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PDP Introductions: Setsuna Yuki [EN Translation]

Today, we have Setsuna’s introduction in Dengeki Online! Please let me know (via ask/PM/whatever) if you have any corrections or errors to report~

The meat of this is an SIF-style dialogue, with Setsuna addressing the reader (a fellow student) before filming her introduction video, the script of which is in the member profiles (my translation here; also included after the dialogue).

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Shit I'm GAY tell me about Steve pls I love him

He’s what I wish I looked like if I were a good-looking spicy meatball dad D:

Steve’s a self-insert pretty much! Except better! He’s an art director at a large videogame company, something of a metalhead, not a morning person at all and likes to chill with a beer in the evenings while binge-watching crime shows. 

He treads a fine line between ‘cool’ and ‘embarrassing’ dad, he has the power to humiliate his kid with his dad-ness or impress their little friends (depends on how hot the other parents are and if they’re present at the time). 

He wears thumb rings. Prone to sulk on occasion. 

Also a shitposter on social media and the amount of memes in his phone almost almost surpasses that of the pics he’s taken of his child.

people that are important

-Professor Burnet
-The Dream Radar Professor
-Professor Kukui’s Wife
-The professor in charge of the Dimensional Research Lab
-White haired professor from Gen 5, Unova
-White haired professor from Gen 7, Alola
-Professor who studied the Interdream Zone
-Professor who studies the Ultra Wormhole
-One of the caretakers of Lillie and Nebby
-did I say Professor Burnet?

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Patiently waiting for the NCT 127 DANCE PRACTICE FOCUS ON ver. #HAECHAN so I can cry because my child is all grown up and he’s freakin beautiful

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I’m just really craving a whumpee with nightmares right now

The furrowed brow, the grimace, face scrunched up in pain, the tossing and turning, the mumbling and muttering that turns into screaming until they startle awake with a gasp in a cold sweat, eyes wide open in fear, heart pounding, chest heaving with quick and heavy breaths while they wonder where they are and what’s real until they eventually calm down, run a hand through their sweat-dampened hair and mutter, “Just a dream…”

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:00 I didn't know you liked adventure time! Could you draw your favorite princess, if you want? And if you don't have one, maybe just your favorite character in general? I love your art style so much aaaa

thank u !!! i have a soft spot for fp,, she’s good

In ten years, you won’t remember my name. I will be just a tiny puzzle of your youth, a forgotten piece, forgotten kiss, another forgotten snowflake that melted in your hands.