BTS Reaction Ideas!

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Could you please write some headcanons for the 2p Face Family with a S/O who has ridiculously long rapunzel-like hair?

((ooo weird. i like it~))

2p!France/François Bonnefoy:
- He thinks it’s excessive.
- Stares at you a lot because wow that’s a lot of hair.
- Is pleasantly surprised when he finds out how nice it feels.
- “So you do take care of it.”
- He thinks you should cut it, but he does like running his fingers through it whenever he gets the chance.
- Whenever you do something that makes him jealous, he’ll discreetly pull your hair. It’s very annoying because he seems to get jealous a lot.

2p!America/Allen F. Jones:
- He thinks it’s fake and pulls it.
- Okay so it’s not fake //smacked
- Asks you a lot of questions. “Why do you keep it so long?” “Does it take a long time to wash?” “Is it heavy?”
- Pranks you by tying it up around table legs and such.
- If he’s feeling particularly shitty, he’ll find you and just rub a strand of your hair between his fingers. It seems to calm him down.
- If he sees anyone else touching you hair, he immediately steps in and puts a stop to it.

2p!Canada/James Williams:
- He’s impressed.
- When you’re not looking, he’ll touch your hair because it feels so nice~ (won’t admit it tho).
- He’ll pull out any leaves or twigs he notices without warning. It’s a little surprising and you don’t realise he’s doing something nice until the fourth or fifth time.
- May or may not hide in your hair when he’s being hunted down by Al.
- Most likely will cut a piece off and make a bracelet for himself (james wtf).

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland:
- He loves it.
- He learns a bunch of braiding styles and practices on your hair. 
- “Would you consider dying it pink?” (ollie no)
- Likes sticking flowers and cute clips in it, which inevitably go missing.
- Will try brushing your hair, but gets tired halfway through (it’s the thought that counts).
- If anyone does anything bad to your hair (ex. steps on it) he makes sure to keep them in mind so he can get back at them later.

For bokutos birthday ! Even though i don’t like this drawing at all

his hair is still hell to draw oh my gods.

shape of you

6770 words, where aspiring boxer!jeongguk learns that he loves you no matter how you wear your hair (and of course, you love him too)

briefly inspired by the shape of you music video(?) idk i just really liked the boxer!au thing going on lol

rated f, for fluffiness

with housemate jin, math nerds namjoon and taehyung (I put his self-acclaimed grammy winning math award ass into good use) and boxing coaches!jimin and yoongi


Jeongguk arrives at his 5 o’ clock slot sharp heaving and somehow proud, because that run was record time considering he got off work later than usual because Taehyung had messed up some customer’s drink and his workplace was at least 3 blocks away from the dingy, old boxing gym that he’d booked a slot at with Jimin, the resident trainer who claimed he had once took on someone above his weight class and still came out undefeated.

Except said trainer was currently occupied with blocking punches thrown from someone Jeongguk doesn’t manage to recognize, because he’s sure that figure wouldn’t be one that he would forget easily, especially with the way the stranger’s sportswear- Jeongguk decides he won’t admit he’s been staring at her sports bra for now- hugs and accentuates her curves and abdominals that he tries to get a better look at despite the shitty lighting in the gym. And Jeongguk as a normal, hormonal, twenty-something guy would have reacted to the rare female presence if not for the blaring reminder that Jimin promised a slot with him and said female was currently eating into his 90-minute session which did not come cheap for a uni student paying his own rent.

Add that to how he just completed the run of his life and a quick glance at the wall clock indicating his slot started 10 minutes ago, Jeongguk’s irritation and extremely short temper comes with good excuse when it surfaces in a shout directed to Jimin.

“What the hell hyung, we were supposed to start 10 minutes ago!”

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Wicked Games: Part 2

Part 1  Part 3

Scenario: A drunken holiday night takes you into something you swore you would never do. Everyone knows that Friends With Benefits never work.  Someone is going to catch feelings, and ultimately your friendship ruined but that didn’t stop you both from stealing a kiss.

A/N: So, yes. I decided to create a second part to this because I wasn’t finished with it. I’m mostly happy with what I was able to complete for the pacing for this second part. I’m nervous to find out what y’all think. Enjoy!!

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 4319

Disclaimer: As always, any used gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Warnings: Masturbation, fingering, blow job, and suggestive gif usage

You figured after that night in his room that things would change between you. You prepared for him to act weird or to even become distant. None of that happened, however.

It wasn’t until a few days later when you were alone inside the library. Hidden behind the stacks looking for books to help him with his world economics class, that you felt his hands cautiously touch your hips to steady you. His body melding closer until you were almost shaking from anticipation. Jungkook turned you around to face him, his fingers locking with yours to lift them above your head before he brought his lips down to meet yours. He pressed his lower body against you, while you continued to make out amongst the stacks. The only way the silence ever broke was the popping sound from the seal around your lips breaking.

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This is like sooo basic but learn to love yourself, learn to love your skin, learn to love your body learn to love your hair. Why?

Apart from the fact that loving yourself will make you feel better mentally it’ll also help you physically and economically how?

When you learn to love yourself you’ll stop buying a bunch of shit to “help” your skin when actually all those products combined will make it worse! You’ll stop scrubbing your face every single day, you’ll stop slapping on a high coverage foundation and concealer every single day (which will clog up your pores)

You’ll stop working out to the point where you’re crying, you’ll stop doing exercise excessively instead you’re gonna do the amount that works for you and you feel comfortable with, you’ll stop staring at the carbs of food, you’ll stop buying chemicals for your hair and just!!

Loving yourself it’s great you’re more aware of what you’re doing to your body.

Dating Jun Would Include-

- he’ll still use flirty pickup lines on you 

- in fact he used a pickup line on you when you first met tbh 

- if you dont know chinese he’ll teach you it and will make you say something in front of minghao like “jun is more handsome than you” and tell you it was something else

- you’ll go out to eat and he’ll get something spicy and you’re just like if you burn your mouth im not giving you my water but he put too much in his mouth and he’s like babe please my moUTH

- and you’re just like half way through taking a sip from your bottle and he’ll just kiss you and you’re likE ??? WHA

- then you realised he kissed you to get the water in his mouth despite you couldve just taken the bottle and he’ll just have a smirk on 

- you die a little on the inside too btw

- anyway he doesnt mind pda in front of the members in fact he lIVES FOR PDA

- he’ll kiss you at the most random times, public or not 

- he doesnt mind if the fans find out all he really wants to do is kiss you anyway, anyday, anytime any plaCE 

- if you somewhat hurt yourself he’ll give you a long lecture on why he should be their to protect you and you’re just like jun it WAS A PAPER CUT

- sometimes when he’s down you’ll attempt to dance to mansae and make him laugh and if it doesnt work you’ll just be like bbY NO CHEER UP and then you’ll just love him jfhsjfhsjd

- when you’re down he’ll sing to you and give you encouraging words through out your day to cheer you up and if that doesnt work expect a long lecture on why you should cheer up

- he’ll teach you wushu if you dont know it

- he likes to cuddle you a lot

- and when you have a day off he’ll show you some of his dance moves and will live for your compliments

- then he wants to cuddle you 

- sometimes he likes to feed you and sometimes he likes it when you feed him

- there’s no inbetween

- he loves to explain to you when you ask about his culture and he’ll love to learn about your culture 

- he likes it when you play with his hair it helps him relax

- if you’re struggling on your korean he’ll help you

- but you end up cuddling on the couch watching movies 

- basically dating jun is fluffy, lovey and pDAAA. he likes to show you off a lot and is really proud of little accomplishments you do. he just wants you to be happy and comfortable around him and just date him pls

Dating Series Masterlist

A Father’s Love

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Pairing: Negan x Daughter!Reader, Carl x Reader, Rick Grimes
Word count: 983
Warnings: Swearing 

Part 3 of Gonna Marry That Boy

He groaned and crouched in front of you. “Hey.” His voice was quiet. When you looked at him, he sighed. “Shit happens. You’re still my princess.” Negan gave you a smile. “You’re ass is still in trouble, though.” He chuckled lightly. “You have no idea the talk we’re gonna have at breakfast, sweetheart.”

Groaning, you got up after him and followed him back into the cool air. “I know what you’re thinking right now.” You said softly.

“Yeah, what’s that?” He asked, amused.

You stopped, making him turn. “You wish mom took me with her.”

Negan stared at you. “How could you even fuckin’ think that?” He asked, moving to stand in front of you.

You looked up at him. “I’m not stupid, dad.” You told him. “Having to raise a daughter all on your own? A single guy, who is the head of a biker gang?” You shoved your hands in your pockets. “You had to do all the girl shit. The ballet, the training bras, pink, glitter, periods, nail polish, and all that other shit. What guy honestly wants to do that?” Your eyes were downcast.

He surprised you by letting out a sigh and pulling you into a hug with one arm, kissing the top of your head. “A father who loves his little girl more than life it fucking self. That’s who.” Negan made you look at him. “I’m a hard ass, I know. But you think me and the guys would have gone to every fucking ballet recital dealing with those stuck up bitches if we didn’t love you? Would I have learned to do your fuckin’ hair? Let you paint my goddamn nails until you were ten?” You couldn’t  help but smile, remembering him cussing out Simon for saying something about his nails being blue. “Never, ever think for a fuckin’ second that I wanted her to take you with her. I would have hunted her ass down to get you back.” He smirked. “Enough with the emotional shit. I need to go scare the piss outta your boyfriend.”

Groaning, you let him lead you to his bike. You were handed a helmet and got on behind him. The leather of his jacket was oddly comforting against the skin of your arms, as you’d been riding with him for years now.

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Tips for keeping your hair healthy!

This is more for people with damaged and dry hair but even if you’ve never dyed your hair this is still helpful

Get a trim every 6-8 weeks! This will prevent split ends from traveling up your hair and will make your hair look nicer and grow faster!

DONT SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY! If your hair gets greasy after one day without washing it that’s bad!! Your scalp is over producing natural oils because your hair is constantly being stripped of them. You don’t need shampoo because it strips your hair of all the healthy natural stuff. You just need water and maybe a little bit of lemon juice. If u still want to use shampoo then cut back on it to once or twice a week.

Don’t use a lot of heat on your hair! If you do always use heat protectant! Also if you plan on straightening or curling your hair, don’t blow dry it. If you plan on curling your hair, don’t straighten it before hand. It seriously drys out and damages your hair

If your hair is dry and damaged from bleaching it, deep condition it! You can take literally any conditioner and leave a lot of it in your head for like hours (I usually leave it in over night) and then wash it out and your hair will feel like silk

Don’t bleach your hair if it’s already damaged or if you don’t know what your doing. Your hair will feel like gum when it’s wet and break off really easily and look like hay when it’s dry. If you don’t do it right you can get chemical burns.

If your hair is dry/damaged get a repairing conditioner and use it every time you wash your hair and leave it in for like 2-5 minutes. Also don’t wash your hair every day!!! You need natural oils if your hair is dry and damaged!! Let your hair stay greasy for a day or two your hair will love you for it!

I learned all of this from personal experience and from people who are cosmetologists. I am not a cosmetologists but I know how to keep my hair healthy. If you have any questions feel free to ask!!

Kisses - Cancer Crew Preference


“Ian, quit!” you giggle, squirming around on the bed as your boyfriend presses kisses all across your stomach, driving you absolutely insane. It tickles like crazy, and Ian seems to be enjoying himself way too much.

“But you’re so cute when you get like this,” Ian says, smiling up at you softly. You play with his hair absently, smiling back at him. Ian dips his head down, pressing one last kiss to a little spot of skin above your bellybutton, and then he’s crawling up the bed to kiss you properly.

“I love you,” you murmur, talking against Ian’s mouth as he keeps trying to kiss you over and over again.

“I love you too,” Ian says, hugging you closer, and for some reason, you feel like your chest is going to burst.


“Babe,” Joji says, shaking you a little. You acknowledge him with nothing more than a discontent noise, fisting your hands in the fabric of his shirt in an attempt to pull him closer. This has been the god of all naps, and you never want it to end.

“Baby, we really need to get going. Ian and Max are gonna come get us soon.”

But Joji’s not making any serious moves towards getting out of bed, so you figure you can bargain with him on this pretty successfully.

You press sloppy kisses to your boyfriend’s chest, reaching to hold his hand. “Fifteen more minutes, I promise.”

Joji sighs softly, but then you press another wet kiss to the jut of his collarbone, and he caves. “Fifteen minutes, but that’s it.


“I’ll be back in a few weeks,” Max tells you, squeezing your hand reassuringly. You duck your head and look away from him, the sounds of bustling people and scores of cars all around you. It’s dark outside, but the drop-off area of the airport is brightly lit, so much so that you’d think it was the middle of the day. It never ceases to amaze you how strange airports are, even on the outside.

“I know, just… I’m gonna miss you.” You look up at Max again, trying to swallow down the knot in your throat.

“Three weeks,” Max presses, squeezing your hand more intently now. You nod, and he kisses the top of your head, drawing you in for a hug. Curling around Max, you blink silent tears onto his coat and try to revel in this, the last embrace you’re going to have with him for quite some time, but all you get out of it is a cold feeling in your gut. It chills your insides, but your chest is still burning. Trying to hold yourself back from crying is hard work, at least that’s what you’re quickly learning.

“I love you,” Max murmurs into your hair, hands rubbing your back. “I’m gonna call you everyday, I promise. Twice a day if I can, even.”

“I love you too,” you sniffle, pulling away so you can wipe your face. Max leans down and kisses you for a long, long moment, gentle and almost sort of sad.

“Don’t cry, love,” he says, wiping your cheeks with the sleeves of his own coat now. “Just go home and try to get some sleep, yeah? It’s late.”

And it is. Flights to American can never leave the Perth airport at a less ungodly hour, or that’s what it seems like to you.

The two part with one final, hard kiss, one that makes your stomach turn and your heart nearly stop dead in your chest. You drive home by yourself with a heavy heart, eyes bleary and lips burning.


“Honestly, I can’t believe they haven’t killed you yet,” you say to Chad, working intently on bandaging what’s only the latest in a series of injuries he’s received this week. Monday it was a burn on his leg from a filming light, Tuesday it was a knot on his head from falling on the floor, yesterday it was a rash from spray paint that wasn’t safe for contact with delicate human skin… and today, he got a cut on his arm that nearly made your drive him to the hospital for stitches.

“It’s all in good fun,” Chad says, waving away the matter with a gesture and one of his easy-going smiles. You shoot him a look, knowing that he’d say something like that. He always loves it when Ian and George blow into town for filming, even if it means that he ends up looking like Frankenstein by the time it’s all over.

“One day, you’re really gonna get fucked up, and I’m gonna say ‘I told you so.’” You finish wrapping his arm, taping the bandage down as an extra precaution, and start closing up the first aid kit. “I worry about you sometimes. You always volunteer to do the stupidest shit.”

“Aw, babe, come on,” Chad says, smiling and trying to pull you into his arms. You let him, still pouting even though it feel good. “I’m tough,” Chad tells you, smiling softly as he brushes your hair off your face. “I can take whatever those guys throw at me, and besides- doing stupid shit is my passion.”

You roll your eyes, and Chad kisses your forehead.

“But I do have one request,” Chad says, and you look at him evenly.


“Kiss it better?” he asks, holding up his bandaged arm. You roll your eyes again, but this time you’re smiling.

“Sure, Chad,” you say, pressing a soft kiss just beside the end of the wrapping. Chad grins, declaring himself healed, and you can’t help but shove him a little before giving him a proper kiss.


💫used to dream of outer space💫
✨ they/them ✨

*shamelessly writes for my own hcs* 

Take this. Its fluff and my first fic. Also not beta read so sorry for mistakes. (Go easy on me :/)

“Your hair is in knots Jesse, do you even comb back here?”

“Sorry Darlin, don’t have the energy to get all the way back there sometimes. Getting old y'know.”

Hanzo scoffed, his fingers untangling the thick mop of cowboy hair with practiced movements. This wasn’t the first time he’s had to untangle his partners hair.

Currently he was perched on the edge of their shared bed, metal legs draped over the sides with the gunslinger sitting between his calves on the carpet, cross-legged and blissed out.

“Mmm, Angel your hands are like heaven right now. Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” Jesse sighed, “Cause goddamn do I love you.”

“It is not the first time, but I will not object to hear you saying it a couple more times.”

That got a small huff of laughter from Jesse. They went quiet for a while, settling into a comfortable silence with the soft drone of a fan as background noise. Hanzo continued preening the unruly locks, massaging Jesse’s scalp along with it.

They had been together for a little over a year now, but had shamelessly flirted for at least 7 months prior to their relationship. Jesse had treated him well, always keeping his spirits up with his humor and sharp toungue. He was grateful for him. All of his heartfelt comments went straight to the samurais heart, pulling and pushing in all the right ways.

Hanzo undid the last knot, giving a small hum of victory before combing his fingers through the now smooth hair. He wondered briefly if Jesse purposely left his hair knotted just for these small moments, then decided that he didn’t care. Relaxing times such as this were sometimes few and far inbetween, and he cherished every single one of them.

“What you thinking about Han?” Jesse murmured.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you’re a man of a few words, but still, I’m beginning to miss those snarky comments about my beard and such.”

“Just reflecting.”

Jesse turned to face him, setting his chin on one of Hanzo’s thighs. His hands began to massage his calves, running smooth circles into his sensitive skin.

The samurai sighed, placing his hand on Jesse’s scruffy cheek, drawing odd figures into the dark skin with his thumb.

“What’s got you all worked up Buttercup?”

Hanzo gave a small huff at the nickname.

“You. Us. What we are.” He murmured. “How lucky I am to be with you. Sappy stuff.”

“Hmm, I’ll let you know that I think about that on a daily basis.”

They both laughed, small and lighhearted. Jesse stood, knees creaking in protest, and cupped Hanzo’s face.

“I love you Hanzo, and I’ll be damned if anyone tells you otherwise.” He leaned in, kissing his boyfriend fully.

Hanzo hummed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jesse’s neck. When they pulled away they were both smiling.

“I love you Jesse, but please learn how to correctly comb your hair.” He purred.

“Yes sir.” Jesse joked, pulling Hanzo in for another kiss.

Hope you enjoyed this! I kinda want to write a n s f w one now… We’ll see though.

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Hey! How is it going? 😊 i have a hc for you! First impression of the RFA + V + Saeran (if you want these two) on a punk mc? With tattoos, name it, really. bUT she turns out to be very sweet and she blushes a lot?

Thanks for the request!I hope you liked it

Any mistakes please tell me


  • Just…
  • Oh dear lord
  • You look badass
  • He is really surprised
  • Really surprised
  • Ok, he was a little afraid of you
  • These tattoos, piercings must have hurt
  • But he seriously thought  that you was going to push him away
  • Be mean, rebel
  • And he would try to be like you
  • Badass Yoosung
  • But he would fail
  • miserably
  • But when he sees your personality
  • You don’t seem like these punks that he seen in TV
  • You’re so sweet
  • Cute in some weird way
  • You two looks like the opposite
  • Everyone in the street keep looking at you two
  • He don’t care
  • He actually likes it
  • But he actually learned something from you
  • Looks don’t define personality
  • He loves you
  • Your personality, your hair, your clothes, your piercings, your tattoos
  • He loves all of it


  • Ok
  • You don’t look like a princess
  • He was NOT prepared for this
  • What with this hair..Oh god, what you did to your skin?
  • These tattoos, piercings
  • Zen, shut up, you can’t say nothing
  • Smoker
  • He don’t know what to do, how to act
  • Then…He will try to be normal about it
  • Everything is so wrong and weird to him
  • But
  • After some time
  • He thinks it’s sexy
  • He means cute
  • Sexy
  • This rebel feeling he got from you
  • Excites him
  • Zen, stop
  • But when he see how much you blush
  • How sweet you are
  • He likes this even more
  • You are like a surprise present
  • You’re a different kind of princess
  • But STILL a princess
  • He loves how everyone can think of you as a serious, angry woman
  • But that you are actually very sweet
  • He loves make you blush
  • Seriously
  • Did i mention that he loves it?
  • Because he do
  • A lot


  • Ok, what is this?
  • All those strange things, you look like a vandal
  • He hates it
  • But he don’t say anything in the beginning
  • But sometimes he keep saying to you just..Take those things off
  • You politely say that you like it, and you are NOT going to take off
  • Give him some time
  • A little time
  • He will start to like it
  • You’re so…Exotic
  • Really Jumin?
  • He feels like you are a rebel that only him can tame
  • And he don’t seem a problem why he can’t be seen with you
  • Different styles?
  • And ? What is the problem with that?
  • If people looks at you with a weird look
  • He looks at them with a weird look to
  • This works
  • If people asks what he thinks of your looks
  • He will say that you are a beautiful and exotic masterpiece
  • When he discovers how you really are
  • So sweet…
  • He love it
  • If someone sees you,they will think you are bitter
  • But only him, your husband,knows how sweet you are
  • This is perfect to him
  • And he loves how cute you are even with this appearance
  • He loves to make you blush too
  • Is like oxygen to him
  • You’re cute as Elizabeth
  • His little cute vandal
  • Jumin,i’m not a vandal
  • His little cute MC


  • Well he already knows your appearance when he sees you for the first time
  • You look like a villain
  • He loves it
  • Those piercings, tattoo, that half shaved hair
  • Was so cool!
  • He made a little fun of you  
  • Making fun about your personality don’t matching your outfits
  • And he take every opportunity to make you blush
  • He loves when you agree to do a cosplay with him
  • Oh i need to say you are the bad girl?
  • Because you are
  • Damn it Seven
  • He loves you
  • Your outfit and your personality
  • You are cute but you are dangerous
  • He likes it
  • This little mystery


  • She was like..In shock
  • What kind of clothes is that?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • All this tattoos,piercings
  • This was a No no to her
  • She always insisted that you take those things off
  • But after that she just feels guilty for not accepting who you truly are
  • You are so pure, cute
  • A blush mess
  • And yet she is being like this to you
  • She just don’t see the art in your appearance
  • And think you will look much better with all of this
  • But slowly, she accepted
  • She makes herself think about it
  • Just because you are different from her, this means that you’re wrong?
  • No,people have to respect you
  • If she ever sees someone trying to make fun of you or something because of your looks
  • She will fight them
  • Yeah
  • You’re a sweet person, you don’t deserve this
  • Baehee is a way of living


  • He just don’t care at all
  • But he thinks that you’re unique beauty has to be show to the world
  • V stop
  • So he always want to photograph you
  • He is taking this seriously
  • This tattoos,piercings, this hair color, this clothes, needs to be memorized for the rest of his life
  • He just find a little weird your sweet way
  • When people are looking at your photos
  • They think you are a serious and angry woman
  • But he knows that you’re not
  • This always make him laugh
  • And when people why he was laughting
  • He just say it was nothing
  • After that he takes pictures when you are a blushed mess
  • He loves capturing the true side of you
  • And he loves when you’re a blush mess
  • V is precious


  • He is like
  • NO NO
  • He loves everything about it
  • He don’t feel like a unique person
  • Indifferent
  • You are just like him
  • Except you are really sweet
  • Damn it MC…
  • I thought we were going to be a rebel couple!
  • But he can’t deny that he loves when you blush
  • It’s cute okay?God..
  • He may be are always trying to make you blush
  • But this is not something to tell everybody

Where Dorian wants to try something new.

Title: Smiles and Hair Braiding
Word Count: 1561
Pairing: Manorian 

The morning came with a wave of cold so in variance with the time of day Dorian wondered if the light streaming from the stained windows of the ramshackle inn they were staying at were product of some practicing magician’s fire. The gods knew how many were just now realizing they had magical gifts. Despite everything, the King wanted to growl in desperation as it had felt like he had gone to sleep not five minutes ago. He kept his grumbling to himself, if only to give his companion a few more minutes before the inevitable separation.

At this point in the war it was almost impossible to meet up before dinner and Dorian had to admit the only thing keeping him grounded was the white-haired witch next to him. Not even Chaol’s heavy looks of disapproval whenever he saw them together could change how the King felt and just the thought of sleeping next to Manon made him go through the day without breaking down or bursting out-as he was still trying to control his magic and, lately, even the small things got it working up.

Only pale skin that was lightly scarred, long white hair, and lips that tasted like honey and starlight kept him from losing control of his raw magic, and the only one who knew of his volatile temperament was the same one who had complete control over him.

Manon shifted against him and Dorian bit his lip as her bare thighs brushed over his. Only a few parts of her body were unmarred and though he enjoyed exploring every inch of her skin, those soft areas were a treat he never got tired of tasting. “Good morning, witchling.” He gave her head a nudge with his nose, inhaling the heavenly smell of her hair as he did so. Whether or not she realized how much influence she had over him, Dorian didn’t care. If anything, he was glad it was her and no one else.

“Hardly a good morning.”

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