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Since I’ve been through a lot of stressful moments lately I hopped I can hug fatgum, so I’ve drawn it!!

Also, I read a cute headcanon about fat having pink pastel hair, how cute is that?


Lol apparently tom didn’t like Star at first XP didn’t suspect that. It seems like Tom’s dad is mewman and his mom a demon.It also seemed that Tom’s dad and river don’t like each other lol It was so cute when his mom was crying tears of joy. I’m still a starco fan though.

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bnha experience: i wrote a tweet like a month ago when i started watching it and it said something like "ugh bakugo whats about him i fckng hate him hes a bully" and literally yesterday i found the tweet and im like really pissed with my past-self like HES MY FAV. MY SON. MY DRAGON BABE. AND THEN MY OTHER FAVES ARE TODOROKI AND ALL MIGHTY. (mineta ugh)


First couple episodes I was like who’s this angry child and then I slowly, without any warning, FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM

he must be protected

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also we don’t talk about mineta………..*kicks*

alright so im gonna try to get the cult ending

I’ve already gone on two dates with all the dads (all s ranked) and I’ve walked Mary home and also apologized to her during the second time I meet her at the bar

god I hope this works dhsjwvsbsvsbb

I caved and drew my dadsona

This is Ryan Richardson and he’s a trans dad who only wants the best for his daughter

He likes gardening and does not understand matching clothes

You can catch him in gardening gear 24/7 and he works at the local plant nursery

Also you can find him on the weekends tending his personal garden and taking nature walks with his daughter

OKAY I LITERATELY DROPPED EVERYTHING TO DO THIS REQUEST!!! I have gone through something similar anon. And I came out alright. YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE FAITH. 

Warnings: Feels

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You sat bundled on the couch re-reading the note you had gotten from Mercy over and over. “The possibility of having a child might be extremely slim” That phrase kept replaying in your head. You had promised your husband Jesse a family. A family one like neither of you had ever gotten to enjoy due to the crisis.

You jumped when you heard the metal spurs on his boots clink trying to hide all the evidence that you had been crying

“Darlin im home” He says with a smile expecting his usual greeting hug and kiss. But nothing

“Doll where are ya?” he asks peeking his head into the living room to see you stuffing tear stained tissues into the trash bin “Y/N? Whats wrong?” He asks putting his serape and hat on the coat hanger

“I-Its nothing Jesse don’t worry about it” You blurt out rubbing your still puffy eyes

“This don’t look like nothin darlin” He frowns kicking off his boots and sitting next to you. Within seconds you are in his lap. An arm around you while the other plays with your hair

“Tell me whats wrong darlin? Somebodys ass i gotta kick? New sad movie you saw?”

You shake your head gripping his shirt tightly. Terrified to tell him what was actually happening. But he would need to know sooner than later. Better to fill him in than leave him in the dark while you two possibly try for years to have a kid

“Jesse. I went to see Angela today. And got some really bad news” You say shakily. This was getting harder and harder with the passing second. As the tears started to swell up again you started to shut off. Your ability to talk practically flew out the window as you pushed the note to him and started to sob

He was torn for a second. Read the note or comfort my wife. Was the question running through his head at the moment. So he skimmed the note for a brief moment. Only getting the important words. you saw him bite his bottom lip looking rather upset

“Y/N…I don’t”

“Im so sorry Jesse. I know we promised each other a family and than i ruin it with thi-”

He cut you off by pressing his lips against yours. He was crying too?

“Don’t apologize darlin. Please you’ll make yourself think its your fault”

“But it i-”

“it aint sweetie” He smiles wiping your cheeks of tears “Ill have none of that darlin. Hell The note says itll be hard not impossible” he says with a big goofy grin on his face making you laugh a little “So Y/N my lovin perfect wife and future mother to a whole bunch a kiddos. Will ya help me help you have a baby by belivin?” you nod and hug him tightly. Pressing your face against his solder. He was right. You had a family on the way. You just didn’t know it yet