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Relax, It’s Just The Flu


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can I request a Theo imagine? Where the reader is sick with the flu and Melissa suggests she go to the hospital to get checked out and Theo’s all protective and cute?? Very fluffy(: Your Theo imagines are my absolute favorite!

Another dry, exasperated cough escaped your mouth. It was the tenth one today. Having the flu sucked, it wasn’t ideal, especially with exam season coming just around the corner.

You were at Scott’s place with the pack, it was meant to be a productive study session. But instead it turned into supernatural talk. The only ones in the house currently were you and Theo. Scott along with Lydia and Malia went to get food and Stiles had some errand to run.

Coughing again, Theo rubbed your back and gave you a glass of water.

“Thanks babe”, you took a sip and let out a deep breath.

“Do you need anything else?”, he asked, sitting down beside you. Shaking your head, all you wanted was this flu to pass. And if you drank enough water, ate foods that are known to fight off colds, hopefully it would pass quicker.

Melissa walked in the door and greeted the both of you. “Hey guys, would you tell Scott when he comes back that I’m on the late night shift?”. She walked up the stairs and came back minutes later, looking refreshed.

Just as Melissa reached the door, you had a mini coughing fit that just wouldn’t stop. Theo immediately grabbed the glass of water, and you drank all of it. Melissa turned back around. “If you want Y/N, I can take you to the hospital to get checked out?”. She suggested.

That automatically sent alarm bells ringing in Theo’s head, he stood up lightning fast as you too got up. “If it’s just the flu then why does she need to go to the hospital?”. Theo stood beside you.

Grabbing the coat draped over the chair. “Relax Theo, I’m just going to get checked out and hopefully get prescribed some medication to help fight off this cold”. You placed a comforting hand on his arm, but even that wasn’t soothing his worries.

Melissa was waiting for you at the front door, walking towards her, Theo jogged over. “I’m coming with you”.

“I’ll give the two of you some privacy, come out to the car whenever you’re ready to go”. Melissa let the door shut on her way out. Theo stood right in front his protective mode switched on.

“Theo, you have nothing to be worried about. Beside I was going to go to the doctors anyway, to see if they can give me something to get rid of this cold faster”. Even after hearing that Theo still wasn’t stepping aside.

Instead he leaned over to grab his own jacket. “You telling me to not be worried, doesn’t make me any less worried. If you’re going to the hospital for whatever reason then I’m going with you”.

Opening your mouth to protest he placed his finger over it. “No if’s or but’s about it. My girl is sick and I’m here to take care of you. If going to the hospital is what you want, then that’s where we are headed”.

Taking your hand in his, Theo scribbled a note to Scott and turned off the lights. The entire car ride to the hospital and getting checked out by the doctor Theo was there holding your hand through all of it.

The doctor hadn’t given any medication but prescribed lots of rest, plenty of fluids like water or soup and recommended a nice hot bath or shower. The moment Theo brought you back home, he carried you to bed because he didn’t want you to stress yourself out. Put all the things that you needed close by, ran a hot bath filled with your favourite bath oils, candles and scents.

All rugged up in pj’s and the bed sheets, Theo held you close despite many stubborn warnings from you that he’d also get sick. But he didn’t listen nor did he seem to mind.

“Theo you’re-”

He cut you off for the second time today and stretched out his legs. “Baby, if you tell me one more time that I’m going to get sick, I’ll kiss you”.

Gasping, you tilted your head to get a better view. “You wouldn’t dare?”

“Wanna bet?”, he smirked and leaned in super close to your lips.

Pulling further away, Theo just inched his lips closer and closer. “Theo I’m being serious, I don’t want you to get sick”.

Before you had time tor register Theo had already kissed you. “Babygirl, even if I do it’s worth it. Besides I’ve missed kissing you”. He cheekily added, smacking his chest you snuggled into his embrace more.

“If you get sick, don’t come complaining to me”. You heard a faint chuckle and pretty soon after feel asleep.

One week later

The flu you had was now gone and you were able to sit down and properly study for exams. As you were reviewing your English paper, your phone buzzed loudly on the wooden desk.

Babe, I’m sick :( - Theo

He attached a photo of him in bed frowning. You couldn’t help but laugh. Closing the books scattered on the desk, you grabbed your keys and headed on over to Theo’s place.

Arriving at his house, you made your way up to his room. Opening the door, Theo was curled up in the sheets with a box of tissues and a huge bottle of water on his bedside table.

“I think this is the part I say I told you so”, you smiled and took off your coat.
Theo poked his tongue out, “You can gloat later. But first come and give me cuddles”. Climbing into bed, you settled underneath the covers with him. “Oh, I’m definitely going to need you to draw me a bath”, he winked which caused you to shake your head.

“Even when you’re sick, you still manage to somehow be a cocky ass”.

Theo wrapped his strong arms around your waist. “Yeah, but you secretly love it”

Grinning wide, you did secretly love it. And there was no place else you’d rather be then here, looking after your idiotic but still very lovable boyfriend.

koala-tea13  asked:

YOYOYO imagine a lunar chronicles and six of crows crossover like inej and cinder would be BESTIES and OMG CRESS AND WYLAN WOULD BE SO SO CUTE and Jesper and Thorne?? Oh and Matthias and Wolf would just get each other

Yooooo. That’s so good!! 

~Mind if I add on a bit? 

Cress and Wylan are the smol sunshine children who, when they put their heads together, can kick everyone’s butts. Winter loves to sit in on their plans, but when they put them into action, she’d prefer to be on the sidelines and just watch the two of them have a blast (pun completely intended).

Cinder would be wary of Inej at first (I mean she’s called the Wraith after all), but then they’d bond when Inej asked her about how she lost her arm and leg. Basically just some Kickass Ladies bonding over battle scars :) 

Nina and Scar would hit it off INSTANTLY because Scarlet would cook the best food Nina has ever tasted, and also they share a love for big (lovable) brutes ;) 

Wolf and Matthias would completely get each other! I mean Matthias is a druskelle after all, and Wolf is, well… a wolf. 

Jesper and Thorne would have a rivalry, over who was the better shot (Jesper, duh), who was the funniest (Thorne barely wins) and who is the biggest flirt (they call it even on that one). Eventually Jesper would compliment Thorne (with a wink or two hehe) and Thorne would get extremely flustered, and gave Jesper the title of biggest flirt.

Kai would sit with Kaz (and be extremely afraid) but then Kaz would make an aside comment about the sun glistening in Inej’s hair or something like that, and that told Kai all he really needed to know. Kai is also intrigued by how Kaz runs his own “empire” and takes a couple notes to be more aggressive (but not too aggressive).

Think about Kuwei being absolutely fascinated by Iko. Not only is she an android, which is pretty cool in and of itself, but she talks! And has a great personality! 

Everyone has bets placed on who is more brooding: Jacin or Kaz. To everyone’s surprise, Jacin wins because they caught Kaz throwing a couple pennies to a young orphan. 

Feel free to add on! 

Tropes Prompt List

While I was away for a few days, I hit 600 followers! To celebrate, I’m going to post a list of prompts based mostly on tropes and cliches. I’ll keep reblogging it for the next couple days, and I’ll keep the requests on this open for the next 5 days, which is when I’ll have a day off from work.

Prompts are open to: Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and American Gods, so don’t be shy! Let me know if you want smut, fluff, etc, if you want something specific, otherwise I’ll just go with whatever I feel like. Here’s a few of the more common ones to get you started (and I might add to the list), but feel free to send in your own tropes/cliches, too!

And of course, I love every single one of you <3

1. Forced bed-sharing.

2. The person that has an unrealistic amount of concealed weapons.

3.Someone rattles off an absurdly long list of things or tasks

4. Guy finds lady attractive because of her badassery (there is a name for this trope and it’s Amazon Chaser and I love it)

5. Chick magnet (guy attracts lots of ladies)

6. Love at first sight

7. Inconvenient attraction

8. Retired badass.

9. Troubled backstory flashback.

10. Confirmed bachelor

11. Badass Bookworm: The bookish type who’s secretly a badass. Also can be Hidden Badass. The one you would never expect to be able to kick the amount of ass they can kick.

12. Forbidden Fruit: everyone always wants what they can’t have

13. Ambiguous innocence

14. The big bad wolf 

15. Lovable rogue: Male character is simulatenously desirable and off-putting.

dq9  asked:

hello bb tell me abt maxi's sleeping habits

hello bb our gay wolf love child has had much development lol

Maximus is consistently running on like 4 hours of sleep at best like you wouldnt guess it bc he hides it pretty well but the damn boy needs a nap, unfortunately he’s pretty traumatized and cannot sleep without nightmares of flashbacks to, you know, when his whole family died, so not only is he kind of afraid to sleep but wakes up all the time, thrashes around, and its just generally not fun. the only solution he’s found so far is getting super drunk so he’s more passed out than asleep

(also poor chase getting yanked into these dreams)

Style Stick of Truth AU

The life and times of the Elf king and his kingdom’s greatest warrior.Now featuring events such as:

  • Meeting as a young squire and prince
  • SPARKY~ (The Lovable Wolf Companion)
  • Stan and Kyle teaching each other about swords and magic
  • Kyle’s coronation
  • Stan’s first time stopping an assassin
  • Kyle’s knighting of Stan
  • Kyle sneaking out of the castle to spend time with Stan and his family
  • Stan sneaking into the castle to spend time with Kyle and his family

I want this sooooo bad.