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simon rants to luke (dad figure) about raphael so i’m gonna go out a limb here and say magnus knows entirely too much about simon

I'm trying to prove a point to my brother and his friend. Reblog this if you think regardless of a person's age spinning a cat around by their tail to the point it breaks is animal abuse

They believe that because they didn’t know any better it’s not animal abuse.

i can never understand why people make lance out to be the team idiot. did we watch the same show? the lance i saw wasn’t the only one who messed up in his team flight simulation at the garrison, it was a team effort. the lance i saw managed to be the last paladin standing next to shiro during their group training session, protecting themselves and each other from blasts with their shields. the lance i saw kept keith from blowing everything up on the balmera by coming up with an alternate plan that caused less stress on the already dying animal. even in the comics there’s a scene where they have a mission to save an alien princess from her captor, and they go to the tower to do so and start to fight a dragon, and lance– not shiro the leader, not pidge the genius– was the one to realize that the dragon WAS the princess, put under a spell. stop calling lance dumb 2k17, he’s smart and i’m proud of him.


Stiles x Reader

Requested by @niawoods


You sat next to Scott, your eyes wondering the room until they landed on Stiles, who promptly winked when he realised you were looking.

“(Y/N), answer on the board.” The teacher snapped and you headed up to the board and started to work it out when Stiles whispered the answer.

“Thanks Stiles.” You muttered without thinking and the teacher’s heads snapped to you.

“Miss (Y/L/N) instead of playing Romeo and Juliet with Mr Stilinski will you just answer the question so we can get on with the lesson.” The teacher snapped as you finished writing and you squeaked, turning red when Stiles and Scott stared at you.

When you shuffled back to your seat slowly turned to face you as he cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. “Oh, my God. You’re in love with him.“ Scott hissed and you shook your head and kept quiet through the lesson.

“So, Juliet you want to go out with Romeo?” Stiles teased as he stood next to you and waited for the class room to empty. “Scott might have told me that you like me.”

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The word “Thedas” originates from Tevene, once referring to all lands beyond the Imperium and eventually, it came to encompass the entire continent. A native of Thedas is referred to as a Thedosian.

fluffy headcanons for the boys!!!!!! As requested by @daria-septiceye

-Yuuri, is afraid of the dark
-He’ll cross the road if he sees a dog just to pet it
-He’ll always be touching his s/o in some way, holding hands or his arm around the waist
-Will blush every time his s/o kisses him
-Is actually not that bad of a cook, and happily teaches his s/o some cooking skills
-Feels the need to cry whenever he sees small children with their parents playing, it makes him want to be a father will allow the kids onto his Instagram, YouTube ect and they’ll wreak havoc
-If his s/o cries, he’ll do anything to make them smile again
-Will binge watch anime with his partner
-His favourite is ouran high school host club
-This guy lives for cuddles and can’t sleep without them
-Will cook breakfast for his s/o
-The triplets loves it when hiss/o reads to them, whilst Yuri stares at his partner realising how much he loves her


-Tries to act tough, but is really a softie when it comes to cats and his s/o
-After Viktor leaves for Japan, Yuri cries since he lost his mentor
-Will make his s/o watch horror movies, but will get scared himself
-Always holds doors open
-Prefers to not cuddle when he sleeps, instead choosing to hold hands
-Isn’t big on PDA, but will still plant some kisses here and then
-Is a really bad loser, will pout big time
-Will proudly display and boast about his s/o
-Pets all the stray cats
-Wants to adopt all the stray cats
-Yuri X stay cats
-Has 1000s of selfies of him with cats, his s/o
-Animals absolutely adore him
-If it rains he’ll give his umbrella and jacket to his s/o

-Is very vocal about his relationship
-90% of his Instagram is pictures of his and his s/o
-This guy lives off of coffee, and buys a huge cafe standard coffee machine
-Will always wake his s/o up to kisses, and coffee
-Don’t like coffee? This guy will make you tea, latte, hot chocolate, anything for you
-Will hold his s/o constantly
-He’ll carry his s/o around, in his arms bridal style
-He wears Dior Fahrenheit cologne
-Will fight you for the bathroom in the morning, pretty boy needs to get ready
-Pretty boy is his nickname during practice
-Acts like a father to Yuri, and he wishes he really was his father sometimes
-He worries if he’ll ever settle down, by 27 he’d imagined he’d of met ‘the one’ and will have had a child
-Him and his s/o would help out at children’s skating rinks
-He’d lose his flirty ways quickly when becoming close to his s/o
-Kisses,kisses,kisses will always pull his s/o close and kiss them passionately
-When he’s in love, Yuri will be the first to notice
-When Viktor falls in love, he never falls out of love

Can we talk briefly about the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

Because I watched this movie recently and I was so blown away by how well this 1950s film does so many things that current media falls down on. 

It features Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel and, aside from being witty and hilarious (and a musical, which I love):

  • It is a movie that is centered around a close female friendship.
  • The women have different values/views on romance but both women support each other in these differences.
  • One woman is widely stereotyped by society and perceived by the men around her as “vapid blonde”, but she works the system that’s stacked against her while being true to herself, and the movie is well aware she is smart as hell.
  • It’s also movie that wherein the primary romance hinges on the theme: “I kind of think I’m falling for you, but I don’t like the way you talk about my friend, so you better shape up and if you do anything to hurt her I will end you.”
  • It’s a movie which allows a female character to be materialistic and mercenary without being punished for it.
  • It’s based on a book by Anita Loos, whose wikipedia page is amazing, whose female characters were frequently censored by Hollywood for being too liberal, and who is responsible for quotes such as, “I’ve enjoyed my happiest moments when trailing a Mainbocher evening gown across the sawdust-covered floor of a saloon.“
  • Let’s talk about a movie about two showgirls that has an actual grasp on male vs. female gaze.
  • Seriously, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. She’s fully dressed and those men are wearing skintone speedos.  The camera is giving her plenty of headroom, putting her eyes, not her boobs, at the thirds line.  At one point the men all line up and just rhythmically stick their butts in the air, what even.  And it’s not even presented through a lens of “haha, sexy men, how ridiculous”
  • This movie was just, really rewarding, okay?

don’t you just love it when sera loses her shit seeing a female inquisitor

don’t you love it that she is literally breathless when she sees a female qunari for the first time

dont you jst love it that shes absolutely os fuckign gaY


Michael x Reader

Requested by Anon

You smiled at Tommy in a daze, missing Michael shooting a look across at you. It wasn’t like you’d meant to start having any sort of feelings for Tommy but he was just the sort of man you couldn’t help but feel rebelliously drawn to.

“Oh, my God. You’re in love with him.“ Michael hissed and you quickly glanced over at Michael, blushing and shaking your head before running out of the room, hearing Michael swear under his breath as you left and he had to excuse himself to chase after you.

There was no way you were in love with Tommy, you were with Michael, and you loved him.

“(Y/N)!” Michael called but you shook your head and rushed to your room.

“I loved her,” he hisses. “I cared for her. I protected her. I adored her. I treasured her.”

“And she left,” I say unsympathetically.

His eyes burn. “You’re mocking me.”

“She wanted to be happy,” I reply. “Of course she walked away. You weren’t making her happy.

"And she fucking deserves to be happy.”

—  A reminder that, no matter what, if your relationship is doing you damage, you deserve to walk away. // lily rose.

Contrary to scientific data, the Loveasaurus is actually a dinosaur that is NOT yet extinct! How do we know this is true? We just feel it, in our hearts. 

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Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

“Amanda!” you hissed as she walked by you, you grabbed her arm and pulled her beside you.

“Is it still going on?” she asked, looking over in the same direction you were.
With narrowed eyes you nodded.

“Am I being crazy?” you asked looking for reassurance.

“Most definitely.” she chuckled.

“But he’s still talking to her.” you pointed out, “It’s been thirty minutes.”

“They might be talking about a case.” Amanda offered, watching them.

Suddenly, they both broke out into laughter.

“Yeah, they are definitely talking about the case.” you commented rolling your eyes dramatically.

“Hey, you know that Sonny would never cheat on you, right? That boy loves you more than life itself.” Amanda reminded.

“I know.” you sighed, “He’s annoyingly literally the perfect guy. He’s too sweet to notice when anyone is flirting with him. I trust him. I just don’t trust anyone else. The might take advantage of him.”

“He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.” Amanda informed.

“Hardly, he’s more of a puppy dog. An adorable little puppy dog who needs to be protected from the big bad world.” you commented trying to be bitter but emotion took over.

“If I don’t know any better I would say that you’re jealous.” Amanda sing-songed, raising her eyebrows at you.

“Me, jealous? Ha.” you scoffed playing it off.

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