love actually parody

of course i would do this meme

matsuno bros in my style!! lucky me i love them all

an imp and her wolf

I don’t get why people keep calling Camilla a “flat character”

can’t they see

she’s very



truly the best 16 minutes and 18 seconds of my life 

i was going through my sketchpads from early 2012 aka peak zelda obsession bc i am having a relapse and god. my boner for skyward sword was so strong. not only did i try to illustrate the whole game i drew every single attack/item link can use… how extra


It’s as if god created the devil and gave him jaws

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This is what happens when two of my current obsessions collide.I loved Frozen and I’m loving Persona 3 (though I’m just in 6/24), so why not?

Soon, more stupid things like this… or not, depending on my time and mood. And just in case: english is not my mother tongue so feel free to correct my mistakes!

(And this one is for Amai Saria, my senpai in the SMT/Persona world and IRL Anna :D)

Bonus, I guess ;D

So this week’s SNL is thusly summed up as:

  • Kellyanne
  • Kate introducing gay robots
  • Ms Colleen Rafferty! and her hogtaker and logmaker
  • Kate lookin’ good in glasses
  • HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY! ALL THE HILLARY + Love Actually parody! (This was, hands down, my fav sketch of the night)
  • Kate lookin’ good in uniform
  • Long, warm and fuzzy hugs for goodnights

Kate-wise, a good episode to end off the year!