So askendermanadventurer mentioned recently that they didn’t think some folks liked Maple and my hand slipped. I’ve personally always loved Maple’s design (plant creepers aw yiss) and her asks are really cute!

And to clarify, in my headcanon, female creepers are queens and become the heads of Creeper hives like ants or bees. So Louss naturally thinks highly of her.

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The latest of late birthday presents, for Shrine! When it actually was her birthday, many months ago, I was bogged down with school-related things and even after the semester ended I was still stuck as to what to draw because there were so many choices, and I had promised I would draw her a thing. That thing wound up being Louss the Creeper. I took some liberties as far as his vine body, making the vine wrapping kinda sorta like the layering of muscles, at least as far as the body is concerned.

So yes, happy super-late birthday!


I asked for interesting and I got interesting haha. This character is really interesting and unique, not sure I did Louss any justice though. Hope you like it though! 
For Askenderblock. I can send the high res png to you as well if you want it~

I’ll keep up the one thing up for a few more days, so if someone wants to toss their character at me.


zeewerecat: hey Lous, if you don’t mind me asking just how exactly did you meet Vik and Dex?

Louss: I may have been in their house…There were just so many interesting things in there, I couldn’t resist! They came back, heard me investigating one of their chests (they had gold!) and I hid as best I could…

Dex hadn’t seen a Creeper before, that’s probably the only reason I didn’t get hit with a shovel. Vik had never met a Creeper that was peaceful before and let me explain myself…I’ve just sort of been with them ever since.

(Notes: Dex is darker because this was actually earlier, before e had bleached out the amount e has now. Also, Louss being made nearly entirely of vines means he can squeeze in pretty tight places and such.)


Vik: Necks? …Oh! Baylee asked about that too. 

We don’t have necks—we don’t really need them. Our bodies are a bit different from yours. We sort of have what you’re talking about, but…

According to our Dragon, our bodies are a…construct. We sort of imagine our image, I guess. I suppose we could have necks, but it wouldn’t do us much good.

((Fun Fact: Yes, Anon, you were the first to ask this question!))


Shrike: I’m sure you recall this little incident. Yeah, Creepers are a plant based species in our headcanon. They live in Hives and serve a queen. There are actually two kind of explosions that a Creeper can do, one offensive and one defensive. An offensive explosion kills the Creeper and destroys blocks. The defensive explosion is the appearance of an explosion. They separate and disperse pollen everywhere, kind of like a squid shooting ink. Then they make a quick get away. It’s normally only used by Creepers that, like Louss, can’t actually explode due to genetic defect. The defensive explosion’s primary use, however, is for mating. When a Creeper goes to mate with the queen he simply explodes in this manner and she’s covered in the pollen, thus producing more buds.

Creeper sex is interesting but it’s not like an orgy or anything. To them it’s a great honor to be allowed to pollinate the queen. (Something not allowed for Louss because he would pass on his faulty genetics.)They don’t experience sexual pleasure and are rather confused about how the process works for other creatures. 

So yes, technically, this panel? Totes NSFW of a creeper. Or it would be. If Creepers were as hung up about sex as humans are. 

“I can’t find the egg!” Dex was in a state, panicking, “Oh Dragon, I can’t find the egg!”

Vik sat up from the tumble down the ravine, looking equally panicked, “What?” e reached out, feeling around them for their offspring.

Dex got up, ignoring es injuries, and began looking around the bushes, trying to locate it. Vik managed getting to es feet and paused, “I hear water…”

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