Oh yes, we did. We did. We collected the lovetry we have written in the past three years and compiled them in a slick, thick book that you can call your own — to hold and to read and to enjoy and to add to your bookshelves. 

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A Pen Has Fallen (For Amy)

A pen has fallen alone in silence
as too many tears went unheard
one more writer has grown tired
and love is but a four letter word 

Dear friend yes I still remember 
yet I can’t quite say I understand
we shared a world full of dreams 
this day wasn’t what we planned

Writing poems that no one reads
misty eyed with hands unsteady
change they all say is a constant
still my heart misses you already

So did December arrive too early
the calendar reads not yet June
I hold your words and memories
knowing it may be my time soon

Miss and love you Amy.  I think you were the only one left who was here when I started over five and a half years ago.  My we seem to grow old so quickly in social media time.  I’ll always smile remembering my early anxiety over sharing my prose attempts, and you were unfailingly my number one fan supporter. Thank you dear friend.


You know what’s about to happen
The door will open, all fall silent
This happened before
It’s not the first time

Your mind in slow motion
You see everything through a lens
Motion blurs as he weaves his way
Like a tiger through the jungle of people

Your gazes locked
Coming straight for you
That shark has smelled blood
The blood boiling within you

As you burn up inside
Your body cries out
Immobile like a rabbit before a snake
In helpless anticipation

Your mind racing
Your thoughts on fire
And you know he knows
He’s almost reached you

Arms reach out
And hands hold
The taste of adrenaline
In your mouth

Your heart beats violently
Like the piston of a steam engine
Hot and cold shivers
Run all over you

Frozen in time
You cannot move -

It’s only your boyfriend.
Kiss him already.

Prompt ‘presence’ by Amy (lovaboxa)


Could you hear my soul
whisper to yours
when we sat in the back
of the classroom?
We were innocence
in the school of life; 
blackboards settling scores, 
writing love a million times;

hearts carved around our names
deep in the wood of our desks;
etched with compass points
on the steel of our lockers —
vandalism we paid for
with detention; long hours of penance
all for simply professing
love at a young age;

an uncomfortable truth
searing their eyes;
love unabashed —
the first love they had
pure and pristine, before
someone broke their heart:
we were a cruel reminder
of what love should be;

holding hands down the hall,
ignorant of what they had to say;
making out behind the bleachers
being the highlight of the day —
I remember the hijacked picnics,
resting my head in your lap,
the blue skies and majestic trees
bearing witness to our wholesome affair;

how the leaves danced with the sun
twisting, turning, like our future —
our paths diverged, yours and mine,
and we lived like thieves of destiny, 
hiding behind laws of indifference;

and here we are again –
love’s day of reckoning…
can you hear my soul
whisper to yours
as we sit in the back
of the courthouse?
Find the hands that bind –
yours; worn — mine; less innocent, 
reaching, to save our lives.

This compact collab has been brought to you by lovaboxa and myself.

A Decidedly (Overdue) Incomplete List

Miss moonlightjazz and dovegrey Michelle
marred with ink and Maike mademoiselle
so many dear friends no longer around
yet many still are like Mike the profound
Joy and Kevin, my friends longest of all
Amy lovaboxa and LZ Lauren like Bacall
Mercy Philine and Hallie each one rocks
changing URLS as others change socks
Martin Ruth Frannie and gracious Chris
if I overlooked them I’d be terribly remiss
David and Edward my friends for a while
Ann Mick and Wolfie, all make me smile
George Shim Navin Nathen and Gabbi
Cate Kitty Celine Christiane and Madi
Dee Greg and Roggy the list never ends
and listed or not I do love you my friends


Blazing red hot iron
tinting a dim forge
in fiery orange glow
your words bend
and take shape
when your pen
hits the bone

Light-footed strokes
dance across paper
capturing notions
reaching the soul
like sweet music
when your pen
touches home

Heart in hand
in an orchard of passion
a writer ripe and picked
row after fertile row
drips down your elbow
when your pen
begins to roam

collab with Amy (lovaboxa)

St. Valentine’s Day is getting close. Nothing would be better than buying this collection of love poems for someone. I know there’s a contest for a free copy but I couldn’t wait. There’s a hint there. Get your copy at Amazon.com - don’t wait, love doesn’t.

A Decidedly Incomplete (Thank You) List

I’m not too terribly profound these days
that would be my friend the other Mike
but I want to thank him Navin and Dhrit
and a few other poets I love and like
there’s Philine, Joy, Lauren, Jen, Kevin
and truthfully there’s a great many more
Miral, Jane, Amy, Edward, Martin, Shim 
yet I’ll stop there, lest I add a few score
truthfully I’m blessed with many kind friends
way more than I could ever hope to recall
and whether I listed you this time or not
please know I appreciate and love you all

Back in the Day

On our bikes we’ll ride out
to the spot with the willow
a secluded, hidden patch
by the river, on the downs

A place we needn’t worry
about destructive floods
where we always love
obtuse, yet utterly pure

Where the wind in the branches
casts the world into oblivion
removes all but ourselves
from the intimate scene

I’ll race you there
this wandering mind tracing
every outline of your tremble
alighting a gentle touch

We’ll find us there
in all our soul-searching
where touch and proximity
shift the seams of reality

Collab with Amy @lovaboxa


her eyes are a cliff dive
cave jumping
deep into unseen danger
dark as death
the edges, bright
like the haloed rim of on an eclipse
an eternal pit of beaming darkness
I cry out as I fall
my screams absorbed into nothingness
far above the light disappears
velvet submersions.
I drank the cup
it was sweet on my tongue
but cleaved to the roof of my mouth
and turned to poison
did I know it was deadly?
I did
did I partake despite its ill intonations
I did
but I jump
and jump
and jump
falling eternal into beautiful submission
the walls scraped
embedded with broken nails

Monday Smiles

Good morning and like many of you, I wake up on Monday Mornings feeling like a Grizzly Bear ready to paw slap someone (metaphorically only).  You’ve heard this before, but I was thinking of taking the day off from Tumblr.  Keep right on thinking Mike as obviously I didn’t, and the first thing I saw was a lovely note from my dear friend Amy telling me how much my prose about Steve and Bindy Irwin touched her.  Amy, you’ve been my number one prose fan since my very first admittedly terrifying attempts, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  I then noticed that another long time friend and favorite Sand Dollar Ann was kind enough to reblog it even though along with the two photos it ate up her entire dash and no one could actually see any of her lovely poems.  Thank you as well my dear friend.   I can’t speak for anyone else but the feel of Tumblr has changed for me, and it could well be me, but it’s good to remember that many friends are still around, and yes the love is still here.

Love you all,
Mike <3

Oh hail fellow Tumblrers

Coming soon to your very screens, a tongue-in-cheek, but very grounded, totally enthralling (or whatever) INTERVIEW of the one and only (of many) Amyyyyyyy *drumroll* (What do you mean which Amy? Oh right) Aammmmyyyyy of lovaboxa.tumblr.com fame. *double drumroll*

The interview will be conducted by Roggy (meeeeeeee).

Do be sure to eyeball it some.

A Decidedly Incomplete List III

Most assuredly the sea lives in me
she lives as well in you my friend
Mademoiselle Maike a lovely lass
a thief of hearts I’ll not pretend

Dean “The Man” from Montreal
his writing takes our breath away
and Amy our poetic temptress
a romantic soul, I’d have to say

Celine, ever writing for your love
a talented friend I’ll ascertain
writer extraordinaire Trixie Jill
we both love Pinky and the Brain

There’s Roggy, Greg and Noelle
and many friends I’ve listed before
with apologies to all I didn’t name
please stick around for number IV

For Amy

It breaks our hearts and hurts like hell, but absolutely nothing here lasts forever.  Somehow it’s no doubt even a beautiful part of The Master Artist’s Grand Plan,and yet that doesn’t make the loss of a loved one even the tiniest bit less painful.  To paraphrase Jack Kornfield, love is not heavy breathing, excitement and exhilaration.  While they can be pleasurable aspects of it, love is actually a tender, vulnerable, slightly painful feeling.  Ask any parent who’s ever stayed up all night with a sick child.  Love hurts, and I for one have always been terrified of it.  Amy you’re obviously a loving caring person, and we’re all blessed to have you here.  Crazy as it may sound, it’s the impermanence of life that actually makes it all the more precious.  As you get older which I’ve somehow accomplished, the losses mount and the pain and fear grow along with them.  I wish I had something more brilliant to offer, but all we can do is love the special ones every single moment they’re here with us.  While death whatever it may be is terrifying to many of us, it will happen, and maybe the only real tragedy would be to love someone and not let them know while they’re here.  I know I sometimes throw the word love around like a Frisbee, but writing this with misty eyes and sniffles, I feel it.  We love you Amy and we’re with you. 

anonymous asked:

I have the biggest crush on Lovaboxa. She is kind, funny, compassionate and she writes the most amazing poetry. We talk daily and she has no idea how much her friendship means to me. She inspired and encouraged me to try my hand at writing as well!

My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. lzlabs (10%)
  2. dontcryitsonlymike (8%)
  3. lovaboxa (7%)
  4. writteninjoy (5%)
  5. journaling-junkie (4%)
  6. republicofthebees (4%)
  7. jayarrarr (4%)
  8. shimlikesyou (3%)
  9. soul-in-division (3%)

Now that’s a list! I don’t know how Shim and that don’t cry dude got on there with all the lovely ladies though. :) I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far.


the sounds of voices
cajoling or murmuring
while fragrances play
on the entirety of winds
the gales, the gusts,
the joyful breezes
in blazing heat
and biting frost
everything we did
everything we said
everything we felt that day
it all remains ingrained
keepsakes to last
for our lifetimes
as memories paint sceneries
recorded in the mind’s eye

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