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all illustrations done by me
glitter and crafty witchery done by my wonderful friend Magdalena

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My Beautiful Obsession:  eleven days along

…and I can honestly say that despite all the buildup to Doctor Strange; despite knowing how amazing & groundbreaking the movie promised to be; despite knowing full well what BC would bring to the role, how his full range & emotional commitment would make Stephen a compelling, living Soul–I know now that I was never adequately prepared for how thoroughly this character & his story–given life by this Actor’s portrayal–would sweep me off my feet.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my oh my oh my!

So I’ve watched fantastic beasts three times now and I finally know why it felt like such a breath of fresh air to me.

I realised, I’ve become so tired of the grumpy, world-weary, bitter anti-hero type!

I needed someone like Newt as a hero and characters like Jacob, Queenie and Tina as his companions. Because, flawed and imperfect as they may be, these people all still beliefe that there is some good in the world and they all want to make it a better place in their own special way. And none of them are even once unkind towards anyone.

* Newt loves his creatures above all else, but despise obviously haveing problems with interacting with people and being told by them that he annoys them, he isn’t hostile or agressive towards anyone. Not even once.

* Porpentina clearly values her possition at the MACUSA and is even called a career woman by her sister, yet she gladly endangered that career when it came to helping a lonely abused boy.

* Queenie can be a little invasive when it comes to using Legilimency, but the knowledge she gains from reading peoples minds would usually grand her enormous material for blackmail. Yet she only seems to use them to push people in the right direction.

* And lastly, there is Jacob, who is a war veteran and works a thanksless monotonous job in a factory, but has the dream of opening a bakery. Not to make lots of money, but to make people happy. They all managed to stay gentle and kind in a harsh and unkind world.

I didn’t even know how much I needed these characters until I met them!

I just got back from watching Fantastic Beast and I have never relate and fall in love with a character that quick. I, too, would like to fit all of my pets inside a small briefcase and carry it wherever i go.

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I have hyper empathy toward animals. I always have, I used to pretend my stuffed toys were actually animated pets of mine and I would spend hours in my room taking care of them. I used to play vet too when I was young, I even had a white lab coat. Being so hyper empathetic towards animals is definitely what pushed be toward going to Veterinary school, even if I’m doing my courses online. All I want is to help animals and be around them as much as possible. I have 1 cat and a family dog that I love so much and can’t imagine life without and if my mom would let me, I’d have every pet imaginable. I’m the type of person who goes to a shelter and wants to adopt every animal there. I cry when I see SPCA commercials or hear stories about poor animals being abused. I’ve never been able to connect with humans, for obvious reasons, but I’ve always connected with animals. I can talk to my dog and/or cat for hours and I know they love me for me. And I love them for them. I love watching my pets and other animals doing just minimal things like twitching ears or even blinking. I have this deep connection to animals that I know being in Veterinary school is the right move for me because I can’t see myself doing anything else with my life.

it makes me sad to think that i probably won’t meet any of my favorite people on youtube. i can’t go to conventions or fan meet ups and that just makes me sad. maybe someday i could go to pax east but i doubt it. it’s a couple hours away. sorry for the rant. i was just thinking.


Everyone is doing Hogwarts au’s and making me want to draw more HP things! Here’s a youngster Ber with his familiar, Lejon.


everyone is posting munday pictures & i like never do so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  also i barely slept but i’m watching so much bates motel with redbull so i’m happy.

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