lousy coloring


I am very lousy with colors and such but here’s a S&P!Jacksepticat skin!

I think it’s be nice to have this as a skin/alternative color scheme thing… The tail’d be a problem though. 

here’s where you can read more about the idea illustration

Happy Birthday, Mod! Sorry, this isn’t my best work (time crunch and lousy coloring utensils), but I thought I’d give it a shot. Hero’s excited for your birthday and the idea of cake. *goes to hide in a corner and hopes you don’t see this*

[23-07-2014] Happy Birthday Sauce ♥

i’m sorry for the lousy coloring, hahaha it was hard only using one layer.

i’m just a 13 year old amateur drawer sobsobsob

ahh well, i’m just gonna crawl up in a ball and sit in a corner 

universaldancing  asked:

this fucking idiot on vine was like "now everybody is going to stereotype me as racist just because i'm white" like um i'd rather be stereotyped as a racist than being seen as a thug/animal/criminal/inferior/illegal/terrorist like people of color? fucking lousy human beings, they sicken me.

Ever notice how the only people who complain about being “stereotyped as racists” are always just people who have been accurately described as racists? SO FUCKING WEIRD

Sadly ruined this amazing piece of work by Easyminds with my lousy colors.  (Go check that blog out, that is some seriously amazing art)   I really tried to not lame out on that background, but my personal inertia got the best of me.  

A big thank you to all 200 groovy followers of this doofy blog!  You are the most amazing people, and I can’t help but feel like I’m very disappointing in comparison.  I hope I manage to at least briefly entertain a few of you. 

Thank you!