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With being a student I do alot of doodling in my spare time/or between things and recently I’ve got more use to double spread pages,, its alot of fun playing with my styles but its also an insight of what I draw traditional !


i love when translators leave notes 

I Am The Ocean

Ereri Week, Day 7 - Soulmates Mythology!

Previous of the week. All of the prompts.

This fic was heavily inspired by the lovely feeling of Two Steps From Hell’s new album “Battlecry”. I had originally planned for it to be a multi-chapter fic, and then the Ereri Week came along and I decided to write it all out in a single One-Shot. I’ve also used a different style than usual.

Also, make sure to check out mrslittsy‘s wonderful art for this story! Both here and here. I don’t know what I’d do without her lovely motivation! <3

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Please enjoy!

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Whispers omg Wyz bring back Dead and she’ll have a Rock all over her in seconds —

AND HOLY SHIT OMG OUR ICON STYLES EVEN WOULD MATCH — Save for the curved edges on yours —

r u inviting me fam

“Panda Hero” Gaara and Panda because I had to do it

gif/graphic tag game: favorite dw female character + favorite outfit (tagged by whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid)
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