love and diamonds


I like you. 

When Miyuki tries to confess to Sawamura after graduation but it doesn’t go according to plan… well, that’s one step forwards for development of this adorable otp @misawaday. ^^

Of course Eijun would know that it was the second button, lmao. >.<


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

one more thing…i was just thinking about how traumatized Jasper must be depending on what her relationship was with PD. in the last episode she was in she seemed pretty distraught bringing up what Rose did to her so i think it’s obvious she may have looked up to her a lot (maybe even how pearl was w Rose). also the fact that she watched get shattered must have been equal to someone seeing their loved one get shot in the face or s/t.…so i think if u really think about what she’s been through it explains a lot on how she acts and everything.

idk like this is all obvious but i dont think i’ve seen many people talking about this.

her redemption arc is gonna be sooooooo interesting lol.

David sang Diamonds

I’m going to cry g u y s tonight was 10/10 . They played diamonds, overdrive, and I felt like I was seeing a brand new show with some really cute new elements added in. Best part was the genuine shock that ripped through the room when that first note of diamonds began playing. Everyone went from “okay good show funny jokes” to “hOLY SHIT OKAY WE’RE DOING THIS NOW YEAH THIS IS GREAT”
Zero was 10/10 pure bean I’m falling in love with this band all over again.