love and eat pasta


When I shine, you shine, always on your side

All my life you’ll have what’s mine

Mark my word, we gon’ be alright

1. Losing people hurts. Friends, lovers, soul mates. You will cry into your pillow and lose sleep, and your eyes will hurt more than ever. Don’t let it affect you so much, you will be okay. Your heart is learning to love and forgive and so is your brain.

2. Eat that pasta you want but don’t just sit back and eat three more plates. If you want that ice cream bar eat it but don’t go crazy on sweets. You deserve a healthy body along with your mind and spirit but you don’t need to keep yourself away from the things you love.

3. Take a shower. Wash your body with hot water and wash your hair with cold. Make your bed and spray lemon scent perfume on your pillows that you stole out of your mom’s bathroom. It’ll help you breathe and sleep better, you’ll have better dreams too.

4. Don’t rely on other people as your happiness. If they make you happy that’s great but what about when they leave? Have your hobbies as your happiness, or even yourself. Be a whole person on your own.

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do you know how many things you have survived and gotten through? You are a brave person and you shouldn’t be so rough and hurtful. You are a piece of art.

6. Don’t focus too much on outer beauty. Those stretch marks don’t make you ugly, neither do your bruises and marks. It shows you’ve been through life and have experienced many things that tied themselves to your body to tag along in life with you.

7. Don’t just wait around for something to happen. Go out there and make it happen and face scary things you would have ran from in the past.

8. Most importantly dance and love and
live and thrive. There is beauty within the ugly and the light will always outshine the dark. You only get one shot at this life, how do you want to spend it?

—  Tips from Blossite Part 2

Seventeen are in LA for two weeks. They will have ~42 meals. I’m excited that Josh can experience all the things that he’s missed while being in Korea. Let them visit all the mundane traditional American restaurants like Ihop and Inn n out. Take a trip to walmart just to make hot dogs in their hotel. Probably eat some damn good mexican food. I hope Josh takes them to all the big, common, chain places and also to the little “hidden treasures” he found over the years. I hope that he takes him to all his favorite places that he had to leave behind when he moved. I hope that, just for a while, they don’t feel like celebrities. And that Josh just feels like he’s back home. But this time he gets to share his old life with his brothers and bongbong. 

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I love that pasta is basically the only thing Yuuri eats in your fics

IS THIS TRUE?? Anon, since I have an English paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, and since I’m curious, I’m now going to do a comprehensive study of food (and specifically pasta) mentions in all of my fics.

Five Times Viktor And Yuuri Were Jealous Of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) - pasta mentions: 0

  • one vague mention of food, which is never specified
    • Viktor watches the scene in shock, the food that they had just bought completely forgotten on the picnic table in front of him.

Accidentally Seductive - pasta mentions: 0

  • one metaphor containing food, once again the food is not specified
    • (Because negative things and Yuuri just didn’t fit well together. It was like mixing together two different foods with different textures.)

The Fundamentals of Caring - pasta mentions: 0

  • Popcorn
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) - pasta mentions: 1

  • There is unspecified food at a restaurant
  • Yuuri eats pasta! Specifically Phichit’s father’s pad thai

Not Jealous - pasta mentions: 0

  • Yuuri’s boyfriend brings him an unspecified lunch
  • Takeout food is mentioned in a hypothetical scenario Victor comes up with while daydreaming about Yuuri
    • [He] Wants to lay in bed with him and watch television shows and order takeout food with him and take long walks with him and do all of those ridiculous, sappy things.

all the world’s a stage - pasta mentions: 4

  • When Phichit first tells Yuuri about the job they are given unspecified food. 
    • His mind has gone haywire, his heart thumping in his chest. A waiter comes by and sets food in front of them, but he can hardly even see it.
  • Victor and Yuuri go out on a date to a restaurant, but the food is never explicitly mentioned.
  • Yuuri and Victor order and enjoy pizza
  • Makkachin eats dog food
  • They eat chips and salsa while watching Phichit skate
  • They eat popcorn when they watch Phichit skate again
  • They eat Pringles at Victor’s house one time
  • Yuuri was going to get unspecified food when he was intimidated by the paparazzi waiting for him
  • Christophe suggests Victor brings Yuuri’s family food when he’s going to fly to surprise him
  • The night after the gala Victor makes Yuuri food and puts it on a tray
  • At some point, Phichit and Yuuri go to a diner and eat unspecified food
  • Yuuri makes Victor piroshki and also makes katsudon several times throughout the story
  • There is a mention of eating a 32 inch Snickers bar
    • And how would one go about eating a 32 inch Snickers Bar in the first place?
  • There are four mentions of pasta in this fic, although pasta is never explicitly eaten.
    • 1. Victor thinks that anything Yuuri says would sound good. A pack of rabid raccoons? Cruel and unusual punishments? Ketchup and pasta?
    • 2. “Do you feel like Chinese? I could go for Chinese,” Victor muses. “Or maybe just pasta or something. I don’t know. Pizza again? Always a good choice. Oooh, or katsudon. You’ve gotten me hooked on katsudon, I’m afraid.”
    • 3. “I thought he was sick,” Yurio answers. “Relax, he probably had bad pasta or something. It happens.”
    • 4. Phichit is a firm believer in pasta Thursdays, a tradition that is held dear to all of their hearts.

centripetal force - pasta mentions: 4

  • Yurio wants to talk about food bc Victor is annoying him by being smitten™
    • “Let’s talk about food now. I want to talk about food.”
  • Yuuri eats a sandwich at the quad. Phichit also has a sandwich.
    • Yuuri moans in response to the first bite of his sandwich. “I’m starving,” he realizes.
  • Both Yuuri and Victor eat pasta!
    • “I’m getting pasta,” Victor tells him, heading off towards the pasta station. Yuuri gets pasta, too. Then they’re sitting across from each other, except Yuuri has already begun digging into his food, and Victor hasn’t, is just watching him.
  • Yuuri gets Victor a blueberry muffin when he’s hungover after the Halloween party
  • Yuuri brings pastries for Phichit and himself then starts crying while holding the bag
  • Victor orders Yuuri pasta in Saint Petersburg
    • Victor attacks Yuuri’s pasta with his fork, eats a bite of it. “See,” he explains through a mouthful, “your weakness is your empathy, Yuuri.”
  • They eat piroshki together
  • At some point, Yuuri brings Victor a bag of unspecified food
  • Victor is mentioned eating pasta at some point
    • “This is good,” Victor states firmly, digging into his pasta.
  • Pasta Thursday is mentioned to be a thing on campus
    • Yuuri is hungry, one day, so he walks to the dining hall for a late dinner. Victor is working on a project, so Yuuri is alone, yawning with thoughts of Pasta Thursday on his mind.

how the mighty fall (in love) - pasta mentions: 1

  • Victor orders a sandwich and Yuuri orders pasta
    • They sit down at a booth. It’s Italian food, which Victor enjoys. He orders a sandwich, Yuuri orders a pasta dish.
  • Victor has unspecified takeout food in Saint Petersburg


The most pasta mentions is a tie between centripetal force and all the world’s a stage. However, pasta is never explicitly said to be eaten in all the world’s a stage. As I have continued writing, the pasta mentions have increased, but this is also most likely due to the fact that most of my latter fics are multi-chapter, whereas the beginning ones are one-shots. The fic with the best food, in my opinion, is The Fundamentals of Caring. I do really like pasta.


BTS as club competitive swimmers!

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Kim Seokjin

  • Sprint Fly
  • Wears banana hammock with Italian Flag on the butt b/c he loves pasta
  • Goes to every practice just so he can eat afterwards
  • Complains all the time but still works his hardest
  • Doesn’t understand why he’s a flyer until he see his shoulders
  • Is hit on by every single person ever
  • Is the team ego
  • Only races in pink
  • Has pink snorkel, matching paddles, and a magenta mesh bag
  • Loves to coordinate racing suits, especially with his girlfriend
  • Goes to the bathroom during practice to eat granola bars
  • Sasses everyone all the time, even Coach
  • Always hosts team barbeques
  • Only dates swimmers b/c he loves “swimcest”
  • Killer shoulder muscles
  • Would have abs, too many carbs consumed
  • Is the second loudest in the locker rooms
  • Pool guards love/hate him
  • Dad jokes make everyone swim faster
  • Considered Coach’s greatest weapon b/c of that
  • Team mom

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Min Yoongi
  • Distance Free
  • Wears Kumamon drag suit over black jammers
  • Loves distance b/c all he has to do is “breathe and kick”
  • Is always quiet at practice except when doing relays
  • Only swims the 200, 400/500, 800/1000, and mile at meets
  • Is called “Naked Mole Rat” b/c he’s so pale
  • Goes to every practice b/c he’s “got nothing better to do”
  • Seems cold, melts whenever Jimin walks on deck
  • Is actually a stick
  • Is harsh, but knows when to stop
  • HATES morning practiceCan not function if pool water temp. is below 79.5 F
  • Only sings dumb songs while swimming “life is like a hurricane/here in/DUCK BIRD”Is very intense about racing
  • Gets quiet fifteen minutes before his race, extreme RBF
  • Suffers from extreme adrenaline rushes after racing
  • Has perfect pace
  • Breathes exactly five times in 25 yards
  • Terrifies everyone on other teams
  • Wears team parka whenever possible

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Jung Hoseok
  • Sprint Free
  • Wears multi color neon banana hammock and is proud
  • Team mood maker
  • Is always happy
  • Dances behind the blocks before every race
  • Makes all his friends behind the blocks and after races
  • Everyone knows him
  • Loudest in the locker room
  • Guards get mad at his volume, but love his personality
  • Is everyone’s best friend
  • Acts as team councilor
  • Knows everything about everyone
  • Gets turnt before and after a race, no matter the result
  • Challenges other teams to dance offs from across the pool
  • Knows the lyrics to every song and sings everyone at practice
  • Pushes off the wall and chokes underwater because he’s laughing
  • Bubblier than the hot tub
  • Never races in black, it’s bad luck
  • Always has the coolest pair of goggles
  • Has all sorts of useless training equipment
  • Is always drinking water
  • Never shampoos hair more than once a week
  • Walks around buck naked in the locker room
  • Teammates think it’s weird, but he doesn’t care
  • Gives everyone a nickname, even Coach
  • Team hype man

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Kim Namjoon
  • Backstroke
  • Wears Brazilian flag banana hammock b/c it “brings out his skin tone”
  • Team captain four years running
  • Tutors everyone so they can keep swimming with him
  • Organizes all team events
  • Top ten backstroker in the nation
  • Underwaters that neatly DQ him
  • Tempo looks slow, is actually going HAM
  • Leads off every relay, medley or not
  • Is terrible at breaststroke and fly
  • The second best dressed
  • Always has to have a different suit
  • Is willing to wear unheard of brands to achieve this
  • Has dealt with more than one rip in a suit during racing
  • Goes through goggles like a racoon through the trash
  • Is not ever allowed to drive again
  • Tries to get turnt with Hobi, gets hurt
  • Only eats yogurt and granola before swimming
  • Relies on teammates to make sure his anxiety stays in check
  • Must have eight hours of sleep
  • Grunts 24/7

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Park Jimin
  • Breaststroke
  • Korean flag suit b/c he’s patriotic af
  • Is underestimate b/c of his height, kicks ass
  • 200 breast over 100
  • Gets hyped for relays
  • Breaststroke pullout takes him past 15 meters off every wall
  • Could probably squash your head between his thighs
  • Very popular with the ladies
  • Loves his body, gets so embarrassed by gawking
  • Squishy cheeks, rock solid abs
  • Is happiest at 5 in the morning
  • Always swims breaststroke
  • Can not swim backstroke to save his life
  • Only talks about swimming
  • Doesn’t make friends outside of swimming
  • Nicki Minaj enthusiast
  • Cries before almost every race
  • He really can’t help it
  • Attends every team function
  • Only wears skinny jeans and swim sweatshirts, looks good all the time
  • Refuses to get prescription goggles, team mates have to read every set to him
  • Has seven pairs of glasses
  • Wears beanies to cover his unbrushed, chlorinated hair
  • Overheats easily
  • Can squat 223 pounds

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Kim Taehyung
  • Distance Free and Breaststroke
  • Can’t decide which one
  • Has a different Gucci suit for every day of the week
  • Wears a different cap everyday of the month
  • Turned his ribbons and medals into a really loud blanket
  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Is incapable of “toning it down”
  • Loves being the tannest member on the team
  • Has a massive social media presence because he posts mirror selfies that aren’t greasy
  • Races Jimin every day
  • Dotes on Jungkook and all the eight year olds
  • Fights tooth and nail to kick with a board
  • Paints his nails before every meet
  • Color codes his races based on race suit
  • Coordinates his relay teams in some way
  • Uses nemo caps at lower level meets
  • Has a custom Van Gogh Starry Night tech suit
  • Only races in that once a year
  • Has team everything: towels, flip flops, suits, water bottles
  • Created every single cheer with Hoseok
  • Calls himself “V” for Victory at meets, won’t respond to anything else
  • Brings a teddy bear everywhere
  • Has three different swim bags for meets to hold all his shit
  • Eats so much crap, doesn’t gain a single pound
  • Manages to make wearing the same haircut since third grade seem hot
  • Snuggles Jimin when he cries
  • Once brought a dog to the pool and was kicked out of practice for a week
  • Works hard-ish, is still fantastic
  • Races everything. Fails at nothing

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Jeon Jungkook
  • I.M.
  • Has 18 different black suits that are only slightly different
  • Is quiet around everyone except Taehyung and Jimin
  • Is actually savage
  • Is good at everything
  • Top three swimmer in the nation overall
  • The youngest of the team’s “elite” squad
  • Only laughs at “Strong Power, Thank You” jokes and Jin-hyung
  • Has no plans for anything ever
  • Has always been good at swimming
  • Loves his teammates to death
  • Likes teasing Jimin about his height versus his jammer suit size
  • “Your thighs are 99% of your body”
  • Gets hit b/c he speaks informally
  • Makes sure everyone has enough to eat
  • Is either swimming or gaming
  • Relies solely on Namjoon to pass his classes
  • Has never even thought about dating a girl
  • Almost eats more than Jin
  • Has serious swimsuit tanlines, does not care
  • Always wears sweats to school
  • Watches his nutrition like a hawk

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Bangtan Swim (BTS) Elite Squad
  • Seven dorky guys
  • Functions like a well oiled machine
  • Has traveled to a shit load of meets together
  • Will go to the olympics together
  • Didn’t even entertain the thought of going to different Universities
  • Could be models
  • Or a reality T.V. show
  • Might send Coach to the looney bin when they leave
  • Will probably have their kids swim together wherever they end up
  • Will live in the same neighbourhood when all’s said and done
  • Best Friends Forever

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BONUS!Coach Bang
  • Lives alone
  • His whole life was swimming
  • And now it’s these seven swimmers
  • Will follow them all the way to retirement
  • Can probably predict the future
  • Loves his swimmers like they were his kids
  • Wrights the hardest sets ever
  • Only takes shit from his swimmers
  • Is the most boss ass bitch on deck
  • Commands the attention of all
  • Is the best

Avocado-spinach sauce turned out 💣💣💣💣 1 avo, 1 cup spinach, 1 clove garlic, 1 tsp lemon juice, black pepper, pasta water for desired consistency~ atop brown rice pasta, spinach, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and tomatoes xx so simple yet so damn guuuuuuuud 😜