love amor

Eldarya is opening soon.


I’m asking for your help!

Come on, people! Where are you?!

Eldarya Brazil needs your help!
Eldarya Deutschland needs your help!
Eldarya Español needs your help!
Eldarya Suomi needs your help!
Eldarya Magyarország needs your help!
Eldarya Italia needs your help!
Eldarya Polska needs your help! 
Элдария (That’s Eldarya in russian!) needs your help!
Eldarya English needs your help!

If you see this, please click to pre-register. 

We’re halfway to the goal!
Candy, Docete, Sucrette, Sweetie… we know you love the Sweet Amoris guys! And I promise you’re going to love our Eldaryan mess. So, please join us in the adventure and pre-register in the servers. It only takes a minute and you’ll help us a lot.

Fellow Gardienne, I know some of you’ve been playing in the French server FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS with the help of Google translator, but now we’re closer to The Day. Maybe some of your friends don’t know about the release, so please join to the servers, and reblog this.

If you pre-register before the 12th of September (The day of the official opening) you’ll recieve free and awesome clothes!

Don’t forget to reblog, please! <3