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Poirot’s chief personality characteristic was undoubtedly his overweening - but lovable - egotism. On rare occasions he would present an appearance of modesty, but it was patently so forced and false that it fooled no one. Some of his own evaluations from one story or another: “Hercule Poirot… is of a cleverness quite exceptional;” “impossible to deceive Hercule Poirot;” “me, I know everything.”
- Russell H. Fitzgibbon, The Agatha Christie Companion

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stanford literally “got into a fistfight with a talking chair”. this is canon. no one can dispute this because he said it himself in the journal.
how did this fight happen? did he provoke the chair? did the chair even have arms to fight him with? why was this such a notable thing for him to mention in the journal among other things??? god i love ford


IT’S HERE!!!!!!

(okay, to be more accurate, it’s been here for a while, but i’ve been composing my thoughts about it for like a week now.)

of course, i’m talking about @nisat‘s wonderful symmetra fanbook, namaskaram! it’s a beautiful love letter to the character with so much gorgeous art and some fun backstory comics.

i’ve always related heavily to satya, because i come from the same city in india as her — hyderabad. among other things, we share a love for balance, physics, and even classical indian dance. i was so overjoyed to see a character like her in overwatch, and even more thrilled to see that others love her and are making such amazing fanart of her!

this book in particular does a FANTASTIC job of paying tribute to the traditional forms, facial expressions and hand gestures (mudras) of indian dance, as well as the significance behind them. it’s beautiful and everything i could have asked for! not to mention it sparked so much nostalgia for my old dancing days that i even did a bit of the traditional makeup just to take some fun selfies with the book. :P

all in all, i love this book so much, i’ve been endlessly flipping through it the past few days, plus it actually prompted me to make an original post, which my followers know i very rarely do, haha.

orders for the extra prints of namaskaram are still up and can be found right here — i highly encourage everyone to at least check it out, because this book is just too beautiful not to. :’D

Ok but remember the first time Teru tried lifting Mob, he had his defenses up & it was sO HARD FOR TERU

but then afterwards they became friends & just

and also more recently

“Go ahead and take a nap! I’ll just float you around ‘till we get to school.”

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Hi! I loved the Daughter Arc among other things precisely because it clearly showed that for a moment without any doubt there was the chance to stop fighting. In the chapter 3 people when Hinami states she is sad and she doesn't want to kill Mado there is a situation of status quo which Mado breaks to kill Hinami and not because it's his duty, but because he is disgusted and probably can't accept Hinami's feelings. I hope the resolution of that arc doesn't simplify that situation.

Thank you! That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. This is the scene right here, as you can see HInami activates her kagune for a moment and lashes out but then stops short of killing Kureo. As her kagune withdraws, this is a pretty obvious signalling that she’s sparing him. 

Kureo could have walked away at this point, and he would not even have been in trouble with the CCG because he would literally be fleeing dangerous ghouls after losing several limbs. Touka would not have followed because her priority was on Hinami at the moment. Then Kureo gets up and grabs for his quinque again.

And only then after seeing that he’s not gong to stop, does Touka strike him down. 

The chapter is called “Three People” because all of them are people no matter how much Mado tries to deperson both Hinami and Touka by saying their ghouls. They didn’t have to fight, because in the end the three of them were just Three People, but Mado pushes them to their absolute breaking point. 

Honestly, I’m mostly astonished by the fact that after all that furor about headcanoning gay characters as also being a-spec in some manner, whether as gay ace or gay aro or whatever, being offensive and a blatant attempt to “steal” or “erase” that characters canonical orientation, or something along those lines… 

That these same people will turn around and say that one of the very few a-spec characters in a popular piece of media, and one of even fewer that’s portrayed positively, is actually not a-spec. Not even that they’re headcanoning them as not a-spec, but attempting to argue that a character that has been explicitly confirmed to be a-spec both within and without the media in question, is not a-spec.

It seems to me at least very heavily implied to me that Jughead doesn’t experience attraction to… well, anybody. As an example, after getting hit with a love spell, they talk about how much they love… their food. This, among other things, to me, seem to make it pretty clear should you apply the SAM to Jughead, it would be “aro and ace”. 

And considering, as I said ealier, the upset about headcanoning a character as a gay a-spec when they’re canonically gay, it seems like a pretty major double standard to then take a character who is fairly clearly canonically ace (and aro, if using the SAM), and claim that they’re a gay ace or that they’re not even a-spec to begin with. 

In all honesty, I’m not even bothered by the idea that people are headcanoning Jughead as gay and a-spec. The double standard about those kind of headcanons from the people arguing this is what irritates me. And also, the idea that it’s stealing representation from gay people to say that they aren’t canonically gay…? Like, basically… no. 

Also, if your argument that Jughead is gay-coded amounts to “they don’t express attraction to people of the other binary gender”, I’m not sure how you missed this, but, you know, neither would someone who’s aro and ace (or who solely identifies as ace or aro without bringing the SAM into it). 

Alternatively, if your argument is that they made Jughead asexual to avoid the backlash from having them be gay… That might hold a little more water if there wasn’t already a canonically gay character? Who’s talking about being gay in the very panel where Jughead is referenced as being ace? 

And lastly; if you’re saying that a canon a-spec character isn’t actually a-spec, and outright admitting that it’s because of spite, I really shouldn’t have to explain just why that’s kind of messed up. 

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I know Harry likes people to call him H. I personally would always call him by his last name; I just like the way it sounds. Styles nicely rolls off the tongue, "Good morning, Styles." "I miss you, Styles." "I love you, Styles." Among other things 🙃. Then when I actually use his name he knows when to be afraid. 😹

Hahaha, I Like this. Especially the part where you call him by his name so he knows he’s in trouble, cause maybe he was smiling before that but then you just say, “Harry…” and it drops and he mumbles a, “Sorry, love… I was only joking….”

I find air signs as some of the most complex of the zodiac. We represent breathing which means we take things in and let them go just as quickly which is why we are seen as indecisive or shallow at times, but I think it has more to do with the fact that our minds are constantly running, considering new ideas, chasing new activities/people, looking for fresh air to breathe in.  

Also some people have told me that it’s weird that libra, being an air sign and all rules venus (the planet of love, among other things). But I don’t find it strange at all, like when you love someone, you have to be objective about things too, you have to find balance (libra) between thinking and feeling. If you love someone blindly you’ll never see when they are being unfair to you, when they don’t really love you.  

Dating Mark Sloan (McSteamy) would include

• Talking about cases a lot
• Him calling you beautiful and sexy all the time
• Doing it in the on call rooms
• Him always telling you how much he loves you
• Singing in the shower together… Among other things 😏
• Accidentally calling him McSteamy because you hang out with Meredith and Christina too much
• Him loving it
• Dirty notes in charts
• “Mark, stop. I have a surgery to get to.” “Stop what, baby?” “… You know what, Christina can handle this one.”
• Him getting really excited when he finds out you’re pregnant
• “There’s a little Sloan in there.”
• Cuddles
• Callie getting pissed because you two are constantly being all cutesy towards each other
• “Come on, Callie. They’re in love.” “When you have to live with them every day, you’ll get an opinion, Arizona.”
• Derek being the best man at your wedding
• “Worst case scenario, I sleep with Y/N ten years down the line.” “I’m about to punch you.”

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Two Steps from Hell: Breath of Cold Air and Skyworld. Beethoven's Waldsteinsonate played by Josef Bulva.

Breath of Cold Air & Skyworld: couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | I really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

I already knew Two Steps From Hell makes epic music in general so not much to say except it’s just as I expected, epic music.

Waldsteinsonate: couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | I really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

I’m always up for excellent classical music. Had to stop half way cause I need to go to class now but I’ve downloaded it and I’m going to play it through my speaker when I make dinner :D

If anyone’s wondering, this^ is (among other things) the sort of stuff I love

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Fiona! I'm booking to go to Vienna in a few months, do you have any recommendations for what I should do?

Oooh, lovely! :D I hope you have a great time there!

So there’s a gazillion palaces and churches: the Hofburg, the Belvedere (which is also an art museum!), and of course Schönbrunn (which is lovely esp. when the weather is nice, and features, among other things, some of Empress Elisabeth’s belongings), St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Votivkirche, the Imperial Burial Vault etc, etc

ALL THE MUSEUMS OH MY GOSH: you want art? The Art History Museum, the Albertina or the Belvedere are just one of over 100 museums! Science? Natural History Museum (which is right opposite of the Art History one :D) Literature? Go to the National Library and visit the Literature Museum! 

You’re into classical music? We got your back. Visit the Vienna State Opera, or the house of music - or maybe even go to a concert! Beethoven, Mozart, the Strauss dynasty - you can find traces of their time in Vienna everywhere. And of course, there’s also operetta, cabaret and musicals too.

oooh and let’s not forget things like the Prater (an old amusement park) or the Naschmarkt (you can buy all manner of tasty things there!) Speaking of food, try the Café Demel, Café Central, Café Schwarzenberg or the Café Hawelka for an authentic Vienna Coffee House experience (though getting into the last one can be hard)

Also this website is p good for planning a trip!


‘Men are like toasters. Women…little more like accordions.’

But the woman Jane has by his side as his co-worker, his closest friend, and further on as his love is more than that, Lisbon’s more complex, less tamable, more difficult, and impossible to tune.  With her, it’s never taking things only halfway down the road, it’s a moral and intellectual duel, and it’s a challenge. She’s unruly, she has both her feet standing firmly on the ground (even when she can’t fight his charm), and she has principles.

He seems to be able to read her perfectly well, to know what she’s thinking but he fails. She manages to surprise him with her moral evolution, her strength, her determination, and her ability to question his judgment. He has to admit his failure to interpret her intentions and reactions. And he loves her for that, among so many other things. Her transparency and conformity with what she believes is right, the complexity of her nature that eludes him and his omniscience, the fact that she voices her opinions and makes herself heard. And he wants to hear her, despite everything, being unable to neglect what she says, be it the voice of reason talking in her or her pain or insecurity coming out. It fascinates him, because it’s another human being challenging him, on equal grounds, and as doubting yet as bold as him. It’s the mental stimulation he really needs, and also something that makes his heart resound in a multitude of unexpected ways.

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So my boyfriend knows I love rocks (among other things) so we went rock hunting and found some cool quartz(one with iron in it so it had some lovely rust colors in it) and an agate and some other rocks. He's planning on getting a rock polisher to make them even more pretty for me. Then we saw 3 deer who were relatively friendly, we got within oh uh 50 feet? And they never ran away just continued with their life.

That sounds so lovely! I wish I could go rock hunting!

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Do you have any tips on how to get long and healthy hair?

honestly as long as you find a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair texture and hair type and as long as you cut off the dead ends then there’s no reason for your hair to be unhealthy or anything like that. but all hair grows at different rates and it just depends on a bunch of different factors like how many times you’ve dyed it and what type of hair product you use among loads of other things. have a nice day love :)