Wicked styles to follow. You know what rules? People doing their own thing. As many of you have asked for inspiration and wild outward appearance advice, it seemed time for another list! Lists, they’re almost better than Nutella. Here are some awesome folks with a mad personal look:

(P.S: If you are featured in this and wish to have your photo and/or url removed, simply ask here and it will be taken down asap)

Folks featured above:

Classy/sweet and sour:

Supernatural-studded-cybernetic madness:

Dark/wicked/ready for the apocalypse:

Of course, there are plenty of others, and I wish all of you fancy freaks could be featured! If you’re interested, I’ll do another post like this with your suggestions.


A short film about leaving something behind.
Hope you like it!

Photography: Jakob Sandell
Models: Louvrianne, Jakob Sandell
Composer/Music: Max Richter - After Gunter’s Death

It was my niece’s 7th birthday about a month ago and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. She said strawberry or chocolate, and I thought… why not give her both?

It resulted in this; a layered strawberry chocolate brownie cake. Brownie with strawberries, strawberry frosting, topped with chocolate and fresh strawberries. I normally don’t use fresh berries if they’re not in season, but I made an exception this time. It was rather tasty, if I may say so myself!

It’s less than a week left until Christmas, and I realized I hadn’t practised my Christmas updo yet. So I tried it out today. I think it turned out okay for a first try? It wasn’t difficult, but it was rather time consuming; the braids took me an hour and the assembling took me about half an hour. Sometimes I wish I had a lady’s maid who could do my hair for me…

Me and two other lolitas went over to antik_poesi’s place for delicious tea, glögg, cake and cookies yesterday, and I had an absolutely marvelous time! As if the fika and lovely company wasn’t enough, she gave us all surprise Christmas presents! I got a beautiful tartan stole and a G-clef brooch, and I love them both. <3

I just measured my hair for the first time in months; it’s 150 cm (59 inches) long, which is funnily enough just how long I thought it was. It’s naturally wavy, so I suppose it’s a couple of centimeters longer when straight.

Btw, I don’t measure my hair the way many people from the Long Hair Community seem to do, because it adds about 20 cm and doesn’t make any sense to me. I have my hair parted in the middle, tilt my head so the hair hangs straight down to the side, and measure with a carpenter’s rule from the highest point of my head straight down to the ends of my hair. That makes the most sense to me. (If I had a long enough tape measure and someone to measure for me I obviously wouldn’t have to tilt my head.)

5 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by mlle-marianne (thank you!), so here goes:

1. I play the piano, accordion and ukulele. I also sing.

2. I used to draw and paint a lot, but apart from the occasional fashion sketch I don’t do it anymore. I would like to start again at some point.

3. I’m an Anglophile.

4. I’m very good with jigsaw puzzles.

5. I almost always have lucid dreams, which means I’m almost always aware that I’m dreaming. My dreams also tend to be extremely vivid and I retain most of my senses; sight, hearing, touch, pain, temperature, taste, smell, balance and proprioception. I recently learned how to wake myself up instantly, which is very practical since most of my dreams are also nightmares.