love ain't easy

I swear, when my life is going smoothly, something comes an shows me where I went wrong in thinking shit was going smoothly an how jagged it can be.

See how my weekend goes..

  • Wait
  • Group 1 Crew
  • Outta Space

Group 1 Crew- Wait

…For now I’ll patiently wait
   For that one sweet day
   When you’ll take me away with you
  And our fairy tale will start
  So now I patiently wait


Download Beth Cawte’s EP “Secrets” from or from iTunes!

She’s a good friend of mine, and she deserves at least a listen and possibly a recommendation.

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Une jolie voix et du rythme. J'aime bien :)

Do not hold on things that does not make you happy. Things that you do not wish to see. Those that does not mean a thing. Let go. Walk away. If people do not want to be with you, do not want to see you, then there is no reason for you to stay.
—  Love aint easy.

I am frustrated.. and almost leading to being depressed.
Everyone just certainly hates me.. hates me for giving up on a person.
I grew tired of waiting, because I totally cannot feel his love for me anymore. Like how am I even gonna feel him when he doesn’t even try to communicate with me. And everytime I have the chance to talk to him, he simply shrugs our conversation off.  A long time ago, he drifted away from me for him to realize his feelings while I was in the process of just forgetting him, then he suddenly tells me he feels the same. He resurrected everything there. Just recently, I told him I’m tired and felt like we’re drifting apart. He had a point there for a second when he said we don’t own each other. But what hurt me the most was when he said he was busy and I should probably get myself busy too..— Like I am not.— Did he, for once, checked on how I was doing? I swear I was staring blankly for a minute or two when he told me that. Because he does not have any idea on how busy I am with work.. :’(
He said he wants me to find someone better than him.. Ouch. Did he just push me away? Okay, I said it’s alright..because just like the old times, hiding the pain by saying alright and smiling is what I do best. 

I’m tired of getting picked at by people who don’t even know the whole story. I thought I have friends, but they seem to just have listened to one side of the story and started to judge me. I’m hurt..very hurt.