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The Murder Of Amanda Brown

On the 11th of September 1998 in Florida, 7 year old Amanda Brown was kidnapped and murdered but her body has never been found.

In mid 1998, Amanda’s mother kathryn Hartman met a man called Willie Crain at a bar. The evening before the murder Kathryn took her daughter to Willie’s trailer and they watched Titanic. Afterwards the three decided to go back to Kathryn’s trailer where she let Willie stay to sober up. Kathryn was addicted prescription painkillers and that night Willie gave her valium. When Kathryn passed out in her bed with her daughter Willie crept in and slept next to them. The morning after Willie and Amanda had gone.  

This case gained wide notoriety for multiple reasons, the first was that even though no body was found blood and dna of Amanda was found in his trailer. Secondly many women came forward to say they were also raped by Willie. It’s reported that Willie served 26 years in prison for sexual battery on girls under 11.  

As a fisherman, authorities believed he raped and murdered Amanda at home then dumped her body in the sea.

In 1999, Willie Crain was sentenced to death.

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1. When a little girl wants to sit next to you on the train, offer her the window seat. She’ll tell you her name is Savannah and she’ll point out the window and say this is my favorite kind of weather. When you ask why, she’ll say the sun is out and it’s alright. Watch her pull out a coloring book and listen as the tune of her hums alters with each stroke of a crayon, watch as she makes music with her Crayolas and art with her voice. When she starts to remind you of your mother and you start to wonder if we reincarnate into little girls on trains when we die, don’t say it out loud. Just think it.

2 Embrace your child-like mind. Build a treehouse. Hide your dreams in it and watch them age through a plastic telescope dangling out your bedroom window. Meet up with the neighborhood kids at the playground and let them play dodgeball with your soul. Duck for cover. You might get hit and you might turn black and blue but do not let them win.

3. Drive down the highway (slightly above the speed limit). Watch the sun set and sing along to your favorite ‘90s song with your best friend by your side. Don’t worry about sounding good. It was the ‘90s, after all. Laugh at how terrible he sounds and realize how terribly wonderful it feels to be falling in love.

4. Write your memoir upon a classroom desk in #2 pencil. Make it an open letter to God, to your father, to Kurt Cobain. Address it “to whom it may or may not concern”. When the bell rings and you’re headed off to your next class, don’t erase it.

5. Come into class the next day to see that someone continued your story. Don’t erase it.

6. Dance around in the rain. Your neighbors will stare. Stare back long enough so that they feel uncomfortable. Shrug. Invite them to dance with you. Splash in puddles filled with just enough water to get your feet wet but not enough to drown. If you want to drown something, place your worries by your feet, spin around and watch them ripple into the sky.

7. Throw bricks at clocks to stop time. Count minutes in sidewalk cracks and days in city lights. Take months one daydream at a time and never let the years pass without taking a second to breathe. Burn the calendars. Stop the deadlines. Don’t run. Walk. You’ll be less likely to trip and fall on your face.

8. Make a new friend. Make a new “more than a friend”. Take them out to coffee (your treat). Discuss the universe and be amazed to find out that the universe takes shape in their eyes.

9. When you’re 500 miles away from home and feeling barely forgotten but hardly remembered, call him up on the phone. If the call goes to voicemail, hang up. If it goes to voicemail after ten tries, hang up your heart. Let it dry.

10. When it’s a Sunday morning in the Upper East Side and you’re drowning in pillows thinking about how much you don’t want to wake up, give yourself a minute. Or five. Or ten. Stand up and tear open the curtains like they do in Broadway musicals. Squint at the light. Smile a little. You’ve made it this far.

The sun is out and it’s alright.

—  An Optimistic Pessimist’s Step-By-Step Guide to Happiness
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