Efter lite jobb på Gina idag så beställde jag pizza & gick över till Lovan & försökte pigga upp henne lite då hon har åkt på jordens förkylning! Imorgon blir det Uppsala med L'Oréal & sista dagen för NYXkampanjen & sen börjar planeringen inför ELLE-galan! Såååå galet taggad!

Teacher, I Need You

Loki glanced at the clock when the bell rang and smiled to her kindergartners. “Okay, kiddies, looks like school’s out for the day for you all. The principal is going to stay with you until your parents, arrive, so make sure you behave for her, okay?”

“Why can’t you come, Miss Matthews?” a little girl asked sadly as she stood up.

“I’d love to, but I have to go watch over the big kids,” Loki smiled and stood out of the way while her students filed out, then slipped into her sweater and left to go to the playground. She had recess duty today, which wasn’t her favorite thing in the world, but she did love the children, so she tolerated it.

She enjoyed her lunch in peace and then followed the older students onto the playground, standing by the door.


NCAA Gymnasts You Should Know 2017

I am going to start a short “series” introducing some of the top NCAA girls. Hopefully this will be a good introduction for those who have never watched before, but want to get into it! To start though here is a list of the Super Six from 2016!

1) Oklahoma

2017 Seniors: Chayse Capps, Reagan Hemry, Charity Jones, Kara Lovan, Nicole Turner, McKenzie Wofford

Former Elite Freshman: Maggie Nichols

2) LSU

2017 Seniors: Sydney Ewing, Ashleigh Gnat, Shae Zamardi

Former Elite Freshman: Ruby Harrold

3) Alabama

2017 Seniors: Katie Bailey, Amanda Jetter, Keely McNeer, Mary Lilian Sanders, Aja Sims, Mackenzie Valentin

Former Elite Freshman: Maddie Desch

4) Florida

2017 Senior: Claire Boyce

Former Elite Freshmen: Maegan Chant, Rachel Gowey, Amelia Hundley


2017 Seniors: Angi Cipra, Mikaela Gerber, Hallie Mossett

Former Elite Freshmen: Felicia Hano, Madison Kocian, Kyla Ross

6) Georgia

2017 Seniors: Ashlyn Broussard, Lauren Johnson, Morgan Reynolds, Beth Roberts, Rachel Schick

Former Elite Freshmen: Jordyn Pedersen, Sabrina Vega