I was playing with the sparg land creator and got a few land names for my fantrolls that know one knows about but me because I LIKE DOING THINGS LIKE THIS FOR MY CHARACTERS OKAY. They never played sgrub, but if they did I declare this their canon.

  1. Ardmes: Land of Rust and Moss - Loram looks deserty at first glance but is actually a very damp planet. The water that seeps from the iron laden mesas sustains the mosses that cover virtually everything. Consorts: Earth Worms. 
  2. Telcaz: Land of Ultraviolet and Scales - Louos (HOW DO YOU EVEN SAY THAT? Low-ooooo-sss?) is covered in reptilian scales. They litter the ground like gravel. Shiny pretty gravel. Giant dragon scales appear occasionally. I’m actually pretty proud of this one. Consorts: Bearded Dragons 
  3. Cairro: Land of Bubbles and Dungeons - Lobad is a planet of subterranian labyrinthine caves. The surface is littered with entrances that spew the bubbles the fill the air. I am ridiculously proud of those bubbles. You cant even convince me they’re not perfect. Consorts: Snails

I am never not using predetermined color pallets to paint ever again. This is was so easy. I love the results, though I got a little lazy on the Loram one because that was last and I was loosing interest. :I

I’m not sure if I’m going to actually play Sbarg because I don't understand how they’re doing the game, but I prototyped my gameboy+pokemon blue and a toy unicorn