loups garoux

Where I come from, the forests are three times as tall.  The leaves are all thick fleshy plates, and you can walk on them in spirals right up to the top of the canopy. All mauves and purples with blood-red trunks. And after winter, when the suns first get warm, there are swarms of moths. They’ve got wings like cut sapphires, and they blot out the white sky like glittering blue smoke.
—  Turlough (Loups Garoux)

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→ myth figures: werewolves for @summertrainmichael (hope you enjoy!) {suggest to me myth or history ideas for aesthetics}

And in the stories, they say that if you harm a loup garoux, if they bleed, that they show you just a glimpse of what they really are. It’s all in the eyes, apparently. - Blood and Chocolate