50K Contest

You have no idea how long I have staring at the screen, trying to figure out what to write! Other that this might be the most longest thing I have ever written on Tumblr, it’s worth a shot! So here I go.

To: Alex~
Oh god this letter will be so terrible and sappy that you’ll probably make fun of it! I hope you like it either way!
Anyways,  I remember reading your and Niall’s story for the first time ever. I wasn’t much of a fan girl at the time, i just liked their song WMYB (and thought they were REALLY CUTE.) But as i progressed i began reading even more and more and i felt like I knew you and Niall. Its like i knew your emotion and how you felt at every important moment because we all have went through that and some, like you in the beginning give up on guys, but even that, you gave sweet little Niall a chance. And what makes it better that you guys OBVIOUSLY belong with each other, despite how different both of you are because like the old saying goes, opposites attract! And then with you, Belle, and Phoebe were just the best of friends ever, also despite your guy’s differences. It made me feel all giddy inside and my friends and sister would ask me ‘what the hell was wrong with you?’ because they didn’t understand how i saw you’re guy’s relation bloom into something amazing! And when you told Niall that you both shouldn’t be together I cried like at 1 in the morning because i was reading it off my phone and i just couldn’t put it down! But in the end, you guys stayed together and like before i felt all giddy and happy! I hope you  and Niall have long lives with each other. Love you!


To: Mila~
Great this is going to be even more sappy!
You have NO idea how much i cried reading your story! By this time, iv'e become a full-fledged fan girl (which in actuality begun to bug the hell out of my sister.) But with society now i couldn’t show it because i was friends with a lot of guys. Enough about me, I think you were the most insane out of all of the girls because both you and Moni are actual fan-fiction writing, tumblr crazy fan girls! (and i mean that in the best way possible!!!) It’s like you can related to the crazy fandom that is out there and be a part of it if you wanted to!
Now about you and Zayn… 
DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH HEARTBREAK WHEN YOU SAID TWO MONTHS??? Two months with out Zila is just insane!!! You both were my first ever OTP!! asdfghjkl i can’t even find words anymore!!!!! And everyone knows that Zayn was just too excited and it was a spur of the moment kind of thing when he said that you write and i know deep down inside, you know it too. BUUTTTT being the girl i am, i still think he broke your trust and had to regain it again, but on the other hand, you could of let Moni beat him up too. (THIS IS A JOKE DON'T ACTUALLY LET HER BEAT HIM UP YOU LOVE HIM TOO MUCH T-T) I hope you and Zayn have awesome lives and have beautiful babies in the late future!!!! Your still my OTP!!


Oh god i’m going to go full peer counselor on you, you don’t even know!!
It broke my heart that you had to find out your mother’s death right after having a great time! It’s like having the best meal of your life then learning it consisted of the most horrid things you can ever imagine (Horrible analogy but i’m trying here!). Not a lot of people can take the death of a loved one so easily and it can take months, or years to ever find closure. I can’t say i know how you feel, because no one can ever know how you feel. But you are so lucky that you had friends and family that stayed with you the entire time to support you through your loss and help you get back on your feet.Especially Harry. If i was in your shoes i don’t even think i would have given him a chance, but he was so persistent with you and protective It’s just like… asdfghjkl more feelings that i can't explain TT-TT.
And your father and Savannah were just the best people to you, i love how those where one of the few people you kept in your life because they are the most genuine people you can ever meet. 
You and Harry are just the most adoriblest thing that could ever exist  if you have any idea how Bel describes you both i think you would just like explode into rainbows, sparkles and butterflies! I trust you an Harry are going to keep each other happy for the rest of your beautiful lives!!


To: Kay
Kay, My beautiful and slightly insane Kay,
Did you have any idea what you were going to put yourself through when you first meet Louis???? You honestly put Louis AND yourself through hell and back and look where you both are!!!!! Happily together and being the most amazing couple the internet can offer!!!! And you can be an inspiration to a lot of girls, and guys because you are a victim of a terrible plague that has hit like every school in the world: bulling. Yet you still decided to ignore everyone who picked at you and kept your head up high and walked on like the proud woman you are! Even better you stuck it in all of their faces and made a documentary about one of the biggest boy bands in the world and made an award wining music video for Prodigy! (Although i know this isn’t actually real i bet in real life you would be just as amazing, if not more!) And when Louis sang to you behind the door you have no idea how much i was internally crying and externally screaming with joy (By now, i had successfully made my sister and girl friends into fan girls so they yelled with me.) Like you had every girl’s dream, having the boy you tried so hard to get, doing something to win you back in the most BEAUTIFUL and ADROIBLEST way possible :D I hope you and Louis will have beautiful weadding and babies and a future together because All the girls are my OTP :D

To: Tammy
Tammy oh my gad you are just the most awesome girl EVER! You stand up for anyone and everyone who needs it because your not the heartless girl you set up yourself to be! You handle hate with the best attitude possible , like making fun of their grammar and whatnot, and make the best for yourself!! Then you have Liam, with your lowest points he was there to protect you and love you when you thought no one could but he was always there to care and love you and i’m sounding so repetitive you have no flipping clue but asdfghjkl i’m dying of emotion!! And i’m beyond happy when you apologized to Liam (Although it didn’t have the outcome that i thought it would) because even though you might thought you sounded weak, begging Liam to come back, you were actually strong, stronger than most people, to admit that you needed him in your life, instead of putting another barrier between yourself and the rest of the world and you have no idea how i’m crying right now TTT-TTT. You guys are my favorite OTP (Don’t tell anyone!!!) because you are like the definition of opposites attract, (I know i said it to Alex but its true for the both of you!) I love you and Liam soooooooo much!!!!!! I hope the best for you and Prodigy too because i know you will all go far!!!!!! (I know they aren’t real either but how beyond awesome would it be if they were??)

To: Everyone in general (including Bel)
Oh my god I love you all! Bel you made beautiful characters with each their own special quirks, flaws, and personalities! The girls were special because i could see a piece of me in everyone, (I know it wasn’t intended but i do that when i read anything xP) The girls are just amazing the guys are their idiot selves (Like usual) And i’m crying reliving each book one by one and it’s so heart warming and insanely beautiful i’m crying on my laptop! 

I can’t believe the series is finally over! Each character has a special place in my heart and i’ll love them forever as if they were real people! I’ll miss you all truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Love Jen xXxXxXxX