love affair to remember


Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer in publicity photos for Love Affair  (Leo McCarey, 1939)

Love Affair was remade very successfully almost 20 years later as An Affair to Remember with the same director and starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. And it was remade again with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening in 1994 with its original title replaced.

A lot of women tend to forget that their strength lies within their femininity, their soft speech, their gentleness with their husbands. Men are accustomed to being challenged all the time, so you raising your voice, using a certain tone of voice or giving him attitude during an argument won’t help the situation. Just chill back, let him say his piece, then come at him with the softest of tones, be reasonable, gentle and understanding and watch him melt in your hands lol.

Remember that Shaytaan loves interfering with affairs between husband and wife, don’t give in to him!

Self Conclusion (Chapter Three)

Self Conclusion (Chapter One)

Self Conclusion (Chapter Two)

“Jughead, please!” Betty pleaded, racing down the stairs after him.

He was struggling to pull on his flannel over the shirt he had borrowed from Betty. “Fuck you! To think, I was going to open up to you! I should’ve known,” Jughead spat as he reached the bottom of the staircase. He tucked his pants and t-shirt under his arm.

“Jughead, I know how it sounded. I swear, I wasn’t talking about you,” Betty’s chin quivered.

“I was stupid enough to believe you once,” Jughead said quietly. He slipped on his shoes quickly.“See ya,” He said, opening the front door.

“Jughead,” Betty begged. Tears threatened to spill over. “We were talking about Archie, I swear. I promise!” Her voice cracked. “Please don’t go.”

Jughead stopped in his tracks, letting the door close towards him as he hesitated in the doorway.

“I wouldn’t talk about you that way,” Betty said quietly. “This isn’t a joke to me.”

Jughead turned slowly towards her. “Why would you say Archie’s pathetic?”

Betty chewed her lip. “He tried to ask out all three Pussycat’s one after another after Veronica turned him down. He tried to make it out like she was the one who was doing - well,” Betty sighed. “Anyway, that’s the gist of it. I’m sorry you overheard that. Please come upstairs, we can talk some more.”

Jughead wordlessly closed the door and slipped off his shoes, following Betty up the stairs.

Betty sat on her bed as Jughead lingered in the doorway.

“Do you… want to keep asking questions? Since we didn’t finish?”

Jughead laughed coldly. “Alright, sure, blondie. Tell me, why do you want to fix me so badly?” Clearly, his walls were back up.

“I don’t want to fix you, Jughead, you’re not broken. I just don’t want you to kill yourself.”

“Well, you’ve got forty-five and a half hours to change my mind. Tick-tock.” He stepped out of the doorway and crossed his legs, plopping himself on the floor.

“My question?”

Jughead raised an eyebrow.

“Why did you stop talking to me?”

“What are you talking about?” Jughead asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“In seventh grade. You just stopped talking to me and Kevin and Midge and you barely talked to Archie. Your Dad lost the house and you moved to the trailer park and Archie had to force you to talk to him. And when we tried to talk to you, you just - you refused.”

“I didn’t refuse, I-”

“You pushed us all away, Jughead!”

“I was twelve years old and my family was falling apart and we lost our house and moved into a trailer park. Plus, I was trying to help take care of Jellybean - it was all I could do to get up and go to school and do my homework, I - I couldn’t deal with trying to explain everything to my friends.” Jughead said angrily.

Betty nodded slowly.  "Okay,“ She murmured.

“So why does the perfect girl next door want to kill herself?”

Betty blanched at his question.

“Well? You said no question off limits, right?”

“I’m not perfect. Don’t call me perfect.” Betty curled her fingers towards her palms, making tight fists.

“That’s not an answer,” Jughead murmured, staring up at the ceiling.

“My sister’s pregnant, in high school, and the father of that baby has been murdered. My dad hardly ever comes home at night anymore. I confessed my feelings to someone who didn’t feel the same way, and while that is all well and good, he is now trying to date my other best friend. I feel like I’m trying to hold my family together. Half the people I know think of me as perfect so I can’t do anything wrong.”

 Betty took a deep breath. “And the other half bully me - Cheryl Blossom told me I was too fat to join cheer-leading last year, Reggie Mantle asked if I was going to join the ranks of my sister and get pregnant in high school, random people I don’t even know call our family crazy. There is so much shit going on in my head I can’t take it. I don’t even know when the last time is that I had a good day. So, no reason to stay is a good reason to go, right?”

“Won’t you miss milkshakes and french fries and sunrises?” Jughead asked sarcastically, using Betty’s reasoning against her.

“Yeah,” Betty said, her voice thick with emotion. She took another deep breath, trying to suppress the feeling that she was about to cry. “You know, for me, it’s more like this overwhelming feeling like I’m at a party where I don’t know anybody, and I’m exhausted and bored and all I want to do is go home.” A tear slipped down Betty’s face.

She flicked it away. “Anyway. My turn - what’s one thing you’ve never told anyone?”

“I’m homeless,” Jughead murmured.

“What?” Betty asked incredulously.

“Well, I was homeless. My mom left with Jellybean a year or so ago and my dad started drinking more heavily and lost his job with Fred, and eventually I got tired of his shit. So I slept at the Drive-In. But, as you know,”  Jughead rolled his eyes. “The Drive-In got shut down. So I slept at school for a bit. A few weeks ago I moved back in with my dad, I didn’t have any other choice. I’ve been there since he got arrested, but who knows how long I have til they realize I’m alone…”

“I-I’m really sorry Jughead.”

He shrugged.

“Your turn,” Betty prompted quietly.

“Same question,” Jughead murmured, finally tearing his eyes away from the ceiling to look at her.

Betty didn’t say a word, just uncurled her fists and showed Jughead what she had done.

Jughead slowly reached towards her upturned palms. He dropped his hands without touching her.

“I can relate.”

“Yeah?” Betty said quietly.

Jughead rolled his long flannel sleeve up towards his elbow. An angry looking red mark was on his forearm. Another one, less fresh but just as painful-looking marked his wrist. “When my dad gets drunk, he gets angry. He takes it out on me a lot.”

Betty touched them gently. “Jughead,” Betty breathed.

Jughead pulled his arm away.

“I’m sorry,” She murmured.

Jughead shook his head. “’S okay. There’s lots more where they came from,” He chuckled humorlessly. He stood up and pulled the t-shirt up so she could see the burns on his stomach and chest. Some were half-moon shapes, some were full circles, some big and some small.

“What are they from?”

“Cigarettes and cigars. The half circles are from when he threw them and they didn’t quite make their mark.” He let the shirt fall back in place.

“Okay,” Betty said, standing up. “Why don’t we stop the questions for a while? I could make a late dinner? Or order a pizza.”

“Pizza sounds good.”

“What do you like on your pizza?”

“Anything except pineapple.”

“I thought you ate anything?” Betty cocked an eyebrow.

“I’d eat it, sure, but that doesn’t mean I like it.” Jughead smirked.

“So what would you like on the pizza?”

“Pepperoni, green olives, onions and mushrooms is my favorite, but most people don’t like ol-”

“No mushrooms and I’m sold.” Betty smiled.

“Deal,” Jughead murmured.

Jughead took the last bite of his crust and rubbed his stomach. “That was amazing. What now?”

“I have an idea,” Betty smiled. “We both pick one of our favorite movies that we don’t think the other has ever seen. What do you think?”

Jughead nodded. “Okay. Let me think.” He crossed his legs. “Have you ever seen Murder by Death?”

Betty smirked. “No, I’ve never even heard of it.”

“That’s my pick.”

“Have you ever seen An Affair to Remember?”

Jughead smiled. “I have, I love that movie.”

“You do not,” Betty laughed.

“I do! I have a soft spot for old romantic movies.”

“Okay, what about The Notebook?”

“Oh, no, no, I said old romantic movies. Not this new wave of  Nicholas Sparks rom-com bullshit.”

“So, you’ve never seen it?”


“Then that’s my pick.”

Jughead groaned.

The two of them were on Betty’s bed, the only light in the room the glow from the TV. The end credits rolling for Murder by Death.

“What did you think?” Jughead asked, straightening his legs, stretching.

“It was really, really good actually. I love Alec Guinness. I didn’t really understand the end, though.” Betty admitted.

Jughead explained it, his whole face beaming.

“I’ll have to watch it again,” Betty laughed.

“We could watch it instead of The Notebook,” Jughead laughed, cocking his eyebrow.

“No way,” Betty smiled, scooting off the bed to put her well-used DVD into the machine.

By the time Allie and Noah were lying together in the street, Jughead was hooked. There was a smile playing on his lips.

Betty leaned back against her pillow, next to Jughead. Her eyelids felt heavy.

Jughead felt the warmth of her body against him, but couldn’t tear his eyes away from the screen - as much as he was going to hate to admit it, he was really into the movie - plus, her bed was small, not much space for her to move without touching him.

As the end credits rolled, Jughead had to bite his lip to keep the tears from slipping out.

“Wow, okay, I was wrong. That was good.” Jughead stared at the screen in front of him. “What, no ‘I told you so’?” Jughead looked down at the tiny body next to him.

Betty was fast asleep, her head resting against his shoulder, even breaths making her shoulders rise and fall. She had a fistful of his shirt.

“Oh,” Jughead breathed. He  couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked.

He carefully, slowly, reached for the remote for the TV and turned it off, leaving them in complete darkness. He rested his head gently  against hers, not wanting to wake her.

His heart was hammering in his chest, making it impossible for him to fall asleep. After a moment, he felt her stir, her hand reaching out against his abdomen to pull him closer to her. Her fingers lingered on his side as her breathing returned to the rhythmic pace it had been a moment ago.

Jughead felt all the feelings he had tried to pacify for years racing back up to the surface.

I think Ghost has moved into my vacuum cleaner.

I have a robot vacuum, MagNeato; he’s like a Roomba but less expensive and way more unstable, and if you remember Dalek Suck and his love affair with my trash can AND my snow boots, that’s saying something.

MagNeato started having problems with his left wheel sticking, which involved drastic surgery performed by an inept operator (me). He has started becoming very confused while vacuuming my home, and frequently returns to his base to charge, which reads a lot like sulking that I’m making him do his chores. He has also started stopping, swiveling clockwise, then swiveling counterclockwise, before running full speed at the nearest wall. He has also several times tried to mount the craft table’s leg.  

He is showing uncanny signs of intelligence and it’s making me very nervous.

Best Friend Imagine #2

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Ashton x Reader

Summary: Ashton and you have both been Best Friends since the third grade, always were there for one another, supporting one another goals in life. You finally get the chance to see him play live after all these years, little did you know that the other boys had something underneath there sleeves.

Word Count:

Warnings: None

A/N: I maybe making this a regular thing, with the Best Friend series. I just need ideas y’all

Ashton and yourself have known one another since the third grade, becoming inseparable when the both of you found out that you lived just three houses down from each other. As the years rolled on by the friendship grew stronger between the two of you; He was always supportive of your love for animals always telling you that you would be a great Veterinarian one day.  You being just as supportive of his music career, especially when he was contacted by some kid named Michael, asking him if he wanted come over to his place and play on the drums since his band was looking for a drummer. You remember telling him that he should do it, that you never know it could turn into something remotely big.

That’s what happened, the boys started making covers for songs and posting them to YouTube with Luke account. None of them seeing that in just a couple years that they would be going on tour with One Direction in America and then headlining their very own tour.  Ashton and yourself always kept in contact even if at times it was difficult since he was never really in Australia most of the time. Sure you would still go over and visit his family, just for old times sake, you did practically watch Lauren and Henry grow up before you.

Now you were sitting outside with Anne drinking a glass of water while she was telling you about the most recent things her younger kids were doing, “Henry is starting to play the guitar. I don’t know what I will do if he starts a band and then leaves me to travel around the world playing shows for hundreds or even thousands of people,” She spoke softly taking a sip of the wine that was in her glass. Nodding my head agreeing with her, she took it kind of hard when Ashton left to travel the world, but then slowly came to grasp that her oldest first born was happy making other people happy.  Bring the rim of the glass to your lips, mumbling in reply, “You can handle it I know you can,” tipping the glass back trying to think of something else other than Ashton. “Have you heard from him lately?”

With a shake of the head, “No I haven’t, but I am going to the show in San Francisco next week. I made sure to text Michael about it, even got front row seats.” She nodded her head, and then we both sat in silence listening to the noises around us. Once Lauren arrived back, I said my good-byes and left, heading home to start packing since the concert in a couple of days and my flight was in two days. The next couple of days were a blur, heading to the airport was probably one of the worst things ever, since I had never flown anywhere. Michael was the one to pick me up after the fourteen hour flight, telling me that I would be staying in the same hotel that him and the others were staying in. When we both arrived there he was the one to get out in the front, since there were some girls and paparazzi around filming and taking pictures. “I don’t want to get out right here, I’ll take the back,” I had told him, he agreed with me reaching over to grab the bag that was on the ground, “I agree, I like you but I don’t want anyone thinking we are together or anything.” A chuckle escaped past us, we both agreed fully on that one reason.

The driver drove to the back entrance, making sure that there were in fact no one around. “Here is the key, you’ll be on the fifth floor. Yes we already checked you in and everything, “ He told you handing the key over, dropping the large suitcase right in front of you. With a simple ‘Thank you’, grabbing the top of it making the long walk towards the elevator that would bring you to where you wanted to go. After situating yourself in the hotel room, it was the first on the list to take a shower, then sleep for at least two days. That’s exactly what you had done, sure Michael would try to have you come out and see the others but the jetlag was just something that was totally new and horrible to you.  Well that was till the night of the concert, when the others finally figured out that you were staying in the same hotel that they were in.

A knock was heard at the door while you were tugging on a pair of ripped jeans, biting your lip with annoyance not really knowing who was there till you heard an all too familiar voice speak up, “If you don’t let us in Y/N/N, we will break down this door!” Calum hollered in fake anger, smiling you picked up the 5SOS shirt that you had bought when they first came out with band march that had their faces on it. “I’m coming,” You shouted over the music that was playing in the background, swinging open the door you were greeted by four boys tackling you to the ground.

“You all have missed me that much? Seriously?” Laughing as they all nodded their heads in agreement, well that was till someone cleared their throat. “Come on boys and ladies, you can catch up on the way to the venue.”

“It’s good to see you again,” Ashton whispered into your ear, jumping back not realizing that he had been right behind you. “It’s lovely to see you as well ketchup,” You said using his old nickname, receiving a dirty look in reply. You all walked to the van that was waiting to take you all to the venue, the boys on the way there asking about how back home was and how their families were doing, and trying your best telling them all that you knew. Finally making it to the venue, they all were whisked away for sound check, you on the other hand arrived early. Making it the perfect time to just wander around, taking in the sights even talking to some of their fans that had also arrived. They luckily didn’t know who you were, since Ashton had agreed to never post anything of you or talk about you. You didn’t want to be in the spotlight at all, you weren’t about the fame life of always getting bombarded by fans and nasty comments on Instagram or even twitter.

Finally at around five or six, Hey Violet came on playing there music for the opening act. Though you just went and picked up some food, being almost overwhelmed with the line, deciding against it when you heard that the boys were on stage.  “Just a thing of nachos please, “ Asking nicely as the girl behind the counter took your money and in less than five minutes gave you the food. Speed walking back to your seat making sure not to spill the food that was in your hands, and then the boys finally came on stage. The lights dimmed, the crowd grew quiet, right when Michael came out waving the lights brightened just a bit, with each boy they grew brighter and brighter the crowd getting even louder if that was even possibly.

By the second song the food that was with you was gone, now you were one of the many others around you dancing to the songs and singing the lyrics the best you could. Though you got some lyrics confused, not realizing that they had changed some of the words in the songs that they had sent you in the beginning.  The seventh song you were breathing heavily, and sweating like no other, taking a long drink of the water bottle.

“How are you all doing tonight?!” Michael practically screamed into the mic, the crowd screaming a mixture of ‘Goods,’ and ‘Fuck me,’ which was just straight up strange.  

“That’s good to hear. Now there is someone in the crowd that we know right now, and no it isn’t anybody in the way back. This person would be in the front row, between the two girls with a dark red shirt and a light blue shirt,” Luke spoke into the mic, pointing a finger at the girls on the left and right of you.

Oh dear god no

Was all that you were thinking, “Her name is Y/N, she has known myself since third or fourth grade. We lived just three houses down from each other, she was the one that pushed me into going to Michael house for the band rehearsal-” Michael spoke into the mic, cutting off Ashton, “Didn’t have him change out of that awful-” “ It wasn’t an awful purple shirt! Anyways without her, I probably wouldn’t be in this band. Tonight I was wondering if she would come up on stage and play the drums with me. Or at least take out for me, while we sing a special song for you all.” The security guards were in front of you in a flash helping you out of the seats, with shaking legs and butterflies in the stomach. You were then on the stage, walking towards Ashton without looking at the crowd that was screaming in front of you, “Do you remember how to play English Love Affair?”

A evil smirk came across your face, “Of course I do. I helped write that song, along with showing you what you should do.”

Rolling his eyes before moving out of the seat, handing you the sticks to start hitting on the drums. “Okay everyone let’s see if you all know this song,” Calum spoke up watching Ashton grab the guitar from one of the crew members. That’s when you all started to slowly play the song, Michael leaning in singing, “ Woohoo.”  

“It started in a weekend in May, “ And with those simple words the crowd got even crazier, along with yourself while watching Ashton and the boys play and jump around through the whole song. Along with the other three songs that you helped out with.  That was when you realized why the boys loved this so much, the adrenaline was everything and watching others singing to your lyrics that you wrote was everything. And you couldn’t be more happy and proud along with kind of envious of your best friend.

mbti as English Romanticism squad:

Mary Shelley: flower child, listens to ultraviolence 100 times a day, falls for the Bad Boy and never stops loving him, life on the run, shy nerd, loves books and just cant help it, did her research, knows the answers but people keep talking over her (INFP)

William Blake: is everything but never one thing, overflowing with creation and self-expression, inspired by literally everything, too cool (distracted) for school, a visionary, single-handedly defines fashion and aggressively rebels against anything unfashionable, spends last cents on a glue-gun (ENFP)

William Wordsworth: receives criticism badly or horribly, brooding almost always, party time aka going hiking in the Alps, experiences and draws own conclusions, refuses to submit to rules other than the rules of nature and endurance and maybe death (ISTP) 

Lord Byron: assumed responsibility maybe once, Shaggy-It-Wasn’t-Me-10-Hour-Version.mp3, 60 love affairs a day actually remembers maybe 2, Jack Sparrow with extra self-imposed emo episodes, hides insecurity with yoloswag, the right amount of sex, drugs, and rocknroll is MORE, do you see this limited edition albanian cashmere scarf??? it’s no big deal (ESTP)

John William Polidori: extremely under-appreciated, my best friend is credited with everything but it’s okay, smarter than anyone in the squad by far, genius-level science nerd but only 2 people know about it, quietly consumed by depression, (INTP)

Percy Shelley: chaotic good, rich kid with robin hood philosophy, SJW in theory, avoids responsibility at all costs in reality, king of all hipsters, got beaten up in highschool 4 billion times a day, lowkey mad scientist, ahead of the curve by at least a century (ENTP)

Edward John Trelawny:  changed his own diapers, ready to debate your ass, also ready to set you on fire, actually takes care of shit when needed, got maybe 25% of credit for being a badass but couldn’t care less, lowkey master strategist, fucking cool on the DL, has backup plan, outlives everyone (INTJ)

Mary Wollstonecraft: I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation!, kicks patriarchy’s ass every day before breakfast, gets shit done, always harsh and critical but actually domestic and motherly, trail-blazer 4 lyfe (ENTJ)

Ada Lovelace: not allowed to have fun, has fun mathematically, rolling deep with alpha genius crew, makes terrible first impression, loved by all once they get to know her, Unpopular Girl at School™  (ISTJ)

Sir Walter Scott: organizes everything always and forever, *is clearly in a state of crisis* i don’t need your charity!, works hard parties never, gives credit where it’s due, slightly/extremely obsessed with antiques (ESTJ)

Maria Edgeworth: can smell a fuckboi from 20 miles away, stays in her lane, takes care of things, embodiment of suburban orderliness and simple happiness, brings the best kind of muffins to the bake sale and everybody loves them but also secretly hates them because they shut down every party 4 hours early (ISFP)

Lady Morgan: tiny and ready to fight, runs through the meadow whimsically, Miss Genuine Popularity™, is here to have a good time, loves: 1. food 2. music 3. dancing, hates: 1. rules and 2. bad vibes (ESFP)

John Keats: aesthetic blogger, gives away his lunch money, embarrassed, in a relationship with melancholy, snuggling with tea and books, rarely in love but then fanatically, talks about pretty things and death (ISFJ)

Claire Clairmont: listen up fives a ten is speaking, talks shit in over 5 languages, Primadonna Girl, lowkey puppetmaster, lives for drama, groupie, will get the most popular guy at school by any means necessary, kinks include being the other woman and attention (ESFJ)

Jane Austen: has an etsy store, is around people a lot but always ends up observing rather than engaging, lowkey loves gossip but hates people who gossip, interested in drama but annoyed by confrontation, family is the real deal, is deeply critical but not openly (INFJ)

Jane C. Loudon: humble, self-aware and well-rounded, genius but that’s a secret even to themselves, great at explaining things to others in a kind and helpful way, appreciates the tiny nice things in life, gets absorbed in other people’s lives (ENFJ)

Don’t ever kiss Cary Grant. He tickles! During many of poignant love scenes in An Affair To Remember I had a terrible time keeping a straight face. Cary was supposed to hold me tenderly but each time he put his strong arms around me, he would give me a little tickle under the ribs. This would start me giggling like a school girl, but Cary kept it up until I was almost exhausted. We were the despair of the director and the cameraman.

Each time I’d screw up my face and take a deep breath because that would prevent me from laughing. Somehow we managed to get through all but the final love scene. Director Leo McCarey said, “Now in this one, Deborah, I want you to show all the tenderness you feel for this man. Okay,” he said to the crew, “roll ‘em”. I held my breath, but I could feel Cary put his arms around me tighter and then, in pure mischief, he started to slide his hand toward my ribs. Very slowly. I knew the tickle was coming. But when! It was a torture! But I held on so hard, that the tears came to my eyes. Finally, the director said, “Cut!” then he turned to me and said, “Deborah, that was wonderful.”

But I was so exasperated with my leading man that I didn’t realize I had just been paid a compliment. Instead, in a high shrill voice I said: “For heavens sakes, Cary, will you tickle me and get it over with?”

- Deborah Kerr

A belated happy birthday to the wonderful, versatile actress - Deborah Kerr!
Rec Thursday

Hey there! I hope you’re having a good week, my friends! In case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty old soul. Give me the movies, music, books, from decades and decades ago and I’m at home. So this week I’m recommending some of my favorite classic films that hopefully you’ve heard of but maybe you haven’t. :)

1. Casablanca - Obviously a classic, this is one I feel hasn’t been overrated. I won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t seen it, but I would definitely say it’s worth watching for Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and the beautiful story. Plus then you’ll really feel it when someone says, “We’ll always have Paris.”

2. An Affair to Remember - Oh, what a lovely and poignant film. If you haven’t seen this one, please please enjoy the stylings of the OHSOLOVELY Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr and then re-watch Sleepless in Seattle to appreciate the references.

3. Bringing up Baby - This film is simply hilarious. Cary Grant, again, combined with the amazing Katharine Hepburn make me laugh through the whole movie every time. Their back-and-forth is so on point.

4. The Quiet Man - John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara give a beautiful performance together in this film. It is so sweet, and it gives you a little Irish spirit, which is never wrong. :)

5. The Americanization of Emily - By now everyone reading this should know that I love Julie Andrews. JULIE ANDREWS EVERYBODY. And James. Garner. Oh my. Well if there was ever a better combination, I don’t know what it was. 

6. Psycho - I don’t usually do scary, but for a classic I will make an exception. I first saw this in a theater that plays old films, and it was such a cool experience! Definitely add Alfred Hitchcock’s other films to your list too, but make this one 

7. The Great Escape - A classic war movie without the war, I guess? Either way, this cast is incredible, with so many stars that should be your faves. There is adventure and there are some tense moments, along with some really bittersweet stories.

8. To Catch a Thief - Cary Grant seems to be a theme, here. I think he could have chemistry with a paper sack, to be honest. Luckily Grace Kelly was no such thing, but a lovely actress herself, and gave this film a beautiful duo that sent some sparks flying.

9. The African Queen - Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn take what could have been a pretty dull plot and give it so much life that you can’t help but feel the weight of the film on your shoulders until the end.

10. 12 Angry Men - Okay, so I don’t know that people will find this one interesting to read about, but give it a chance. For me? :) I think it is genius how the long scenes that take place in one room are incredibly dynamic, and who doesn’t love a plot dealing with a trial?

11. To Sir, with Love - Teacher movies have always had a soft spot in my heart (Dead Poets Society? Finding Forrester? Freedom Writers? The Ron Clark Story?!). Sydney Poitier gives an incredibly amazing performance and makes you admire him the whole way through. He makes you absolutely plead for him and his students to treat him with the respect he deserves.

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thoughts on orihime???

ahahaha i don’t really think about her. i have pretty much 0% interest in her character. if i had to rate my feelings toward inoue, it’d be “disappointing, underwhelming, and poorly written, but… i mean, she tries???i guess?/10″

rip those 2 panels she had with rukia, and the lesbian love affair i vaguely remember she had with tatsuki



Torn - Hands Like Houses

Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy

I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance

Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy

Too Much - All Time Low

Hate Me - Blue October

Left Alone - Sleeping With Sirens

Complexes - Tonight Alive

All My Heart - Sleeping With Sirens

I Miss You - Blink 182

Oh, Calamity! - All Time Low

With Ears To See & Eyes To Hear - Sleeping With Sirens

The World Is Ugly - My Chemical Romance

You Don’t Owe Me Anything - Tonight Alive

Sorry - Sleeping With Sirens

Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

Love Affair - Copeland

2 Chord - Sleeping With Sirens

St. Patrick (Empty Room Session) - PVRIS

Erase - Copeland

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i. It was the color of the trees and flowers that lined my ankles, the color of cold water as I pressed my face to it and of misty dreams on summer hills.
ii. The way he walked in – dashing smiles and devil’s spine; a gypsy tale at the bottom of his decanter.
iii. And that was the first time these cataract eyes learned adjust to a little extra brightness.
iv. Trailed footprints and cypress ash on my floor despite the compulsive in me; little ghost trails to show friends I was alive.
And he was good at that, disappearing acts and resuscitations.
v. The shade that dragged through our Sunday morning, when I woke up to apologies sent from my lips to my thighs; it was the golden hue of the afternoon when we’d lay in bed and you’d recount our last night’s love affair.
vi. One that I couldn’t seem to remember.
vii. You told me you’d paint me lilac, the perfect color for rebirth and that is how I let myself become the setting for a starless night.
viii. He possessed electric kisses, raging eyes and spurs in his hands.
ix. I loved the hard worn spine of books coming undone, the smell of crumbling pages in my fingers, and romanticized tragedies so bad, I let him write my story.
x. People have always said I had hair long fawn tousled hair like my mother. You had a thing for braiding and I had a thing for home; in return I let him tie it to the bed while he fucked me even though, I lost a few of my mother’s gift.
xi. When he told me he loved me the first time, it was like being offered fresh grapes in the palm of his hand, but all he let me taste were its bitter skin.
xii. You always had to show me your fire burned brighter than mine.
xiii. I dreamt that I loved you, so I called my trauma fetish and kink
xiv. Tuesday, he came home with cherries. I popped one during awkward silences, one during sex, one when I found his receipt, one when I noticed the lipstick stain on his lapel
xv. I tried to be her.
xvi. I tied the knots tighter.
xvii.I wore make up that dimmed hell’s fire.
xviii.I pretended to cum so hard because I was too afraid to call you up and say, “I’m just as good as her.”
xix. But come Monday, I was your lavender child because….
xx. He says I’m more attractive with startled eyes and red flesh
xxi. But love is when his bullet ruptures my flanks.
xxii. His demeanor changes faster than the leaves of a tree. Faster than it takes his fingers to slip off my panties from underneath my dress.
xxiii. There were no meadows; no valleys; just a ravine that told me why I couldn't wear that dress I wanted.
xxiv. He rewarded me the pulp, only after he cleaned out my body and made a canyon where I could stow away our “dirty secrets”
xxv. Mom, I think I made a mistake, these grapes taste more like marbles.
xxvi. I burn my sheets after sex and when I tell my girlfriends all they wonder about is how much ice cream we used. How can I tell them that I don’t want to be reminded of last night’s coup d’état?
xxvii. I’ve started learning Morse code just so the mail man could understand I am no longer a woman but a deer carcass.
xxviii. It’s the shade of my eyes when I look at my father and tell him I’ve found the man of my dreams.
xxix. The sudden intake of breath when my younger sister wants to meet him.
xxx. I’m learning the language of submission to earn safety.
xxxi. Guilt is a one way street, for me at least. He drops me off at the junction of “You’re just being slutty” and picks me up at “Yes sir, I am a whore”.
xxxii. “Safe words don’t mean a thing when you love to be punished.”


(dedicated to and inspired by inkskinned.)

anonymous asked:


until 2017/18 - whenever they come back? :-) 

they’ll be back and i’ll be back and more new fans will join us and they will ask us how we even dealt with yunho and changmin rolling around in the sand holding hands in el sol and cuddling on beds and singing together looking at eachother like they mean the world to each other :-)

i love yunho and changmin i mean how could i ever forget like off the top of my head in no particular order im thinking of all we went through together? ♥

  • when it was announced cm would be a tofu maker in the momo movie 
  • everytime they performed kyhd and the special bit where they get all close u know what im talkin bout :-) we all know :-)
  • when they went on running man and chased eachother and ended up tackling eachother and rolling around on the floor
  • everything about the ocean music video and the few weeks where ooga jaka ola gimme beat was our anthem/mating call
  • yunho’s arms
  • all of us after the fanaccount in which “during the birthday dinner at a restaurant, changmin ran after yunho outside of the restaurant”
  • singing duet facing eachother and one and only one and still 
  • when they went to fashion shows in ny dressed in lacoste lookin real cute together 
  • the airport is changmin’s runway
  • stories of yunho like when their hairdresser hit him in the head by accident with the hairdryer and he said, “it’s okay hit me more” literal angel sighting
  • everyone’s casual acceptance (including cm) of yh’s strawberry love affair in fact any fruit remember the time the staff said yh got really excited when there was a watermelon in the studio and he wrote “yunho-san ♡” to claim it as his
  • all the footage of them all new and cute sticking so close to eachother in smtown ‘10 
  • anything concerning their living arrangements in japan
  • changmin in the red dress aka momoko’s debut
  • yh doing like 30 squats carrying cm bridal style
  • them being so so embarrassing and truly claiming their titles as our dads
  • all the mission cards aka yunho hugging exercise balls and smelling cheese together 
  • when cm sang will u marry me to yh but it was just about the most menacing proposal ever
  • every face changmin ever made that just said oh my god hyUNG
  • what’s important to cm right now? “family, yunho hyung, fans, my coworkers, friends, love, comfort, money”
  • yunho saying “thanks for taking care of changmin but i’ll be taking him back now” that time he visited changmins sports variety show
  • changmin in shorts aka ms new booty
  • doing the thing they do alot like alot like really well
  • yeah :’) 
  • EL SOL
  • every moment we got to share with them 

buckynat + Star Wars AU

James Barnes was a part of the Resistance before he was captured and tortured by the First Order. When they discovered he possessed the ability to use the Force, they wiped his memories in order to mold him into the perfect weapon. Natasha Romanoff – a well-known bounty hunter, who assists the Resistance – has become his most recent target. However, she’s managed to outsmart him every chance she gets, so it’s not exactly surprising when they end up falling for each other. As their love affair escalates, James starts to remember his old life, and eventually realizes the extent of what’s been done to him. He doesn’t hesitate to fight his way back to the Light, Natasha by his side.