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Samhain Witch Tips - 🎃 Pumpkins 🎃

  • Carving pumpkins is definitely not just for little kids. Carve sigils, spells, significant imagery, or anything you want into your pumpkin and fill it with your intention with each cut.
  • If you’re a closeted witch, carve your witchy stuff (sigils, spells etc) into the inside of the pumpkin, and make the outside just a fun design.
  • Anoint your tea light or votive candle with herbs and oils to match your intention for the season or year. I personally like to make a couple of these and have them lit while I carve as well as use them in the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern.
  • Before setting your candle into your pumpkin, sprinkle the insides with herbs that match your intentions and maybe some that have some anti-microbial action as well to help your pumpkin last longer before rotting. Cinnamon and cloves are great for this. The warmth from your candle will release your intentions as well as a lovely scent.
  • If you want to really absorb all the lovely goodness of the work you’ve put into carving this pumpkin, buy a pie pumpkin (sometimes called sugar pumpkin) carve it the night or day before your Samhain celebration, only use safe, culinary herbs inside and keep an unscented candle lit in it (make sure you only use either a soy or beeswax candle with a cotton, unleaded wick,) and the next day you can roast it in the oven (350*F for about an hour usually does it, or until it’s soft enough to easily sink a fork into) And then share this lovely squash with your spirit friends, witchy friends, family etc at your Samhain meal. 
  • Pumpkins and all other winter squash actually keep for a very long time if stored properly. So you can buy a bunch from a farmers market now while they’re in season. Give them a rinse in a diluted bleach and water solution to kill off any mold spores that might cause premature rotting. Then make them part of your Samhain decor to imbue them with your good intentions and then store them in a garage or somewhere else that stays between 50-60*F and you’ll have delicious, enchanted squash all season long! I’ve had some last for up to 4 months before.
  • Enjoy this lovely seasonal fruit and may it nourish you all season long 


An Excerpt from Elsewhere University's Student Accommodation Guide, Accurate to Term Beginning September 20XX

(Handwritten RA’s notes in parentheses)

The Towers

Mid-20th century brick apartment towers, divided into Pelham, McGonagall, Byron, and Bulwer-Lytton. Despite rising to 14 storeys, they have no iron rebar frames supporting them internally, leading many students to say they can feel the Towers sway in high winds. While this is not true, they definitely have the finest views on campus, being situated on the top of The Hill. The Towers have ample kitchen space, but prospective students should be reminded of their thin walls and thin floors. They are regarded as the “party” flats, and many second and third year students will say if a bad decision is going to be made on a night out, the odds are good it will happen in the Towers.

(No one remembers inviting the slim boy with slicked-back blonde hair, but he brought rum and an electric personality and makes himself welcome. He suggests a drinking game none of you have heard of, and only you remember never to play a game whose rules you do not understand. Your friends are not so fortunate)

The Ziggurat

Built in an unusual art-deco architectural style, the ziggurat is officially known as the Carnarvon Memorial Building, and dates back to the mid-1920s. The outward-facing rooms have large windows and are generally well-lit, but rooms further into the interior have no windows at all. Despite pre-dating air conditioning, students report that the rooms at the heart of the Ziggurat remain cool even in the height of summer. Thick walls and shag carpets also make the Ziggurat among the quietest of on-campus accommodation, which many more studious undergraduates consider a bonus.

(She finds sand in her shoes all year round, but at least her food never spoils. An undergrad swears she sees a falcon roost outside her room every day at sunrise. A label on a box of leftovers reads “Whoever opens me without consent, there will be judgement, an end shall be made for him. I shall seize his neck like a bird… I shall cast the fear of myself into him”. Every assumes it is a joke, until the seal is broken.)

The Chinese House

A quaint piece of 19th century Orientalism, and the last survivor of an eccentric effort to build an international students village using architectural styles from all over the world. Most were demolished between the expansion of the football field, the construction of the Michelson-Morley building, and a terrible fire in the mid-20th century that destroyed the Dutch farmhouse. Despite an ongoing and heated debate among the student population over whether or not the building’s styling and history make it an unfortunate racist relic or an architectural piece worthy of preservation, the Chinese House’s residents report that it is pleasant and homely. Regardless of nationality or religion, residents are advised to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival arranged by the Chinese House Residents’ Assistants, as a matter of etiquette.

(Every year, room 5B is taken by an Asian student with dark hair who keeps a rabbit. No one tells security, even though pets are not allowed in campus accommodation. Impolite questions about where she is from are met with a patient smile, and a gentle reminder that an American flag flies over her home)

Dadd House

A modest Victorian building with en-suite rooms and upholstery faithful to the original. The Accommodation Office must deny absolutely any and all claims that it is a re-purposed insane asylum, including rumours that rooms 2A-2F still have padded walls, or that the 3rd floor rooms have locks on the outside of the doors, as these are baseless and harmful claims which do no justice to the building’s proud traditions. We must remind would-be applicants that the continued existence of Dadd House is due to a very generous grant provided by an anonymous donor, with the proviso that the House is reserved for those majoring in Fine Art, Art History, Music, Music Theory, Ceramics, and Animation. Exceptions cannot be made for those studying Liberal Arts.

(Her music only improves during her residency, filling the dark, sad halls of the house with beautiful sound. He paints great swirls of colour over his canvas, over the walls, over the floor. Her mind is alive with poetry, and she finds herself speaking in hexameter. What had been normal motions startle her as she catches smear frames in the corner of her eye. A group of non-students stroll through the tiled corridors, golden eyes flicking from one delight to the next, furred ears twitching. They discuss who they shall give their ultimate patronage to, as gardeners would discuss which plants to nurture, and which to prune)

Elsewhere Square

An early 21st century addition to the campus, this is one of the more divisive accommodation buildings in recent years, and has been voted “Ugliest Campus Accommodation” in a National Students’ Union poll every year since its construction. Certainly its garish colours and incongruous position next to the venerable Morganwg Building make it stand out, but it is worth remembering that the Morganwg itself was once denigrated as “Gothic” in its day. The layout of the corridors may seem counter-intuitive at first, but students are sure to adapt to it quickly with help of Residents’ Assistants (known colloquially as “Pathfinders” in the Square). Due to a certain proportion of permanent residents, space at Elsewhere Square is limited, but rooms are en suite, and its position is convenient for all campus locations.

(At every junction and intersections, we carve symbols into the wall, and the freshers quickly learn their meanings. You have gone too far, they say, turn back and do not continue. Your rooms are behind you, and you are in unfriendly territory. The unwise head deeper into the building, finding corridors which narrow abruptly into squeeze-bys and stairs which descend below the ground floor. The corridors beyond warp as cheap plasterboard gives way to bare limestone rock, forcing those who descend to twist and contort themselves to pass. No one has ever failed to return from the depths of Elsewhere Square, but no one who ventures there returns unchanged)

Taliesin House

A rare survivor from Elsewhere University’s earliest days, this Romantic-styled house lies on the edge of campus between the Lake and the playing fields, offering pleasant verdant surroundings and easy access to the Sports Centrer for students in sports science courses. The Residents’ Assistants run a lively calendar of events, including socials at the spring and autumn equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstice fairs, as well as a poetry competition in the first week of August. The nearby forests are private property of the Dean’s House, and the Accommodation Office must stress in the strongest language the need for students to stay out of the forest, on pain of expulsion and a permanent mark against their academic record.

(The sports societies love Samhain. They spend all night cheering, drinking to excess, dancing around the ceremonial bonfire that campus security tacitly agrees to ignore. One of the RA’s wears a pair of stag’s antlers, and in the darkness you have a fanciful moment where you imagine they are sprouting directly from his head. Then two drunken members of the girl’s rugby team stumble into the forest together, and a carynx horn bellows through the night. Everyone is inside by the time they hear the thundering of hooves and the baying of the black dogs)

Your RA Suggests:

Residents are requested to keep communal spaces (such as kitchens and bathrooms) clean and tidy, although everyone makes an exception for salt spills.

We suggest you bring only cast iron kitchenware to Elsewhere University. If you can’t get any prior to arrival, remember that the Accommodation Office holds a Lost and Found sale during Fresher’s Week.

While Elsewhere University Campus Security prides itself on its effectiveness, the Accommodation Office must formally issue a warning to all students to avoid unfamiliar individuals, particularly at night and during periods of lunar occlusion. Watch your friends closely.

Campus traditions may seem quaint to you, but it is worth remembering that what appears to be random superstition to you represents hard-won knowledge for others. If you don’t want to participate in seriousness, then at least participate with a sense of fun.

Most importantly, remember that your accommodation is your home, and you should never feel out of place or uncomfortable in your own home.

(Fairies are real, words have power, your home is only as safe as you make it)

(AN: The Ziggurat, the Towers, and Elsewhere Square are direct references to existing accommodation at University of East Anglia and University of Essex)


All works written by Creamsicklesz

Everything written contains smut and is rated [M] for Mature unless otherwise specified.

> J h o p e / H o s e o k

Feast of Love  
You and… well, all of them. Samhain, dark, demonic magic and MUCH sin. An Orgy of pure lust and pleasure. XXX 

> S u g a / Y o o n g i

Only In My Dreams
Dreams become reality, and they are oh so much better that any wet dream of Yoongi you had ever had. 

Strangers meet and one night turns into more, with a BDSM twist. 

> J i m i n

Dance With Me

Jimin helps you practice dance, but the physical contact makes your heart beat too much to handle. Little do you know, he feels the same way. One knock on your door from him is all it takes for passion to blossom. 

 Jimin is insecure about his body but you show him just how desirable and sexy he is. With or without abs. 

Lay Me Down
Being best friends with Park Fucking Jimin is very hard, especially when you’re in love with. After a night of wallowing in your drunken despair, you leave him a few questionable voicemail’s that reveal just how you feel 

> J i n

Jin. You. The backseat of a van that happens to have a few other passengers. The thrill of being caught only makes his teasing touches that much better.

> J u n g k o o k

Body Mod
Asking Jungkook’s advice on body modifications leads him to explore the options… as well as your body. 

> T a e h y u n g

Skin Deep
Sweet and romantic, Taehyung is your best friend. He makes you laugh, smile, and your heart flutter. And now you let him know. 

Colloportus (Locked Doors)
our crush on fellow Hufflepuff Taehyung isn’t as one sided as you thought, and a study session in the library becomes R rated. 

> N a m j o o n / R a p M o n s t e r

Wake Me Up
Namjoon hears you moaning in your sleep. His curiosity gets the best of him and he discovers just how needy you are.

Lead & Lies 
Your Mafia boss boyfriend has been gone for a month and you cant help but pounce on him when he finally comes home. He may be dangerous, but that just excites you more. 

Hot, steamy, shower sex with Namjoon. Followed by breakfast.

> B T S ( A l l  M e m b e r  s )

Menage A Huit
You show BTS just how much you appreciate each member of your favorite band, one at a time.

Dangerous Games

A game of spin the bottle with your seven friends becomes R-rated. Its not the first time, and it probably wont be the last. 

Feast of Love
You and… well, all of them. Samhain, dark, demonic magic and MUCH sin. An Orgy of pure lust and pleasure. XXX 

> J u n g k o o k / T a e h y u n g

  3 No MxM  10  |
  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  |  
Witches. Vampires. Sex. Blood. Reincarnation. It’s got everything that you could want and more. 

A few things you could do on All Hallows’ Eve.

1. Welcome the Darkness.

Use this time to detox and find some time for yourself. Light a few candles, burn some incense and take some time to meditate to ground yourself.

2. A feast for the Spirts.

With the veil at its thinnest this is a great opportunity to connect with the spirits. Make a meal, set the table and set out one plate of food for you and another for the spirit. Think of them as you eat the meal. When you are finished clear the table and leave the plate of food for the spirits outside so it can be consumed by the wildlife, giving energy to nature and the spirits.

3. Divination and Tarot readings

This is a special time, and the thinning of the veil helps with communication with the spirits. Not only is this time to give thanks but to also ask for help or guidance from the spirits.

4. Pumpkin carving with love and energy.

Carve a heart into a pumpkin, then on the base of the pumpkin carve the name of people or things you love or with to draw energy from or for. Light a candle and place inside the pumpkin whilst visualising images of happiness, along with yourself receiving and giving love and energy.

5. Rooting new wishes.

As Samhain is the Pagan New year why not take some time to write down some wishes. Place in a pot with soil and either place some seed in the soil, pot a new plant or repot on you already have and as they grow they will nourish and give energy to your wishes.

6. Sigil Candles.

Buy or use Candles you already have and carve sigils into them to draw close to you what you need most. This time of heightened magick will give your sigils a boost and as the candles burn feel the energy they give to you and your sigils.

7. Tea leaf readings.

A fun way to seek guidance on an autumn day not to mention warming. Give thanks for the guidance after your reading is complete.

8. Honour you ancestors.

Create a special place in your home and place photos of your departed family members along with crystal, candles, things they like and things that bring back fond memories. Pay tribute to their spirits/souls, the life they lived and give thanks for their guidance and protection.

9. Talk a mindful walk.

Wrap up warm and take a walk, alone or with others. Enjoy the cool air, the changing colours or the leaves, nature and your other surroundings. Focus on your breathing, clear your mind and give thanks for just being.

10. Get dressed up and enjoy yourself.

Why not? Everyone deserves the chance to get dressed up, have fun and enjoy themselves with friends and family.

Stovetop Incense for Samhain

Stovetop Incense, sometimes called stovetop potpourri outside of magic circles, is a mixture of ingredients with a liquid base, simmered on the stove in a pan to fill the air with a lovely aroma. This recipe is intended to be simmered all day during Samhain to invite benevolent spirits into the home. 


  • 1 to 2 inches of water
  • 1 apple, cut into slices
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 rosemary sprigs
  • 1 teaspoon of whole cloves
  • few dashes of allspice
  • 2 bay leaves, crushed
  • optional: ¾ cup of wine or shot of dark liquor 

Add water to pan and turn burner to medium-high. Add each ingredient while thinking of loved ones who have passed. Stir the mixture clockwise, asking for peaceful spirits to come into your home for the holiday. Wait until the water simmers, then turn down heat to medium. Stir periodically throughout the day, adding more water when necessary. 

 All Yours chapter 3 

With lovely art drawn by @camilleflyingrotten

Every coven celebrated Samhain differently. 

 Elias knew there were at least four covens that spent the entire day completely nude which was just crazy, another two that sacrificed a cow every season, and one coven that spent the entire night without speaking. 

 He and his brothers were traditionalists. They cooked a chicken over a roaring fire, ate organic vegetables as per Josef’s bird’s request, and did not get naked until the moon was highest. 

 Elias spent most of the hours leading up to his and Adam’s bonding with his erection tenting the front of his trousers and an incredibly agitated kitty at his side. 

 Adam’s eyes were yellow, hands tight to Elias’s arm and often hissing when even his brothers tried speaking to him. He didn’t speak at all, only growl and hiss even when Elias attempted to calm him. 

 "You’re being very rude,“ Elias snapped, feeling as if he’d done something wrong. 

 Adam only moved in closer, nuzzling his cheek and Elias pet his head to whisper calming spells that seemed to slip off Adam entirely. 

 He didn’t want to leave Adam, didn’t think he would even be allowed, but he dearly wished to at least speak to Gabriel in case his brother knew what was the cause for Adam’s current state. 

 Though they hadn’t spoken the last few days since the kitchen incident. 

 Continued at ao3 here 

“At such times the universe gets a little closer to us. They are strange times, times of beginnings and endings. Dangerous and powerful. And we feel it even if we don’t know what it is. These times are not necessarily good, and not necessarily bad. In fact, what they are depends on what *we* are.”   –Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

Art by burari


Okay I meant to post this hours ago and I tried multiple times but it got deleted almost every time and then it posted once and I didn’t get to finish typing the caption ughdjfoejf

So hello! I hope everyone’s holiday has been going well, mine has been a bit crazy since I was cohosting a small party with @hakuna-tomato who is the fox featured in one of the photos! Anyway, I hope you all like these, I stepped in an anthill trying to get the ones outside so it was a bit of a struggle 😅

ALSO since there were so many requests, I did record a tutorial of me doing my makeup, and I’ll do my best to edit and post it tomorrow! Love you all, and thanks for your support! ✌🏾️

Should be home in the next week or two…. for real this time <3
cannot even begin to express how excited i am to go back home…..
I miss the smell of rain and cedar, the early morning mists rolling in, the overcast days and layers of fiery colors blending in with the evergreens…
the crunch of wet leaves beneath your feet, the fellow woodland hermits and all the creatures both domestic and wild.

Havent had much of a break at all this past couple months, and hardly any time to keep up with the shop and all you lovely folks!!
hope you all had a wonderful Samhain!

Also…. got introduced to this beauty while in grants pass, she is the largest orb weaver ive seen thus far,
and she melted my heart.
Such a sweetie.

((It’s Samhain, so I wrote this brief drabble.  Hope you enjoy!))

The most unusual thing about the weekend was not Kid waving a pair of tickets to Logan airport under their noses and telling them that their presence was required at the Samhain fesitval in Salem, Massachusetts, nor the slightly eerie atmosphere of the town on November 1st, an odd empty feeling like a house recently emptied of all its inhabitants, nor the gathering of witches in the old townhouse, raising well-manicured hands to toast the Last Death Scythe and the meister who made him, dozens of pairs of feral eyes on him as they entered the room.

The most unusual thing about the weekend was this witch’s coat.

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