love and diamonds


I love Sinnoh so much, and I personally HC it as being ‘that one weird region’, especially with how the whole Arceus situation ended up going. Because they were trying to make Arceus the new pokemon god, right? But… after the series had existed for 10 years already, and then it sort of didnt work? Like everyone was all ‘no’, and then they actually literally never held the event to get an Arceus in the original games themselves (and now wifi support for those games is over so it’s impossible now to boot. poor arceus’ fate is sealed). And then they started giving away arceuses in tons of other events, etc etc. It’s just sort of that one legendary kids like to use in online battles now.

But back when diamond and pearl were actually new, man, they were going for it. They were serious about the god thing. There were churches in the game that you could visit where people worshiped arceus. They never did it again though, and obviously never had done it before….
So it’s just sinnoh. Sinnoh is the only region where people have freaky Arceus churches everywhere.

So in the end it’s like:

“Hi, welcome to Sinnoh; home to absolutely no native fire types, an extremely widespread cult that worships our local legendary, and the guy who tried to erase everything that’s ever existed since the beginning of time (and then also the fabric of time itself for good measure). Have a complimentary Bidoof!