Teacher, I Need You

Loki glanced at the clock when the bell rang and smiled to her kindergartners. “Okay, kiddies, looks like school’s out for the day for you all. The principal is going to stay with you until your parents, arrive, so make sure you behave for her, okay?”

“Why can’t you come, Miss Matthews?” a little girl asked sadly as she stood up.

“I’d love to, but I have to go watch over the big kids,” Loki smiled and stood out of the way while her students filed out, then slipped into her sweater and left to go to the playground. She had recess duty today, which wasn’t her favorite thing in the world, but she did love the children, so she tolerated it.

She enjoyed her lunch in peace and then followed the older students onto the playground, standing by the door.


a day or two after I got my Zoe tattoo. Zoe was my first dog. I got her when I was 10 going on 11. She died May 8, 2010. BK stands for her middle and last name lol. her Middle name was Buffy. YES it was BUFFY lol. She was a beautiful Black Labrador. I’ve had it for a while now so it’s not all red and puffy.

This was done by Kyle Sajban an awesome tattoo artist and a friend :)

P.S. I hope this doesn’t end up on like Fuck Your Tattoos for being a stupid tattoo. It obviously means something to me!


“Uncharted”- Sara Bareilles (cover)

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“Use Somebody”- Kings of Leon (Cover)