coming out as ace
  • me: hey mom... i think im ace...
  • mom: oh. i see how it is. im disappointed in you...
  • me: pllkease ddfont do thgis to mmne mom...
  • mom: you.
  • me: PPllkease illk do anfything
  • mom: aren't.
  • mom: valid.
  • m,e: *fucking expldes*

Tulio: ? where is the important artist?

a nobody: it me

Tulio: eh-? buT NOBODY KNOWS YOU

Policarpo: I’ve never seen him, Tulio. And I’m an expert in the field

a nobody: how can you not know me? I’m Jorge Emilio and I’m about to launch my new record !

Tulio: tch- really?

a nobody: sure! look: *throws vinyl in the air*

Tulio: ???? what was that??

a nobody: the launching.

Tulio: uUUGH go away, you fraud !

orisa x bastion…….. a nb robot and their buff gf robot, taking care of 1 human child and a pet bird


there he is

probably a lot plainer than other people’s but heres my taako, i lovb him

Sinclair’s Mansion [ Info/Some oc’s ]



The Sinclair Mansion is a large, beautiful building overlooking the mountains and forests surrounding Jasper, Canada. From the outside, one would see beautiful gardens growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers galore. Topiaries as far as the eye can see, with numerous animals making their homes within the trees and bushes of the gardens. Once you walk within the arched double doors, the real spectacle begins.

You would find yourself in an enormous hallway. Columns of solid marble as far as the eye could see. Beautiful red silk curtains adorn the windows and columns. Beneath the walkways to the floors above, beautiful flowers and vines grow. On the far side, you would see a wall made entirely of glass looking out into the Garden Sector. To your left, you would see a carpet of pink leading you into the Children’s Sector. To the right, a carpet of blue leading you into the Kitchen Sector.

Taking the stairs to either side of you leads you to the first set of balconies. On these balconies overlooking the hall are the entrances to the Puppeteer’s Sector and the Dance Sector. Taking the second set of stairs leads you to the offices and homes of the mansion’s elite staff, Those whose job it is to take care of the mansion staff and keep the place from falling apart.

Finally, taking the final set of stairs, passed the doors which are always locked, are the living quarters of  the mansion owners: Sinclair Erebos Scarlet, and Edward Leolard Cummings.

Name: Arsenal Létte Endington
Age: Early 20’s
Sex: Male
Sexuality : Gay
Sibling/Family: Marco ( younger Brother) / Pablo ( Adoptive father/ eldest Brother) / Father Endington ( dead asf )
Arsenal is the youngest child of Ice Angelou and his wife. After his wife went completely insane, she made the attempt to kill the baby which Ice quickly put a stop to. Knowing that his wife would try and try again to kill the child, he gave the boy to Pablo Endington in the hopes that he would be safe from his wife. Unfortunately for Mr. Angelou, his hopes were in vain. Soon after adopting and naming Arsenal Pablo gave him up to his father, Arsenal’s adoptive grandfather, to be raised by him. Arsenal grew up in France in some small town. He was raised believing Pablo to be his brother and Mr. Endington to be his father which is the mentality he has to this day. Whereas Mr. Endington was merely negligent of Pablo, he was full on abusive to Arsenal. Anything that Mr. Endington saw as a failure or as an act of defiance would be used as reasoning to attack the kid either with words or physical violence. Mr. Endington would not hold back using whatever was in his often drunken hands to beat the boy As a result of the abuse, Arsenal is covered from head to toe in scars, and his actual sense of touch has been dulled significantly. When Arsenal was 15, Mr. Endington brought home Marco, Pablo’s second attempt at a child. All he was told was that the newborn’s name was Marco, he was Arsenal’s brother, and that Arsenal was to look after him. Unfortunately for both of them Marco was often used against Arsenal. If Marco wouldn’t stop crying or stunk up the house or did anything that babies do, Arsenal would get hit. This all culminated in an incident in which Mr. Endington attempted to shut the baby up himself which drove Arsenal to violence against him. At the end of the skirmish, both Arsenal and Marco lost an eye. This is what drove Arsenal to murder. A few nights later, Arsenal smothered his father to death with a pillow and burned the house down. Arsenal took the baby Marco with him on his travels throughout the streets of France. The two were homeless for almost two whole years until Arsenal was approached by Pablo about a job offer. Seeing as how his options were limited and he had his baby brother to think about, he took the job and was swiftly relocated to Sinclair’s Mansion in Jasper, Canada. There he was to become the Head of the Children’s Sector after the previous Head, Tyrone, was deemed too dangerous. Arsenal was given a mask to cover up his empty eye and decided to wear makeup to cover up his scars in the belief that they’re not “kid friendly”. He’s been working in the Mansion for three years now doing his best to keep the children he looks after, namely his brother, safe.

Age: 50’s
Sex: Male
Sexuality : Straight, But is questioning.
Siblings/ Family: Tyrone ( Younger brother ) / Loyatly ( Daughter ) / Eliza ( Daughter ) / Arsenal ( Son ) / Cupcake ( Mother/dead) Dedetta ( Father/ Missing )
{ No back story Given }

Name: Tyrone The Depressed.
Age: Late 30’s
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Sibling/ Family : Ice ( eldest brother )/ Viveka : ( adoptive son ) Loyatly ( Niece) / Eliza ( Niece ) / Arsenal ( nephew ) / Cupcake ( Mother/dead) Dedetta ( Father/ Missing )
{ No back story Given }

Name: Viveka Spetember
Age: mid 20’s
Sex: Male
Sexuality : Bisexual
Siblings/ Family: Vicente ( Brother) / Tyrone ( adoptive father )
{ no back story given}

Name: Loyalty Cake Angelou  
Age: Early 20′s
Sex: Female
Sexuality : Bisexual
Siblings/ Family: Arsenal ( Brother) / Tyrone ( Uncle ) / Eliza ( Oldest sister ) /Ice ( Father ) 

Lover(s): NathaN ( Boyfriend ) Trent ( Boyfriend ) Tray ( Boyfriend) Polyamory 

Height : 6 foot 6 

{ no back story given}

Name: Pablo Endingtion
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: None Known.
Siblings/family : Marco / arsenal / father endington

[ Mystery ]

Name: Scotthan 
Age: Early 40′s
Sex: Male
Sexuality : Not mentioned.
Siblings/ Family: None known.

Height : 5 foot 11

{ no back story given}

Name: Elliot Scarlet 
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Sexuality : pansexual 
Siblings/ Family:  Possibly Sinclair? Possibly edward? 

Height : 5 foot.

{ no back story given}

Name : Nathan Danny Rae Cummings
Age: early 30s
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Siblings/family : Edward ( brother )

Lover(s) :  Trent ( Boyfriend ) Tray ( Boyfriend) Loyalty (Girlfriend) Polyamory
Father Bitter ( Dead ) Mother Insanity ( Dead)
{ No back story Given }

Name : Edward Leolard Cummings
Age: “ 30’s ”
Sex : “ Male ”

Married to sinclair.
Sexuality: ambitiously Pansexual
Siblings/Family: Nathan ( Younger Brother) Father Bitter ( Dead ) Mother Insanity ( Dead)
{ No back story Given }

me : Tray 
Age: early 30s
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Siblings/family : None Known

6 foot 2

Lover(s) :  Trent ( Boyfriend ) Nathan ( Boyfriend) Loyalty (Girlfriend) Polyamory

Alphonesus The Gentle.
Name: Alphonesus Chrysós
Alphonesus Is in his late 40’s Early 50’s.
Sex: Male
Sexuality: DemiSexual
Siblings/ Family: None Known: /B)
{ No back story Given

Name: Uru The genle
Age : 13
Sex : male
Height : 4 foot 9
Siblings/family : Lil sister / Alphon { Adoptive father}

Fauna is still in development.

Scarlet Floor: This is the top floor of the mansion. It is where the two mansion owners Sinclair Erebos Scarlet and Edward Leolard Cummings live and work. The two (presumably) have their own offices along with (presumably) a bedroom. Mr. Scarlet spends all his time up on his floor, never leaving to monitor the other mansions or other floors. Mr. Cummings does leave his floor but rarely. He almost never goes to the bottom floor and tends to avoid the Puppeteers’ floor.  

Signature color :   Red and Purple

Higher Staff Floor: This is the third floor where the general managers of the mansion live and work. As of yet three known managers live there those being Nagata, Scothan, and Prevetta. It can be assumed that they deal with the finances, the imports and exports the mansion gives/receives, and the payment of other staff members. To current knowledge, these general managers all work for Edward and most of them are (presumably) cannibals. Only Nagata has been seen outside her floor to cause general mayhem. 

 Signature color :   indigo purple

Puppeteers’ Sector: This is the sector containing the Puppeteers. The Puppeteers are the celebrities of the mansion, putting on shows for fabulously wealthy billionaires as a general source of income for the mansion. This sector is also home to some of the most ruthless killers in the mansion. To be a Puppeteer means to sacrifice human decency and care for your fellow man. The leader of the Puppeteers is Pablo Endington. The most popular of the Puppeteers is Jason. Jason is the exemplary Puppeteer as his actions imply absolutely no care for his fellow man. Puppeteers look down upon all other staff in the mansion. So great is the strength of the Puppeteers that Edward, despite being an angel and a cannibal, is terrified of Pablo. Jeremy Fitzgerald is also considered a Puppeteer by most. 

Signature color :  Dark’s 

Dance Sector: This sector contains the dancers of the mansion. Presumably, they serve as a supplementary source of income performing shows for the fabulously wealthy. They share a floor with the Puppeteers known as “The Light Side” to the Puppeteers’ “Dark Side”. The Sector leaders are Mr. White with his wife Lady Bonnie. It is known that Lady Bonnie teaches ballet. It can be assumed that while the Puppeteers are more popular with the general public, the Dancers are more popular with the staff of the mansion. From what has been seen thus far, Puppeteers and Dancers do not interact. 

Signature color :  Rainbow / Whites

Kitchen Sector: This sector is where the mansion’s meals are prepared and distributed. This sector is located on the main floor of the mansion. As its name suggests, this sector is a gigantic kitchen filled with everything you would see in a kitchen of this caliber. This sector is run by Ice Angelou, father of Eliza, Loyalty and Arsenal, brother of Tyrone, and adoptive uncle of Viveka. General opinion of the kitchen sector seems to be favorable. Notable kitchen staff includes Ice, Viveka, and Raven. 

Signature color :  Gray

Garden Sector: This sector is a gigantic garden surrounding the whole of the main mansion. This is where the food is cultivated and given to the kitchen sector for further use. It can be assumed that Garden staff does not enter the main mansion outside of required events. The sector leaders include Nathan Cummings, Loyalty Angelou, Trey, and Trent. It should be noted that these four are in a polyamorous relationship and therefore it is entirely possible that Trent and Trey are not actually leaders. Other staff includes Vice, who seems to be in charge of insect control with a notable affinity for spiders. Don’t touch his spiders. 

Signature color :  turquoise

Children’s Sector: This sector is also located on the main floor of the mansion. Known by many names such as “Gutter Sector” and “Edward’s Slaughter House”, this sector acts as a foster/daycare for all the unwanted and unloved children the mansion staff encounter. This sector is looked down upon by almost everybody but that doesn’t seem to bother the staff. The current sector leader is Arsenal Letté Endington, brother of Pablo and Marco Endington, and whose family history is so convoluted you could write an entire paper. Former sector leader turned drug addict Tyrone still lives in the sector making Arsenal’s life a nightmare. Other notable staff include Elliot Cummings, and Madame Cupcake, Arsenal’s grandmother and original leader of the children’s sector who died long ago.

Signature color : Amber red   

Cellar Sector: This sector is located on the first basement floor of the mansion. Essentially, it serves as the prison of the mansion as well as the place where food is stored. You are sent to the Cellar for any number of reasons, notably for getting on Sinclair or Edward’s nerves. The former sector leader of the Cellar was Envy, who was later moved to the Elegance Mansion. Notable inmates include Alphonesus Chrysós and McGraw. Mr. Chysós’ crime can be presumed to be the attempted murder of his biological child Jeremy Fitzgerald. Mr. Chrysós currently has no memory of life before the Cellar and works in the Children’s Sector caring for his adoptive son, Uru.

Signature color :  Hot Pink

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