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#13 "All the money in the world can't make you happy. How am I supposed to?" With Adrienette if your still doing this?

Anon, I am so so so so so so sorry. This has been sitting forever and also got buried under my crap. 

I also got freaked because I don’t write Adrienette that often, lmao

#13. “All the money in the world can’t make you happy. How am I supposed to?”

They’ve been arguing for weeks on end. 

Marinette’s not dumb. She’s been resisting the urge to snap at him for the weirdest things. 

She hates him for waking up with his 6:00 alarms. Hates him for making coffee so early, and waking her up too early. Hates his insistence that all the lights be off before midnight. 

It’s not normal to hate the person you love for things that are just normal, Marinette knows. She knows that somewhere along the way, she’s begun to feel distanced from Adrien, can’t find it easy to talk to him. 

And judging by the way he stares at her, he knows this too. 

He cries as he suggests they go to couples counselling, ignores her hands reaching for her as he locks himself in their bedroom. Marinette sits in her sewing room, trying to finish her sketches through tears. 

She hates the way they’re refusing to look at each other at the counselor’s, ignores the sigh of the counselor as she tries not to cry, recounting the argument that sparked this separation between them.

They’d just been talking about where to spend the holidays, unable to decide a location. Marinette expressed interest in just going to visit her parents, with Adrien somehow taking it to mean they would all vacation somewhere else.

They’d gotten into an argument, Marinette defending being home, and Adrien wanting out of the monotone of Paris. It had escalated until Marinette finally said the words, the ones she didn’t know were waiting to be spit out and injure him. 

As her own husband refuses to look at her, Marinette finds that the satisfaction she’d felt was fading to nothing more than a sharp sting. 

On the right is my girlfriend Elana. We’ve been together for practically 3 years now, but our relationship has been quite rocky recently.. We told each other we’d give each other 1 more month before we hit the extremes. Either couple counseling or just breaking up for good. I refuse to do couple counseling because I believe in relationships consisting of only 2 people and if she really loved me and wanted to stay with me, we could work it out together as a couple, just us 2.

I’m not sure exactly how this month will go, if I’ll do whatever she wants as always or give her hell for even giving me such an ultimatum.

But I do pray that in the end, we find our way back to each other. In love. Like we used to be.

I love you, Elana. To the moon and back.

Random Thoughts on the State of Jackson and April’s Marriage

- April did her man dirty, plain and simple. When your partner says he’s not comfortable with you leaving, you shouldn’t just turn around and leave AGAIN. You should stay. Talk things out. Come up with a compromise. Badly done, April. Badly done.

- I think/hope that April realizes what a mess she got her marriage into. She wants to talk and make things better, but she’s obviously scared of Jackson’s reaction. Otherwise, she would have gone straight home instead of to the hospital when she returned to Seattle. Avoidance is her go-to defense mechanism. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember all the times she’s avoided Jackson,,,,after failing her boards, after finding out about his relationship with Stephanie, after finding out their baby’s diagnosis. And these are just a few examples!

- In my mind, Jackson’s pretty blameless at this point. He communicated and was there for April during her pregnancy and after. He cared for her, worried for her, and was her rock. He understood how trying the loss of their baby was to her. 

- Yet, there comes a point when enough is enough. Jackson has been in enough relationships to know what he needs. And he needs someone who is present. This isn’t about him not wanting her to follow her dreams. It’s about his emotional needs. April’s not meeting them. Infrequent, five minute FaceTimes are not gonna cut it for him. He’s not an emotional, wishy washy guy who’s gonna talk about his feelings for hours on end. But he is the kind of guy who needs to reach out and put his arm around his wife’s waist or play with her hair. Not sure if anyone has heard of the Five Love Languages, but I’m pretty certain that Physical Touch is the way Jackson shows and receives love. Kind of impossible, when your wife is thousands of miles away, huh?

- We know their problems. So how should they fix things? I think they should do the following:

1. Talk. It. Out. - Everything needs to be dragged out - all the frustrations and pent up emotions. You can’t let something go if you’re still letting it fester inside.

2. Resume Sexy Times - This might seem like a ploy to see Jackson shirtless again (and maybe it is), but I’m also actually really serious. Sex is good for committed relationships and can help rebuild emotional intimacy. 

3. Couples Counseling - April’s really the one who needs it. She’s got to find other ways to deal with tough situations other than running away. As much as I love this girl, she’s not that great of a wife. She’s great during the good times, but once things get sticky she just doesn’t know how to cope. Hopefully, a counselor can help her find new ways to stick around and fight. I think Jackson should go with her to be supportive and so that April can hear how her actions have affected him.