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you know that soulmate au where you have your true love on one wrist and your worst enemy on the other, but you dont know which one is which?

That would be such chaos for the characters in tlc.
Kai with Cinder on one wrist, and Levana on the other, so that he’s never quite sure who’s manipulating him and who’s actually in love with him.
Winter with Jacin on one wrist and Aimery Park on the other, so she thinks that her and Aimery are meant to be because Jacin doesn’t love her back.
idk about the other characters but those two sure would be interesting

so i was looking back through the four swords manga for icons/avatars because i might try and start up an rp blog and…

shadow what the fuck are you doing with your sword

Guess what I finally got?

Undyne Appreciation Week!! ((DAY SIX))

Day 6: Cherish this fish!! Cherish harder!!

So I decided to draw smol Undyne again because she is adorable. I’ve acctually kinda become obsessed with her. Plus I wanted to draw her with a smile where you could really see the tooth gap. This fish is going to go places. 

BIG thanks to @georgetheblob for making Undyne Appreciation Week happen! I loved seeing everyone else’s art and ideas. I hadn’t draw a lot of Undyne for a while so it was great to get back into it. Her really energetic character make her really fun to draw. 

((On a small side note, because of drawing young Undyne so much, I am considering writing an origin story for her. So that will be a side task for now. But if it weren’t for Undyne week I wouldn’t have gotten the inspiration.))

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I'm sorry that things have been tough lately ! Not trying to rush or anything in particular but just wanted to see if you could also include a little more of Scorpius/Albus in your upcoming fanart projects! It would mean the world! You're so talented. All the love xx.

haha yeah, I like those dummies too

(apologies for the quality, still don’t have access to a scanner or my normal tools!)


the losers’ first christmas dinner 2016 highlights:

🎄 - cosmic and karin’s amazing cooking (and rooney’s baking~)

🎄 - dishes from all different cultures thanks to an extremely diverse group of friends

🎄 - everyone looking super cute (the girls all dressed up and the guys wore their best sweaters)

🎄 - alexander’s reaper sweater (he’s been obsessed since rooney gifted overwatch to him on steam)

🎄 - both matilda and kerry giving cassandra bedroom eyes from opposite sides of the table (and cassandra acting like she doesn’t notice)

🎄 - cosmic getting cute stocking stuffers for everyone (rooney’s was totoro, nasir’s was captain america, cassandra’s was doctor who)

🎄 - matilda eating whipped cream directly from the can

🎄 - everyone comparing tattoos & piercings (because they’re edgy)

🎄 - lake tripping everywhere, not because he’s drunk but because he’s clumsy

🎄 - alexander teasing lake because he’s underage and can’t drink but he’s also underage and can’t drink??

🎄 - karin almost pulling the christmas tree down

🎄 - everyone eating too much

(continued in part two)

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Okay, okay uhm. How about things 2p italy would say or do to 2p germany if he got jealous? • Example: If Lutz started admiring someone (like another 2p character). • ♡ P.S I'm in love with your blog!!! ♡

((If I say that I’m in love with the fact that you all are here would sound too dummy? I’ll anyway haahahahaha thanks for the support, it means a lot! And here we go~))

The jealous list of Luciano Vargas:

  • “Why in the fucking hell he’s not licking my foot right now?” Say this to someone, probably Kuro, a lot.
  • Stare the person and probably plan his/her death in a lot of ways.
  • On the inside, being afraid of losing his beloved
  • But in the outside acting more pissed than ever.
  • “What did I do, Luci?”    “YOU WERE BORN!!”
  • In the end, Kuro would tell Lutz the truth, so it will end with Lutz hugging the italian a lot while he curses.

I’m not sure love makes a person weak, Cara.


“Although… This planet of which you speak, London; what do you do there?”
“Solve crimes”
“Protect the Empire”
“There’s quite a lot of running”
“Some spectacular dresses”
“And an awful lot of fun”

[Doctor Who Series 7 Minisode, Demon’s Run: Two Days Later]

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Sorry if this sounds weird but I wanted to tell u I rlly love ur bnha art like.. it makes me feel really nice and like at home if that makes any sense??? Its jus... Real Good I hope u keep drawing !!


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What about trans guy!Link, like difficulties with becoming a knight and stuff. And he passes so well that he has to tell Zelda that he wasn't born biologically male. Maybe the other champions as well

I’m gonna go ahead and assume you meant that he had to tell the other champions as well, if it isn’t, send me another ask and I’ll get that fixed!

Trans guy!Link 

- Rhoam knew about it, and secretly helped him get through the earlier days in his knighthood, mostly because Link never wanted to depend on anyone else.

-Link occasionally still has periods. It was especially difficult keeping it from the other knights, but he found ways to do it.

-Having to dress up as a vai to get into Gerudo Town really took a toll on him, because he felt like he didn’t belong in his own body again

-Mipha is the first to find out, after Link seeks her help when suffering from a debilitating series of cramps. She promises to keep his secret until he’s ready to tell the others.

-Revali starts acting a bit weird after he finds out. The bantering between the two stopped almost completely, until Link has a long talk with him one day, and helps him understand a bit better. While he still isn’t completely used to the concept, Revali works hard to overcome his own biases and to learn more, and the two reform their grudging friendship again.

-Daruk just slaps him on the back. Hard. Link is always going to be a little brother to him.

-Link tells Urbosa one day, and she shrugs. As long as he’s capable of protecting Zelda and fulfilling his role as the Champion, she couldn’t really care less about it. However, she always has an open ear for him if he needs to talk about it. 

-When Link nervously tells Zelda, (after he defeats Ganon) he’s worried that she won’t accept him anymore. She gives him a big hug, laughs a little, and whispers something in his ear.

-Why the hell do you think that would affect the way I think about you? You just saved all of Hyrule, you big dummy, and I’ll love you all the same.

37. Make ups

( ) This is part 1 my computer is being a nut job and won’t let me convert it soo ):

Summary(Requested): Part 2 of preference #35 Breakups. the title is pretty self explanatory.

Scott: The days have definitely been lonely and full of pain, just not for you Scott has been feeling the same way. The same aching, empty feeling filled his chest as well causing him to seemed depressed like but like usual he stayed strong for his pack but they all knew by the way he acted. Liam; Scott’s beta felt it the most having this strong emotional connection with his Alpha he felt the pain as well but didn’t dare say something at all. Finally it was Monday and it was time to go to school but Scott couldn’t find himself to get up due to the non existing heart that burned in replace. At the last minute Scott decided to get up due to the fact that he could at least see you, making sure you’re safe no matter how much it would hurt.

And he was right the moment he saw you his body stung, stung with sadness as he stared at the back of your body, he could help but stare at you, hair in a messy bun, fly away messily sprawed against your head, but he loved it. He especially loved when your hair was in a bun framing your face, making your eyes pop. Without even noticing his eyes grew glossy staring at his love, the person he’d love forever. The moment your eyes met with yours, the feeling of sadness ran through you both. You missed each other so much it hurt you mentally and physically as you both found each other not getting out of bed all weekend.

Just like you feared Scott walked towards you, his long arm against the locker blocking you from running from him. You sigh knowing there was no way you could run from him. “God I miss you.” He smiles weakly fighting the tears from his wetening eyes.

You nod in agreement finally making eye contact with him. “I’m sorry.” He pauses, “I should’ve seen you a few days ago and I'm sorry I-I just didn’t think you wanted to se him, but I can’t stay away from you.”

His arms wrapped tightly around you making you finally let out a cry. “I love you so much, and I was I realized what I had.” You nod, “It’s okay.” You speak, “I’m sorry too.”

“I love you more than anything babygirl.” You smile through sadness. “And I love you.”

Stiles: “Please answer your phone (y/n). I’m sorry for all of this and I just need to know you’re okay.” Sadness, betrayal is what you felt. Stiles did nothing but embarrass you as a girlfriend and you weren’t having it. It’s been a week since you talked to Stiles mostly because of the pain he caused you, he had completely crushed your everything, maybe because he was your everything, your heart and soul. Turning over not being able to sleep you were met with the sight of Liam in your room climbing through your 2nd floor bedroom making you scream. His eyes widened, “Shit I thought you were asleep.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” You say, not really knowing what else to say as you stared at the cute brunette that only gave a smirk. “Just letting Stiles in.”

Before you could stop him, or even say anything Stiles was walking through your now unlocked front door. You only stood at the bottom of your stairs, arms crossed pushing again your breast that were barely covered due to going to sleep.

“Have fun dude.” Liam smirks, as his hand met with Stiles’ exchanging a green thin paper. “Did you really pay him twenty dollars to break into my house?”

Stiles sighs walking towards you, causing you to back up a stair. After a week he realized you were still irate with him, but he couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t take the guilt or the lonely feeling without you. Stiles needed you, you were his escape through all of this loneliness, through all the terror you were his escape, his reason to get through anything.

 "I can’t be without you.“ He mumbles, "You know I’m not good with words and you know when I’m nervous I stutter ever three seconds but you have to believe me when I say I’m sorry and I need you. I need you to be by my side, I need you to be there when I can’t be there for myself, I need you to be my side kick, my snoop, but most of all I need you with me.” His beautiful words sent tears to your cheeks.

“I was with my dad and Lydia came over with her mom.” He paused. “Angel you are y everything I wouldn’t ever do any thing to hurt you.”

You nod, knowing you were just being your crazy self. Your lip quivers as you stare at him, his arms extending towards your direction. “Come hug me baby.”

Theo: Theo’s body angered at the sight of you, as another guy took his place leaning against your locker. His fist gripped the metal bar next to him listening to the conversation. “So ummm.” The guy nervously chuckled, his heart beat increasing rapidly. “I was wondering if you’d go on a date with me?”

You paused feeling bad for the guy next to you. “You’re a nice, attractive guy but I can’t I’m sorry.” Theo let out a tiny snarl at the attractive part. “Still not over Theo?” He mumbled, his eyes meeting with the ground.

“Sadly not.” You ay closing the locker door. Sadly? Sadly didn’t set right with Theo as he sat at his desk with the word ‘sadly’ running through his mind. It was sad? It should be sad trying to get over him not the other way around.

Theo’s eyes seemed like they couldn’t get off you and you noticed. A small panic started in you as he started making his way towards you, sitting directly in front of you.

“I’m sorry.” He blurts making you roll your eyes. Theo had the nerve of breaking up with you, ignoring you for a whole month and now saying he’s sorry. Without a response or even a glance your face was once again buried into your book, but the book was soon taken away closed by Theo’s larger hand. “I know nothing can be the same, nothing will ever be the same but they’re gone.”

Gone? The Dread Doctors were gone? Theo’s hand met with yours. “I did this to keep you safe and they did leave you alone.” he begins. “I love you so much babe this month has been the worst. I miss everything and I just need you back, there wasn’t a night I didn’t want to be with you.” He sighed, “They’re gone we can finally be together.

Your breath hitches, throat growing tighter. "But what if I don’t want to get back together?” This question stuns Theo giving him the most pain he’s received over this month and this month was bad. Theo found himself trying for you, wishing you were with him, wishing he could hold you.

“If you loved me, you would’ve stayed with me.” Theo sits in disbelief. “I did this too keep you safe and now you’re safe, nobody can hurt you now.”

“You already have though.” He couldn’t help the tears that grew, “Don’t do this please.” He needed you, the only person he loved is you. In this dark, scary, unloved world Theo lived in you were his light, the brightness in the darkness.

“Of course I want to get back together.” You finally give it, “I’m just hurt.”

“And I’ll be here until you’re not hurting anymore.

Liam: It only took Liam two days of being apart to be at your house, knocking on your door ready to beg for forgiveness from you. Liam has never experienced more emotional or physical pain before, his body ached for you, his body needed you. Liam didn’t care anymore, of course he cared about keeping you safe, which he planned on doing by not allowing you to go any where to dangerous, he just needed you. His chest burned, burned from the emptiness that now lived inside his black heart, that would beat once again with you.

The beautiful sight of you half asleep, hair thrown into a messy bun, a tight white tank top clamped your upper body, a pair of fuzzy shorts and fuzzy knee high socks that matched (This is me everyday) He was thrown off by your beauty, he always loved when you were like this barely awake, still mumbling little replies to his questions but the sight of Liam woke you up quickly.

"I’m sorry.” He mumbles, sliding against your side entering your house. "I can’t be with out you, I’m so stupid.“

You didn’t answer only stared at the boy who broke your heart, his body began to panic knowing how stubborn you were, thinking you’d never for give him.

He knows he broke your head, because he broke his own as well. Separating you two was probably the worst thing anyone could do but he was the one to blame. It didn’t rest too easy with Liam himself, he spent the last two nights barely without any sleep due to his constant thinking, and calling himself a dummy.

"Don’t give me that look.” he mumbles, hands falling to your cheeks. He knew exactly what the face was. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” He begs just above a whisper.

“I love you so much, and I’m a dummy but all I want to do is keep you safe. I can survive this world without you, you’re the only thing holding me here, you’re my anchor, my everything.” Tears welled up in his as well as he rubbed your cheek line softly, “Please let me love you again, I want to be your everything, and I’ll do anything anything to make sure you’re not hurt again, I was stupid for thinking this was going to protect you.”

Looking up into the beautiful sea eyes, “Love me again.” You whimper.

TOOK ME TWO HOURS HOLY SHIT. but request are open (;

I Love You - Stancy

So I don’t know what this is honestly. I had a dream about it and decided to write it out lmao. I don’t think this is how Nancy and Steve’s first “I love you” would go down since there’s a million ways it could be first said, but I can’t control my dreams and I felt an urge to write and this is certainly one way it could happen anyways. So here it is!

Also, can we just talk about how this took me like a half hour to write yet it takes me like 3 weeks to write a 2 page paper for school wow I hate myself.

Enjoy! :)

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