love and friendship quote

I wrote poems of how I slowly fell for him. Then came the poems of how surreal it felt to love someone so much and be granted the same amount of love back. After that came all the poems of heartbreak and moving on. I could have written about anything I wanted, but I always thought to myself that broken hearts and unrequited love were the focus of poetry, because what was more poetic than stomach butterflies and settled brown-eyed stares. It’s over now and I’m trying to teach myself that just because my heart isn’t feeling as much, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be writing as much. And that’s when I realized I should have written about the person who has been there with me through all those stages; the person who stayed up nights hearing me yapping on endlessly about him, the person who always reassured me that I was good enough, the person who read all my cheesy poems and glorified them as if she had never read that metaphor in other poems. While writing this, I just remembered how on New Year’s Eve you called me at 11:59 to wish me a happy New Year, while I was spending it finishing a cheesy poem that I thought was genius on how the fireworks outside resembled the fireworks I felt every time he looked my way. And now I realized that really, what is more poetic than friendship. What’s more poetic than staying up on a cold October night discussing our unrealistic plans for the future, including each other in every event. What’s more poetic than biking in the endless maze of your neighbourhood chasing sunsets, pretending we were in some prelude to an indie film. What’s more poetic than spending Saturday nights on your bed listening to our favorite songs with your fairy lights dancing in the background, illuminating the room. I wrote about the temporary to remember feelings I know won’t last forever, and maybe that’s why I never wrote about you. I’m so grateful for all the hell I went through that lead me to meet you.
—  Your best friend forever

When you’re on a plane and you’re listening to your favourite music and you watch all the colours of the sunset transition like a lava lamp until darkness arrives like a blanket. 
When you sleep knowing you love someone and they love you back.
When you’re with friends and you feel things you never thought existed… a fuzzy sense of belonging and meaning you didn’t know you could feel.
Watching the dust swirl in the late afternoon light. 
Climbing into a soft bed, listening to music and sleepily thinking back on good memories from the day. 
Being close to someone that feels like home…You never thought you could love anyone this much. 
Reading something and it’s so real and beautifully written that it changes something in you. 
After you do your skincare and everything feels clean and smells nice.
Laughing so much with someone and for a rare moment, every cell in your body is happy. 
Putting your face into your warm towel after a long shower. 
Seeing someone cute and you briefly fall in love with them. 
When it’s evening and you’re on the balcony looking over the city lights and the stars and the moon seem to smile at you and you feel so insignificant but in a comforting way. 
Looking at someone and thinking “this is why I love them." 
Looking at someone doing normal things and they’re so beautiful you’re lost for words. 
Falling asleep on the car ride home after a long day of adventures. 
The excitement of arriving at the airport in a new city. 
When the sunlight looks nostalgic and it feels like you’re in a happy memory. 
Looking back on cute photographs and being transported back to that day. 
Being excited to see someone and they’re excited to see you too.
Random moments you think to yourself "you have to remember this moment forever." 
When someone does or says something nice and you’re so surprised and thankful and your heart is blushing. 
When you open the curtains in the morning and it’s sunny outside and the light floods into your room.
Misty mornings where the world’s edges are soft and blurred. 
Chewing the sweet pearls in milk tea. 
Going home on a Friday. 
Feeling the breeze on your face and red leaves swirling around you while riding a bike down a boulevard. 
When a song is perfect for your mood and it understands.
Being with someone that makes your heart feel warm, and you finally know what it’s supposed to feel like. 
When you’re lying on the grass watching the clouds and seeing animal shapes in them. 
When you can’t stop thinking about someone. 
Taking the first bite of something delicious and all the flavours and textures mix perfectly.
Wearing your favourite clothes and feeling pretty when you look into the mirror. 
Hugging someone you love and feeling happy inside and safe. 

She was scared to let him go because once she did, she’d be gone forever. She doesn’t temporarily close doors-she burns them down and replaces them with tombstones. It becomes a place to mourn a relationship that once was but isn’t anymore; a place where dreams, hope, love, the life they shared and the people they were together are buried and only memories remain.
—  How she grieves and lets go - Jess Amelia
If I ever decide to give up on you, understand how much that took out of me. I’m the type to give endless chances, always have your back even when you are wrong, and truly accept you for who you are. When the rest of the world doesn’t want you, I will. So if I gave up on you, understand it took everything I had left inside of me to leave you…because if I love you, and care about you, there isn’t anything on the planet I wouldn’t do for you.