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Trying something a little different! 

These are all traditionally inked comics for a little series I’m doing called “The adventures of Tiny German Shepherd” 

Going to be posting them as I finish them, Here’s the first 3. Each page is pretty much just a small self-contained story featuring that lovable scamp; Tiny German Shepherd. 

The Adventures of Tiny German Shepherd part 2

  • Witch: Having a Witch on your side means having access to an incredible level of Aspect-based power. They're the ones who make flashy, game-changing moves, manipulating their Aspect in ways that no one else can. Their Aspect is putty in their hands, bending to their will in a way that will no doubt bring about catastrophic destruction in one way or another. Be very careful with how you treat your Witch.
  • Heir: An Heir is generally going to be a much safer bet than a Witch, with a few exceptions, but that stability comes with a cost. Their Aspect will protect them--and, eventually, their allies as well--but they're also at the mercy of their Aspect's subtle manipulations. More "positive" Aspects will be a boon to the Heir and their team, but crueler Aspects will no doubt take a sharp mind to work with.
  • Mage: Sometimes hands-on experience is the best way to learn. In the case of the Mage, living every facet of their Aspect firsthand has given them an incredible wealth of Aspect-based knowledge, which they frequently keep to themselves. They know how to use their Aspect in ways that other Classes rarely achieve. Knowledge is power, after all, and the power a fully-realized Mage can wield is utterly awe-inspiring, although not always as flashy as other Classes.
  • Seer: Much like the Mage, a Seer deals primarily in Aspect-based knowledge, but their knowledge comes from a less linear source. Visions, dreams, flashes of premonition--these are the tools of a Seer. Knowledge comes to them quite naturally, but they are limited by the whims of their Aspect, which may prove elusive at times. Unlike Mages, Seers tend to be more than happy to share their knowledge with their allies.
  • Maid: Maids are tied to the concept of Creation, and thus are responsible for creating and maintaining their Aspect in its many forms, whether through spamming timelines or bringing new growth to a once-desolate world. They work in tandem with their Aspect, increasing it beyond measure and capitalizing on its growth in every corner of the universe. For a Maid, the sky's the limit--and perhaps not even that.
  • Sylph: The counterpart to the Maid, Sylphs take a more passive approach to Creation, encouraging the natural growth of their Aspect in a way that's often focused on their allies. They have a very close relationship with their Aspect, and are sometimes interpreted as "healers" of a sort. While a Maid would, say, sew a hole in space-time shut, a Sylph would encourage the fabric to simply repair itself instead.
  • Prince: Ah, yes. The Prince: master of emotional theatrics, self-aggrandizing, and unprecedented destruction. To be a Prince is to "ghost" one's own Aspect, seeming much more like a Hero of their opposite. Their Aspect is both their target and their weapon, and different Princes take different approaches. The one universal constant of Princes seems to be the ease with which they step into the role of a martyr and flagellate themselves ruthlessly.
  • Bard: Often called the "wild card" of Classes, the Bard is a bit of a concerning sign for any Session. Like Princes, Bards are particularly adept at the destruction of their Aspect, often wielding it themselves. However, in much the same way as the Sylph, they do this in a much more passive way, allowing Destruction to take its own winding path as they subject themselves to its merry whims. Again, like Princes, Bards have horrible fashion sense.
  • Knight: Just like a hacker exploits weaknesses in a computer's security system, a Knight exploits their Aspect in every way they can, utilizing every single detail until they basically gain control over their Aspect. They weaponize their Aspect, sure, but they also use it for every other purpose imaginable. They are the Swiss army knives of the game, as versatile as they are powerful, and they often hide their "inner selves" behind a carefully-crafted façade.
  • Page: Pages undoubtedly have the most difficult journey on their way to mastering their Classpect, but this incredibly steep learning curve comes with the promise of boundless power at the end. While a Knight exploits their Aspect for their own gains, a Page's job is to first face immense challenges through their Aspect, sharpening themselves in the process, and culminating with the ability to open up their Aspect for everyone to exploit. At least, that's how it seems to go--whether or not we've seen the end of a Page's journey in canon is not quite clear, but I suspect we haven't.
  • Thief: The key thing to keep in mind when it comes to Thieves is that they steal what they lack, whether that's fortune, relevance, or even life itself. There's always going to be a huge Aspect-shaped void inside of them, and no matter how much they steal it from others, they can never seem to fill it. Still, it's not a good idea to mess with someone who can tip the scales in their favor very easily.
  • Rogue: Rogues--those lovable scamps--are the masters of diffusion, guiding large quantities of their Aspect into areas of very little concentration. Like other Passive Classes, they tend to do so in a way that primarily helps others. Whereas Thieves would be happy hoarding their Aspect all to themselves, Rogues are drawn to balance their Aspect instead, ensuring that no one has too much or too little.

I hate that Madison Sinclair had no….not redemption but even Lamb had a moment of “oh thats why hes an asshole”. Honestly, it felt pretty sexist that a lot of the main dudes had background for their terrible behavior while Madison was just “a bitch” I feel like she was the only multi episode character who was treated this way that wasn’t a straight up murderer or rapist. 

I understand that people can be terrible no for no reasons but to villainize a woman that way while Dick (a rapist encourager and general asshat) gets to become the lovable scamp just rubs me the wrong way 

theatomicboom  asked:

IDK why anyone thinks any marauder fans would be upset seeing their faves bully snape and others on screen. they're the ones who harass actual kids for liking slytherin and openly use "snivellus" as if harry wasn't horrified by seeing his father be a bully. they'd love to see snape "be put in his place" since they seem to have some fantasy that snape still hasn't suffered enough.

Mmm yes, I don’t disagree - I don’t think a portion of Marauders fans would have a problem seeing Snape being overtly and mercilessly bullied.  It’s possible that some may re-evaluate if they actually had to witness the bullying and saw how reprehensible it was, but I think for a good percentage, there’s an element where they like to see teenage Severus attacked because of the man he grows to be(!)

However, I think the real issue for Marauders fans with a Marauder era series is that the Marauders aren’t really the tight-knit group that are headcanoned.  That’s rather the whole point of the series; James thought that they were all best friends and his vehement refusal to think ill of his friends is partly responsible for his death, and the death of his wife.

Stepping away from James, you can see the schisms in the group.  Sirius believed that Remus was the traitor.  After the event, Remus thought it was plausible that Sirius had been the traitor.  Peter was the traitor.  That is not a tight knit group of best friends who are lovable rogues and scamps; this is a group with real problems.  These divides don’t happen over night - they occur as a consequence of the events of Snape’s Worst Memory, and the werewolf incident, and other events.

If a Marauders era canon actually explored the rise and fall of the Marauders, and discovered how Remus ended up on the outer, and why Sirius was paranoid about the wrong man, and why James didn’t believe his friends would betray him, and why Lily didn’t contest his attitude, and what drove Peter to betray his friends…  If that happened, that would be really interesting.

But from what I’ve seen of Marauder headcanons, I don’t really think that’s what the Marauder fans want to watch.  I think they just want to watch four boys (or, more often than not, Lily replacing Peter) having mad bants.  


When I say “Fionn mac Cumhaill”, most of you uncivilized, morally bankrupt apes yell “FINN MCCUCK” and make me cry, which is totally fair because you are NOT WRONG, but it turns out, Fionn’s love life is more complicated than just some cuckolding.

WE GO BACK IN TIME TO before the whole Diarmuid thing happened, but after Fionn was the leader of the Fianna Knights. ONE DAY, Fionn had gone out hunting as usual, because if there’s one thing Fionn really liked to do, that was hunting. A billion fucking minor stories begin with the lines “So Fionn was hunting when shit happened”, and this dude, in general, used it as a relaxation exercise, like, he could be in the middle of a huge fight, and he’d get stressed, so he did either of two things: 1) suck his turbo thumb for infinite salmon knowledge or 2) tell the guys “brb”, go hunt, relax, organize his thoughts, come back, win battle. Anyways, he was doing this shit, with his two hounds, Bran and Sceólang, when he came across a DEER.

Before Fionn could put three javelins through the deer, however, the dogs yelled “WOOF” but Fionn understood them because he was a Weird Dog Girl and also a dedicated hunter, so of course he could. He was like “What is wrong, Bran and Sceólang? Why do you stop me?” and see, here’s the THING: Bran and Sceólang are both hounds, but they were born from a hound who used to be a human but was turned into a hound via Magic. You know how Loki got fucked by a horse while in horse form and thus gave birth to an eight legged horse? Ok kinda similar dealio. Anyways, the thing is, since these hounds were born from a hound that used to be a human, they detected something no one else could have detected: That deer was a human transformed into a deer.

So, shit, Fionn was not about to just javelin a person, so he brought the human-deer back home to see if he could do something for them. Now, I have to remind you that Fionn was raised by two powerful moms, one of which was a druid, and as such, he knew some druidery, so his personal home and lands were enchanted by him to better suit him, kinda like a Territory Creation-esque deal. The thing is, as soon as Human-Deer set foot on Fionn’s land, since Fionn wanted to help them, his enchanted lands reacted, and undid the curse: Where once a deer stood, now stood a very beautiful woman. Fionn was like “OH”. She was like “OH” because, reminder, Fionn is one beautiful son of a gun, and also she was thankful, and she knew all sorts of cool shit. Fionn asked what happened, and she told her story, and what happened was not that Fionn’s druid shenanigans saved her, but it was his might, instead.

Her name was Sadhbh, which is Old Irish for “would you like to buy a vowel?”, and it turns out she had been a deer for three years. Three years ago, she refused to marry a druid named Fear Doirich (literally “DARK MAN” because mythology and subtlety just don’t get along), a member of the Tuatha De Danann (attentive ace detectives will remember that, in our last Fionn Storytime, Fionn killed Aillen of the Tuatha De Danann), and he got very butthurt about it, so using his Dark Druid powers (he was a dark druid, yes, this specification is made clear), he turned her into a deer, because Nice Guys Finish Last. She was initially held captive, but a servant of Fear Doirich took pity on her and released her, telling her that were she to set foot on the lands of the “dun”, which normally means fort or castle, but in this specific instance means “territory” of Fianna, which is basically anywhere that Fionn owns, Fear would have no effect on her, and thus she’d be a human again. So Sadhbh makes her way to Almhuin, which is Fionn’s house, in hopes she can regain her human form, and her gamble PAID OFF.

Fionn and Sadhbh fall in love with each other as Sadhbh spends time in his land, and the two marry. Fionn was so deeply in love with Sadhbh that he abandoned all other pleasures, including hunting and adventuring, just so he can be with her and make her happy. Soon enough, she was pregnant. Fionn and Sadhbh were truly deep in love, and the only moments in which they were not together was when Fionn was fighting a battle.

And it is during one such moments that tragedy, sadly, strikes.

Fionn was fighting the Vikings in the southern parts of Ireland when Sadhbh, who awaited in Fionn’s home, saw Fionn and his two hounds, Bran and Sceólang, returning from the battle. Elated, Sadhbh ran to meet her husband, but when she reached him, it turned out to be illusions… It was none other than Fear Doirich! With a swing and a swoosh of his hazel wand, and a powerful tip of his fedora, Sadhbh was turned into a deer once more, and he took her away.

Fionn returned only to find an empty home, bereft of joy, barren of love. His wife was gone, and he couldn’t find her. He spent seven whole years looking for her, but he never found her. At the very end of these seven years, Fionn came across a wild boy while he was hunting, and he couldn’t help but recognize some of Sadhbh’s features on his face. It turns out, that boy was his and Sadhbh’s son, Oisin.

Fionn took his son Oisin home and raised him the best he could. In time, Oisin would become the greatest poet in Ireland, as well as an extremely accomplished warrior who matched his father’s immense accomplishments, one of the fiercest Fianna Knights ever, and, most importantly, the narrator of the Fenian Cycle of Irish Mythology.

Despite all of this, however, Sadhbh was never found. This wounded Fionn deeply, and he was noticeably more grim, more bitter, since then. Not long after this incident, the High King, Cormac mac Airt, promised his daughter, Grainne, to Fionn in marriage. During the wedding feast, however, Grainne falls for a formidable Fianna Knight and friend of Fionn, a man named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne…

sweetfemaleuke  asked:

Hello there! I'm been writing a character that suppose to be seen as a good guy, but I'm planning that he's going to reveal himself as the bad guy later on. How can I make that reveal shock people, like the readers?

Have your other characters see him a good guy as well. Nobody should get “a bad feeling” from him. Nobody should compare his features to “bad guy” animals like snakes and scorpions. Nobody should “for some reason” not trust him. Maybe even do the opposite and have characters get good feelings and compare him to lions and eagles. Certainly nobody should be suspicious of his alibis for going off to do bad guy things, and those alibis should be plausible to readers as well. 

When you want to foreshadow him being a bad guy, make it so the other characters can reasonably say, “Yeah, he does X, but he isn’t like those other guys who do X. He’s a good X-doer.” The best things for him to do in this regard are bad things other stories gloss over as not that bad. For example, in many stories, a character being a pirate only gives them a roguish charm despite the fact that pirates were nasty criminals. Therefore, if you want to foreshadow a character being evil without readers noticing, you can make him a pirate and make it seem like you are going for the “lovable scamp” trope when you’re really going for “gangster of the sea.” There are all kinds of opportunities like this since authors love to portray horrible things as not that bad. Use this to your advantage.


Like all good Internet explorers, we here at Cracked have come across some quirky Japanese gadgets in our time. This one is worth noting, and this time, it’s for reasons other than making us feel confused and ashamed. This clip brings the lovable scamp Rocket, of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame, out of the realm of film and injects him straight into your nightmares through Japanese animatronics.

8 Real Ad Campaigns Straight Out Of The Bowels Of Hell

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it's weird tht both mac & dee have played at being house wife/house husband in mac & Dennis move to the suburbs, Charlie rules the world (p sure Dennis has too at some point) when Charlie should obviously be the house husband for the rest of the gang. • he can cook • clean • he's handy • actually knows how to take care of a building probably • can hold his breath for a really long time • a romantic • he would have time to write his musicals & songs • the rest the gang couldn't stand doing it tbh

iasip but Everything Is Nice and charlie is the lovable scamp of the group who takes care of everyone else

in all seriousness though i think his skills are born more of necessity/to survive than anything else… it’s just something he does and not necessarily something he enjoys i think? i feel like he’d get fed up pretty quick if that was all he ever did (with the exception of the cleaning up of gross shit, that is).

this also raises some interesting thoughts about frank’s whole “charlie is the foundation of the gang” statement in flowers for charlie… it’s a really interesting dichotomy how he’s simultaneously probably the most skilled at things that are actually useful in day-to-day life and how he’s EASILY the most traumatized member of the gang and the least able to accommodate a life that we would consider “normal.” but sadly it’s 2:28 am so i don’t have the wherewithal to comment further on that

askpredetor  asked:

Should Borderlands 3's roster be "It's literally everyone that's alive from 1,2,pre, and tales" or just have a new cast of 4-6 lovable scamps not written or designed by Burch

New cast.

They already relegated Axton and Gaige to speaking NPCs for some Borderlands Presequel dlc and Lilith is kinda too broken in story now.

I’d like there to be like….

-Since Krieg is based on how Psychos act, they should have a playable Nomad, with a shield that they can put up any time from their action skill bar rather than a full on action skill, unless they get a specific gamechanger top of their skill tree thing. Focus would be on aggroing, giving orders to your fellow Vault Hunters, and protecting yourself and others. Being able to summon midgets, maybe.

-A Siren (obviously)

-Maybe someone based on how the Hyperion soldiers would act

-Another twinfisting guns person like Nisha with the right skill tree with pistols or Sal again

-If they really are going with a timeskip, a grown up (and hopefully less bonkers) Tina, with abilities taken from Roland and Brick

Word vomit/musings that I needed to get down

The mentality of the average Cybertronian was fascinating, Prowl mused, and the Twins were an excellent case study.

Present a group of mechs with two warriors; same size, same frametype, same battle capability… only the details truly differed. Allow the mechs to see the warriors fight and kill with their bare hands. Show the mechs the warriors post-battle, covered in the life-fluids of other Cybertronians.

And one of the warriors smiles, and laughs and makes jokes and becomes the base’s darling - despite being a trickster of the highest order - and everyone forgets that they’re standing next to someone who, not a joor earlier, had ripped a Decepticon’s head off with one hand.

The other warrior does not laugh and smile with his comrades and no one forgets seeing him rip the head off a Decepticon.

Was a smile all it took, he wondered, to turn a murderous berserker into a lovable scamp? Was no one more disturbed by a mech who could smile and laugh like a spectator at the Festival of the Five, still coated in the energon of his enemies?

He thought, and studied, and watched the Twins. And then turned his attention to Jazz.

Do you need something stolen? An ass kicked? Something beaten up with a baseball bat? Do you need someone with no knowledge of how the government works, but an extensive knowledge of the “Goosebumps” books? Do you need someone to piss off your parents with when you bring her home for Christmas? Have you ever wanted to have a knife fight with somebody, but never found the right person? Have you ever wanted to converse with a girl who thinks endorphins are called “dolphins,” and claims to have met God? And that God was an asshole?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you need MAE BOROWSKI!

If you like the bad girls, you’ll love Mae! (She’s really bad! At everything!)

If you like lovable scamps, you’ll love Mae! (Someone once described her as “punishingly difficult to work with!”)

If you like paranoid small-town girls with severe unresolved mental issues, you’ll love Mae! (Oh God please help her she’s so alone.)

For the low, low price of FEEDING HER, Mae will provide all these services to you, AND MORE! But hurry – there’s only one Mae to go around. FOLLOW NOW!

Disclaimer: Mae Borowski is not responsible for any damages that occur during her presence, property-wise or psychological. Hanging around her may attract the attention of a murderous cult. Please use your Mae responsibly.


Watch The Regrettes’ ferocious take on “Fox On The Run”

While the official kickoff of A.V. Undercover’s eighth season is still a week away, we thought we’d whet our readers’ proverbial appetites with a special bonus track in advance. In the video above, the lovable scamps in The Regrettes take on Sweet’s “Fox On The Run,” a song that you might be familiar with if you’ve been paying attention to our other recent video offerings. The up-and-comers tackle “Fox On The Run” with a youthful ferocity that would seem a little daunting if you didn’t know the group’s lead singer, Lydia Night, is actually only 16 years old—and thus far more full of energy than the vast majority of us old fuddy-duddies.

Those of you kind enough to open your homes to the lovable scamps of darkness will be pleased to know your guests have already departed in the dark of night. They have left with your money, personal documents, the cords to all of your electronics, and all of your forks. For those of you who did not house The Ones of The Darkness and still have plenty of forks to give, there be a fork drive so those with forks can give to those without.