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Villain Development

From a creepy old man 

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To emotionally tragic man that’s been misunderstood 

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From a threatening villain 

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To a dorky and lovable nerd 

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From a coward, childish, and annoying villain

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To a true threatening villain


Noragami Aragoto || Yato vs Aiha
↳ Did you think I’d be helpless unarmed? All those dirty looks. You don’t think much of me, do you?! I killed your comrades…

Babysitters (M) ~ Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: You and your best friend,Park Chanyeol, is babysitting your younger sibling but Chanyeol has some side plans. 
A/N: I really wanted to write a smut but I didn’t think this was ideal for my first scenario. Plus this may be shit because it my first full smut Scenario besides a drabble smut I wrote before.
Genre: Smut.

You quietly tucked your sister into bed and tried not to wake her restless form from her sleep as you tip toed out of her bedroom and closed the bedroom door quietly behind you. Down the hallway in your bedroom, your best friend Chanyeol patiently but nervously sat on your bed, waiting for you. 

Once you entered your bedroom, you plopped yourself down beside him and pulled your laptop in between yourselves, “Sorry about that Chesseball” you sighed and ran your fingers through some loose strands of your hair. 

This didn’t go unnoticed by Chanyeol at all but just made him awkwardly shuffle in his spot; Really wanting to lean over, pull your face into his large hands and kiss you.

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Lost || Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,364 words

Requests from anons:   Hello! Can I get an imagine where Peter and Y/N are a couple but she doesn’t know he’s Spiderman, and she was on the ferry and he saved her before she could fall in the water, and she recognized it was him because of how he held her close and after that she didn’t talk to him for days and Peter got sick of it and stopped her on her way home and then she told him? Can it have a fluffy ending after the little “fight”? Sorry if its long, thanks

 can u write an imagine where the reader is drowning and Spider-Man saves her?

Some Homecoming Spoilers I guess (I mean, it’s kind of just stuff from the trailer)

A/N: Lets pretend that his suit is water proof. Lowkey shitty ending. Sorry if your name is Angel


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“You’ll see me back at school on Monday, Peter. I’ll be fine.” Y/N said with a smile as she held both of her boyfriend’s hands in front of her locker. Peter swayed their hands slightly side to side as he let out a sigh, “But do you have to go to Staten Island this weekend? You’re gonna miss our annual movie night. You never miss those!” She chuckled a bit, “I know, but my cousins just flew here and they’re all staying at my Aunt’s house on Staten Island.”

Peter dropped his head, looking at his shoes dramatically, “What am I gonna do without you, angel?!” Y/N laughed as she unlinked one of their hands to begin walking out of the school building. “You have Ned. Plus you’ve been swamped with the Stark Internship recently. That would keep your mind off of things.” She stated, feeling bad that she had to leave.

“Y-Yeah, you have a point.” He awkwardly said, scratching the back of his neck. Y/N smiled widely, turning to look him in the eye, “See, you’ll be fine without me.”

Being Spider-Man came with its perks. Saving the day was so rewarding, everyone knowing who you are, and being known as a hero. The cons, nobody knows who you are. Peter knew he shouldn’t tell anyone about his abilities, he couldn’t put the people he loved in (potential) danger. As much as he wanted to tell Y/N about his powers, he couldn’t. He couldn’t just throw that burden at her.

Y/N stepped onto the ferry that same day, pulling at her backpack straps. She walked up the stairs of the vehicle, leading to the highest level of the boat. She wanted to watch the waves move as the boat did. She stood there, leaning onto the cool, metal railing when the boat departed from the pier.

She looked over, after hearing a loud ruckus, to find a man with mechanical wings swooping into the bottom half of the ferry. “What the fuck?” Y/N muttered to herself but she was suddenly rocked when the boat shook. But the boat rocked more than normal. She looked towards the middle of the ferry, and saw that the middle was gone.

The boat had split in half. Y/N’s eyes widened as she ran to the front end of the boat where the man flew into, to see what had happened. The mechanical bird man flew up awfully close to her. Too close. As he flew over Y/N, one of the wings on his back had hit her, knocking her off of the ferry and into the ice cold water underneath.

She was already fully submerged in the water when Spider-Man webbed up the boat and Iron-Man pushed it together. Peter saw her body hit the water, seeing her quickly sink down as cars plowed towards her left and right. “Y/N!” He shouted before diving into the water, without a doubt in his mind, trying to find her.

Y/N was struggling as a car descended onto her body. Everything was just so shocking, and she had been under the water for so long. She had to breathe, so she did. Water filled her lungs, making her start thrashing around even more. Black spots greeted her vision before everything went pitch black. Peter swam as fast as he could over to her, grabbing her body, and dragging her to the surface.

Peter took a large breath of air when they met the oxygen above as he shot one of his webs towards the top of the ferry. He pulled himself on the web, getting closer to the ferry. They reached the edge and he placed her body lightly onto the boat before pulling himself up onto the spot next to her.

He looked at her chest to see that it wasn’t rising and falling like it should. Peter started freaking out even more than he already was. “Y/N! Y/N, come on!” He shouted as he started doing CPR. All of their happy memories together started flashes before his eyes.

“Just breath, damn it!” He shouted once more, breathlessly. As if she had heard him, she started coughing up water, making her turn on her side to make sure that the clear liquid was no longer in her lungs. Peter, or to Y/N Spider-Man, let out a breath of relief. He sat down on the floor, pulling Y/N towards him.

“Thank god you’re okay. I almost lost you.” He muttered quietly, holding her as close to him as he possibly could. Y/N sat there, on top of Spider-Man not knowing what to do. His voice was so comforting, almost familiar, making her want to stay there forever.

“What would I do without you, angel?” He whispered, cradling her head to his shoulder. Y/N sat there, remembering what her boyfriend had said just a few hours ago.

What am I gonna do without you, angel?

Her eyes went wide as everything came together. Peter always being hung up with his internship, brought to him by Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, Spider-Man’s comforting and soothing voice. A voice that she could never forget.

Her boyfriend, lovable, dorky Peter Parker, was the amazing, spectacular Spider-Man.

He picked her up gently, bringing her to a seat inside the ferry. He placed her down onto the white plastic, and he just stood there, looking at her. “I have to go,” Spider-Man stated quietly, running away, outside of the ferry and swinging back towards the city.

That weekend, Y/N didn’t go to Staten Island (for obvious reasons) and she avoided texts and calls from Peter, until he showed up at her doorstep on Sunday night.

“Y/N” he said breathlessly, pulling her into a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay. I-I heard what happened on the news on Friday. I would’ve come sooner but I was just… I don’t know.” He said pulling away. She nodded her head, rubbing her nose with the sleeve of her sweater.

“Peter….we, we need to talk.” She said opening the door wider, indicating him to come inside. Confusion laced his features as they walked towards her bedroom.

Y/N sat down on her bed, letting out a large sigh, clutching the blankets underneath her. “What do we need to talk about?” Peter asked, standing a few feet away from her with crossed arms. She looked down, holding her head in her hand. “I….. I know you’re Spider-Man.”

His eyes went wide, he was so careful in keeping it a secret, well at least he thought. “What,” he laughed ,“I mean I wish, but I’m not Spi-” He was interrupted by Y/N.

“Please don’t lie to me Peter. I know the truth. It was you on Friday clad in those red and blue spandex.” She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. He ruffled his hand through his hair, feeling awful because her tears where all his fault.

His eyes began to swell with tears just like hers did, “You almost died, Y/N. And it would’ve been my fault.” He brushed the tears off of his cheek, moving to sit next to Y/N.

“If you knew I was Spider-Man, people would’ve found out about how close we are. An-And I have so many enemies, I didn’t want one of them to hurt you.” He sniffled, not making any eye contact. Y/N nodded her head, understandingly.

“I don’t know what ​I would do with out you, angel.” He sobbed, leaning over her and nuzzling himself into her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around the middle of his back, rubbing a soothing hand up and down.

“You’d be completely lost.” Y/N said softly with a small smile on her face, kissing the top of Peter’s head lightly. Nothing was kept a secret between the two of them ever again.

‪"A beautiful flower, with power of a dragon & mouth of a sailor, weakened in battle but not defeated. Tis the great legend… of Lady Shenpai.“

Deer  :^) ….. Shenpai: If you see this, maybe this won’t mean much coming from a total stranger, but either way I hope it encourages you.

Shenpai [ @pikaiscool ] is an artist and a streamer mostly known for playing Overwatch and maining Hanzo Shimada. She motivated me in to enjoying OW a bit more, and I want to return the favor.

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Offbeat (Part Two) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Due to all the positive feedback I was really motivated to get this up asap! Let me know what you think!! :)

Thanks for all the support as always guys, and I’m pleased to announce I’ve reached over 500 followers!! WOW!!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,625

Warnings: Language 

[Part One]

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{Special} College!AU Amber
  • major: film production 
  • minor: visual arts
  • sports: she’s on the uni’s women’s basketball team but outside of school she teaches taekwondo to kids !!
  • clubs: aspiring filmmakers society, girls who skate (all female skateboarding team), big brother big sister (she’s the big sister to a 6th grade girl who cut her hair short because amber inspired her), actually amber is in a lot of clubs because she has 4546932 friends and they invite her to all their clubs and she can never say no rofl
  • amber,,,,to put it bluntly is the most popular person on the college campus. like,,,,,,everyone knows who she is everyone from newly entered freshmen to people who graduated like three years ago 
  • why? because she’s so damn bright and positive that it’s hard not to notice her and well,,,,she’s probably the first person to befriend you because she’s just so outgoing and she loves loves LOVES making friends
  • and like amber is friends with jackson who is the other most popular person on campus and the two of them are always outside shooting hoops or being dumb on the quad and like ,,, everyone wants to be their friend because they always look like they’re having fun
  • but amber is also friends with the queen of the campus aka krystal who seems so cold and unapproachable from far away but somehow she’s always managing to smile and laugh around amber
  • and amber,,,,she just has a way of pulling everyone in towards her with an addicting laugh and an adorable smile and just this dorky, lovable personality 
  • she’s a film productions major and like she became passionate about making movies after spending time filming skate videos and vlogs for her youtube channel (which btw is still a thing she does. her vlog ‘ranting monkey’ is insanely popular like she has like 4 million subs and her instagram + twitter is always blowing up and everyone on campus is like HOLY SHIT YOU’RE INTERNET FAMOUS and amber’s like LOL NO IM NOT)
  • but yeah she thought about doing music as a career and learning to become a producer, but she decided that something about film was just more invigorating 
  • and she always has a camera on her and she’s always filming and uploading things
  • like it can go from her just using her phone to film her having lunch with her friends, to her using the gopro to film her and her friends skating, to her lugging around a huge camcorder for a movie she’s making for a class
  • but she’s always alWAYS bustling with energy to film something or take photos of something like she can never stop
  • and everyone she hangs out with somehow inevitably become actors in all her skits and movies 
  • and she’s always posting in the facebook group for the screenwriting majors if anyone wants to work with her for projects and she’s always like juggling 495342 things
  • people are sometimes like “amber, when do you sleep?” and she just shrugs like “i ????? don’t”
  • luna and victoria are always nagging her about staying healthy and amber’s like “ok ok ok ill eat!!!” and then she takes a bite of like luna’s salad and drinks some of victoria’s coffee and is like “see? i just had breakfast!” and they’re like aMBER
  • but it’s too late she’s skated off to her next class
  • she took visual arts as a minor mostly because she wants to be able to create more things on her own for her films because she’s basically a broke college student
  • plus all the friends she made in class all offer to like help her draw sets or make props and through visual art she became close with people in the fashion major 
  • and all of them aDORE her and are always like “if you need help with a movie!!!!! tell us!!!!”
  • and amber only gets shy about things like that, when people are so straightforward with giving her help she’s like you gUYS,,,,,you’re the best but i can’t even pay you???? and they’re like no no we want to do it because you’re amazing
  • and amber like pulls her hood over her face like iM NOT 
  • and it’s like the only time she gets flustered but it is sooooooo adorable
  • also she’s the certified girl crush of literally everyone on campus and it is hilarious because when the uni’s basketball teams have games
  • more girls show up to the women’s game with banners with ambers face on it and poster boards with ‘i love you unnie’ written on them and amber ,,,,,, like,,,,she looks so good in the uniform like ,,,,,, it’s heavenly
  • everyone always takes pics and a freshman even confessed to amber that they had made a photo of amber jumping to dunk their phone background and amber was like DUDE REALLY and they showed her and she like ruffled their hair like IM HONORED
  • that freshmen nearly Died because holyshit amber blessed them with a hair ruffle 
  • the women’s teams coach was like ‘amber we’re going to put your face on the university’s sports homepage ok?’ and amber was like ‘what why’ and everyone was like pointing at her fanclub sitting in the bleachers like thats WHY 
  • some people will sometimes talk about her behind her back because of her easygoing personality around boys and how she dresses and chooses to express herself
  • but like the rumors never go far because anyone that hears someone badmouthing amber will literally stand up for her on the spot because she’s been helpful to so many people and has become friends with even those who have a hard time being social
  • and like literally 99% of the campus has her back
  • and it’s cute she’s kind of oblivious to it because everyone does their best to make sure she doesn’t have to hear any bullshit for the way she lives her life
  • so when someone’s like “god, she’s such a fox hanging around with guys all the time” and amber’s like “who are they talking about?” literally the 10 people around her will be like “oh no one” and then proceed to be like @ the people who were rude like “get a life perhaps?”
  • once amber came into school not wearing her usual skinny jeans, vans, loose shirt combo but came in like a Suit because she was having an important dinner @ the big brother big sister program later
  • and everyone lost their shit. she wore that suit once but she got featured in the school newspaper
  • and amber has a special spot for making films that are like about life and growing up and like learning something about yourself because she really wants to make films that inspire people to be better
  • so all her professional work is always about like,,,,,,,people overcoming tough situations,,,,,,,,and she’s just a sweetheart because she finds people who are quietly struggling and says she wants to make a film about them because their struggle - and their hard work should be recognized and used as motivation for others
  • and for most people hearing someone say that, let alone offer to make a film about it, is really,,,,,,,is really touching because you realize that someone notices your efforts
  • and amber is that person. no matter what - she sees that people are trying, even when it isn’t their best, they’re trying in her eyes
  • but she hardly ever notices that she’s trying 
  • and it’s that about her that you wish you could tell her,,,,,
  • and you do,,,,just not to her face???
  • instead you kinda just comment on her posts with ‘hope you’re eating well!’ ‘i appreciate everything you do!’ and of course ‘i’ll always know you’ll do your best!’
  • and tbh you don’t think much of it,,,because like other people flood her instagram and twitter with comments all the time
  • like as humble as amber is, it’s beyond obvious that she’s famous online and like,,,,,,,the only thing that makes you different from the other 40k comments is the fact that you go to uni with her
  • and you’ve actually spoken to her quite a few times because you work part-time in the uni’s gym so you see amber during basketball practice and she’s always be asking you to help her find her locker key (she has a habit of losing it)
  • and you always help,,,,,,,even if it meant staying 30-40 minutes after your shift was over because like,,,,it’s amber
  • her glowing smile and the cute way she jumps up and down when finally finding the key,,,,,it’s something that would warm your heart for hours after
  • and like most people, developing a crush on amber is pretty much a given,,,,,like it’s impossible not to fall some bit in love with her because she’s all around,,,,,an angel
  • but your crush didn’t even come from the fact that she’s so silly and adorable
  • it came from the moment you saw her sitting in the locker room, drinking energy drinks and obviously fighting to stay awake, talking on the phone and going “yeah im fine, don’t worry i slept!! ill come after practice to help you out - no no i promise im totally awake, ill see you at 9!”
  • and you couldn’t hear what the person on the other line was saying, but amber was telling them over and over that she’d be there after practice
  • and when she’d finished the call, getting up you could see her stumble a bit,,,drained of energy and when she’d walked past you you could even catch the coming in of dark circles under her eyes
  • but when she went back out onto the court, no one else seemed to notice. they all just laughed and patted her on the back and somehow amber managed to smile back and crack jokes
  • and you had wondered to yourself is there was a point that even the most sunny, vibrant people could break and get tired
  • and so,,,,in a way,,,,,you just wanted to support her. even if commenting ‘i hope you get some rest’ on a photo was all you could really do
  • but then,,,,,somehow,,,,,,amber’s finding you after your shift in the gym one day and going 
  • “i see you always working here and i was wondering if i could film you a bit for a movie im doing, it’s about kids who work on campus so im also filming jinyoung from the campus bookstore and jin from the campus new channel, would you be ok with being in it?”
  • and tbh you stand there dumbfounded for like 5 min and amber’s like “heeeey helllloooooo are you listening???” and waving her hand in your face and you’re like UH
  • and you kind of don’t know how to respond because one) you haven’t ever really thought of ever being on camera especially not for something as mundane as working at your uni’s gym two) amber ,,,,, noticed you enough to ask you to be in a film of hers??? and three) being filmed by her,,,,of all people,,,,,,would you even be able to control your blushing face????
  • and you stutter a bit because you’re like “it,,,,,it’s going to be b-boring?” 
  • and amber laughs like “well, that’s kinda the point!! that uni jobs are boring, but like you guys perceiver and pull through to do a job that helps a lot of other students! so dude, are you up for it?”
  • and you don’t even think you say /yes/ but amber is smiling so wide and her eyes are sparkling like stars
  • and you’re sold. you’re done. you’ll do anything for her just about then
  • and you nod 
  • and amber grins and tells you she’ll be back with her camera next week
  • and you stand there for a moment, thinking to yourself,,,,,,,,
  • amber is going to film,,,,,,,,,me,,,,,
  • and for a couple days you think you must have like ???? daydreamed it
  • how could someone so popular, so sociable, and so,,,,,,,,,,so far above you decide suddenly that you - some person who’d just been in the background all the time - be worthy enough to film??/
  • and you know amber loves motivational things and whatnot but your job isn’t anything like that. you work at the gym and do stuff like get towels clean for the athletes and make sure the basketballs are inflated and sometimes clean up garbage off the bleachers 
  • there’s nothing really motivational, you just need the money
  • but then - much to your surprise - amber is there just like she said she would be with a camcorder and a mic and a couple of other people all holding light equipment 
  • and when she sees you, she waves and runs over
  • and it’s like you’re watching it in slow-mo, her bangs brush out of her face as she runs, her smile with the upturned corners of her lips is so distinct and radiant, and most of all her eyes,,,,,pretty big bright pools of brown,,,,,
  • all happy because of you and god your heart would break right there if it wasn’t for the fact that you were scared to death all of a sudden because of everyone else there
  • amber, the least bit bothered by the crowd of her friends, grabs your hand and is like “are you ready?? i want to shoot a short interview with you and ask some questions so i got some people together to help with lighting and one of them is from the fashion dept she can help do your makeup. we’re gonna shoot it here in the locker room, is that cool beans with you?”
  • and you’re like “uhhhhhhh”
  • and amber senses that you’re a Bit shocked and she like slaps your back playfully like “hey, i know it’s all intimidating because woooooah cameras and lights and makeup blah blah blah but it’ll be easy, just trust me ok! i never make things awkward!”
  • with a wink she nudges you forward and you’re like swallowing the lump in your throat like oK ,,,,,
  • and you sit down and suddenly there’s someone putting a mic on you and another person arranging your hair from your face and a voice asking you to close your eyes and your head is spinning but before you close your eyes you see amber from the corner of your eye
  • enthusiastically speaking to someone and she sees you, smiling again
  • and just with that you think - you can do this!!! whatever,,,,,this is ,,,,,,
  • and the interview is pretty short amber just asks how you started working here / why do you work here / and your duties
  • and you’re like “i did it for the money, i need to pay for my own books and stuff so,,,,,”
  • and amber goes “is there any other reason? like once you started working here, did something about helping out all the athletes feel gratifying? like when you hand someone a towel after practice or help the mascot into their costume?”
  • for a second you think you want to just come out and say “no” because this job is what you said before, it’s boring. there’s not big reward, nothing like working at the library or working as a TA
  • but then you look at amber again,,,,,and the moments where you stayed behind with just her to help her find the keys to her locker,,,,the moments where you’d search every corner diligently until you could find the keys that would make the girl you had the biggest crush on jump up and down in happiness
  • and before you know it you go, “there is another reason.”
  • amber’s expression gets bright and she follows up with “what’s that reason?”
  • and now you can’t help but replay all the times you got to be with her in your mind, hearing her complain about how clumsy she is, telling her that it was ok when she apologized for keeping you behind
  • and you,,,,,,,you bite your tongue because you almost say “you’re the reason”
  • but instead you go “someone special,,,,,,someone special is my reason”
  • and amber gives you a thumbs up from behind the camera and claps, saying that that’s the best answer - so touching and that the camera can stop recording and your first shoot is over
  • you sit there, as the hands reappear to take off your mic and clean off the light makeup
  • and amber comes over to tell you you did great, but her voice is fuzzy in your ears and you get up and excuse yourself
  • and as you run from the gym to the dorms you think that,,,,what’s the reason you still work at the gym? what’s the reason you keep cleaning that huge court, picking up garbage from the athletes and from the spectators 
  • you already paid for all your books, you already have your scholarships 
  • “amber” you say outloud,,,,,,and you can’t believe it but maybe your little crush wasn’t so little after all and you recall all the times you would stop to watch her practice, stay behind just in case she lost her keys again, feel sad if she didn’t and then get happy if she did
  • and you squat down in front of the dorm, clutching your hands to your ears and you tell yourself
  • “no, don’t do this. you can’t like her. she’s,,,,,,she’s,,,,,,,,impossible to reach.”
  • “whose impossible to reach?”
  • the voice comes from behind you and were so busy arguing w/yourself in your head that you didn’t even hear someone running after you
  • and you turn around and there’s amber,,,,,this time her smile is faltering into a frown and her eyes are filled with worry and you’re like 
  • oh shit oh shit i didn’t mean to make her worried oh shit oh man oh no
  • and amber gives you a pout that basically lodges a knife into your heart and she’s like “dude you just ran off like the flash and we were all so confused, did something happen? did i do something wrong?”
  • and you’re like “n-no that’s not it it’s just-”
  • and amber steps closer and suddenly she’s only inches away, leaning toward your face and grinning, going “c’mon, tell me. don’t lie too, ill know if you’re lying i have spidey senses”
  • you don’t want to tell her but at the same time you don’t have a choice, if you don’t you’ll just end up being a mess the whole time and ruin her movie so you take a breathe and go
  • “the person who’s impossible to reach is you. the reason i still work at the gym is you. i lik-”
  • you choke a bit on the last word and look down at the ground instead of at amber’s face
  • “i like you.”
  • but then you hear amber’s laugh
  • the intoxicating, contagious laugh and your eyes widen because it’s even worse than her rejecting you,,,,,she’s straight up making fun of you,,,,,,,
  • and tears start to well up in your eyes because you can’t take this,,,,but then you hear her go “im sorry- im so- sorry i didn’t mean to laugh but you ,,,,,,you looked so scared,,,,like your eyeballs might pop out of your skull and,,,,,oh wait give me a second”
  • and she wipes at her face with the sleeve of her hoodie and she’s like “ok ok, i can talk now phew. ok. well it’s a good thing you like me because guess what?”
  • you don’t look up but amber tilts your chin so you’re forced to
  • and the next thing you know there are soft lips on yours and you’re like HOLY MOTHER OF
  • and amber pulls back before you can actually Faint and proceeds to run around in a circle, crinkling her nose and going “i DID that,,,,,ok ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AHHHHHH”
  • and you’re like ???? why are you screaming im the one who just got spontaneously kissed
  • and amber sticks her tongue out and is like yeAH BUT I DID IT I DIDNT THINK I WOULD GOD WE K I S S E D 
  • and you’re like ?????? yeah,,,,,w,,,we kissed?????
  • and amber is like,,,,,,,, still jittering and you’re like ?????? and she’s just like sORRY i just,,,,that was our first kiss it was corny right???? i shouldn’t do that right?????? should i do it again???? let’s do it again ok 3-2-1-
  • and once again there are lips on yours except this time it’s not as shocking, i mean it still is because THE AMBER LIU is kissing you,,,,,,but also like,,,,,
  • she is so cute and embarrassed and it’s obvious she’s still flustered because she isn’t doing anything but pressing her lips  to yours and you’re like,,,,,,,,,ok fine
  • and you tilt your head a bit and move closer
  • and now you’re ACTUALLY kissing
  • but when you pull back amber is red as a cherry,,,,,like more red than you’ve ever seen her and you’re like ??????? are you ok
  • and amber is like iM,,,,,,new,,,,,,to this
  • and you’re like what how you’re so popular haven’t you dated like a bunch of people and she’s like,,,,,,,no,,,,,im not even popular what im just me,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg don’t be cute right now im dying but you’re also like “wait - do you like me too?”
  • and amber looks at you and then pushes your shoulder playfully like DONT MAKE ME SAY IT OUTLOUD,,,,,but yes
  • and you’re like wait hold up wait a minute since when
  • and amber’s like cringing, making noises and she’s like “can we not talk about it,,,,,,,,,it’s so corny,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i want to know!!!!” and she’s like fiNE
  • so she explains that ever since you first helped her out at the gym,,,,actually ever since she saw you cleaning the bleachers after everyone left she’d always thought it was really cool how hardworking and loyal you were to such like a boring job 
  • and she’s like “you’re really dense, i lost my keys like 10 times in two weeks like that’s humanly impossible i was just trying to find excuses to stay behind with you” and you’re like ihdfglff WHAT
  • and you’re like i just thought you were that clumsy and amber’s like no one is that clumsy not even kids,,,,,and you’re like ok good point but go on
  • and she’s just shrugging like “you’re different from most people, you never make a big show out of like being forced to clean up other peoples messes and you always helped me even when you could say no and i don’t know your face it’s like attractive,,,,like i like it,,,,,,,,i bet my dog and cat would like it too so ,,,,,,,,you know,,,,,,whatever i like you there i said it”
  • and you can’t help but break out into a grin and amber is like 
  • “also maybe i uh made up this film proposition just to get more time with you” 
  • you’re like wait what there isn’t an actual film??? and amber’s like no there IS but,,,,,,it’s all about you im not filming anyone else and you’re like WHaT that’s going to be so boring-
  • and amber is like STOP SAYING YOU’RE BORING YOU’RE NOT
  • but you’re like seriously though,,,,i don’t think there’s enough about my job for a whole movie and amber’s like you’re right,,,,,,i guess the rest of the movie can be about,,,,,,,,,
  • and she steps closer again and you feel her hand on your neck pulling you in again and you’re like,,,,,,,you know what let me just kiss her for now and we’ll figure this out later
  • in the end,,,,,you and amber end up together in your bed,,,,
  • cuddling and watching netflix and amber shows you pics of her pets 
  • and it’s an impromptu first date and amber gets calls from all the people back at the gym and she’s like no im not coming back, leave the footage at my place!!!
  • and then you and her kiss some more and then fall asleep binge watching some anime she couldn’t stop talking about
  • amber decides that she’ll make the movie after all, but instead of it being about you she also does film other on campus student workers
  • but she keeps grumbling about how she could have totally found some way for it to be just about you and you’re like no,,,,you can’t and she’s like trust in my skillz and you’re like why do i like you again and she’s like because i got skillz
  • you actually tell amber that you used to comment on her instagram posts and she’s like SERIOUSLY NO WAY and you’re like “amber, i was your number one fan” and she’s like SHUT UP NOOOOO and you’re like yeah i can show you
  • and she somehow gets so embarrassed by the fact that you like ??? di that and you’re like why and she’s like,,,,,,,,,it’s cheesy don’t and you’re like you know what’s cheesy you still getting up after we kiss and running around because you’re so embarrassed like we’re dating now amber-
  • and she’s like LALALAL I CAN’T HEAR YOU
  • sometimes it is so childish of her but you put up with it because she makes everything better, like your life is just ,,,,,so much more brighter because of her
  • and when she introduces you to everyone as her significant other everyone is in disbelief because they never thought amber would actually like date someone
  • she always seemed so uninterested in relationship like everyone just tells you she concentrated on her work and on hanging out with friends so it’s just ,,,,,,,wild
  • but everyone is nice to you (minus the fanclub who’s like no one is good enough for amber even though you agree with this tbh you’re in shock this is happening, you’ll never be out of shock)
  • but best of all amber is like “no i get to post some couple photos, come here let’s take a photo of us holding hands-”
  • and you’re like “for someone who gets worked up after just kissing, you sure are into romantic stuff aren’t you?” and amber is like STOP ITS FOR THE AESTHETIC
  • and you’re like UHUH
  • all you talk about with each other is memes. you send vines to each other. you also send photos of like you guys doing random crap like squatting in a starbucks or trying to pet a random dog while the owner isn’t looking
  • amber starts a vlog answering questions and there’s so many about you that she does a ‘ask my s/o questions’ tag video and you’re like,,,,,awkwardly there but then someone is like “what do you love most about amber?”
  • and you talk for like a good 30 min while amber flails her arms in the back and rolls around on the bed and runs in and out of the room in embarrassment 
  • and pda for her is like a,,,,,,,it’s like she cannot do it
  • like you kissed her cheek while you were out w some of her film friends and she dropped the taco she was eating
  • and that’s like,,,,,,,crazy because amber lives for tacos,,,,,,yet she just dropped it right all over her lap and you were like ,,,,,,,oh no and the entire table broke out into laughter until amber came to her sense and threatened to delete editing softwares off their laptops if they didn’t stop 
  • she skates everywhere and sometimes she’ll skate away and make you jog to keep up and you’re like i swear im just going to buy a scooter one day or something
  • (for your first anniversary she gets you a freakin scooter)
  • she has a horrible habit of taking photos of you sleeping and posting them like everywhere with captions about how you’re not getting any work done
  • you get revenge by taking photos of her drooling in her sleep
  • you go with her to get another tattoo and she’s like trying to get you to get one and you’re like iffy about it and then the artist is like “you should get ambers name in a heart” and both you and amber are like WAHGTGGF
  • you once were like getting really into it with her in the locker rooms when everyone was gone but then,,,,,her phone rang and it was,,,,,the goddamn trolololo song and you were like AMBER THIS ISNT 2006 and she was like GOOD MEMES NEVER DIE 
  • after learning she teaches taekwondo to kids and meeting her little sister from the big brother/big sister program and just seeing how well she does with kids you were like 
  • ‘mom amber is a cute concept’ and she was like ‘what’ and you were like (———: you heard me
  • tries to deny the fact that she’s great with kids but like,,,,,,,how can you deny it she’s literally an excitable five year old sometimes it’s not wonder she’s so good with them
  • finally finishes editing the film about you and the other uni student workers and you guys watch it on her laptop at like 3 am via skype because you’re the first person she wanted to show it to
  • and when she’s like “is it ok????”
  • you’re like, half asleep and like “why do i have pimple in the beginning of the movie” and she’s like “THAT DOESN’T HELP ME” and you’re like “i loved it, you’re amazing id kiss you to prove it if you were here” and she rolls her eyes like don’t
  • but she’s really really proud that you liked it
  • you befriend luna, krystal, and victoria really fast because you’re always worried about ambers health and you tell them about that time in the locker room when you though amber was going to pass out but she still agreed to help her friend
  • and you four are like “we need to protect her. she’s too nice for her own good”
  • krystal: more like she’s too airheaded for her own good
  • amber: i AM NOT AIR- OMG look a dog,,,,,im gonna go pet it
  • jokes but honestly she really does need you guys to keep her in check because she always has so much on her plate with all her friends and all her schoolwork
  • that sometimes you have to be like ‘amber, we’re going on a date’ and she’s like omg we are and you’re like yeah a nap date come over and get some SLEEP 
Black Out

Word Count: 1049

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Hank McCoy x Reader

Request(s): None

Warning(s): None

A/N: Hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

“Hey, Hank?”


“I need your help,” you said, blushing with embarrassment.

“With what?” He asked.

“Well, you’re really smart and all, and I want to pass my biology final, so I figured I should ask you to be my study buddy,” you smiled, shyly. Hank had been your friend since the day you stepped foot in the mansion, but that didn’t make asking for help any less nerve wracking.

“Oh, yeah! Sure. I’ll meet you in your room later, okay?” Hank grinned, pushing up his glasses. You let out a breath of relief, finally feeling at ease.

“Thanks, Hank. You’re the best,” she said, “but I have to warn you, my room is haunted.”

“Wait, what?” Hank asked, but you were already far gone.

A few hours later, Hank and you were sat on your dormitory floor, surrounded by papers and notebooks and study guides.

“Okay, so you have to write an essay about Darwin’s theory, right?” Hank asked, thumbing through the pages of a textbook in front of him.

“That is correct, Professor Brainiac,” you laughed at his annoyed face. Hank had graduated college at 17 and was working at the Academy as the scientist and engineer of the X-Men.  He was a true genius in your eyes. A cute, sweet, dorky, lovable one who stole your heart from ‘hello’.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, waving his hand in your face.

“W-what?” You asked, snapping out of your trance.

“You zoned,” he chuckled. “What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing,” you blushed, gazing down at all the scattered notes.

“Okay, well, we should start by seeing if you know the content. I’ll quiz you,” he said. Right as the words left his mouth, the room was blanketed in pitch black canvas.

“Hank?” You called out, body tense.

“I’m right here,” he said, placing a hand on your shoulder. You jumped. “It’s just a power outage. Are you alright?”

“Uh … yeah,” you mumbled, eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. You jumped again when you heard a loud noise down the hall.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” He asked, incredulously.

“W-what? No! No, of course not! That’s ch-childish!” You exclaimed.

“Oh my god! You are!” Hank Laughed in disbelief.

“S-so what? Do you have any idea what lurks in the dark? Demons, ghosts! Murderers and thieves!” You countered.

“Ghosts?” Hank asked.

“Yes, ghosts! My room is haunted, remember?” You said, looking over at him, finally able to see his figure in the blackness. He was smiling. “Stop laughing at me!”

“I’m not! It’s just cute!” Hank defended himself. You faltered for a second. Had he just called her cute?

A loud crash rang through the room, causing you to scream. Hank wrapped his arms around you in an attempt to calm you down.

“What was that?” You asked, panicking. He shrugged, looking around the dark room.

“I think your lamp fell over,” Hank said. He stood up, letting you go to investigate. He picked up the lamp and set it back on the bedside table. “Oh, look. Your torch is here. How convenient?”

“I told you my room was haunted,” you cried out.

“What are you talking about? The lamp was probably just unbalanced and it tipped over. Nothing to worry about,” Hank said, turning on the torchlight and pulling open the curtains on the window.

“How coincidental that it had to fall right when the power went out, right?” You asked, sarcastically.

“Exactly,” Hank said, not joking. You sighed and watched as he looked out the window. “It looks like this whole part of town is at a loss of electricity. Must be the storm that’s coming.”

You groaned, walking up to him. He smiled down at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“So, what do we do until the power comes back on?” You asked.

“We could start studying?” He offered. You groaned again and he laughed. “I’m kidding. We could just hang out for awhile.”

“Okay.” You said, heading over to sit on your bed. Hank sat down across from you.

“What do you wanna do?” Hank asked.

“Truth or dare,” you challenged.

“Alright. You start,” he grinned nervously. You rubbed your hands together, thinking of evil dares and cringeworthy truths.

“Truth or dare?” you asked.

“Truth,” Hank said.

“What is your most embarrassing moment?” You smirked.

“When I was seen, I was in a higher level class and I was asked to come up and solve a question on the board. It was my first day there, and I got so nervous that I threw up in the bin in the middle of my explanation,” he blushed. You giggled.

“Oh god, that’s terrible,” you laughed.

“Yeah, I know. Okay, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” you smiled.

“I dare you to tell me the cheesiest joke you know,” he challenged.

“Alright. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?” You asked, taking the ‘cheesiest’ part literally.

“What?” He sighed.

“Nacho cheese!” you exclaimed. He laughed, shaking his head.

“That’s horrible,” he chuckled. You nodded, beginning to laugh yourself.

“Exactly,” you giggled, only to jump and hold in a scream as a pounding was heard on a door down the hall. Hank pulled you into a hug again, calming you down.

“It’s just some students coming back to their rooms,” he explained.

“O-okay,” you stuttered out. You shook, trying to rid yourself of the fear. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he said, feeling brave. You smiled.

“I dare you to go out there and kiss your crush,” you smiled. He laughed a little, blushing. He leant forward a bit and placed a kiss on your cheek. You froze.

“W-wait. You like me?” You asked, confused. He nodded, face as red as a cherry.

“Yeah. Sorry,” he said softly, rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled brightly, turning around in his embrace and kissing him full on the lips.

“Huh?” Hank asked after you pulled away.

“I like you too, nerd,” you said, grinning like an idiot.

Magical School!AU (Hoshi)
  • when Hoshi was younger he loved naruto so he naruto-ran everywhere and his parents thought it was really cute and they took videos and stuff (if you watched them you’d find out the videos were just blurs of him zooming everywhere in a blur and sounds of his raucous giggly laughter) 
  • he was in the track team all throughout childhood and really really loved running because he always finished first and he also really liked the wind through his hair and the coach’s praises
  • Hoshi in magical school is like. Normal Hoshi, super energetic and outgoing and kinda oblivious but Fast!!!
  • in a way,, Hoshi’s known around campus as the “blur of pink” everyone sees every morning 
  • which is how you get to know him. you’ve never actually seen his face up close or like. his face when he’s not speeding across the dining hall in a blur
  • but you know he exists !! because Bruh he has pink hair
  • so,, anyway when the new semester starts your friends decide “hey let’s all try out for the track team!!” because Club Credits yknow 
  • and honestly?? at first you’re not so sure because “……… i have earth powers?? i don’t know,, track?? Running?????? why when i can just. Walk.”
  • you’re pretty hesitant at first, but you hear your friends talking about how hoshi was made the new captain and you’re like ! “oh! pink hair guy!” 
  • you always thought it was pretty amusing how Hoshi could literally be seen every morning dashing from one place to another, like Every morning without fail
  • and you think,, hey! maybe making friends with him would be pretty fun, and i guess meeting new people is always interesting,, 
  • and so you join the school track team
  • the first practice is basically all the new comers sitting in the bleachers getting briefed by the coach while Hoshi stands next to him taking attendance on a clipboard and,, you never really noticed his looks because he was always running everywhere without stopping but he’s actually,,,,, pretty cute
  • with the sun shining on him and his eyes peeking through his pink bangs you’re like
  • hey his face is actually pretty attractive when you get to look at it 
  • and his silver dangling earring and his training gear?? and wow was he always this…….. fit?? 
  • and the way he holds the clipboard is just so adorable,, you’re fixated on Hoshi the entire time and even when the coach is talking while chewing gum you’re just staring at Hoshi because Wow is he attractive 
  • at one point he turns to look at you and you’re like Shit and you turn away Embarrassed because he caught you looking???? wow what a Weirdo you must seem…………………
  • but Hoshi thinks it’s really endearing especially when he sees you blush the shade of his hair 
  • he smiles a bit (yknow his hamster-y smile where his teeth show a bit heheh) because well
  • that blushis…. thatissocuteomgthatis. the cutest thingever wowwhat. a cutehumanbeing I. wow. Cute.
  • after training ends that day you’re going home on the train and as the train doors are about to close you see a blur of pink dashing in and suddenly Hoshi is standing right in front of you 
  • maybe a bit too close to you
  • “oh HEY!! you’re one of the new people in track!! hello!!! I’m Soonyoung but everyone just calls me Hoshi,, fancy seeing you in the train HAHAHAHahaahah a”
  • what a liar. he saw you walking out of school and even though he could just. Run and get home in 5 seconds he decided to take the train…… so he could see you and maybe talk to you….. smooth hoshi smooth…….
  • and you try not to be distracted but you really can’t help it,, up close you can see the way his pink hair falls over his eyes slightly and his posture just exudes a certain kind of assuredness
  • and while his smile reaches his eyes in a special way, his laugh is so,, unique and infectious and giggly 
  • Well shit you’re blushing again
  • “hello!! I’m uh Y/N,, you’re the one who took attendance today (yes,, you were staring at him the entire time…) right?”
  • his face lights up!! and you begin to have casual, small talk with this pink haired captain whose sports bag seems too heavy and whose heart seems big and full 
  • and…. after several “coincidental” train rides home together (you strangely live in the same neighborhood hm), you and Hoshi actually become pretty good friends!! 
  • you begin to learn more about him (”you’re in the spanish dance club???? what??? dude that’s so cool dance is so cool!!”)
  • and he starts to learn more about you too (when you laughed at his corny ass 10:10 joke he felt his heart literally. Skip a whole ass beat)
  • “Seokmin listen to me. they Laughed at my 10:10 joke. I think I just found me new soulmate.”
  • and as the both of you spend more time on the trains together going home, Hoshi really becomes a friend you can depend on for,, just about anything really
  • need to eat but don’t have time to make breakfast?
  • no problemo, Hoshi’s packed a burrito for you so you can eat it on the way to school in the morning train
  • stressing out over the Elemental Powers presentation tomorrow?
  • Hoshi’s got you covered, and has brought you a sandwich and coffee to help you through your hours in the library
  • just having a shit day in general?
  • fret not, Hoshi’s running over to your block to give you his million watt smile and do a goofy dance for you to cheer you up and assure you of the goodness in the world
  • and honestly, Hoshi’s become so fond of you he would literally do anything he can to make you happy and to help you in anyway he can  
  • (the way your nose scrunches up when you smile and your sleepy thank you’s are big factors in his valiant escapades to make you the happiest person on campus)
  • and as this happens,, you find yourself falling more for this lovable, dorky  spark of joy who’s way more than the speedy captain of the gold-medal track team
  • one day as the both of you head home after a particularly grueling practice (the coach had made everyone run 20 laps “for stamina” he said)
  • you realise (albeit late) that Hoshi doesn’t actually,,, have to take the train home
  • he doesn’t have to take the train anywhere
  • he literally has. Super speed
  • this Revelation has you confused and frozen in thought for awhile, until Hoshi bends down to look at your face
  • “penny for your thoughts?”
  • “why do you take the train home? i mean,, you can literally run at the speed of sound or light or anything really, shouldn’t you be able to run home in like. 5 seconds?”
  • and well you got Hoshi speechless for a while and Wait is he blushing???
  • with a blush on his cheeks as pink and bright as his hair, he stammers out a “u…uh…….. Imeanpublictransportisforeveryone,,,, yknowliketaxesandallthat uh also I really like. talking to you everydayonthisdamntrain becauseyou’rehonestlythe,,, the most adorable person on campus”
  • cue You’re a blushing mess
  • cue You’re both blushing mess
  • you see Hoshi compose himself a little, his hands still swinging the handles on the train, the cheeky, giggly grin coming back onto his face like it never got replaced by a confused, stammering Soonyoung
  • “since you’re adorable and uh pink kinda goes with adorable,,, do you wanna,,, date???”
  • at this point he looks like a pleading puppy with his eyes shining with hope and Come on you can’t reject him,, that’s just not realistic
  • also you’ve had a thing for him ever since the first track practice wow are you Whipped
  • you laugh a bit, because the situation is playing out pretty damn differently from what you had expected; instead of your quiet pining disappearing into nothing,, the radiant man of your daydreams asked you out :”)
  • “yeah, I… I do wanna date you”
  • cue smiley soft you and Hoshi (”call me Soonyoung now!! or maybe just call me soon ;))))) ) riding the train home together with your hands intertwined and your smiles bright and unbridled

hello everyone!! I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD
I’m doing a new AU (again LOL) because I really love AUs,, and this one will be based mostly on the idols i write for having superpowers and going to college?? so honestly really similar to a college au but just. They have superpowers because that’s cute okay

I might not write for all the members again (because sometimes writing the same thing over and over again gets repetitive and uninspired), so do drop me asks requesting for any member (of vixx, svt and bts) and I might do it!!

thank you guys for reading my stuff,,, it really does mean alot to me :~~~)

love, Jyn 


The Various Sides of Lee Seokmin

97.02.18 Happy Birthday to the always fabulous and handsome Lee Seokmin! 🎂🍰🥂🍾

This baby was the very first one that caught my eye in SEVENTEEN when I watched their ‘Adore U’ music video after being impressed by one of their live debut performances! Soon after, I realized that Dokyum was not only a singing angel, but also a really dorky but lovable boy! I wanted to include so many more moments of my bias but one GIFset is not enough!!

Happy Birthday once again to this wonderful human being, and I hope your year will be blessed with everything that you’ve always wanted!

 I will always be your fan! 😍😘❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

#Happy_DK_VERNON_Day & #소중한_한솔이와_석민이의_생일을_축하해

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 3,650

Prompt: You and Steve are visiting your hometown on the 4th of July, and while on a picnic, you show him some of the benefits of living in the country.

Warnings: Smut, outdoor sex, swearing, light spanking, semi-unprotected sex (always use condoms; birth control doesn’t protect against STD’s)

Author’s Note: I thought Steve could use some love on his birthday. This was originally supposed to be a smutty drabble, but I ended up making parts of it pretty fluffy. Oh well. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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           “Why can’t we do this more often?” You happily sighed, leaning your head back on the picnic blanket and popping a blueberry in your mouth.

           “Because we live in one of the most populated cities in the world and it doesn’t offer much room for privacy,” Steve commented, leaning back on his hands with his legs stretched out in front of him.

           You turned your head up towards him and cocked an eyebrow, “I realize that, smartass. I was referring to this,” you said, gesturing to your picnic basket and the spread of food. “Getting away from the city, taking time to relax, not having to constantly run off on missions at a moment’s notice.”

           “Y/N, you know when there are people who need our help…” He started.

           “I know, I know,” you waved him off. “We’ll be there. I have an asshole of a boyfriend who never lets me forget it. Makes me get up at 6 am every morning to run with him and expects me to train during all of my free time.”

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Devilish Breakfast - S.M

I sat in the bubble bath watching an episode of supernatural, the bath was my only alone time – to get away from the kids and the stress of being a parent. I had even taken it as far as bringing in food and a bottle of wine with me – even though I only got through a glass or 2. That was how desperate for alone time I was. the lights were turned off as well in the bath and I was in my own little world watching supernatural, currently Dean was being possessed like usual and as a gun off someone knocked on the bathroom door causing me to scream and spill my wine all over me. someone being my dorky lovable husband shot his head in.

“why’d you scream?” he said walking and closing the door.

“I’m watching an intense part and you knocked at exactly the worst moment” I said washing the wine off my chest.

“need a hand there” he said smugly.

“don’t make me throw the remaining of my wine at you” I fake glared at him. He ushered me to move forward in the bath and he sat on the edge of the bath and pulled me back to him, he had rolled up his trackies so they wouldn’t get wet. “cloth” he said and I handed him back the wash cloth as I went back to watching supernatural intently. He washed over my back, even the lowest part which still made me giggled even after 5 years.

“stop it” I swatted his hand, in which he laughed at. I went back to watching my show and munched on a cheesy biscuit, Shawn’s hands came up to my shoulder where he dropped the cloth over his knee and massaged gently in which I moaned in pleasure at the feeling. His lips soon replaced his hands.

“you know there are children in the house” I breathed out.

“never stopped you before” he whispered into my ear which sent shivers down my spine.

The next day after a fairly eventful night, we all stood in the kitchen; Shawn, Luke and Lilly. Lilly sat on the bench in front of me, her little feet kicking in the air whilst I cut up fruits and made up fresh cream. Shawn was standing in front of the stove teaching Luke how to flip pancakes.

“don’t burn them” I called over to them.

“I’m not you” Shawn said smiling and Luke laughed at the expression that crossed my face.

“you’ll pay for that” I gritted out. his response; a wink.

Shawn turned back to flip a pancake when I snuck up behind him and smeared fresh cream over his face. I heard him take in a deep breath and spun around to face me.

“is that all you’ve got?” he asked standing toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose.

“you know I’ve got more” I licked up the side of his face, licking up the cream in which Shawn laughed at. When I moved back from him I winked at him and he couldn’t help but smile at me. he brought one of his fingers up and wiped the whipped cream off that had landed on my nose.

“I’m hungry” Lilly called from over on the bench.

“yeah, me too” I said starring into Shawn’s eyes.

“I’d think after last night you’d be pretty full” he whispered so the kids couldn’t hear us.

“I’ll never be satisfied” I whispered back.

“you are lucky that there are kids around” he whispered with his hand on my lower back. He then spun me around and away from him leaving me a little red and wanting more.

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xxsugamonsterxx  asked:

Dongho, Jonghyun, Samuel, Seonwoo, Seonho, Youngmin ect all deserved better T_T (not that I dislike the chosen 11, I like all of them but...)

THEY ALL DESERVE THE WORLD, I am so upset and bitter at Knetz. 

Dongho had a voice of a god, the looks that fit so many concepts and that blew me away. His compassionate and comforting personality of a father was so heart fluttering. This manly man with a heart of gold and a smile that is so cheesy, he deserved so much better.

Originally posted by hitoritabi

Jonghyun was Nation’s Leader, carried all the trainees and made sure they did their best. He faced so much yet he came out of training with a smile. Through all his hard work, through all his comforting giggles, with all his hugs, He was a caring and loving person who has the ambition of a lion. He deserves better.

Originally posted by 3cbx

Minki has such a humor to bring everyone and everyone crying from joy and aching from laughter. He is such a cutie to love and support every trainee. But his personality switches in performances and shows how serious and how much he truly wants to be on stage and show everyone the Choi Minki that loves everyone. He deserves much more.

Originally posted by croppedteen

Hyeongseop is a bundle of joy who makes every situation into a “glass half full” situation. His optimistic and hopeful personality does everything to soothe and comfort any person. His also very humble personality shows a sweetheart who gets along with everyone. This is also shown in his performances however with a strong desire to his best and for his team to their best. He deserves so much.

Originally posted by peach-somi

Haknyeon was a kind hearted cutie who bared many hardships but kept a very pure and happy surrounding so things would be easier for his peers. He is a youth who strives for more improvement and values all those who he learns from. He continues his path of learning and growth but with all his pure smiles and laughter, he deserves so much better.

Originally posted by winkdeep

Seonho, the childish chick who has improved so much through this show. He showed his devotion and commitment to being a better idol. His very cuddly and cute personality filled with such pure and innocence appealed to everyone’s hearts. However he showed much strength in his stage presence and did whatever was required. He deserved more.

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Youngmin, his fatherly role model and motherly compassion for his members was something that was able to comfort and help any trainee. He is a very hardworking and great person who did not deserve the amount of trouble that came his way. He practices the most out of all the trainees and faced some of the worst hate. He is a caring and helpful person who makes sure to put others before him without giving up. He still had a smile of his face and was grateful for every second given to him and he will forever be in my heart as a great trainee and will soon shine brightly on others.

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Sewoon, oh this shy sweetie. A hardworking and very passionate person who holds a very hidden but very lovable humor and dorkiness. When faced with hardship before, so close to debuting yet still not enough,rather than giving up he showed his growth and continues to show it. Falling in love with his ambition and resilience, he was shown how much love and support were with him from his fans. Yet again, he was so close to debuting and I think he deserves so much better.  

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And Finally Samuel. This young star filled with so much talent and ability. However this does not make him more prideful or cocky than any other trainee. His genuine shock and amazement for every performance, every trainee, every experience throughout the show was him finding more ways to grow and to be surrounded with very talented people. His ability to laugh at himself and not take things personally is another talent he holds His humbleness is also connected with how much he admires other trainees and believes they are amazing. I really hopes he knows how amazing he truly is and how much he shines on me today so that he can shine on everyone in the future.

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All 101 trainees work so hard and have a place in my heart. I hope they know how amazing they are~

soccer player!! hyuck

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omg sWEET SHY sOCCER PLAYER NEIGHBOR HYUCK 👀👀 he kicks his prized n overpriced ball imported from cali into ur backyard n hes gotta get himself to ask his rly cute neighbor (tHE REAdEr) for it back (also i jus wanna think abt him in a soccer uniform n headband n like disheveled but ethereal ok)

i’ve been writing this and listening to and july on repeat for almost 2 hours

  • alright
  • you’ve been seeing a boy just aggressively enjoying soccer in his backyard from ur window for as long as u have lived at that house
  • he practices like every single day
  • so much dedication for such a lil boy
  • u high k e y thought he was super cute every time u would see him while going to school or just going outside
  • one time u were just watching him play soccer with his friends bc it was so entertaining, and he looked up at u in ur window
  • ofc he was nice n waved,, but he looked so smiley n proud and u closed the curtain so f a s t
  • neither of you have the courage to knock on the door and actually talk
  • but one day,,
  • you were doing some work and looked out the window occasionally as he was practicing again
  • but he seemed really,,, off
  • and after a while, he started to fall
  • it’s really hard to concentrate on work when that cute neighbor boy keeps falling and getting hurt
  • he ended up falling as he kicked the ball and it went sideways
  • into ur yard :))
  • he laid there for a lil bit,, probably crying
  • u were rly concerned so u went out in the back to get the ball
  • by the time you got inside he was knocking aggressivel y
  • like,, sCARY knockingg
  • u opened the door anyways bc u needed to give it back 
  • but when u opened the door,, he looked really nervous and like he hadn’t slept in 27 days :))
  • he had dark circles n a really exhausted aura abt him
  • but he was rly cute,, wearing shorts n some expensive shoes n a nice shirt n a cute pink headband
  • his small, awkward smile also just made him 903x better
  • and his face was g l ow i ng
  • his hair just stuck to it from all the gross sweat and his shirt was clinging to him but he was still goin strong
  • “oH uhhh,,u havE m y ball,,”
  • “ye a i can see that”
  • really awkward exchange, but he was really eager to meet u n u wanted to meet him,, so u tried to attempt conversation anyways
  • “unjkdnj my name is donghyuck!! i like socc er “
  • “i ‘ m y/n and ur rrly cute :)”
  • he was concerned,, but also a lil happy abt it and gave a nice laugh
  • and then it was so much easier to talk
  • he started getting his ball “stuck” in your backyard smh
  • u let it happen bc he was so cute and wanted to talk so bad
  • a lot of the time you both would just sit and eat snacks and talk about whatever you wanted
  • “hyuck!! did u know koalas have fingerprints”
  • “:o rEALLY??”
  • and sometimes he would let u sit in his backyard n watch him play soccer
  • n if we was feeling up to it, would teach u his special tricks
  • all of his friends know who u are n they never had to a s k
  • he’s so cute tho,, always takin breaks while ur doing homework or studying or smth while watching him play just to see how you’re doing and if he can help
  • and he!!! always tells u abt how he did something new and cool
  • it’s amazing bc he looks so bright and happy when he yells abt it !!!
  • and he sometimes worries about boring u,, but u always reassure him by saying he looks so pretty while he’s running to ur door and screaming abt how he scored twice as fast with his friends while covered in sweat and has a really dorky grin and bright eyes ufhdhg
  • ur the only person he trusts with his nice n expensive ball istg
  • and !! once the season starts,, he always begs u to come to his games
  • literally will serenade u
  • or throw a soccer ball at ur face idk
  • but when you do!!! he gets so giggly n happy and has so much more motivation to do his best
  • if you cheer for him then !! he is so smiley and encouraged
  • and if you don’t,, he is still so smiley and encouraged bc u took the time to go out and see him play!!
  • and after his game, he hugs u so tight even tho he’s sweaty n gross
  • and he always does his best for you !!!
  • “HYUC k pls i don’t wanna be covered in sweat :))”
  • “o h sorry” but he hugs u tighter 
  • and even if he doesn’t win the game, he still gives moist hugs with a wide smile and just looks genuinely happy
  • “i did my best!! i’m still proud even if we lost, because i did my best for you!!”
  • and that’s just the most uplifting thing i have ever written
  • but you buy him snacks and plushies and make nice cards with 74 stickers on each page for his games
  • and he has a special box for all ur gifts and shows you his nicely decorated shoe box with all ur favs on it !!!!
  • he probably spent more than ten hours just trying to figure out where to place one heart sticker
  • bu t
  • as the season ends that year, n you’ve been friends for quite a while, he feels so much more obligated to win the last game just for you !!
  • so he gives the whole team the stern “u better fuk i n win or i’ll fight” talk n sURPRISE
  • they all do their absolute best
  • n when hyuck sees u on the side while he’s runnin to get to the field, he stops for a second just to wave and give u a nice smile to make ur heart screech
  • then he just plays so aggressively yet amazin at the same time
  • ur just,, in awe
  • bc that gross sweaty boy who collapsed n got his expensive california soccer ball stuck in ur yard and came to ur doorstep in a dirty pair of shorts, a pink headband, and had dozens of scrapes on his arms n legs
  • with that dorky and lovable smile,, :”))
  • is such a cutie who loves u more than his soccer and plays his games for you 🤧🤧
  • and when he wins his last game, he runs over to you before even congratulating his team and hugs you s o tight
  • and u can hear him sniffling so u ignore the gross and hug him back 
  • and then he pulls away to look at u n hold ur face and just smiles so softly 
  • it makes u feel blessed by our lornd and savior rjesus christ
  • it’s almost 6am and i havent slept in almost 20 hour r ss or is my math wrogn
  • anyways
  • he just tells you how special you are to him and how loved and happy you make him feel
  • just by sitting in his yard and giving him a cute smile when he cheers after he scores a goal against a friend
  • makes him the happiest lil boy ever
  • and he couldn’t ever ask for a better person in his life
  • he loves u so much an d he’s sweatin 2i02/7
  • hug him and make him lemonade and love my dude
  • dong hi yuck

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I rember hearing about official future Goku picture, is it real? Where can I see it?

Oh there is, and he looks like a dork. I still love him, but I want to cut off that ponytail. Goku, please. Did Gojyo tell you to grow your hair out? Don’t listen to Gojyo. He’s a cockroach.

Also I find it interesting that he’s still wearing his crown. But I’m thinking this is more a ‘what if’ probably. Because who knows if he even survives the journey :,)

I still have the head canon that he manages to find some kind of union with Seiten Taisei. Either way though, this guy still very much feels like our lovable, dorky Goku and he’s probably the coolest bro ever. I bet he gives all the kids piggy back rides.