It is that time of year again: my heart swells with excitement at the prospect of interaction with fellow comics enthusiasts at the Emerald City Comicon (this upcoming weekend.) You can find me at table 1214.  I hope to see you there! 

For those of you unable to attend, I will imagine the enjoyment we might have had while looking wistfully to the horizon. I will also make my convention inventory available in my etsy emporium.

Get To Know About Who Your Following (F1 Edition)

(The rules are simple. You re-blog and rewrite the answers, getting rid of the old ones)

When did you begin to watch F1? 2009

Favorite driver?: Sebastian Vettel.

How Long Have You Supported This Driver?: Since2009.

Least Favorite Driver?: I Don’t Really Dislike Any Driver.

Favorite Team?: Redbull / Lotus

How Long Have You Supported This Team?: 2009/2010

Best Driver On The 2012 Grid?: Lewis Hamilton.

Most Deserved World Champion?: Michael Schumacher

Favorite Track?: Monaco

Favorite Race?: Abu Dhabi 2012

Favorite Season?: 2010

Favorite Team Principle?: Christian Horner

Favorite BBCF1 Presenter?: Jake!

Have You Been To A Race?: Nope:(

If So Which One?:

What Are You Most Looking Forward to about the 2013 season?: Having no Social Life, Every Other Weekend:)

Who Would You Like to See Win The 2013 WCC?: Who Ever Gets The most points!

Let’s face it… We are addicted to our devices. It is now socially acceptable, in the middle of a conversation with someone, to be on your phone. It is totally normal to see a group of friends or a family at a restaurant “enjoying each other’s company” by hunching over their cell phones. How many times have you caught yourself watching TV while scrolling through your phone at the same time? (Never? Yeah me neither, I’ve never done that either.) Every concert event or special occasion (even the opening ceremony of the Olympics!) is dotted with LED screens while people “capture the moment.”

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate technology. I am guilty of everything I mentioned above (except for the “Olympics” thing, I was too busy warming up for my event to be on my phone #USA). All of this is to say, of COURSE people are abusing their phones in the theatre. That is what we do now. We abuse our phones EVERYWHERE. So what’s the solution?

As a performer, I can tell you, it is extremely distracting and disheartening to look into the audience and see people completely disengaged from your performance, and living in the world of their phone. As an audience member, I find it INFURIATING when the harsh light or ring or buzz of someone’s phone takes me out of the performance I am so engrossed in (and paid money to see). So, what do we do? Is there a solution beyond pre-show announcements instructing us to turn our damn phones off and unwrap our candies? Is there a way for theatres to become “no service” zones? Must there be a Patti LuPone impersonator at every show in every theatre across the globe ripping phones out of rude people’s hands like some magnificent high belting vigilante? Or does it really all come down to personal responsibility? What do you think? Let’s get this discussion going. (Sent from my iPhone)

Thumbelina series 

(by Dani Soon

<Thumbelina series> is personal project for Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale ‘Thumbelina’ using Korean folk painting ‘Minhwa민화’ style.
The objective of <Thumbelina series> is combine East and West, old and new.
Characteristic of Minhwa is blank space and flat figures. For <Thumbelina series> project, such features were illustrated and digitized. Minhwa’s figures(such as rock, water, fish, flower, Etc)are mythical symbol of wishing good luck, happiness and long life. This figures were used to illustrate the fairy tale story.

DESIGN STORY:  | Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ |

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Doctor Who nominated for the National Television Awards! 

Unlike the Baftas and the RTAs, the National Television Awards are voted for by you – the licence fee payer, armchair dweller, popcorn chewer and (probably) secret Gogglebox fanatic.

Whether you can be found yelling joyously at lairy louts on the Jeremy Kyle show or crave some gritty crime action in the form of BBC1’s Happy Valley, the NTAs have got you covered.

There are even a couple of new categories for 2015: TV Judge (Mary Berry, it’s your time to shine) and Skills Challenge Show (a category comprised entirely of cookery programmes – plus The Apprentice).

The shortlist for this year’s NTAs has been revealed, and you’ve got until 21st January to vote for your favourite small screen stars.

To have your say you can either vote online at www.nationaltvawards.com or call 0901 888 2015



Doctor Who

Downton Abbey



Click here to vote!

“When Kathleen Andrews became Edmonton’s first female bus driver in 1975, there were no female bathrooms in the bus depots and no radios on any of the buses.

So Andrews carried a dime in her pocket for emergency calls in phone booths, used the male manager’s private bathroom and picked up the tradition of waving to other passing bus drivers as a signal she was safe.

She faced drunken louts trying to pick her up, male colleagues who questioned her ability to drive and passengers who refused to get onto her bus because she was a woman driver. But Andrews stuck it out behind the steering wheel for three years before moving up the ranks, becoming a pioneer at Edmonton Transit Services while working to bring in a stable income for her two children.”