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6 movies I can watch any time

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2. Wild America - Idk man, I just really love this movie! The footage of the animals is awesome and the story is super fun! Also, Jonathan Taylor Thomas in his heyday!!! XD (I can’t find a gif, so here’s the movie poster. :P)

3. The Avengers - When I flew to Europe over the summer, I watched this movie 5 times: twice on the way there, three times on the way back. :P

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4. The Chipmunk Adventure - MY CHILDHOOD! My siblings and I know every single word to every single song! If I ever do a lip sync battle, one of my songs will come from this movie!

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5. The Incredibles - Best superhero movie EVER! And Edna is my spirit animal. #costumedesignFTW

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6. National Treasure - This movie is just too fun and cool! And Riley is also my spirit animal! XD

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“But there is really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten. Life can always start up anew”

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“Woah There, Spidey” - Peter Parker x Female!Reader

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Word Count: 1851

Warnings: Mention’s being held captive and tortured by Hydra, FLUFF

Author’s Note: Whats up y’all? I was skyping with @love-allthingsmarvel and @rejectedmarvel and we came up with an idea for an imagine and I decided to write it! In this imagine, the reader has the ability to see a person’s biggest secret whenever someone touches their hand. This was really fun to write, and I’m sorry it took longer than I thought it would :D Whale, I hope you guys enjoy!!

First day at Midtown High and you couldn’t be any more nervous. You weren’t nervous about school, or the obnoxious teenagers. You were just nervous about what would happen next in the crazy mess that was your life.

Two years ago today, you had been locked up in a hydra cell, being tested on like some lab rat. It was hell, and you thanked your lucky stars when Nick Fury broke into the Hydra base and rescued you. Once he discovered your ability, Fury personally trained you to be a Shield agent and kept you away from the others. Fury had become a father figure, and treated you like his daughter. But he saw how much it hurt you. To learn someone’s deepest, darkest secret when you did a simple thing like shake someone’s hand. Some secrets were meant to stay a secret…

You had become a pretty fantastic agent, especially for being so young. It was a rough life though, and you finally told Nick that you decided this life wasn’t what you wanted. He understood, and bought you a lovely apartment in Queens, New York. Nick enrolled you into Midtown High and kept tabs on you, just to make sure you were all right.

You walked down the crowded halls of Midtown High, trying your best not to touch anyone as you attempted to find your first class.

“Oh great,” You sighed, glancing down at your schedule. “Chemistry first. My favorite.” Sarcasm was a natural response, especially when you were nervous or frustrated.

The bell rang as you walked into your chemistry class. You stood in the front of the room as the eyes of judgmental teenagers and a scruffy male teacher landed on you. You scanned the room to find an empty seat and your eyes landed on a desk in front of a dorky, pale boy with ruffled hair and a poorly covered up bruise on his forearm. You rushed over and sat down in the seat, looking back at the boy who looked so familiar to you… but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

You searched through your backpack, looking for something to write with until you felt a tap on your shoulder. You looked up, a pencil in your face.

“Here,” The boy smiled. “You can use mine.”

You smiled back, looking into his precious, cocoa colored eyes. “Thanks,” You whispered, gently taking the pencil out of his grasp and making sure you didn’t touch his hand.

“I’m (Y/n), by the way.”


You nodded and pointed the pencil at him. “Nice to meet you, Peter.”

“Good morning class!” The teacher exclaimed, waiting for the class to respond. Everyone just groaned, which was definitely not the reaction he was expecting. He threw his hands into the air and sighed.

“I said,” he continued, “Good morning class!”

“Good morning, Mr. Fritch.”

“There we go. So today we will be getting to know your classmates. I want you to turn to the person closest to you and say your name, and your favorite movie.” Mr. Fritch sat down in his chair and went on his computer. Most kids turned to their friends and complained about how lame this was. You heard a few girls near you talking about some party that was a “total bust”, and decided to talk to Peter instead to avoid that drama (because yikes).

“Well, I’m (Y/n). And my favorite movie is probably… Star Wars.”

“Holy shit!” Peter exclaimed, slamming his hands on the desk. “That’s mine too!”

You both laughed and then fangirled about how great Empire Strikes Back was.

“Hey, how did you get that gnarly bruise?” You asked, pointing at the black and blue mark on his arm. Peter glanced down at his arm, tugging at his sweater to cover it up.

“Oh, that’s uh-that’s nothing.”

You knew he was lying, but before you could tease him about it, Mr. Fritch interrupted your conversation and began going over the class syllabus. Learning about so many rules and upcoming projects, you sighed and turned around. This was going to be a long class.

Fifty dreadful minutes later, the bell rang and class was finally over. Everyone quickly gathered their things while you stayed behind and talked to the teacher about what the homework assignment was. As you entered the busy hallway, you wondered how the rest of your day was going to go. “So far so good,” you muttered under your breath.  You hadn’t learned any life changing secrets and you made a friend. Today actually might not be so bad.

Sixth period ended, and it was time to go home. The day had been pretty great, and you were excited to go back to your flat and take a long well-deserved nap. You walked out of the school and headed towards the bus stop.  You sat down on the bus bench, putting in your earphones and listening to some of your favorite songs. You walked to the curb and checked to see if the bus was coming around the corner. When you saw nothing, you turned around to sit back down on the bench. But Peter had run straight into you, making you land on your back and sending your phone smashing on the pavement.

“Oh my god!” Peter shouted, grabbing your hand to pull you up. You saw a flash a light and then Peter’s worried face.

*Peter’s POV*

“Woah there, Spidey,” you said as you wiped the tiny rocks and dirt off your hands. Peter’s eyes widened, he felt like a deer in headlights.

“Wha-what did you just call me?” He stumbled over his words and his hands started to tremble.
“Oops, probably shouldn’t have said that…” You cringed and put your hands over your mouth.

“Why did you call me-”

“I know who you are, Peter. I know… what you do at night,” You said subtly, giving him a wink. Peter’s heart dropped, how did you know? You couldn’t know… He never told you. Or at least he didn’t remember telling you. You glanced over his shoulder, seeing the bus pull up to the curb.

“Look, Peter. Just… can you come home with me?”  You asked quickly, grabbing his arm.

“What?!” Peter was even more in shock and stared at you in fear until you tensed up.

“No! No, I-I didn’t mean it like that,” you assured, letting go of his arm and searching for your dollar bills, putting your foot on the bus. “Yikes, that came out weird. I mean, can you just come over to my house and I’ll explain everything?” Peter nodded and stepped onto the bus with you.

A bumpy 10 minutes later, you arrived at Peter’s apartment complex. You both ran out of the bus and starting jogging up the steps, entering the building.

“Wait, how did you know where I live?” Peter asked, concerned about who you were and who you could have been working for. You gave him a confused expression.

“What do you mean? I live here, apartment A33.”

“No way! A35!” Peter exclaimed, pointing a finger at his chest. You laughed and he smiled, admiring how beautiful your laugh sounded. He quickly snapped back into reality: He just met you today, and somehow you knew about his “sticky” secret. Peter watched you fumble for your keys as you approached your apartment. You unlocked the door and threw your bag on the couch in the middle of the living room. As soon as he entered your flat, you shut and locked the door behind you.  Peter was starting to worry as you shut the blinds and started frantically pacing back and forth.

“(Y/n), are you okay?” Peter questioned. You took a deep breath and looked down at your hands.

*(Y/n)’s POV*

“Wow, this is gonna be tougher than I thought,” you said as your heart started to race. You were about to tell someone about your ability, your backstory. Someone that you had only met and known for about seven hours. But for some reason… you felt like you could trust him. I mean, you did just learn his biggest secret. Even if he told someone, you had blackmail (although you weren’t that shady).

“So, about two years ago, I was held captive by this really bad organization called Hydra. They were testing on me, kept calling me this weird thing… like an ‘inhuman’ or something.” You sat down on the couch, biting your lip and started to play with your thumbs. “This is really weird to explain but pretty much I can see a person’s biggest secret when I touch them. More specifically when someone grabs my hand, I don’t know. It just triggers me or something.” You babbled as Peter sat down next to you and pointed at your hands.

“So, that’s how you found out-”

“That your Spider-Man? Yeah,” You interrupted. You shrugged and studied his face to see how he was going to react. Peter looked into your eyes with worry and exhaled.

“How did you get out of there?”

“Nick Fury saved me, he used to be the head of Shield. He broke into the base and trained me to be an agent. But I realized I didn’t want that, so he bought me a place here and… the rest is history.”

“Wow,” Peter sighed.

“Probably don’t wanna hang out with a freak like me, huh?” You said as you pushed yourself off of the couch, walking over to the kitchen to grab a water bottle. Peter laughed.

“Are you kidding? You know who I am, and I also happened to be the school’s convenient punching bag!” You chuckled as you turned around, noticing how close he was to you. “You are different,” he continued, taking your hand in his and staring into your eyes. “But a good kind of different.”

You smiled, you felt yourself slowly falling for this boy. It was weird, you had known him for such a short amount of time but he had already taken hold of your heart. You felt his face being drawn towards you like a magnet, but you cleared your throat and it snapped you both back to reality.

“Sorry.” Peter snickered, slowly backing away.

“No, you’re fine,” You giggled, staring at his hand that was still wrapped around yours.  Peter squeezed your hand before letting go and walked over to grab his bag.

“Well, I should probably get back down the hall.” He snorted, realizing how dumb that sounded, but he felt a little better when you laughed with him. You showed him out and watched him walk a few doors over before calling out his name.

“Yeah, (Y/n)?” Peter asked as he rested his hand on the doorknob to his apartment.

“See you at school tomorrow?”

Peter nodded and gave you a wink after you mouthed “See you in Chem, Bug Boy.”

You turned around and closed the door behind you, biting your lip as you made a huge grin. You actually were pretty excited to see where your life was going to take you now.

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“A hug for all my tumblr friends.”

Spidey took a personal day yesterday to try and understand human politics. Unfortunately, she still can’t. Spidey wishes she could give everyone who is scared a furry soft spider hug. Spidey wishes she could have voted for love with all 8 of her little spide paws. Spidey wishes she could wrap all her tumblr friends up in her webs and bite anyone who tries to hurt them. She can’t, bc she is a precious little tarantula and you are all giant and loud humans…so she wanted me to tell you this:

Be giant and loud humans. Do not let the outcome of this election silence or shrink you. Use your voice in every way you can to do good and spread love and unity. Rise and never stop fighting for what you believe in. It might be a rocky 4 years, but we must prove that love trumps hate every single day of it. Use this volatile moment as fuel to create the change this country needs. Spidey (and the world) is praying for us.