lousy with sylvanbriar


Of Montreal “Sirens of Your Toxic Spirit”

I love the harmonies on this song. This version is really well done.

Of Montreal: "belle glade missionaries"

sounds like music i’d hear from the jukebox at the barton springs saloon down the street. maybe ween’s take on classic rock? either way, i really like it, definitely makes me curious about what this next go around from of montreal is going to sound like. their new album lousy with sylvanbriar is coming out in early october, and if it continues on this dusty booted ‘60’s path, it’ll serve as intriguing contrast to the psychedelic pop endeavors that define their past. this one’s definitely got some characteristic meandering to it though, both lyrically and instrumentally, that fits perfectly within the implied structure; surprisingly almost landing somewhere between dr. dog’s soul and tame impala’s curiosity.