ComicMix’s Tweeks Challenge Kids and Parents to Read Challenged Comics This Summer!

Twin tween geek podcasters Maddy and Anya Ernst, aka the Tweeks, just announced their Challenged Graphic Novel Reading Challenge on the ComicMix website, and their summer reading list is chock full of amazing graphic novels that have been attacked by censors!

Check out their list to read along, then listen to their podcast discussions each week starting July 13.



1: Noelle Soucek

2: Caleb Duane

3: Raven McGowan

4: Angel Martinez

5: Megan Fianagan

6: Noah Loux

7: Lucky Vemuri

Stage manager: Maura Wetzel

It’s Gonna Rain

MIRA: Elizabeth Miller

NISHA: Julia Sismour

CHARLIE: Duncan Weinland

EMILY: Kelsey Reese

KANSA: Nina Rivera

ACUERA: Sam Ducharme

Stage manager:  Dacota Schwarte

The Okay Kids  

JACK:  Dalton Miller

MAX:  Antonio Cipriano

ABBY: Olivia Swearingen

BARISTA: Nick Brusilow

JUNE: Kiera Eriksen-McAuliffe

TINA: JeanneAnn Faris

DANNY: John Petersen

DIANNE: Grace Andreasen

OKAY KIDS: Adreinne Lee, Auston Dortch, Hannah Rabatin, Jackson Wujek (Elijah)

Stage manager: Sam Allen

Atlas’s Equal

HELEN: Amelia Corrada

ALEX: Trevor Lown

ISOM: Christopher Nickerson

PARIS HALE: Dylan Schnabel

MIRANDA: Sydni Bringhurst


Stage manager: Ellen Greetham

Exile and Onion Girl

Dramatics magazine commission piece

KING IS: Rich Miller

QUEEN NESS: Katie Cross

ORE: Paul Harrold

ONEE: Annika Prichard

TY: Jeff Steele

KAY: Kathryn Svatek

LADES: Matthew Parker


HESPER: Ariel Quinain

EM: Elizabeth Loyal

DOMESTICS: Sora Brittain, Nicole Atkinson, Jimmy Henderson, William Bradford, Nicholas Serrambana, Lauren Roberts, Tucker Greer, Casey Durso, Kennedy McCollam, Hayden Elliot

Stage manager: Dayna Mathew

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!! 

siillyolbear asked:

8 and 38 !!!

8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
honestly, this is so something to not be proud of, but there was a point when i was 16/17 and so depressed i was considering dropping out of high school. and the fact that not only i somehow managed to stick it out n graduate, but to get such good grades in the last year means i can get into any uni/course i want now!!! i set myself up 4 life even when i was so blue and i am so fucking proud of that.

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
the entire band “farah loux” is ruined for me now because i used to go to all their concerts with my ex-bf and it sucks. and of course most other songs that remind me of people remind me of old crushes and that’s sort of boring so i don’t think ill go in2 that

thanks peach, ur a gem!