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CS: People think we are dicks. But we’re not, we’re very nice guys. So I think that’s what people get wrong.

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  • Lance: This is my boyfriend Shiro and Shiro's boyfriend Keith.
  • Allura: And how does that work?
  • Lance: Well, I love Shiro and Shiro loves Keith and I hate Keith.

now the thing i have feels about is that ben and bea were only dating for like three months before they realized ben was going away to school and bea was (eventually) going to travel the world, and their reaction to realizing they would have to contend with distance was NOT “we’re young teenagers at a tumultuous time of life and long-distance is unrealistic, let’s break up.” Oh no. They are WAY too stubborn for that, so instead they both went “wow we’re in love and there’s no way I’m breaking up with you now, long distance is clearly the only option” and proceeded to actually STAY TOGETHER for almost a whole year while living in different cities. They never ever lose touch, they literally Skype every single day, and when they’re not on Skype they still never shut up about each other. They make it through the rules and a near-breakup and still decide to travel the world together, because that’s just how serious they are about working on this relationship. At like 19 years old. And then they stay together for the entire rest of their lives, according to the headcanons of tcw, the actors, and also shakespeare himself. THAT is how committed to each other my otp are. they completely adore each other. they are so in love. incredible. 

Lawless (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

Yes… a continuation of this original post by @watanukisakuya, with 50% more “Lichtan” (❛ ▿ ❛ ),  +seiyuu extra audio at the end (KimuRyou, you dork www).

3 Drama CDs + 1 Character CD, and we have Lawless say “Lichtan” 66 times… yes, I counted them x’DD and let’s not even talk about “tenshi-chan“ ahaha.

Thanks to @kairei-chan for the special cast comments audio uvu/


Harry Treadaway being adorkable af behind the scenes (x)

All You Need Is Love


You were such a dork about February. 

You spent the whole month trying to be more loving. Not just Valentine’s Day–you tried your hardest to show love throughout the month. Random acts of kindness, volunteering at a local animal shelter, calling your mom, grandma, aunts, and other family members on the daily.

You never really knew love, though, until you met Sam.

Sam Winchester was one hell of a man. Not only was he ripped and gorgeous and brilliant, but he was kind and gentle, taking far too much on his broad shoulders, but never once complaining. He was different than you’d expected, but you quickly fell in love with every single thing about him.

Your first Valentine’s Day in the Bunker was amazing. You woke to find notes on your bathroom mirror in the shape of a heart, each one telling something that Sam loved about you. Your eyes, your laugh, the way you cried at certain TV shows you couldn’t stop watching, your boobs. You’d laughed out loud at some of them, teared up at others. You’d filled a few containers full of his favorite candies, placing them throughout the Bunker where he’d be sure and find them. 

He drew the two of you a bath, with rose petals and strawberries and champagne. When the bath was over, Sam took you to one of the empty rooms, where he’d set up a fort with Christmas lights, pillows, blankets, and a few old romantic movies. 

Needless to say, the movies didn’t get much of your attention. But your Valentine did.

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Selfie: I posted one awhile back and realized it would be cheating to post it again. And I’m not taking one right now. I’m a lazy bum and haven’t gotten out of my pajamas today and my hair is sticking up in like 50 different directions (I hate curly hair). So, I went through my phone and found one that I took sometime this past year. The only difference is my hair is red now and shorter and I got my lip pierced again. Same dorky mug though.

Lockscreen: It’s still the same as the last time I did one of these, so I didn’t bother taking another screenshot, lol. It’s my dog…looking sad, probably because she didn’t want to share the blanket with me. Dachshunds don’t like to share blankets.

Homescreen: I just changed this yesterday. I loved this picture so much I wanted to stare at it all the time.

Most of the questions were the same as the last one, so I  did random facts about me instead.

1. I have a B.A. in Sociology. I minored in Asian Studies and Bible (the Bible we had to, since it was a Christian university).

2. I met my husband at work. I was his supervisor and the first day he worked I had to show him how to assemble lamps (it was a decor store). I told him I never wore matching socks and he knew I was the one right there (he’s as crazy as I am).

3. I mostly live off of coffee and water.

4. I work in a plant nursery right now and it was so cold the other day that a customer offered to spoon with me to keep me warm. I thought it was hilarious…my husband not so much.

5. I actually want to be a writer. I have like 5 dark fantasy novels started that I need to finish. I draw to get better at it.

6. I didn’t eat any beef for 15 years after watching Faces of Death with my brother. We had hamburgers that night and he kept mooing at me and I just started eating beef again this past year.

My babies ;A;

So KNK did a 12 hour long V live for tinkerbells and honestly, I’m more emotional rn. They looked like they might pass out yet there wasn’t one boring moment they tried so hard to keep us entertained and I just feel like they deserve so much more than now. I mean come on, 12 hours!! In the midst of their grueling preparation for their comeback! If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is. They are pushing their limits just for us and they really shouldn’t.
But in the end, they accomplished their goal with the help of some amazing tinkerbells and the smiles on their faces were worth it. They are so precious and pure it hurts ;_;
I hope their mini-concert becomes a huge success and I hope they get all the things they deserve. I love you, dorks ;_;