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ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)

Movie night! 

Sooo.. I started this some days ago and then I noticed someone else had already done an awesome movie-night fanart w these dudes (click the link to check it out its real cute),, but I finished this anyways so have these two gay nerds all cuddled up and stuff,, :> they’re from my current favourite webcomic @longexposurecomic by @smokeplanet

Please don’t remove my caption!

  • Gon: *thinking* this food is kinda plain...
  • Gon: Hey daddy can you pass me the salt?
  • Killua and Ging: *both reach for the salt*
  • Killua: *stares at Ging*
  • Ging: *stares at Killua*
  • Killua: SHIT! I can explain! *draws back his hand*

anonymous asked:

Hi!!!! Can you give us some Winston hc's?? He don't get enough love anywhere </3 Thank you!!!!?!?!?!?!??!



- winston w/o glasses, either breaking or forgetting them, squinting So Much amd havin such a hard time navigating everywhere + recognizing ppl but Insisting he’ll be OK for the day, but It Really Isn’t Ok Goodness Gracious Please Help This Man

- winston actually bein a very good listener + is often approached as a 3rd party for others to vent to or just talk + he’s 100% ok w/ tht

he doesnt really know what to say in terms of specific advice but he’s always there to listen + give general support

- he’s Always surprised when he’s invited to things, even by like his Best Friends (ESP TRACER) + like. easily forgets there Are ppl who care ab him as much as he cares ab them

- has a h u g e love/hate relationship w/ puns, like he absolutely l oa th es them but at th same time literally cant help but find them literally th Funniest thing

- everyone thinks he’d be that super nerd that isnt that good at video games but in fact he’s Super Skilled, able to use two controllers at once (one w/ hands, one w/ feetsies) and can even play against himself very competently using said method (dva is f l o o r e d)

- going off of th last point, him easily bonding w/ dva + genji + spending many late nights w/ them playin games + havin a Blast™

i’ll very likely add onto ths later but thts what i have Immediately


what happened after the tweet ♡

i was gonna post this during valentines day but i wasnt able to finish it, but ey better late than sorry

(( this was supposed to be a funny one but of course it ended up sweet bc its jikook and i lov sweet jikook ))