My sister just told me that Demi Lovato looks like she’s been photoshopped af on her new album cover.

Now, I am a huge Demi fan. I consider myself a Lovatic as well as a Swiftie.

Demi has worked hard to lose a lot of weight and tone her body, but it does look as though her thighs and hips have been slimmed. In saying that, I personally don’t think she has been over exaggeratedly photoshopped in a way to make her look thinner to the extent of her looking unrecognisable. I’m a photographer, so I can tell that the lighting has been lifted and the contrast has been enhanced. Her skin tone has been evened out and her skin in general has been smoothed out and highlighted to make her stand out more against the white backdrop. Ultimately, apart from that, there isn’t that much photoshopping done, and you can tell that it’s still Demi. It isn’t photoshopped to the point of being unrealistic.

I understand that album covers go through a post-production phase, just as we all do to our own images to make ourselves look better sometimes. But this has brought to my attention how much it actually upsets me that photoshopping artists on their albums is even a process apart of the business that exists in the music industry.

Photoshopping someone implies that there is something wrong with them that needs to be improved. Taylor is always encouraging us to be kind to ourselves because we are our own definition of beautiful and worthwhile and nobody else’s. And Demi is always encouraging us to love the skin we’re in and treat ourselves with the respect we deserve. But how are we supposed to accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we really are, when we see even the artists we look up to and idolise - who have always been vocal about being against this type of thing - being photoshopped anyway, because it’s an element required to be ‘apart of the business’?

I know it’s a long shot, but I hope Taylor can help change this issue within the music industry too.

  • what she says:im ok
  • what she means:Demi Lovato was so fucking insecure about her body and used to cover up everything because she didn't feel proud of her body, now if you look at her Cosmopolitan cover, she is showing so much skin, she's so happy and she looks so fucking good, she deserved this so much because she worked so much for it and i am very emotional right now