love all the women on this show already

The RFA + V + Saeran comforting insecure, chubby!MC

this is inspired by the douchebag that told me on the bus station today that i “would’ve been hot if i was skinny, but big boobs and ass don’t matter when you’re fat”, such a nice thing to say to a stranger!!1! :)) so here you go, here’s all my insecurities bc i needed to rant


  • He thought you were really pretty! And you were great to cuddle with!
  • Would probably blush every time you hugged because your boobs were pressing against him he loved it 
  • The cutest thing ever was when you wore oversized clothes because you looked so tiny, making him feel big and manly
  • He lowkey really wanted you to steal his clothes, as that would confirm you were his possessive Yoosung is my favorite Yoosung, but you never did
  • A few weeks after you started dating, you went out stargazing
  • Because he had his arm around you, he could feel you start to shiver in the cold night air
  • “Baby girl, are you cold? Do you wanna borrow my hoodie?”
  • You wanted to say yes, but knew it wouldn’t really fit you as Yoosung was a lot smaller than you, so you declined
  • “Are you sure? I don’t want you to get sick”
  • You cuddled closer to him, burried your face into his chest and mumbled that it wouldn’t fit anyways, so he would just have to heat you up
  • He looked at you confused before he realized that you were calling yourself too fat for his clothes, when he held you even tighter
  • “You know I love you, right? I really don’t mind how you look, I-I honestly think you’re really really attractive, and I want you to feel comfortable…”
  • To prove his point, he gave your butt a light squeeze, blushed and kissed you
  • After that, he bought lots of big hoodies you could steal from him!


  • Zen had an extra long rehersal, and you had accidently fallen asleep while you watched tv and waited for him to come home
  • When he saw you sprawled out on the couch, he smiled because of how cute you were
  • Wanting cuddles and trying to avoid that you slept in a weird position and locked a joint, he kissed your forehead and scooped you up in his arms to carry you to bed
  • You woke up and instantly panicked, never having been picked up like that before
  • “No Zenny, put me down! I’m too heavy, you’re gonna drop me!”
  • He put you down in the hallway, confused because no one had ever complained when he had picked them up
  • “Do you really think I would drop my princess? I’m more than strong enough to carry you, it’s not like I’ve never picked you up before! You’re really not that heavy anyways”
  • When you didn’t seem to believe him, he put his hands on your hips and pulled you close 
  • “Want me to prove to you how perfect I think you are, hm? I would gladly show you, you know”


  • You already knew that she was skinny because she never had the time to eat enough, but it was unfair that she still looked amazing while you looked like a potato
  • When the two of you opened the café she was always the ones to make the pastries while you took care of the counter, as you didn’t want to get tempted, “taste” the sweet treats and gain more weight
  • At first she just thought you didn’t like baking, but when you told her over a dinner how much you liked to make food, she didn’t understand
  • “Why don’t you help me with the pastries, then?”
  • You hesitated, but told her that you were scared to gain weight, especially because she looked so perfect and a customer had told you last week that your dress was too short as no one wanted to see your fat and nasty legs, and that you “needed to cover up your fat arms”
  • Shocked, she took your hand and kissed it
  • “How could someone say that to someone as nice and pretty as you? MC, please don’t think badly of yourself. They don’t know you, and have no right to judge you! You’re beautiful as well, I actually quite like your legs”
  • She blushed and grinned cheekily, making you laugh


  • Having quite a lot of extra weight, you definitely had above averagely sized breasts
  • Jumin loved them and bought you clothes that would show them off (not trashy though, just classy and sexy), but he noticed that you never wore them
  • Actually, you usually just wore oversized clothes
  • He had read in some magazine that women always took of their bras at the end of the day and that it was their highlight, but you never did?? You even slept with both a bra and a shirt?? Even though you complained about them being uncomfortable??
  • He hadn’t even seen you without a bra yet, shirt or not - he of course respected your wish to not go all of the way yet, but you had already been dating for over two months and he was getting worried that he had done anything wrong
  • The next time your kisses got hot and heavy and he slid his hands under your shirt only to get stopped, he finally asked why
  • Did you not find him attractive? Had someone hurt you in the past? Did you even like him that way?
  • You felt guilty that he felt like that just because you were insecure that your boobs were saggy, and you admitted it to him
  • He assured you that he didn’t mind! It wasn’t like he was expecting your e cups to be that perky anyways, he understood basic anatomy enough to know that natural boobs would sag
  • “Kitten, I love you, but you are honestly being a bit silly. You have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. If it bothers you that much I can of course pay for you to get surgery, but I can assure you that you’re the most attractive person I’ve ever seen. More to bounce around is never a bad thing”
  • He winked, making you blush, before he kissed you neck in hopes of continuing where you had left off


  • As soon as he told you about the security cameras he had installed in Rika’s appartment, you asked him which rooms were safe from his spying eyes
  • You wanted to make sure that he didn’t see you change, so he wouldn’t see your embarassing stretch marks that covered your hips, belly, back and thighs, the very ones that had made people ask you at severel occations if you had been pregnant (actually the most embarassing thing ever)
  • Even though you managed to hide them from him when you stayed in that damned appartment, you knew he would notice when you had to stay at his house
  • The first few days were easy enough as he ignored you anyways and wouldn’t even let you into his room where he was working, leaving you with no other choice than to sleep at his couch to wait for him
  • That’s exactly where he found you when he decided that he probably needed some fresh air, and that he should check on you
  • Feeling slightly perverted by checking you out when you were at your most vulnerable, he noticed that your shirt had riled up and showed the stretchmarks on your tummy
  • He made a mental note to remember them before taking a short walk outside, having enough insecurities to know that they probably bothered you
  • As soon as he cut his tsundere crap and showed you some love, you noticed that he liked to rest his hands on your hips and rub small circles with his thumbs
  • “You’re so beautiful, you know? Good god, I love you so much”
  • You blushed hard as he slowly took of your shirt off, tracing the bumps from your marks with his hands
  • He thought they made you unique! He made sure to ask you for permission to kiss them as every part of you deserved love, and if you weren’t willing to give it, he would!


  • This nerd would take pictures of you whenever he could
  • His favorites were the ones where you didn’t pay attention to him - laughing, talking to someone, dancing around
  • But despite being an amazing photographer, not even he could change the fact that you had extra fat that showed from every angle
  • Double chin, back rolls, belly and thighs
  • Sometimes he would show you the pictures he had taken during the day and tell you his exact thoughts about you when he took them, how pretty you were in that dress, how cute your giggle was, but it didn’t make the fat less obvious
  • “Do I… Do I really look that fat?”
  • “What do you mean, angel?”
  • You pointed out all your flaws, and you could see his frown become more prominent with everything you mentioned
  • “This is what you look like, why would you want to change that? You’re beautiful and I know that you don’t really eat unhealthy, you just have unlucky genes. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re really pretty, and that I’m super lucky to have you! The world needs more plus size models anyways, don’t you agree?”
  • He kissed your head when he finished his short speech, and you looked at your blue haired boyfriend in awe
  • “If it means anything, just know that I really like how you look. I think you’re hot”
  • He started laughing when you jokingly nudged him in the shoulder, telling him to shut up and kiss you


  • As weeks passed and he got more comfortable with you, he gradually became more clingy
  • He really enjoyed holding and leaning on you/you leaning on him, as everthing about you was soft and comfortable!
  • Eventually he would become comfortable enough for kisses, and before you knew it he would have plopped you down on his lap
  • Insecure about your weight you tried to get off, explaining that you were a lot heavier than you looked and therefore was afraid of crushing his legs
  • He held you closer and refused to let you go or listen to you, as he knew far too well what it was like to have your insecurities take over
  • “MC, stop being ridiculous, you’re perfect. And you look really good seated in my lap, you know? I want you right here”
  • You saw a faint blush spread across his cheeks and felt your own face match
  • “O-okay…”
  • He would of course respect you if you wasn’t into it, but trust me when I say that this guy would not hesitate to leave hickies all over your neck just to remind you that you were his, and that he loved you

Upcoming: Lesbian Historical Drama, Shibden Hall

Next year in 8-parts; HBO, BBC One, and Happy Valley’s Sally Wainwright will start filming a show based on “the first modern lesbian” aka Anne Lister. Based on her lifelong (all 4 million words of it) diary in which she wrote about dating, falling in love with women and actually marrying one!  

Lister, not only a landowner in the 19th-century when women were little more than property, but was an avid traveler, and outdoors person who enjoyed wearing masculine clothes. She was a learned scholar with practical know how for business. Basically, I could not be more excited for this show to air!

Beauty [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Could I please request a Rick x Reader one-shot where they’re already in a relationship, she deals with low self-esteem that she’s managed to keep kinda hidden, and he somehow catches her at a low moment, and shows her how beautiful/perfect she is to him with some good ol’ loving smut? Thanks! Bless you for all these wonderful stories, btw! ❤️

Hiii so I’m not the same person who ask if you have any plus size imagines but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader (who’s plus sized and who is also in a relationship with rick) sees rick flirting with a women in Alexandria who is skinnier and “prettier” and the reader becomes very self conscious but once rick gets home he sees she’s acting different and ask why and he tells her she’s all he wants and proves it:)) P.S sorry is my English is shit it’s not my first language

I combined these two requests, I hope you both like them! This was really fun to write! 💓

Words: 2,773

Warnings: Smut, swearing, self-hatred, insecurity

Keep reading

So I came to a random realization about a few Zack Snyder films. I guess I just realized it while I was feeling sad about Superman’s death, as I do every day. But what I realized was the male lead of three of Zack’s movies die at the end of the movie. The three being Michael from Dawn of the Dead, Leonidas from 300, and obviously Superman in Batman v Superman. When something happens once or twice in a director’s movies, I don’t really dwell on it, but three times is when it’s a pattern.

And it’s not just the fact that the male leads die, it’s the fact that all three of them die in an act of sacrifice for the woman they love. In each case, the man dies to protect a woman. People would probably like to take that as “oh, he’s just showing how women need to be saved by men” but it comes across to me as devotion and adoration that these male leads have for the women they love.

We have Dawn of the Dead where the romance in the movie doesn’t really get that much focus, but you do have your usual partnership between Michael and Ana that evolves into romance, and you knew those two trusted each other the most. So at the end of the movie, we discover that Michael has been bitten and he needs to stay behind, allowing the others to get away.

He could have gone with them. Ana even says “I can help you” because she’s a nurse but he knows that if he goes with them, he’d turn and kill them. He selflessly stays behind to protect all of them, especially Ana. The point that he did it for Ana is driven home even more when the camera focuses on Ana’s face as we hear Michael shoot himself. So we have our first case of the male lead sacrificing himself for the sake of the female lead.

300 also did this, but Leonidas’s relationship with Gorgo, his wife, gets a lot more attention and is really established as a great love story. They are apart for most of the movie, but their devotion for each other is never forgotten. I think Leonidas’s sacrifice is very similar to Superman’s sacrifice in Batman v Superman because I got the distinct impression that he was fighting this war for his wife, so she could live on. He was fighting for his people, yes, but especially her, and that was apparent in his death scene.

He didn’t die the way we often see characters die in battle scenes, cursing the enemy or looking around at his men. He dies thinking of his wife. This part reminds me a lot of the “You are my world” scene from BvS. 

Then obviously you guys all know the scene from BvS when Clark sacrifices himself to save the world. The “You are my world” line is already iconic. Clark had faced so much shit from the world in that movie, but he had Lois, who represented everything good in the world that was worth saving. Zack basically says that in this video.

“She’s a reason to save the human race.”

So yeah, this is another one of my “I like Zack a lot” posts. If he wants to keep giving me male characters who show utmost devotion for the women they love, so much that they’d die for them because the woman represents everything good in the world, I’m here for it.

anonymous asked:

How do you think the writers would end C$ and start SQ?

The second part is the easiest one to answer. Emma and Regina’s journey together started in the Pilot. Everything is in place. Everything we have been pointing out over the years was visible to everyone. It may not have clicked, but it wasn’t exactly subtle either. All it takes is the continuation of the build up and eventually a reveal. 

People understand the concept of hiding your sexuality. It wouldn’t take much. I imagine it would take a moment of stress for one of them to confess their feelings or kiss the other… or do something else that makes the romantic nature or component of their love undeniable. If there has to be a conversation it could simply be.

“Why didn’t you…”
“I was… afraid.”

These actresses know how to act. They can talk with their eyes and body. The less exposition, the better. The audience could fill in the blanks. Afraid of rejection, afraid to be out, afraid to be with someone who is from a different social class, ethnicity, world. Afraid to be with the mother of their child, because it has to be serious or not be at all. Afraid to go after what they really want. Afraid to recognize their desires and give into them. These women have plenty of reasons to be afraid of this relationship. It really wouldn’t take much to go there because of all their history.

As for how exactly it could happen… I don’t know! So let’s play a game and look at the possibilities. They love to give clues and repeat bits and pieces of their story, so odds are, we’ll see some scenes we’ve already seen play out… differently or similarly with different characters. I collected some elements from the show that could come into play. I highly recommend this puzzle game and a splash of imagination to really enjoy the possibilities.

First, of course, we have Queen wedding crasher who is still on the loose and we seem to have an upcoming wedding for Hook and Emma. Nothing says high stakes more than taking it to the altar.

We have a fight between ‘the Light One’ and the non-Savior which Emma lost. She was protected by Henry and Regina.

Belle and said Light One had a son in this world…

…much like Belle and the Dark One in our current world. Though he looks a little less cuddly, he is taking after Daddy in terms of Savior sword fighting ambitions. Aw.

Emma’s vision is triggered by Regina being in danger and calling out to her for help. There’s an anguished scream that isn’t part of the current reality, but of the vision. Regina is also the one who almost died the last time Emma lost a sword fight.

When David fought a hooded figure, he was fighting his own fears. So even if someone else is under the hood, the fight likely still symbolizes Emma’s inner battle. The premise of the season is Emma facing her fears and they seem to be connected to Regina.

The show has established a link between marriage and death. Charming’s mother died in the moment he said yes to Snow. Symbolically, when we marry something, we are accepting it. We are no longer in conflict with it and we can let it go. So a marriage between Hook and Emma could be tied in with death symbolism instead of with the romantic meaning of marriage.

While we were shown the wedding between Robin and Zelena and it was even finalized, it was in no way a romantic scene for the bride and groom. It was shot to be all about Regina and Robin. We do not only have Queen wedding crasher, we also have Bandit wedding crasher. Even a wedding between Emma and Hook, depending on how it is shot, can actually advance Emma and Regina’s relationship. Will we find out if Regina absent moniker shares the other versions’ secret hobby? Three times and you score a Charming? Note that this scene is another example of a wedding that was directly followed by a death.

Regina sacrifices herself to save Henry - and by extension Emma instead of going after Robin.

Ruby commits to Peter for all the nights to come - sounding much like wedding vows - but then she turns around and eats him just when he thought she was his. Which actually turned in its own post, but it was a spin-off from responding to this ask.

The sword fight ended with a sacrifice and a return to another realm, Storybrooke… which I suspect will also come into play seeing how we are supposed to cycle through many different realms this season. At some point it would have to come to a halt.

Oh… and then there is also this triangle that is just begging for a third kiss, don’t you think? So maybe we can fit that in there somewhere as well.

So, no coherent theory, but there are… precedents for many things. A marriage isn’t a marriage. A death isn’t a death. Nothing is what it seems at first sight. So let’s see what happens.


I keep saying how much Karamel and Mon-El showing up in S2 to be the endgame love interest is giving me all the feels and then he says the thing…



I think Spike sums it up nicely.

“Well, I’m going back to sleep.”

I’ve though a lot about this line and I think it means much more than I thought. For most of the musical, Eliza has been completely all right with going along with what other people tell or suggest her to do and if she’s not doing that, she is fixated on someone else’s actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that that is all Eliza is capable of, she just seems very accepting and selfless for everyone else. 

Take the first time we see her, she is following Angelica’s example and being excited about the revolution. Her solo part is simply reiterating something Angelica already sang. Then she meets Alexander, and yes, she loves him, but from that point on her appearances show her caring for Alexander and their children. When the Reynolds Pamphlet happens, she sings all about how Alexander has hurt her.

But this line from ‘Best of Wives and Best of Women’ is the first truly independent line we hear from Eliza. This decision is not based on or in spite of somebody else’s actions. It is after the Reynolds Pamphlet happens, after Philip dies, after all her heartbreak that Eliza finally does something purely for her. From that point on, she decides to do so many things, that are not all for other people.

In my opinion, seeing sweet Eliza do something purely for herself is the best bit of character development in this whole damn musical.


“Black queer love between two women often goes underrepresented in any medium.

Writer Tee Franklin wants to help change this with her forthcoming comic “Bingo Love.” It follows the fictional story of Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray, beginning from the time they fall in love as teenagers in 1963.

Their parents find out and forbid them from seeing each other again. The women lead separate lives, marrying men whom neither of them love. Hazel and Mari reunite at a bingo hall and old feelings surface. They divorce their husbands and live out their truth as a married couple, a light in which audiences rarely see elderly black women. Their love story extends all the way to 2030. […]

With her Kickstarter campaign, Franklin wants to raise at least $19,999 to pay for her small, diverse creative team ― artist Jenn St-Onge, colorist Joy San, letterer Cardinal Rae and editor Erica Schultz ― printing and shipping. The writer said the response to her novella has been overwhelmingly positive. Her campaign has already raised more than $16,500 in only five days.

Franklin said she’s aiming to have the comic distributed before the end of the year. She said she hopes the novella shows readers that love is love, no matter what it looks like.”


kremlin annihilation week
Day Seven: Free Choice

Well here we are, at the end, and I’ve gotta say I feel a strange mixture of satisfaction in knowing that I’m not delusional, because this is here and it’s awful, but also frustration and sadness knowing that despite all the problems discussed this week, this shit is still canon.

So, free choice. I’ve decided I really really want to talk about Kara. Supergirl, Kara Danvers, Kara Zor-El. Our hero, our main character, the woman we’ve seen grow from “just” an assistant (something we later learned meant so much more to her and offered her so much more than one would expect) to, after not questioning anything else but saving the life of her sister, a hero and a stronger woman in her own right. As she grew and learned as Supergirl, she discovered more about who she wanted to be as Kara Danvers, and discovered more about who Kara Zor-El is, what legacy she’s living up to, and what she wants to do with what her Krypton origin has given her. We’ve seen her struggle with her career, her adoptive family, her biological family, her love life, and trying to find some balance with all these aspects of her life. We’ve seen her be upbeat and optimistic no matter what the situation, only to then realise how much she struggles on the inside, with sadness, loneliness, anger, and a desire to fit in yet still be someone important, but not just because of Supergirl.

In season 1, the ever-aware Cat Grant figured out Kara was Supergirl, and Kara nearly lost her job at CatCo because of it. After having her identity and job saved by J’onn, she says “I can’t leave this place. It’s not just a secret identity to me.” 

Her job gives her another purpose as Kara, the one where she gets to grow as someone beyond Supergirl, with her own human strengths and weaknesses. This is later emphasised when Kara is fighting the Black Mercy, and as Alex is trying to save her sister’s life, she’s also trying to make sure she has her life beyond Supergirl to come back to. “CatCo is more than a job to Kara. It’s where she gets to live a normal life.”

Then in season 2, we had the long-hyped up arrival of Superman ha, remember when we were worried he was going to take over Supergirl’s show, good times… and we got some great scenes between the two of them, but of important note was getting the Supergirl and Superman scenes as well as the Kara and Kal-El/Clark scenes. They worked together and learned from each other as superheroes, and learned from each other as their other human selves. And Kara, with some encouragement from other significant women in her life, seems to now be following in his reporter footsteps. Of a more important note that episode though, I think, was “all I know is that being Kara is just as important as being Supergirl.” Kara already knew it, of course, but having the reminder that she could focus on who she was, but not as Supergirl, was so crucial, and dedicating her time to figuring out her career and her love life and everything else still needed to be a priority.

And then later in that season premiere episode, the one that gave us some misplaced hope in this show on a new network, we got Cat’s announcement she was leaving, and her reminder to Kara: “You are smart and talented and astonishing.” Yet another significant figure in Kara’s life reminding her that Kara was important, Kara needed to be valued, and she was so much more than just Supergirl, and that she was allowed to, and needed to, give just as much to her human persona as she did to her superhero one.

Melissa herself was so excited to explore Kara in season 2, and I think a lot of the viewers were too. Season 1 was about her becoming Supergirl, and figuring out all the challenges that came along with that. Season 2 was going to be about Kara growing as Kara. She’d figured out a lot about Supergirl and everything that life entailed. The DEO, the missions, and sacrifices, and how to use the powers she had to try and make the world a better place as a superhero. But beyond that, the other side of her life, was Kara, and getting to grow as that person as she juggled changing a career and losing her work mentor. Seeing Kara grow in that role and adjust to her new CatCo position and what it meant for her was something that could have been so significant this season. And yet…

We got Mon-El. And we got karamel. And then everything that could have been about Kara growing slowly got destroyed bit by bit.

In 2x15, Kara, after posting her article on her blog, was fired from CatCo. And in turning to someone for support, she talked about how being a reporter was her calling, it was how she helped people. And she was told that Supergirl also helped people. And of course she does, we’ve known that since the start! But then Kara emphasised that she doesn’t need a yellow sun to save people as Kara, it’s just her. “Supergirl is what I can do, Kara is who I am.” Supergirl is so important, but more important is the woman who has to be completely herself and fight to learn and fight to find the truth and report it. That was her calling, she observed it and realised that that was something she could do and had a passion to do.

I will never forget the feeling of defeat and loss, when instead of understanding what Kara was saying, and reminding her that Kara was important and Kara is important and that she needed to fight for Kara too, he agreed and smiled when Kara uttered the most un-Kara words she’s ever said in the entire series: “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.” Because it’s not and it never will be and Supergirl is just as important as the independent Kara in the career that helps her fight for the things she is most passionate about. And no, this isn’t about Kara staying single in order to do that, but rather it’s about her having the people in her life who allow her to grow in all aspects, and encourage her to be her best and support her when she needs it, not to only support them with the things that align with what they want and abuse her when she does the opposite.

This is Supergirl. This is the mixture of Kara Zor-El and Kara Danvers and Supergirl. She’s a hero in more ways than one and despite having powers, she’s incredible even in the areas of her life where those things don’t come into play. She was an amazing assistant and is going to be an incredible reporter. She’s a loyal friend and loving sister and she’s so many things even before what the sun gives her the ability to do. And that right there is why she is important as a character, long before her superhero status comes into it. So when a character comes along who does something to restrict her to the thing that from the outside seems to be the most important and most impressive, that isn’t a good thing! And that’s exactly what Mon-El has done. And yet somehow, in some awful twist of the knife the network/writers stabbed into the backs of the season 1 viewers, he’s managed to reduce her to just the physical strength of Supergirl whilst also condemning her actions as Supergirl when it doesn’t suit him.

Season 2 had all the potential to grow Kara as well as Supergirl. To grow the human-appearing side, the one who fights with things beyond her physical abilities. And in introducing Mon-El, the show has focused less on Kara and managed to reduce what we have gotten on her. In the beginning of season 2, however, we had all the potential for Kara to be Mon-El’s mentor, in the way she was supposed to be for her cousin (and in some way, possibly, a way for her to move on from losing Cat as a mentor?). But in that ending and karamel starting, every way that Kara could have grown due to the introduction of a new character, she’s slowly been whittled away to everything she never wanted in becoming Supergirl.

TL;DR (oh my god this got long, I really miss everything this show was and could still be!): Kara is the main character, Kara is the woman we watched grow as Supergirl and almost got to see grow as Kara Danvers the reporter. Instead, we got Mon-El and karamel, and now the woman who wanted to fight to report the truth, no matter how hard it was to find, is okay with settling for everything she never wanted for herself, and it breaks my heart to know that a show with such potential has become this. I miss you Kara, please come back.

March 8

The girls have added another date to their Asian Tour!

Happy International Women’s Day! 

Lauren shared a few words from her Billboard Letter!

She also shared this wonderful poem! 

She’s excited for Halsey’s new album!

Normani for Rolling Out!

She’s already getting in trouble with Val!

Ally for Contrast Mag!

With her buddy Liam McEwan!

Showing her support for International Women’s Day!

Dinah’s so grateful for all the lovely, strong women in her life!

For International Women’s Day!

‘Nuff said!

No but pretty much everyone has a love interest apart from certain ones for obvious reasons but someone who doesn’t have a love interest and is long overdue one… Raven! And who does she have the best chemistry with and is getting closer by the minute to?…. Luna!

Ugh seriously… How amazing would it be to see those two strong women together? And Luna would be SO good for Raven… Not to mention it would be the least problematic relationship on the entire show, the healthiest and one that everyone could get behind.

All aboard the Sea Mechanic ship! I’m already in deep and there’s no going back now. I look forward to seeing how this particular relationship develops!

Best of Wives and Best of Women - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Orchestrated by : Alex Lacamoire

Transcribed by : ME

Note: 70 BPM

I’m back~ And this took no time at all! I also just realized I have not shown Alex Lacamoire enough love when writing the credits at the top of my sheets and I apologize for that. 

Since the score book has been released you should all do what I did and BUY IT. My copy hasn’t arrived yet and I’m dying to learn ‘History Has Its Eyes On You”. Anyway as I said, I won’t be transcribing anymore songs that are in the book. It’s less than $20 so show some love and buy it even if you’ve already learned my transcriptions. 

Next up will (eventually) be “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”

SQW Day 1 - Heartbeats (Celebrity AU)

Hi everybody! I’m so excited about this new Swan Queen Week! Here’s my entry for day 1, in which Emma is in a band and Regina is an actress. As usual, I own nothing and I’m just taking Regina, Emma & co for a spin.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and I hope all of you have an amazing Swan Queen Week! Stay awesome, Swen!

“And we’re now live from LA for The Mares’ concert! They’re ending their world tour right at home, and we’ll be broadcasting their show live, so stay tuned! They should be starting in about 15 minutes, so not much longer to wait now for the fans who’ve –“

Regina turned the radio off and stood up from where she was seated. She looked around the trailer and smiled happily at her son. Henry was slumped in a comfy armchair and had just looked up from his phone. He raised an eyebrow as he saw his mother had stood up.

“Where are you going? Is it time?”

“Well we should go out soon, if we don’t want to miss the beginning. But I’d like to wait for your mom to go back first. She should be done with makeup soon.” As she was speaking, Regina had crossed over to her son and was ruffling his hair. She quickly glanced at his phone to see what had him staring at his screen in silence for the past 10 minutes.

“Mom!” Henry whined, trying to put the phone back in his pocket before his mom could see the screen. He wasn’t quick enough though, and Regina had time to see he was exchanging texts with a certain Paige. The name sounded familiar to Regina; she probably went to school with Henry.

“Paige is in my English class. We’re paired up on a project” Henry muttered, blushing all the way to his ears. Regina hummed and kissed the top of his head, taking advantage that he was sitting down and thus not taller than her.

“You’re getting too big” she complained softly. “My big boy.”

“Mom, I’m 16, you don’t have to call me that. It makes me feel like I’m five all over again. Besides, you’ll have a very little boy – or girl – again in a few months.” As he said this, Henry gestured to Regina’s baby bump. At four months pregnant, it was still relatively discreet but undeniably there. Regina had made quite the sensation at the Oscars, a couple days back, by walking down the red carpet as a nominee and in a tight dress, while not having made any pregnancy announcement before.

The door of the trailer opened and Henry jumped to his feet. In came Emma Swan, Regina’s girlfriend.

“Well, well, well, if this isn’t Academy Award winner Regina Mills and her son, who’s turning out to be quite the teenage heartthrob!” Emma joked, quoting word for word a press article that’d been released the day before and had caused Regina to roll her eyes and sigh heavily at the word “heartthrob”.

“And here is Emma Swan of the world renowned girl band The Mares!” Henry answered in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic voice. “Mom wanted to see you before we go sit down.”

“I wanted to wish you luck before you went on stage, and to give you this…” Regina stood on the tip of her toes and gave Emma a soft kiss, lingering a couple seconds too long for Henry to be completely comfortable watching them.

“Thanks for coming tonight. I’m sure you’ll love the show” Emma said after their kiss ended.

“Always so modest” Regina commented with a wink. “I know it’ll be great. Well, Henry and I should go take our seats. See you onstage?”

Emma watched her son and girlfriend leave the trailer together, and her three band mates come in right after them. Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby were all ready to go, and the four women took a few minutes to go through their pre-concert ritual together.

The concert was already well in its third hour. Regina and Henry were immensely enjoying themselves in the VIP section, and Emma looked just as happy on stage. The band had just finished performing “Heartbeats”, one of their most romantic songs that Emma had written with Regina in mind. Suddenly, Emma started speaking into her microphone.

“I wrote this song with someone very specific in mind: the love of my life. She’s here tonight and I want to dedicate this song, this show, hell, everything good in my life to her, because I owe her every single happy thing that’s been happening to me lately.” Emma turned toward the VIP section and gave Regina the widest of smiles. “Regina, you’re the magic in my life. You’re an exceptional woman, the best mother to our son and overall the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m proud of you in everything you do, and I’m so thankful for you. But I feel like there’s one last thing missing. So, and please don’t hate me for doing it in front of everyone… Marry me?” There was a moment of silence all over the crowd, and Regina felt like all of her blood was rushing to her feet. She held onto Henry’s shoulder for balance. The teenager had an exceptionally large smile as he looked at his mom and wrapped an arm around her.

“Wait, there’s a ring! Kid, give your mom the ring!” Emma exclaimed, suddenly remembering about it. Emma’s forgetfulness and spontaneity caused the audience to laugh wholeheartedly.

Henry handed his mother the jewelry box. The ring was timeless and sober, and exactly what Regina liked. One of the tech crew members walked over to them with a microphone, and Henry held it to his mom’s mouth.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Emma.”

The entire stadium erupted in cheers, and Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby all high fived in the back. Emma blew her now fiancée a kiss, before exclaiming “Awesome! Now, before I can go  and really kiss my fiancée, let’s wrap this all up with ‘Number one’!”

Barbies, you can have eyes
And see those as attacks,
Or you can think
And realize
You are reducing yourselves
To objects
For men. It is your decision
To be what you want to be; I am
Only a voice trying to show you
The truth. You are beautiful
Without all of your superficial
Beauty. You cover yourself up
To be beautiful, but you already are.
I loved dress up as a kid, so
Beautify yourselves
For the right reasons:
It is empowering and fun.
I have met
Many women
Who spend hours in the mirror
Stressing to
Keep up with magazines
And celebrities–
None of it is real.
What you look like
In the morning
Is what is beautiful,
And you cannot hide that
From men. They know, and
They adore you moreso
If they are men.
If not, then they are children.
I will still open your doors,
And you will still give me dirty looks;
I will always be your friend
No matter how
You can be
People can change, and I
Will be there when you do.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15

For all its vulnerability regarding the crown, King Moo’s death was gut-wrenching. I started the episode crying along with his loyal siblings and friend. Watching Ji-mong saying goodbye to his childhood friend was heartbreaking and I wish we would have seen more of their bromance. Cue to the best flashback the show has given us so far.

Well, guys, the shit hit the fan and now everyone is in danger. No-one is safe under Wang Yo’s reign. His first command as King? Executing Wang Eun’s entire family in order to eliminate one of the most powerful clans inside the Palace and put the blame on them for Moo’s death. I don’t expect Yo to last very much in the throne, after all what does he know about government? His entire life has been about accumulating power in order to win the crown, not learning how to wear the crown. Big difference between the two. I am expecting Yo to go all Hamlet on us and start seeing ghost and threats where there’s none. Who will kill him? Wang So? Wook? Methinks there’s a chance Queen Yo will be the one.

Oh, and who was Moo’s real murderer? Wang Wook. Not only that, he is telling Yo how to exactly use Soo in order to bend So to their will and it’s also the one behind the plot against Wang Eun’s grandfather. Has this been his plan for the past two years? The entire thing is so detailed, cold and calculated, it gives me chills to think anyone ever could have put their trust and heart on this man. Worst part of it all, he doesn’t feel the least guilty about it. He thinks he is doing the right thing for him to be finally happy and his family to be protected. This are the worst and best kind of antagonist, the ones who justify their actions with righteousness; because they truly believe that what they are doing is the right thing.

Now, Wook is looking to create friction inside So’s allies: General Park and Astronomer Choi. Good luck with that, buddy. See ya at the funeral.

Through the episode the only time I was in a  “Yay Hae Soo!” mood was when she confronted Wang Yo. She has no respect for him and let him knows it, good. I was happy to see some of her old spunk back and into a more pro-active role today.

The rest of the episode I was fuming at her for not trusting So after all he has done for her and the people he loves. Hasn’t he proved himself to be worthy of trust already? She really should have known better than behaving like this and not giving him a chance to help out Eun and his wife. She was making decisions purely based on what wasn’t actually happening and by doing that, what she was trying to avoid, now I feel it’s going to happen. Also, let me point out that Soo’s final vision was of Eun dying because of an arrow which it’s Yo’s weapon of choice.

But now I am betting everything I have Wang So will be forced to kill Wang Eun in episode 16. Maybe out of mercy since leaving him to Wang Yo would be worst? Maybe Eun will kill himself after his Soon-duk’s death? All I know is this is going to happen and it’s going to be ugly and horrifying. You better make up for this shit, show. You better do something so grand and satisfying it will impossible to hate you.

In stark contrast to Wook’s shady ways and outright lies, Wang So was trusting and honest with Soo. He told her directly about Yo’s order and how he plans to disobey them. Why didn’t she spill the beans right there is beyond me, especially after having a first encounter with a pathological liar. Doesn’t she know how different Wook and So are by now? Doesn’t she have faith in her feelings? In So’s word? Come on! Why are we doing this dance again?

The only one who had her shit together through the episode was Lady Soon-duk. She even metaphorically bitch slapped back some sense into Soo by telling her to trust the man she loves. Grand General Park truly raised her to be awesome, didn’t he?

Wang Eun and Soon-duk’s scenes today were incredibly cute and endearing, and like him I was wishing we could have seen them living like this way earlier. To me their happiness is like a bad omen for what’s coming next. Because if Eun and Soon-duk die in the next episode, Grand General Park is going full force, down and dirty, against Wang Yo. A part of me wishes they can be saved, but another part of me wants to see the Grand General breaking down the Palace’s doors and shred Wang Yo and Wook to pieces for everything they have done.

And why are we putting all the blame on the men about Eun when it was Yeonhwa who sold him out? She goes and tell Yo and Wook so they sent their soldiers to look for Eun and after she tells So who will be too late to help Eun escape but just in time for the worst to happen. Is her plan to use Eun’s death to create a rift between So and Soo?

I swear this woman is the worst. Fine, I give her credit for playing a role in the politics of the show when in those times women were supposed to be marry off and have babies. But she has done nothing but bring misery to everyone around her. Her brother, her mother, her other half-siblings and herself. Joke is on her because now Yo wants nothing to do with her and So has already rejected her. She is worse off now, after everything, than when the show started.

I love that all it took for Wang Jung to recognize his sister in law was one her martial art moves. HA! And it was nice to finally see him choosing sides, too bad he still doesn’t seem to trust Wang So. Look, I get it. They love the same girl, and it doesn’t seem like his under his mother’s influence anymore, but Jung needs to put his feelings aside and start working with So if he wants to at least have a chance of surviving the war that’s coming.

Also, show, why are you refusing to give Wang Baek-ah more screen time? Granted, you gave me my wish and now he is actively working with So but I wanted to see it not being told what he is been up to off screen. Baek-ah is a great source of help for all his brothers (the decent ones) and has not respect nor lost love for Wang Yo. I am guessing that when he realizes that Wook is the one pulling the machiavellian strings, he won’t have kind words for him either.

And what’s up with Woo-hee? Why is she still around and why is she coming back into the palace now? Was the sinister Minister following her? What did Yo propose to her? Marriage? PLEASE NO. I know the rhythm of the show is a slow burn but she couldn’t possibly betray Baek-ah at the eleventh hour, right? Don’t you dare break his heart!

Oh. About Wang Won?

Nelena AU | Fate

It was night two of Nate’s show in London, and Elena was so proud of him. He worked his ass off to get here, and she tried to be at as many rehearsals as possible. Since they weren’t going to be there long, she decided against getting a job. Opening night was a massive success. She had watched from the audience, gotten the playbill and everything. Later that night she asked him to sign her playbill for her excitedly. 

It was now night two, and things were still exciting. Not as much as opening night of course, but she still loved the energy of it all. She had just hit 3 months pregnant and she popped out a bit. If wearing tight clothing you could tell that she was expecting, which she didn’t mind. Tonight she decided to watch the show from the wings. She stood against the wall behind the curtain and admired him doing what he loved, which he was damn good at it too. She already told him that she hoped their baby was just as talented. As the second act started, Elena could feel herself getting sleepy. She knew the first trimester was hard for some women, but hers wasn’t all that bad. She blinked a couple times trying to stay awake. It was almost like a wave of exhaustion hit her like a truck. Was she drinking enough fluids? They had a doctor’s appointment later that week to find out the sex of the baby, which she hoped was healthy. As Nate came off stage she smiled at him and hugged him. “Amazing job Babe…” She said as she started to pull away, but her exhaustion got the better of her and she fainted back into his arms. 

Which Ouran Host Club Member BTS Would Be

I really really love Ouran Host Club! It is one of my favorite animes! Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

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Jin: He would be Tamaki. Like Tamaki Suou, he would be the prince of the host club; in charge of leading the men in enchanting the female students of Ouran Host Club. Both men know that they are handsome, and show clearly no shame in their God-given beauty. Aside from their outer appearances, Jin and Tamaki are both men who would do anything for the person/people that they care about. Tamaki would do anything to make sure that all the boys are okay, as well as going far out of his way to make sure that Haruhi is happy at all times; even if it meant making a fool out of himself. Jin already puts his dignity on the line for the other members, so I am sure it would be no different for the one he loves.

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Suga: He would be Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka. Like Mori, he is a bit cold and harsh on the outside, but a total sweetheart on the inside. Mori is the brooding muscle who watches over Honey senpai, as well as the other men. Women love him because he is the mysterious type who leaves girls wondering, but also adoring the kindheartedness he shows Honey. Yoongi is also a very cold-appearing man. He keeps up a sort of wall; slowly breaking it down day by day. It has been mentioned in interviews before that Yoongi is the type of person to care for the other members in a ‘cool’ way that makes it appear as though he does not care. His sweet and loving side may be hidden from most, but when you are close to him, he is sure to take care of you.

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J-Hope: He would be Haruhi Fujioka. Although Haruhi is a girl, like Hoseok, she is the type of person who gets along with everyone. No matter if it is pretty boy Tamaki, serious and smart Kyoya, or sweet Honey, she manages to adapt to her surroundings and make something good out of it. The two of them are the ones who others know they can turn to. They are the ones who try their best to have a smile on their face, even during the hardest of times. Although Haruhi can be serious at times, she always tries her best to make sure that the other boys are happy and that all the girls who go to the host club are happy. However, although Hoseok is the Hope of BTS, the boys have mentioned before that he can be very serious at times and thoughtful, which matches Haruhi’s character very well.

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Rapmon: He would be Kyoya Ootori. Like Kyoya, Namjoon is the brains of the club. They both have their heads in the books and usually have a rational as well as systematic way of thinking about situations. Namjoon not only scored high while in school, but also appears to be the type of leader to make sure that things are constantly running smoothly; even if it means apologizing for mistakes or covering for PR issues. Although Kyoya seems cold and robotic, he has shown his caring and loving side on numerous occasions, even if they were small. Namjoon may be a bit more outright about his caring-ness and silliness, he still keeps a professional air when needed.

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Jimin: He would be Kaoru Hitachiin. Like Kaoru, Jimin is the soft-spoken, slightly more mature half of the 95linerz. Kaoru is the sweeter, soft-spoke, and slightly more mature twin. He seems to have a better grasp on reading people as well as an internal instinct to take care of everyone around him. Jimin, like this twin, is the angel of BTS. He is the type of person to constantly take care of the other members and checks on the fans, even if it means neglecting his own health at times. However, like Kaoru, when he is with his other half, he can be a lot louder, outgoing, and overall crazy. When Jimin is with Taehyung, there is really no stopping their insane schemes to bother the other members. No matter what, even if they are fighting, he will still care for the ones he loves; worrying about them at all times.

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V: He would be Hikaru Hitachiin. Like Hikaru, Taehyung has a deep voice, can sometimes be seen as immature, and is not afraid to be himself. Hikaru is the leader of the twins, being the one who likes to come up with the crazy plans and games for the two of them to play. When confronted with love, he may be a bit standoffish; scared that he will not be able to reciprocate and offer his significant other the attention that they need. However, despite the immature actions, he is quick to warm up to someone and accept them. He is the type of person who will outright protect the ones they care for; not scared to run mile in the cold rain to help the person they love. When Taehyung is with Jimin, there is no stopping the new game they will come up with or crazy antics they will get up to.

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Jungkook: He would be Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka. Like Honey, Jungkook is the little bunny who everyone finds to be absolutely adorable. However, despite their young appearance (Honey not actually being the youngest) these two are the strongest members of their groups. Honey is a black belt in martial arts, able to hold his own against anyone who attempts to hurt either him or the ones who he cares about. Jungkook, like Honey, has the strength and abilities to protect the ones who he cares about. Although he can fight anyone, it doesn’t mean that he will. They are both the type to still show their loving and adorable sides more often; playfully teasing their other friends with their abilities to fight them if they wanted.

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biphobia is facing alienation from
a community that was supposed to be family:
“You straight-wannabes do not belong at Pride!”
“You are just greedy and indecisive!”
“You’re also conforming to society’s expectations!”

when it was in fact bisexual Brenda Howard
who had first sung the rising call for pride parades,
that passions surpassing one gender does not
dictate greediness and indecisiveness,
and that ‘bisexual’ is proudly synonymous to defiance.

biphobia is tuning into a show that already features
a diverse number of complex, contradictory women
of various races, skin colors, social standings, religions
except the one truth they could not mention:
Bisexual. As if it’s taboo.

yes, Piper is a bisexual woman
in love with both Alex and Larry even if it’s
at different points in time and dodging
the actual topic of her sexuality is
pathetic and offensive to your bi audience.

biphobia is objectifying bisexual women,
taking into emphasis her sexuality and
treating her like severed gold waiting to be
tarnished like damaged goods who is all
too lucky to not be ignored by you

us bisexual girls do not exist for the
expense of your amusement and harassment,
we have the rights to sexual freedom without
your predatory jeers and offers for a helping
hand in a threesome arrangement.

biphobia is a girl finding herself torn between
the lovely female best friend that
she had since the prime of childhood,
braiding each other’s hair with roses and
sleeping in each other’s clothes -

and the teenage boy two years older,
dipping his knuckles in sins and
nursing an ash-stained grin that
unfolds origamis of butterflies inside her.
And she could not find a word for her feelings.

biphobia is the ridiculing smiles plastered
on the faces of your straight friends when
you walk into a room and saw that your
sexuality has been dragged into the light
without your own consent.

being subjected to shallow descriptions
such as ‘mostly straight’ and ‘mostly gay’
in whichever situation demands it
when it’s such an obvious concept that
you were and always will be bisexual.

biphobia is society’s message ingraining
itself in your head: choose one gender,
gay or straight, straight or gay,
or else you will get words such as
promiscuous, confused, slut, amorous

splattered in the palette of your identity
until you became a mess of human freedom
and beauties beyond restrictive borders,
and if a capacity for wild love means being ‘confused’
then let me wear your insults like war paint.

—  BIPHOBIA | (P.V.)

Hinata is irrelevant to the plot/Stole the name of a heroine.

 FALSE, Hinata is important to the plot/story since the reason why Hinata exist is to support Naruto. Like an actual heroine, that all antis desperately wanted from sakura but failed to do so, She shows care, comfort, interest/a resemblance bond with the main character. She a role model to all women who suffer from neglection and acceptance from family members and have to work hard into their soul just to improve and loved by since she has to be perfect in all time and is in a royal family. Hinata is a real Women who did not let her past get to her, she overcomes her weaknesses. She gives out a perfect example of what it’s like to become strong independent women showing no fear into competitions, never giving up or backing down a fight even if she weak to do so, or as in her speech: being a failure makes you a proud failure. As in no matter how many mistake you have given in life doesn’t make you any less good than you already are. I’m also going to mention the fact she a love interest to Naruto so she is of course RELEVANT TO THE PLOT

I will never stop being angry about how in every movie a guy looks at the girl and everyone immediately accepts that they’re in love. Nobody bats an eye. Nobody claims how it’s forced or came out of nowhere. Nobody.

But the second you suggest John and Sherlock might be in love you’re suddenly a horny straight girl having fantasies about Benedict Cumberbatch and basically your gay agenda is in the way of the real story. All of a sudden strictly platonic friendship is the most important thing in the world.

Fuck this.

And when I mention representation then people throw tv shows and movies at me that already have LGB representation. Guess what? I know! I am aware! I watch them! But 99 per cent of these LGB characters are introduced along the lines of “Hi, I’m Paul, I’m gay, I love sex, sex is good, give me all the cock” or “My Name is Greg, I’m gay and I’m ashamed” or “This is Sarah, she likes men and women, but what she doesn’t like is labels”.

Listen, LGB characters aren’t allowed to have the same stories as straight people. LGB characters aren’t allowed to discover their sexuality later on because apparently that’s forced and comes out of nowhere and, according to others, it’s even queerbaiting. It’s sad, but LGB characters must be introduced with their sexuality already known so straight people aren’t confused. ???

Jfc. This makes me so mad.