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Top 10 Louelle moments?

fam .. i just want u to know .. this wrecked me

okay but one: pride of britain awards. the way he just .. played w/ her hands .. danielle telling him he killed it … louis mouthing ‘i love you’ at her when he went to finish doing the carpet. i’m wreckt. also they were the prime example of looking like a damn POWER couple.

two: cabo. like ok this was gross bc of the yuck invasion of privacy but .. louis was all over her & it fucks me up fam ( sidenote: ouch his burn )


three. w/ freddie. fml she was so supportive of him becoming a dad for the first time & the little dude was obviously comfy w/ her so i’m #sh00k.

four. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE. i thought she wouldn’t pull thru bc of the hate but she did n’ posted this cute asf instagram i’m still wreckt

five. another iconic instagram. ‘lucky’ he knew he was blesst as fuck to have her. hE KNew.

six. date night ft louis in stripes & looking at danielle like she was speaking poetry. also that height difference wtf.

seven. idk when this was but him cuddlin her from behind is SUPER cute niiice

eight. all the times they lowkey matched their outfits like color coordinated idk there’s a cute edit HERE lookie lookie 

nine. louis, lottie & danielle serving looks & squad goals omg they were so close w/ each others fams i’m sad

ten. cuddles w/ puppies this is so cute they were grossly domestic i hate yet love

bonus mentions for all the times she hung w/ his family, his matching butt tat w/ her brother ( why louis whyyyyy ), their 4th of july party, the nightlight insta post & danielle spending christmas & his birthday in doncaster w/ the tomlinson-deakins idk i prob forgot a lot if u can’t tell i think everything they ever did was #iconic