love all my followers still

Thank you so much to all of my amazing followers. I’m super surprised, and so excited, to have hit 100 followers in the short amount of time that I have had this blog. Especially since I don’t feel like I’ve been super active??? Ya’ll have made me so happy.

Much love:

@hotlightning, @ignisaestas, @dokuseiryu, @blczing, @kuroganeslayer, @dripdripdropthebass, @fierclyscarlet, @doragunirx, @whitewiiings, and of course, all of my wonderful girlfriend’s blogs, @nocentis, @exilloarcus, @fidusleonis

Thank you all for interacting with me/my boy, and making my heart smile. ♡ 

so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it

so to bring in the new year I have decided to make a little follow forever (friends are bold) banner made by gravelyhumerus


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I’m a few days late but Happy New Year, everyone!!! 2016 was The Fucking Worst but I’m glad to have made a blog because I met incredible people on it, people who became my best friends and helped me through a lot of shit. I’ve now had this blog for a year and also got nearly 300 followers so thank you!!! Mutuals/favorites/absolute fucking angels’ URLs are bolded but I love all of you so much and y’all run amazing blogs. 

@abrudas@aeducans@amonqthieves@americandaughters@bethesdas@beardedjoel@biostrange@bloodofelves@buymevideogames@chuckhansen @clubvrtex@delsinsfire@delsinsrowes@devils-drop@dojimadaigo@elizabethcomstalker@elenafisher@elliesriley • @eridiumblight@esteljune@flordewitt@frazerquinn@fuckyeahtroybaker

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I actually hit 2k followers on bOTH tumblr and twitter simultaneously over the weekend and I still can’t believe so many (4k????? h ow omg i ca nt bel ie ve honestly) of y’all are willing to follow my lame trash art c rie s :’)) I just really wanted to thank everyone who follows this meme artist, like honestly bless your soul you perfect angels, y’all are always brightening up every one of my days with your amazing tag messages and cute asks and support and goSH I will love every single of you for eternity!! You guys are my hopes, my angels, and I love you all dearly, very much so! <3

If I were to be very honest, even though I only had my art blogs for a few months, this was a very long journey- but in the best way possible. I met so many amazing people, so many beautiful souls, so many kind hearts. So I just really wanted to single out a few people who truly helped me so much through life- you guys never fail to put the biggest smile on my face and I love you guys so, so, so much that I don’t even know how my heart can handle it tbh :’)

@astro-child : SHANEL shANel!!!! my amazing wife and sunshine angel o m gO S H how do I even start this???? You’re so sweet and kind and amazing that you make my heart ache in a reALLY GOOD WAY, and your writing style is honestly so captivating and magical that it makes my head spin so much like how does such a talented person exist???? You are my angel, my cinnamon roll, my precious wife, the ji to my kook, the yoon to my seok, and I will love you until the end of eternity ;u; I don’t know how I even lived without you in my life, or how I was even given the chance to meet such a wonderful person (i seriously must have saved the entire world from destruction in my past life hehe)- you’ve supported and loved me so much and I truly do not deserve you my amazing sunshine wife!! /hugs you tightly/ i can literally go on and on and never stop but the point of the story is that I LOVE U V MUCH SHANELLL!! :’) ♡ ♡ ♡

@jungflowery : holds your face gently lisTEN REE YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU, everything that you have ever said to me is literal gold okay like I treasure our conversations v much and I love how amazingly sweet and funny you are, and I still remember meeting you for the first time through my inbox and immediately knowing that you were such a beautiful and amazing person :’) I always feel so energized when I talk with you, and your writing is so so beautiful and I will always cherish you my wonderful soulmate!!

@cinny-min : CINCINCINCIN OMG FAM you art is so fre aking ador a b le and every single time you post new art I am literally blown away c ries on my face :”)) you always send me memes and funny bangtan stuff and aMAZINGLY CUTE lil comments and I see them when I’m running to class and I literally have to stop and wheeze in the middle of the hallway because you’ve literally made my entire day with a meme and a comment, that’s how precious you are to me okay??? ilu cinbean!! ♡

@miss-fire-rose : AJ OMG!!! I feel so so grateful that we’ve become friends!! You’re so kind and sweet and you always make me feel so happy with your cute Pokemon drawings and lil memes and gifs you send me :’)) You are so precious and amazing, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you!!!! Thank you for befriending this beansprout!! hehe  ♡ ♡

@memefont : ryou omg okay let me start with this: YOU’RE SO FREAKING TALENTED OKAY??? Please realize it, because you are!!! You’re such a kind person, and you never ever deserve to feel sad, ever. Thank you for always being so kind and outgoing and sweet and accepting of me, I will always cherish you forever hehe  ♡ ♡ Thank you for always supporting me, and I will be sure to support you all the way!!!

@jimineh : JIA YOU PRECIOUS KIND PERSON!!!! You are so so so sweet with an amazing taste for music, and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you jia!! I literally felt my heart go into my throat when you sang me that precious birthday song, I almost cried :’)) You are too precious, too kind for this world my smol unnie, and I hope you have many great days to come!!! Thank you for always supporting me, ilu!!

@snowyowl119 : VIVIAN!!! (can i call u vi hehe) your art is literally so amazing, I can’t even comprehend how you do it. Your realism is literally on point, and you’re such an amazing and kind person!! Thank you for always leaving cute lil things in my askbox, you always make my day when you do  ♡ Bless you for always supporting me, I couldn’t ask for a better friend hehe ♡ ♡ 

@floofybts : kATIE!! ok so o I know we know each other irl but I never see you anymore (cries) bc our school is too darn big so I’ll just say it here!! First of all, I’m so so so grateful for all the support you’ve given me o mg you’re literally the reason why I started this blog, and why it exists to this day. You’ve given me so much support and love when I was super insecure about my art, and you’ve always defended my tired sleepy ass every time I got dragged in the gym because I was swinging my hockey stick with my eyes closed after an allnighter hehe :’)) Thank you for always being here for me, and for always making my day ♡ I LOVE U KATIE!!!

@asteraw : DABBIE!!! omg haha ik we know each other irl too, BUT you moved away and now the class is quiet and sad and I’m quieter and sadder :’(( the kpop squad misses you so much!!!! but, I digress! I remember I first told you about my blog during that painful summer at that even more painful institution, and you’ve always supported me ever since!! I’ve come so far because of you, and I can’t thank you enough ;u; I love your art so much, and I can’t believe I’m friends with such a talented person cr i es :’)) I LOVE U DEBB!!! LETS MEET UP AGAIN SOMETIME OK :’((

Now onto the rest of this lil follower forever!! These are just all the people who make me smile every time I see them on my dash- they’re all such amazingly talented people and I love them all dearly!!

treasured mutuals (twitter mutuals too!) = bold
favorites = italics

# - D

@9597bangtan @97x95 @asteraw @astro-child @asteryskrainie @bangtan @bangtanobssessed @bangts @berry-happy-tokki @busan-brats @busanie @buymewhales @bwipsul​  @chimchams @cinnamonbyun @cinny-min @daeguboy @debrenner

E - K

@eruzayne @eto-draws @floofybts @flowerboyscouts @frankkastled @hobiandsuga @hobicakes @hobily @iamadreameater @iezz-art @iliketoothpaste @jajeon @jeonheart @jikookiejar @jimineh @jimins-taesty-kookie @jjks @jungflowery @kattealin

L - S

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T - Y

@taetaetown @taethereal @taettoo @ttae@whyparkjimin@xjdifyx @yeoongi @yoonihun @yung-jongin

(if i didn’t put you as a mutual/on this list and you are my mutual, i am so sorry and please tell me!!! i’ll fix it right away ;u; )

y’all are so great, thank you so much for making these last few months the best months of my life!!!! ilu guys!!


you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )

I have 300+ followers??? How??? Thank you???!

(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)

200 + Follower giveaway thingiemawhosit.

             First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for putting up with this asshole for this long without actually throwing him straight into the trash heap and setting said heap on fire.
      Second, I would like to thank everyone for putting up with me, another asshole, for this long, despite my fickleness with this character, constantly dropping threads or literally taking three months to respond to something because of my busy work schedule!

        All in all, thank you guys for loving me!!
I’ll probably do a legit banner and actual follow forever sometime next week, but this is a really cool milestone that I NEVER thought I’d be able to accomplish on an OC! But you guys have been so awesome, letting me develop him and accepting the more unorthodox parts of his past that I was unsure of.


  • Must be following me but I don’t really care if ya unfollow after    because hey free graphics and shit.
  • Likes, Reblogs and shitposting about Maveric in the replies all count.
  • You can always request prizes for muses you aren’t actually a blog of, so if you’re not an RP blog, you can still participate.
  • Butt touches also count - I don’t care whose, just someone’s gotta touch someone else’s butt - spread the appreciation.


Are all the fucking same but there’s three winners so
            Each winner gets a bunch of icons in my style of their chosen faceclaim or muse, an aesthetic graphic of a muse of their choice, and a drabble of any number of characters of your choice, written by this faggot right here.

Obviously if you don’t want my lame writing you can opt outta that one and I’ll draw a butt on MS Paint for you.

         Participation ends on February 16th or wheNEVER.


Clark: Did…did you carry that glass of wine all the way here?

Bruce: *hiccup* may…maybe. 

~~HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! *lovelovelove* Here’s a Supaman dropping off a drunk Bruce from a New Years Eve party!! They’re going to spend midnight together tho. 

enjoy some unbiased house personality traits

Gryffindor: brave, loyal, impulsive, chivalrous, stubborn, morally tenacious

Hufflepuff: patient, kind, tolerant, loyal, hard working, enjoys the small things

Ravenclaw: intellectual, logical, creative, inquisitive, acceptant, unique

Slytherin: clever, strategic, passionate, resourceful, problem solvers, pioneers

                        Happy Valentines y’all !

   Remember that today is not just a lovers / partners / gf bf / romantic relationship day, but also about friendship — so I will be sappy right now. I love every single one of you, mutuals or not, for making this rp experience the best, even if I can be a forgetful bean !  

   And this said, I decided  I wanna make a special shoutout to my friends around because at this point they’re my online family and I wouldn’t know what to do with them. They’re all both AMAZING people and roleplayers and. heck I’m so lucky to be around in this community at the same time as them. 

@glennisdair / @hallyu-namhan

You deserve your own special treatment you bag of sand. I will not go into details with you because I’ll go from 0 to 100 real quick and honestly you already know exactly how i feel about you so. But for sake of appareances, yikes, Amy you’re literally my best friend around here, and my love to you could be compared to that of Holmes and Watson ( bc lbr we can be a little gay ), and!! heck just. I love you. so much. I’d cut ten bitches for you and I don’t even kill spiders.

@mrunitedstates — @sokrovennyi@enchantmentandculture

Gf, Spood, Bri — You four honestly mean the world to me what the heck. I love you so much, thank you for always putting up with my bullshit specially the photoshop bullshit and tolerating my stupid jokes, but mostly for letting me be your bean friend and. heck I just. Love you so much wtf. I could go on for days talking about the gang but tbh I already shout my feelings to you 24/7 so I feel like there’s no need for that. special needs thanks to Bri for being the mastermind behind putting us all three together <333.              ( ^ that’s for u spood ;)) )

 @wondcrkid / @rctributionbent / etc — @terra-oriens-soli — @ma-derniere-danse — @fxckboysupreme@arussianwizard@inionnaforaoise@atsidavimas@brimaquonx@zettaina — @quietlystrong — @belayaknyazna — @holgerdanske@shamrockshore / @eyesofanirishman@sprigxfthyme@candydcll

So !!! you guys are. like so amazing i love you so much. Even if we don’t speak much / haven’t spoken for a while, I still just. want the best for you forever and. GOD honestly I love you and your muses so much ??? and ??? everytime I see you on my dash or roleplay together or literally just talk ooc I just <3 get so happy because y’all deserve nothing but the best and I enjoy so much seeing you guys happy and !! heck I just love you so much did I say that already

  • Me: Okay, time to start this twelve page essay due tomorrow
  • Brain: Yeah, alright, alright...but first you should read some fanfiction, write some prompts, draw some fanart, search tumblr, oh and here are some ideas which i'm going to make you forget in the next five seconds so you better write them down or you'll be trying to remember them for hours
  • Me: ...but...homework
  • Brain: but the Haikyuuties
  • Me: No, i need to finish this essay
  • *a few hours later*
  • Me: *still have yet to do the essay*
  • Me: ......
  • Me: .............
  • Me: ....................
  • Me: ...Why do I always end up here?

since it’s still valentine’s day i would like to toss out some platonic friendlove for a few people i’ve known for years now, people who’ve been my friend through multiple fandoms and blogs, who’ve been my friend through all the various ups and downs in all our lives, who are really and truly important to me in so many ways. i love you guys, a lot.

@curufinwefeanaro (four years and counting. i don’t even have to tell you how much you mean to me, i think. if you don’t know by now…!)
@shieldarmed (….also four years, damn katie, how even. from dunlending OCs all the way up to hawke and your inquisitor and everything in between. and PJ can still suck it.)
@ofthemark (….three years? ish? and across multiple fandoms you’re always the best and kindest, love. welcome back to us.)
@nihtwulf (three years maybe? my beautiful deer you know i adore everything you do always. your arya is so very special and so is your haleth but most of all so are YOU.)
@bastardwarden (two years already dolly dang i love you a lot and all the wonderful and weird relationships our characters have and all the wonderful and weird conversations we always have.)
@spiritflux (hell we have a THREAD that’s two years old let alone our friendship and you’re my other half at this point and you know it)
@howeveryclever (two years and you’re still the best tabbikins, so driven and smart and talented like whoa and ilu lots and lots)
@cllgood (i have no idea how long i’ve been aware of you but i do knowit’s been years and i’m only sorry we didn’t talk much till recently; you’re so awesome and sweet and good and talented!)
@charyka (same as vanessa, honestly!! i do remember a thread ages ago with your OC (was she a Nando maybe?) and my caranthir though but we need more clearly always!)