adfly must die
This blog has been created to stop the adfly problem with the sims 2 modding community. Don't want...

This blog here on Tumblr is reposting with their own links, the works of all sims creators that use Adfly. I’m not a judge or jury for or against Adfly , but 2 wrongs don’r make a right. Re-uploading someone elses work regardless of the circumstances is very bad form and pretty lousy in my opinion. If you don’t want to have anything to do with adfly , fair enough, but the more obvious solution is, is to find something else to download and ignore the Adfly one altogether. Simples. It’s up to the original uploader to do what they want with their creations and you do have an option whether to download it or not. Re-uploading someone elses work with your own links is not such an option.