I need this right now, so my anti-binge list. Comment and add more.

1. Thigh high socks
2. Shorts
3. Bikinis
4. Crop tops
5. High wasted jeans
6. Leggings
7. Bulky sweaters/sweatshirts
8. Cardigans (tight or loose)
9. Defined jawline
10. Collar bones
11. To look good in a tee shirt and a messy bun
12. To still look good even at the gym
13. To be able to shop at any store
14. Concave stomach
15. Thin hands wrapped around mugs of coffee/tea
16. Delicate in general instead of a fumbling beast
17. To be able to cuddle/be lifted/sit on people’s laps with lout crushing them
18. Thigh gap
19. To be able to fold up into myself and be small and safe
20. To hate myself less

Not Lout

Snotlout :’( 

Love the insecurities, and his anxiety, and the pressure his father puts on him and how he’s still struggling to find himself in that messy balance of dad’s approval and changing with the times and fitting in with his peers.

You know what else I love?

Acknowledging that the dragon riders are aware that Hiccup’s going to be chief one day and that they’re looking at how the dynamics in their group are going to shift and where their future lies.

Race to the Egde Season 4 Hiccstrid Summary
  • Defenders of the Wing pt. 2: Nothing much. The battle on the Edge takes up most of the screen time
  • Gruff around the edges: Nothing?! Not even a sentence exchanged
  • Midnight Scrum: Astrid to the rescue of her precious Damsel-in-distress! XD Bonus: the Handtouching in the Great Hall!
  • Not Lout: Hiccup complimenting Astrid on being sharp og battletactics
  • Save Shattermaster: A few exchanged sentences in the end
  • Dire Straits: Leader!Astrid, but Worried!Astrid the most = Hiccstrid starts to brew now...
  • The Longest Day: No Hiccstrid doe...
  • Gold Rush: Again, few exchanged sentences. Focus lies on the Berserker siblings.
  • Out of the Frying Pan: Once again, Worried!Astrid, and Hiccup cradling unconscious Astrid on Meatlug
  • Twintuition: Nothing. Focus on the Twins
  • Blindsided: *AHEM* NO! The ULTIMATE Hiccstrid Episode! <3
  • Shell Shocked pt. 1: Veeeeery secretive! but that kiss doe *_*
  • Shell Shocked pt. 2: D'awwww look at those two... and... wait, VIGGO! TOO CLICHÉ MAN! But ohhh.... look at that sweet double-kiss to end on! The Fandom can die happy now :') <3

Though I will say there’s something about my Thuggory design that I find slightly reminiscent of the ‘mysterious hooded man’

could just be the goatee and big brown eyes and face shape

Still, it both makes me immediately more fond of him (and I was already fond of him) and inspires hopes that this dude (krogan?) brings in some MORE book-easter-eggs. How cool would it be if he were a Meathead?

Oh! But he also looks like how I described Lava Louts in Leith.


42nd annual César Awards winners


“Divines” produced by Marc-Benoit Créancier, directed by Houda Benyamina
“Elle” produced by Saïd Ben Saïd, Michel Merkt, directed by Paul Verhoeven — WINNER
“Frantz” produced by Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, directed by François Ozon
“Les Innocentes” produced by Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, directed by Anne Fontaine
“Ma Loute” produced by Jean Bréhat, Rachid Bouchareb, Muriel Merlin, directed by Bruno Dumont
“Mal de Pierres” produced by Alain Attal, directed by Nicole Garcia
“Victoria” produced by Emmanuel Chaumet, directed by Justine Triet


Houda Benyamina, “Divines”
Paul Verhoeven, “Elle”
François Ozon, “Frantz”
Anne Fontaine, “Les Innocentes”
Xavier Dolan, “Juste La Fin Du Monde” — WINNER
Bruno Dumont, “Ma Loute”
Nicole Garcia, “Mal De Pierres”


Judith Chemla, “Une Vie”
Marion Cotillard, “Mal de Pierres”
Virginie Efira, “Victoria”
Marina Foïs, “Irréprochable”
Isabelle Huppert, “Elle” — WINNER
Sidse Babett Knudsen, “La Fille de Brest”
Soko, “La Danseuse”


François Cluzet, “Médecin de Campagne”
Pierre Deladonchamps, “Le Fils de Jean”
Nicolas Duvauchelle, “Je Ne Suis Pas Un Salaud”
Fabrice Luchini, “Ma Loute”
Pierre Niney, “Frantz”
Omar Sy, “Chocolat”
Gaspard Ulliel, “Juste La Fin Du Monde” — WINNER


Oulaya Amamra, “Divines” — WINNER
Paula Beer, “Frantz”
Lily-Rose Depp, “La Danseuse”
Noémie Merlant, “Le Ciel Attendra”
Raph, “Ma Loute”


Jonas Bloquet, “Elle”
Damien Bonnard, “Rester Vertical”
Corentin Fila, “Quand On A 17 Ans”
Kacey Mottet Klein, “Quand On A 17 Ans”
Niels Schneider, “Diamant Noir” — WINNER


Nathalie Baye, “Juste La Fin Du Monde”
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, “Ma Loute”
Anne Consigny, “Elle”
Déborah Lukumuena, “Divines” — WINNER
Mélanie Thierry, “La Danseuse”


Gabriel Arcand, “Le Fils de Jean”
Vincent Cassel, “Juste La Fin Du Monde”
Vincent Lacoste, “Victoria”
Laurent Lafitte, “Elle”
Melvil Poupaud, “Victoria”
James Thierrée, “Chocolat” — WINNER

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Wwwwww, I think it was something like this :

Jun *making a stoic expression*: This is great, right Sakurai-san? I will learn a lot from this performance. This will make a good asset to…
Sho: Ah for crying out lout MatsuJun! You can fanboy if you want to! (=0=*)
Jun: …..(00)

i dont sleep i join lol xD…. cant wait to start squares *.* 

i want to take a photo outside on grass once i finish the whole blanket! I cant stop thinking that it will look like a lotus flower lake<333

 it makes me think about 4th prince fave place in  Bu Bu Jing Xin ;__; even if  photoshop/edits were so fake it was so beautiful<3 

Race to the Edge Season 4 Episode Summary
  • Defenders of the Wing pt. 2: King Snotlout?!
  • Gruff around the edges: Double-up on T.J. Miller!
  • Midnight Scrum: Damsel-in-distress!Hiccup is best Hiccup!
  • Not Lout: Now I feel bad for Snotlout...
  • Save Shattermaster: Well... that's one way to bring back Dagur... I suppose...?
  • Dire Straits: Scuba!Hiccup ! Bonus: Hicctooth moment made me cry...
  • The Longest Day: Sleepdeprivation is everything! xD
  • Gold Rush: Well... Goodbye Heathlegs...
  • Out of the Frying Pan: Hicclegs... Just... Hicclegs xD
  • Blindsided: Blind!Astrid = Badass!Astrid
  • Shell Shocked pt. 1: What the fudge, Viggo?!
  • Shell Shocked pt. 2: The Gang's Reaction!!

infant-lamb  asked:

Nordics react to a s/o wearing a really childish Halloween costume , sliding around in the house and hiding when they get home


Sweden: He would get a huge rise out of this and it would end up he and his S/O playing a game of hide and seek. After Sve found them he would pick them up and trow them on the couch, giving them kisses and making them laugh, Sve would even have a *cue dramatic music* HUGE smile on his face as his S/O would be too adorable for him to handle.

Finland: He would chase his S/O around, totally tickle fight breaking out. Not even caring about how lout his S/O would be yelling for him to stop, because seeing their cheeks turning red from laughing would please him immensely as he would kiss them and yet continue to tickle them. 

Iceland: Icey would at first pretend he didn’t see the point to their shenanigans, but once he saw them getting into it, even he would end up playing around and sliding around the house too. But only in front of them, we all know how Icey has to keep up his rep. 

Norway: Norge would not only find it adorable, if a game of hide and seek came of it, he would use his magical friends to totally help him, and then just sneak up on them, scaring them as they would fall into a pile on the floor, both laughing. 

Denmark: Oh it would all be fun an games as his S/O would be running to try to get out of the Dane’s grips, only then to knock something over. As they would look at the damage, they would only shrug their shoulder and just continue to run around until the Dane finally got them and pulled them to the ground on top of him. Hugging them as they laughed the Dane’s sides killing him. 

Listening To Scattered Traffic Buzz Back And Forth With The Wind

Watching shadows dance along my walls
Restless in bed
Words slowly spiral out into a vast nothingness
My bones grow hollow
4 A.M.
Hacking and tossing and turning
With a stuffy nose and a dry mouth
Gasping for air
Poetry sleeps on a dusty shelf
The poet sleeps in the bathtub
Clear my mind
Clear my lungs
Clear my name
Scream psychedelic ambient hardcore bullshit at the top of your lungs
Passively twitch strange doodles until your fingers fall off
Vomit unmetered duets with homeless men into the face of oblivion
10,000 artists
10,000 faces
10,000 points and 10,000 anti-points
All trying to get fucked
All offering fortune cookie wisdom
All pricking their fingers so they can say they once bled for art
I see the sun start peek from the treetops
I hear the homebodies getting ready for work
I sigh aloud
Listening to scattered traffic buzz back and forth with the wind