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bandtrees headcanons pls?

this message has warmed the Cockles of my frozen heart of Coursw,,

- stuffed animals everywhere!!!! everywhere. there’s always a lil stuffed animal w each gift they get each other and boy oh boy do they love these lil guys!!!!
- zoe initiates a lot of things like, dates, u know, and smooching. she likes the feeling of ….not control, that’s the wrong word, but being a good strong presence for someone, bc she feels so overlooked at home
- they get a lot of ice cream on their dates it’s such a nice easy thing to do and it’s very convenient to walk w!! evan always gets hand scooped and zoe gets soft serve. both w rainbow sprinkles, bc duh
- evans hands are obviously very sweaty 98% of the time but zoe holds his hand and makes a concerted effort not to draw attention to it bc she knows saying something, even joking, would turn him away from hand holding for a good while and she doesn’t want him to feel self conscious. she loves his sweaty hands
- heidi LOVES zoe to bits and pieces and zoe participates in taco tuesday and pizza w them all the time. it’s a nice escape from her house and the hansen household is so warm and cozy and not-put-together compared to the murphys. she likes it so much
- zoe thinks abt going into the medical field at one point and heidi brings her into work w her to show her around!!!!! heidi talks zoe up so much and scores her an internship and these two are such buds man
- on halloween zoe and evan chill at home w heidi and get dressed up UNBELIEVABLY cute and hand out the candy to trick or treaters and the kids love them, so much
- evan says i love you first. zoe couldve said it for a long, long time but she didn’t want to push him or force him into something uncomfortable. and finally he says it, and it’s so soft and sure and full of meaning and zoe kisses his nose and tells him that she loves him, too

Rumple’s new curse name

I love it!

Initially, I wanted Spinner, and then Spinner or Weaver - something connected to who Rumple was before curses and such, as ‘Rogers’ connects to Hook. Rumple was a weaver before he went off to fight in the Ogres War, so this is so fitting, unlike Crocker, which really would have bothered me.

I love it when they do something I want!

Though I would have been happy with Peter Black as well :)

no one wants to hear it but love is earned after the initial infatuation. commitment is something u both mutually agree to and then from there it’s work. it’s not work like it’s a chore it’s jus work like it takes effort. to get good at these things takes practice. it takes practice to learn to communicate better and it takes practice to learn to love each other in the ways u need to be loved.

I decimated this village days ago! Just for you…


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

  • guanlin: *accidentally bumps against a door*
  • dongho: are you okay?!?!?
  • guanlin: it's okay hyung i'm fine
  • dongho, facing the door: you stand in guanlin's way one more time and i'll make sure to take you down

i can’t stop thinking about what anon said about shou when he goes to college. i love the idea of him running his father’s shady business whilst being an arts student??? that would be good. and the fact that he followed ritsu to the same college is also good.

up until now nobody knows what business he’s running but shou would probably tell you if you just ask. he is roommates with teru. teru helps him with his hair. they’re bros. shou is also the Rich friend™  

everyone keeps mentioning wonder woman crossovers with thor and cap but have you considered diana and t’challa meeting at a UN convention with diana admiring and respecting t’challa for being such a kind and caring king who loves his people and will protect them no matter what (because that’s a leader ww1 douchebag), and t’challa respecting her both for her strength and will to do what’s right (and of course because he knows about the no man’s land thing)

they get along so well seeing as both come from secluded kingdoms where everyone in their society is cared for and respected (both tend to complain about the rest of the white male dominated world) then he introduces her to a fellow princess and she swoons

and diana won’t stop gushing about her to bruce, “bruce she’s so amazing, she’s infinitely smarter than you” and shuri proceeds to convince t’challa to let her go with diana to themyscira, because “t’challa it’s an island full of women

and t’challa enjoys how diana can’t get enough of listening to shuri speaking so passionately about her scientific developments and methods for improving the world itself, and he adores how in love and happy shuri looks (especially when diana picks her up ever so gently and flies her just about anywhere because shuri enjoys it so much)

long story short diana the princess of themyscira begins courting shuri the princess of wakanda and this hc got a lot gayer than i initially planned