love and be loved in return

Klance headcannon Earth
  • When the war is won and the Paladins return to earth they are all embraced by their families, all but one that is.
  • Keith stands to the side whilst everyone is catching up with their loved ones.
  • Lance makes eye contact with the red paladin and drags him over to his family introducing him to his large family.
  • Keith is enveloped into a large hug and cries, never feeling so loved in all his life.
  • Lance and his family even convince Keith to live with them from now on, so that way he will never feel alone again.

do you ever feel like… gently taking your favorite character from their creator’s hands, still you do so with deep gratitude that said creator brought them (in)to (your) life, but you feel like you love that chara MORE and just want to protect them from awful misconceptions, also want them to grow further and discover more facets of themselves than the provided canon material allows; and would fight whole ARMIES on your own to defend them? because i do.

‘Evermore’ Thoughts

So, something I was thinking about while listening to “Evermore” for the 500th time. In it the beast says ‘Wasting in my lonely tower, waiting by an open door, I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and as the long long nights begin, i’ll think of all that might have been, waiting here for evermore.’ 

He knows the last petal is close to falling. He knows that soon he will be a beast forever, regardless of if she ever loves him. He knows that even if she returns it will not be in time. 

AND YET, he still professes to wait forever for her to come back to him. Willing to continue trying to earn her love as the beast with no ‘transformation’ payoff. All of this implying that he would be happy being with her even in beastly form. He no longer cares about his ‘curse,’ the only curse left is not being with her.


Are very selfish humans.

We make it impossible
For anyone to ever love us,

But if you are brave enough
To ever love a writer
And be lucky enough
To be loved in return,

You’re in
For the most exhilarating
Madly passionate
Mortal shifting
Kind of love.

—  Zienab Hamdan

Hey friends thanks for reassuring me and whatnot on the sona idea. You’re all so kind and I appreciate it a ton. I probably won’t have anything designed tonight but I’m definitely gonna make that new sona and I’ll post them when I can :) thank you again so much!!


Oz Comic Con Day 2: The Round Up

1: An amazing Cullen and Leliana
2: Two beautiful OS Star Trek ladies I found!! We had a good chat about the OS, they were awesome
3: I’m only like 6 episodes into Haikyuu so I only know Hinata but I’m getting there! I loved both of these cosplayers they were v sweet 💖
4: Me waiting for my Space Dad to arrive and save me from a life of Galra prison hell (spoiler he didn’t come 😭)
5: Close up of the locket I was wearing *stares dreamily into the distance* when will my sweetheart return from the war
6/7: The most beautiful Keith istg I’m in love??? I was afraid they weren’t okay bc they were like !!🙏🏻!! I love them so much
8: I FOUND MY SISTER!!! It wasn’t Space Dad but hey Pidge is the literal best so really who won here. They’re @o0olivia0o and she’s super sweet 💖
9: The Cosplay Championship cosplayers. I’m legit in love with the guy who won. His armour is TO DIE FOR. Actual goals.

If you’re in any of these, please let me know so can tag you!!

I love for this reason solely

You have sheltered my heart from the storm I wish to not stay

You’ve held me on nights where the
shadows of you aren’t showing your stay
Yet, your there

Through goodnight hugs & glances that holds my hand through it all

I only wish to return the love I’ve
received through painting your sky’s the colors of love that your soul brings

—  A love worth keeping // aj

If Sherlock can’t have John’s love in return, if John doesn’t love him at all anymore, then please PLEASE I BEG YOU MOFTISS





Actually, it’s moments like this that make me really, really love Charmed. Scenes like these spark a sort of… hmm… not nostalgia, but specific longing.

Living, as adults, with sisters or really close friends. Hanging out in snuggly clothes. Discussing stuff, important, world-saving stuff. But also talking about dates, and feeling the flicker of new love, and being with people you know so well, and who know you well in return. Being in a house you’ve grown up in - a house that, by the way, happens to be a freaking mansion. Their lives can suck, but how badly do you want to be them anyway?

That’s when you know it’s a show that speaks to you.

If you're wondering where I've been,

Reliving my childhood is the answer. I love my 3ds so much .-. My partner is the best. I’ve been playing Pokémon moon for 24 hours, and I just got the game.

Gonna go play Harvest moon now. Bye bye. Love you all.

*returns to games and lurking*

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But seriously I didn't even want it, it just happened, me and his dad were at the house alone as I was waiting for my bf to return and his dad just slipped it in I really don't know what to do cause I freaking love him(bf) sooo much and if I confess his relationship with his dad will be ruined and so will ours, but If I don't it will all be based on a lie, I know I sound like a heartless slut but I'm not.

Then why the fuck did you do that. Lol. I love my boyfriend and I always think about us. You should have done that. And think what was going to happen and how you were going to ruin everything.

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Same anon of the Jack story-and yep, that's what it is. I don't know any other details but i do love the theory of them having to go back there to find their true love sapling-or even the beanstalk itself IS the sapling, who knows! Maybe they need it to save Emma? I don't know, this is just spec on my part, i only know what it was.

Okay, very interesting!  So if you’re right, then the spoilery set piece is the beanstalk then (I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying your an anon, and I don’t have any way of knowing that what you’re saying is 100% accurate other than your word, so no offense).  

I love the idea of CS returning to the beanstalk, to where it all began for them!  Talk about coming full circle!

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Hello or good evening, I am a Catholic but I had a hard blow in my life and it is lucifer who stretched out my hand to help me get up, what do you think of this?

I think it’s totally legitimate! Lucifer, in my experience, is a very kind spirit and tends to help the underdog when they feel overwhelmed with life. Catholicism has a very binary view on good and evil, so I’m all for examining that and deciding your own ethics when it comes to spirituality and spirit work. :) 

I’ll be away from tumblr until March 31st, since I’m celebrating both our birthdays and our one year anniversary with my lovely partner! I have asks queued up and I’ll catch up on any new ones when I return. In the meantime, if you have a generous moment, I’d love a donation to my service dog fundraiser too!

The ice is a harsh and unforgiving mistress, even to its most ardent lovers.” 

WIP. I wanted a moment where Victor had to physically feel his limitations and loneliness with the ice. But I don’t know how to paint. @u@;;