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When it's snowing
  • Selena Gomez: Aw look it's snowing, how cute!
  • Demi Lovato: It's snowing, stay strong people that are outside!
  • Eminem: Holy motherfucker! It's snowing.
  • Justin Bieber: It's snowing, baby.
  • Miley Cyrus: Oh it's snowing, I bet it tastes delicious!
  • 1D: Oh look it's snowing! Let's go and play outside!

Today’s Topic Is About Demi Lovato

so Demi Lovato is an A-list Vocalist/singer, Songwriter, Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Demi sold more than 14,000,000 singles in the USA alone, she has 4 albums & now currently working on her 5th album, the first single that came out July 1 is ‘Cool For The Summer’ its a hot summer song & catchy.

Demi is trying a new sound & taking her music career to the next level. problem: Demi Lovato is underrated, she is popular but she is more popular to what people make her looks like on twitter/Instagram… & other social medias. Demi is more underrated by the fact she doesn’t sell like for example Selena Gomez,  Miley Cyrus, or Ariana Grande. The thing is there are ‘shady music facts’ accounts on twitter & all they do is make her look bad or makes her look like a “flop” when she’s not even close to being a flop. Demi Sings better than most singer in the indrusty & writes her own song.

Demi has 30,231,621 followers on twitter at the moment (@ddlovato) and 21.4m on Instagram she has allot of fans she sings amazing but people overshadow her with artist that cant even hit a note (not Miley or Ariana)

people say demi wants attention & thats why she talks about what she went through, but what they dont know is demi was once sad cuz she doesnt want to talk about it any more & she looked like she was crying at the meet & greet and her best friend marissa posted on instagram https://instagram.com/p/uS66I4oNNc/

Demi Talks about mental illness sometimes cuz she partnered up  with a lot of programs & stuff just to stop it, she talks about her journey to HELP people.

i want to show you the REAL DEMI LOVATO;

demi lovato speeches:














demi has her own recordlabel with Nick Jonas & theyre manager Phily mac
& her own skincare line.
Demi soon will be on a couple of episode of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ + voice role for a new Disney Channel movie named “Charming” demi is gonna voice the lead female role “Lenore” , Ashley Tisdale + Avril lavigne will be on it too, and a new album coming and she’s gonna be voicing smurfet on the new smurfs animated movie ‘Get Smurfy’ and other more new projects

Demi Lovato deserve’s more in my opinion.
this is all hope you liked it

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