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Fics Recommendation

Hi guys! I decided to make a list of my fics recommendation since I really want to share with you guys the extraordinary, magnificent and brilliant works of all the writer that I have found in this site. Their fics are so good and even words could not describe it! Do give them a lots of love cause they really deserve it! 🌸🌸🌸


Who cares @floralseokjin

Great Romance of 21st Century @floralseokjin

A Fragment @floralseokjin

Seven Seconds in Heaven @jimlingss

No @kpopangst


Heartbeat @xbaepsae

Paranoia @taexquila

In The Wrong @hallyuwriters

So Far Away @boymeetsfiction

Neglect @kpopangst


I’ll be There @kthyunngg

Currents @floralseokjin

Rye & Lies @hijoonie


Ephemeral @kthyunngg

Far Gone @itsrainingmin

Deeper Than Ink @ohsuga


Sounds of You @itsrainingmin

Where The Lines Overlap @chinnychimchim

Countdown to You @taeinmycup 

The Heirs @taegonia

Guardian Angel @kpopangst

Change Your Mind @taeverie

Rapture  @hobiemin

Autumn Leaves @svt-react


Exhausting @taepott

Who cares@floralseokjin

Beneath This Scar @taexquila

Fallen Silk @hobiemin

Stay @xforeverweareyoungx

I’m Here @xforeverweareyoungx

A Love Among the Ruins @maytae

Eternitarian @maytae

Game of Hearts @skyheight

Promises @itsrainingmin

Imperfect Pair @itsrainingmin

For You @war-of-hormoan


Paper Doll @jheartseok

Sounds of You @itsrainingmin

Bad @thelillzmonster

Message Delivered @beansuga

Neighbours @minsuxga

I Got Your Mind @bangtanbombimagines

Necessary @taexquila

Don’t Leave @trapmonster

Change Your Mind @taeverie

Camera Obscura @lushguk

The Best Thing He Never Had @earlygreytae

Girl Like That @taehaze

Fallacy @pjimims

Aisle @war-of-hormoan

Monster @btssmutgalore

Below are the writes that I really adore and loves all of their writing💖💗 They are absolutely awesome!👍Once you check out their blog, you can’t check out from it, like forever😈

@inktae @jungblue @jheartseok @itsrainingmin @taexquila @taeverie @hobiemin @pjimims @maytae @gukvory @godsavemefrombts @colourfulnoodles @evilpjm @freehoseoksdick @taechubs @jungkxook @workofteaguk @tearosetae @svt-react @xforeverweareyoungx @zuanshi @dailydoseofdia @trapmonster @sugadaddykook @bluekyun @baxngtan

All the fics on the list are the fics that I have for the past two months and actually there’s a lot of talented writer out there but I only managed to recall the one in this list. Apart from writing, reading also becomes my possession so if anyone of you guys that want to recommend to me your favorite fics, just send through my ask cause I’m more than welcome to receive it 🤗😉



What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
a reading list

  • The Sleeper Awakes, H.G. Wells
  • Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
  • 1984, George Orwell
  • Love Among the Ruins, Evelyn Waugh
  • Lord of the Flies, William Golding
  • A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess
  • High-Rise, J.G. Ballard
  • V for Vendetta, Alan Moore & David Lloyd
  • Divided Kingdom, Rupert Thomson

While I’m doing these requests here have some really super old art of the majority of my original story ideas lol most of the titles were made up last minute and will most likely be changed in the future

Click the pics for everyone’s names!! :D

Besides ATS the top big faves are probably Shadow Hunters, Crystal Universe, Master of the House and The Darkness King hehe

Fics to be read

List will be updated.

Latest update; 12/5-17

Fic recs here

Also 99% of this is smut because i’m thirsty lmao


Company | Mafia au | smut | by fireheart-namjoon


Best Mistake | Smut | by daegusoftboys


Onsra | College au | angst/fluff | by moonnightyoongi

Grey Area | Soulmate au | angst | by blushoseoks

Give Me Love | Angst/fluff/smut | by mindfullofcrazy

Yeuk | Demon au | by dreamhimcloser


Blue Kisses | Angst/fluff | by maytae

East Of Arcadia | Fantasy au | fluff/angst | by taeverie

Bygones Of The Sun | College au, dance captain!hoseok | fluff/angst/smut | by taechubs 

Deadroses | smut | by siranghae

X-44 Land | Zombie apocalypse au | angst/smut | by kiwiscript


Fragments | Multiple personalities au | by bts-things-we-all-imagine

The Heir | Smut/fluff/angst | by taegonia

Sounds of You | Soulmate au | fluff/angst | by itsrainingmin

Foul Play | College au | smut | by kimvtae

Just Try | Best friends au | smut | by mlkygguk


Rule Breakers | Best friend’s sibling au | fluff/smut | by seoulscapes

A Love Among The Ruins | Royal au | fluff/angst/smut | by maytae

Realms | Demon au | smut | by fightmejeonkook

Loving Him, Loving Her | Smut/angst | by jungblue

Eternitaritan | Angst/fluff/smut | by maetae

Deathless | Royalty au | angst | by suburmin


Written On The Sky | End of the world au | angst/fluff | by inktae

Necessary | Angst/fluff | by taexquila

Lucidity | Best friend au | angst/fluff/smut | by taexquila

17, Again  | angst/drama/fluff | by ultraviolettae

Sutures And Stitches | Best friends auangst/action/fluff/mature/smut | by hayjeon

Cardiovascular Palpitations | Doctors au, friends with benefits au | fluff/angst/smut | by hayjeon

Like Real People Do | College au, friends with benefits au | smut |  by failaise


Kairos | Arranged marriage au | fluff/angst/smut | by zephyoongist