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as someone who clearly understnds the steven universe designs and art style very well, what are your feelings about the off-color gem designs?

hehe I’m flattered you’d ask me this   (●´ω`●)

I honestly love all the off colour designs. The Rutile twins in particular, I LOVE the simplicity of the design (pointed hair, striped bodysuit).

I absolutely love Fluorite’s big cartoony features, like her nose and hair. I just wish her eyes were drawn consistently (sometimes there are 4) because its really distracting imo. Also I have a really small stupid pet peeve about the pink in her colour palette on her butt (?), I just wish the palette was strictly shades of purple and green. Other than that I love all of them and was really happy to see their designs.

🔮Shoutout to my underaged witches who can’t afford to let other people know about them.
🔮Shoutout to the people who picked up a book one day and decided to call themselves a witch.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who started learning from a young age and didn’t give up even when people told you to.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who were told they were invalid and yet are still witches.
🔮Shoutout to the people supporting witches of any age, gender, race, sexuality, size, or shape.
🔮Shoutout to the witches that do stuff on their own terms.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who don’t want to be defined for just what they practice and believe in.

You. Are. Valid. No matter what ANYONE may say against it.

I just hope this gives people having a hard time accepting themselves as a witch a little more hope. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you did to get you here, you are an important witch and I love you. -Max

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