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Is it odd that I compare Ken Penders to DarkSydePhil? They're both among the most hated people in their groups. Penders for Archie Sonic and DarkSydePhil for the Let's Play community. I think they both suffer from the "Never My Fault" disease. DSP always blames games for his blatant, dumb mistakes. Penders never admits when he slips up ever. He insults all other Archie writers. His Princess Sally mini-series sells like shit? He thinks it's because people hate Sally, not because of shit writing.

I don’t know a lout about LP’s, so I’m not sure I can entirely comment given that I’ve never witnessed this guy in action. From that tidbit alone though about blaming games for his own failings as a player though, it would seem to be a pretty apt comparison. 

It’s really rather astounding that no matter the situation, Penders will always find someone and something to blame for his missteps rather than just admitting he made a poor choices or that his actions impacted things negatively. 

Besides the Sally thing you mentioned, there’s also his excuses for why the Knuckles series got cancelled- Wal-Mart pulling comics from their shelves, and Star Wars comics somehow taking attention away from the Knuckles books. Yet somehow, Ian Flynn was able to make Sonic Universe last much, much longer than the Knuckles book despite never having the advantage of writing when the Sonic franchise was at it’s peak popularity or when comics sold much more than they do now. Yet when confronted on this, he claims that Archie gives that book more support and that it’s the sole reason for it being around, yet doesn’t seem to grasp why, if that is the case, they would be *willing* to give him that support. 

That’s just one example there. Penders just cannot take responsibility for his actions or statements, and clings onto that denial with the same tenacity that a five year old does when caught doing something naughty. It’s pathetic. 

Get To Know About Who Your Following (F1 Edition)

(The rules are simple. You re-blog and rewrite the answers, getting rid of the old ones)

When did you begin to watch F1? 2009

Favorite driver?: Sebastian Vettel.

How Long Have You Supported This Driver?: Since2009.

Least Favorite Driver?: I Don’t Really Dislike Any Driver.

Favorite Team?: Redbull / Lotus

How Long Have You Supported This Team?: 2009/2010

Best Driver On The 2012 Grid?: Lewis Hamilton.

Most Deserved World Champion?: Michael Schumacher

Favorite Track?: Monaco

Favorite Race?: Abu Dhabi 2012

Favorite Season?: 2010

Favorite Team Principle?: Christian Horner

Favorite BBCF1 Presenter?: Jake!

Have You Been To A Race?: Nope:(

If So Which One?:

What Are You Most Looking Forward to about the 2013 season?: Having no Social Life, Every Other Weekend:)

Who Would You Like to See Win The 2013 WCC?: Who Ever Gets The most points!


Kimi “IceMan” Räikkönen back in F1 with Lotus Renault GP in 2012 !

At my work, there’s 7 employees in my section, 2 are type 1 diabetics (myself included) and 1 is a type 2 diabetic. Post pizza lunch conversation:

Me: *yawns*
Other Type 1: “Yeah it’s crazy how tired that lunch made us all feel”
Type 2 diabetic: “For real”
Non-diabetic: “Not me I feel great!”
Other Type 1: “It’s cause you’re not a diabetic”