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Gotta Shave this Shit

Title: Gotta Shave this Shit

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan wants to rid his beard and wants you to help.

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, Negan himself is a warning lol

Note: ‘Cause I think beardless Negan needs more love. Honestly feeling meh about this but I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. Hope you guys would still enjoy!

“You busy tonight, sweetheart?”

It was only when Negan’s shadow loomed over your figure on the couch that you looked up and realized that it was you he was talking to. Even after noticing how Negan’s eyes were glued on you and you alone, you still bothered to look around the lounge area to make sure that you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t a new wife, in fact, you were the third one (out of six) but you were aware that Negan has his favorites. Sherry and Amber topped Negan’s list but the other wives still get their share of Negan’s time.

You’ve had your moments with Negan too, but they weren’t as much as the rest so you assumed that you were that girl— one who was easily forgotten. It was really hard to believe that Negan was really talking to you.

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Spring Break (M)| Part 2

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Part One | Part Two

Word Count: 4,019

Genre: Smut, College AU, filthy smut, Angst  dear lord I’m sorry

Sneak peak - “So you’re really ok with this?” Namjoon raised his eyebrow as he took a seat on his bed, coincidentally the same spot you had caught him in last night. Except for this time he had on clothes and his underwear weren’t hugging his ankles.

What even was sleep at this point? You refused to leave the lounge area, knowing that if you headed back to your dorm, Namjoon would be there waiting there with an excuse he memorized. His shirtless body was ingrained in your mind and you didn’t know if you could look at him the same again. Fucked, that’s what you were.

All you could hear was Namjoon in your ears moaning your name, and by the sounds of it, it wasn’t the first time. Was this what all guys friends did, or was Namjoon just fucked in the head. Technically you were in his head. Oops.

5 A.M came rolling in on a white horse and you were pretty sure that Namjoon was already off to work by now. Exhausted, you got your numb ass out of the chair you been warming since last night and shuffled back to the dorm. You knew you looked a hot mess but you didn’t care what you looked like, only cared about getting out of yesterday’s clothes. The rest you’d deal with later.

Just opening the dorm door gave you flashbacks and you shook them off before heading to the bathroom to take the longest shower of your life before getting ready for class. You still had plenty of time to just lounge around but you didn’t bother taking advantage and you rush out the door once again.

Damp hair and all, you took your time walking to class, taking in more of school than you had before. Of course, after walking like a slug to class you still end up being almost the first there. Taking the seat you had the other day, you sat there with what you wish was a blank mind as you doodled on a fresh piece of paper.

“Is this seat taken?” Hoseok smirked as he pulled out the chair next to you. You gave him a greeting smile as you watched him slide into the chair while dig through his bag.

“So how’d you sleep last night?” he asked while taking out his notebook with a smile

The question itself made you want to crawl deeper into your seat but instead you decided to push the thoughts further out of your head. “Slept like a baby” you quickly lied.

“At least one of us did” he mumbled with a small chuckle that followed.

You tilted your head as you turned more to look at him, “what do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say… It was hard” Hoseok began rubbing the back of his neck.

You didn’t know what to say as you stared at him blankly, letting his words register. Just then the teacher decided to make his grand entrance. It was obvious by the teacher’s gestures that today was going to be a very long, very boring day in class.

“Hey…” Hoseok nudged your shoulder. “Hey, Y/N - you okay?”

Your eyes blinked open slowly, and you felt your face flush with embarrassment as soon as you realized what had happened. Glancing frantically up at Hoseok, you hissed, “How long did I nod off for?”

He chuckled, “Only a second. I just saw your head bob and figured something was wrong.” He pointed at the lectern where the teaching was introducing yet another series of boring equations. “See? You didn’t miss much.”

You breathed out a soft sigh of relief, but cast a few quick glances around you to make sure no one else had seen your little “mini-nap.” Most of these people were sophomores and you couldn’t count on them to forget this little incident before you arrived as a student in the fall.

As the teacher droned on, you leaned back in your seat, trying to make the most out of “classes” before the College Days Program ended. Beside you, Hoseok chuckled.

“Geez… you look dead. Guessing you didn’t actually sleep either.”

For some reason the question made you blush and you ducked your head down, pretending to be interested in the book in your hands. “Is it that obvious?”

The rest of class went the same way, a whole much of boring lectures that you had already forgotten once the teacher’s words settled in your ears. You could feel Hoseok giving you small glances every so often and you fought to keep yours straightforward - let alone, open.

Soon as class was dismissed Hoseok pulled you to the side. You were both standing just outside the classroom with your back against the wall with him in front of you.

“ So about last night..” he trailed off with a smirk curling around his lips and he scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry it had to end so soon”

For some odd reason you were feeling bold by his shyness, “it’s fine as long as you make it up to me”

“That won’t be a problem as long as you keep your volume at a level 2 next time,” he joked and you playfully shoved his shoulder as you remembered why all the fun had ended the first time.

“Did you get back to the dorm room ok? I’m sorry I should have walked you back”

What a mess that would have been if he had. You felt your face heat just thinking how what would unfold if Hoseok had walked you back. Before you could even bother answering, you watched Namjoon approached from the corner of your eyes.

He walked directly towards you and you wish you had been invisible but shortly felt Namjoon’s hand grabbing your wrist.

“We need to talk.”

Without any further words, he began yanking you down the hall and you gave a sorry look to Hoseok on Namjoon’s behave while Hosok watches you being forced away in confusion. You were pissed but you expected this to happen sooner or later.

“First of all you look like shit,” Namjoon said over his shoulder as you unlockers the door.

You folded your arms across your chest as you followed him inside, “Wow thank you I’ve always wanted to hear that”


An Awkward silence fills the room. This was totally like Namjoon always changing the subject and pointing out the obvious when he was nervous.

“So about last night, that meant nothing I was just-”

“I got it Namjoon,” you fanned him off.

“Really because I-”

“Dude it’s fine I should have knocked and like you said, these are co-ed dorms anyways so what really is privacy.” The atmosphere was already awkward you didn’t need any reminder of last night when it was still quite vivid in your brain anyways.

“So you’re really ok with this?” Namjoon raised his eyebrow as he took a seat on his bed, coincidentally the same spot you had caught him in last night. Except for this time he had on clothes and his underwear weren’t hugging his ankles.

You cleared your throat, “yeah, we’re friends right?”

He took a short pause, but you couldn’t read his eyes as he stared at you expressionless.

“Yea, right”

“Well good talk, I’m gonna go say sorry to Hoseok again for his rude roommate. Did you really have to make a scene?”

Namjoon scrunched his nose and raised his eyebrow, “Would you have followed me if I hadn’t?”

“Ok, fair enough,” you said with a slight nod.

You both couldn’t hold back your laughs because knowing your stubborn self, there really was no other way to drag you into the room without literally dragging you like he had.

“What are you doing tonight,” he asked out of the blue. You thought it over and as far as you knew, your schedule was clear for the rest of the day.

“You think later we could grab something to eat and rent a movie or something?”

The offer reminded of old times when this was something you guys did together almost every day after school. It’s been so long since Namjoon went off to college first and now that you had the chance to do the old things again it made you smile and without any further thoughts, you nodded your head.

“See you later then,” you said before leaving the room. At least that was finally out of the way.

It didn’t take much to find Hoseok as you first checked the nearest cafe on campus. You caught his eyes and sent him a tight lip smile as you made your way over to him.

“I’m sorry about earlier, Namjoon had something to tell me that probably could have waited, but you know him,” you said as you slid into the seat across from him.

“You sure everything is ok?” He leaned over to peer into your eyes.

Putting on your most natural smile - which, thinking back on it probably didn’t look normal at all - you nodded, “I’m fine.”

He accepted your answer, though he didn’t look completely convinced. A few moments later, he leaned over again, “Isn’t there this huge assembly meeting today for you upcoming college freshman’s?”

“Ugh…” you grimaced. “Yeah, the question and answer thing.”

“Wanna hang out with me instead?”

You giggled at the question as if your answer wasn’t already obvious enough, “Um, duh.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The room Hoseok had been crashing in while you slept in Namjoon’s room had pretty much the ultimate geek set-up imaginable, for a college dorm anyway. He had a PS4 and XBOX consoles with two separate towers of games, a Wii with its cables neatly folded, and - hell, yes - a Nintendo 64.

“Nope - not kidding.”


Hoseok laughed at your outburst, “Yeah, and he’s got a couple two player games, too.”

He shouldn’t have said anything. In an instant, you were on the floor beside the bed digging through the glorious collection, “Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon Snap, Starfox, Perfect Dark - oh, my God! We have to play this one.” you held up Mario Kart and smiled. “Seriously - I want to do the rainbow bridge course.”

He grimaced, but took the game from you anyway, “I hate this game.”

“What? Why?”

“All the falling off stuff and the banana peels make me rage quite a bit.”

“But you like Assassin’s Creed. You fall off stuff all the time.”

“Well, this is different. Because it’s cute. So it’s more insulting.”

You laughed, flopping on the floor and grabbing a controller. “If you’re going to be so mopey, I’ll let you be player one.”

“Actually… I was wondering…”

When you looked over at him, the soft smile had turned into something almost wolfish, and you felt your heart skip a beat. “Wondering what?”

“Let’s make it interesting. How about…” he hesitated, and you saw the faintest of blushes creep up his cheeks, “… if one of us loses a round, we have to discard a piece of clothing.”

you felt a tingling between your legs, and you bit your lip to hide the satisfaction on your face when you agreed to his terms.

Besides, you were fairly confident in your Mario Kart skills. He was going down.

Sure enough, he was the first one to lose, and off came one of his shoes. you frowned at him, having expected him to start with something a little bigger, but he just laughed, “It’s a shoe. It’s on your body. It counts.”

“It’s cheating.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Well… it’s not fair. You’re wearing socks under your shoes, I just have your flip flops. That’s two extra pieces of clothing for you.”

He winked at you, “Then you’d better not lose.”

It was a challenge, and you knew it. But, you really can’t win against the thunderbolt powerup. You’re not sure how he did it, but he got two of them and managed to win - ahead by two laps. Off came one of your flip flops.

Next was his second shoe, both his socks, your second flip flop, your headband, his shirt…

Whoa… you did a double take when he removed his first “real” article of clothing, taking his taut stomach and muscles. There hadn’t been any doubt before of how sexy he was, but now to have visual proof - you could barely contain yourself. your clit throbbed between your legs, and you felt a blush creep up your cheeks when you realized how wet you had become in the short time I’d been staring.

He grinned at you, and you gulped. If you lost this next one, the next thing to come off would be either your shirt or your pants. And you weren’t wearing a bra.

As we started the next round, nervousness began to give way to excitement, and somewhere after that you stopped caring about winning or losing, or even staying on the track. It was hard enough knowing that a shirtless hottie was sitting next to you and that you had to keep your hands off until the game was over. So, of course, due to your inattention… you lost.

Hoseok set down his controller and nodded to you, “All right - what’s it gonna be?”

You met his gaze squarely, before hooking your fingers under the hem of your shirt and pulling it off. As your breasts fell free of their confinement, Hoseok caught his breath and you heard him swear softly as he stared at you.

“Damn…” he licked his lips. “Those are… I mean, you’re… fuck,” he cursed again in embarrassment. “I’m sorry - I don’t know what to say. You’re so beautiful, and -”

“Are you just gonna sit there or are you going to make a move?” you interrupted, scooting a little closer. He nodded, and you smiled at him.

Yesterday you wouldn’t have dared to ask such a thing. But you were bolder now than you had ever been. And you knew exactly what you wanted.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Gently, his hands cupped your breasts, his thumbs running across your nipples. You were so horny, and your tits were so sensitive, so you gasped when he took them between his fingers and rolled them back and forth.

Before you had much time to react, Hoseok’s mouth was upon them - licking, sucking, kissing, and you whimpered as sheer desire coursed through you. Somewhere in that last second the both of you just… gave in. The careful young man he had been a minute ago had somehow transformed into wanton rogue that knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. Whatever had changed - it made you want him even more, if that were possible.

His hands roamed your body, from your cheeks to your shoulders to the dip of your waist, stopping at the rise of your jeans. His fingers slid beneath the fabric and you bit your lip, frantically moving your hands from his broad back to undo the button and zipper of your pants. The moment you was finished, he slid them, and your underwear, off.

you were completely naked, and yet every shred of nervousness you had felt before melted away. you wanted this. You wanted him. And, judging by the bulge in his pants, he wanted you too. you reached for his pants, but he caught your hands and pulled away from you.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, sitting up so you could peer into his eyes.

Hoseok shrugged, “I… I really like you, but… if you’re not ready, we don’t have to do this.”

You almost laughed. Here you were, naked and practically begging to be fucked, and there he was - being chivalrous. It would have been the cheesiest thing, except, from the furrow in his brows and the concern in his eyes, it seemed he really meant it.

It was… unexpected. Sweet.

You have never been good at flirting - all that eyelash batting and booty swaying, it just wasn’t your thing. Whenever you did it, it always seemed awkward and out of place. So you didn’t. And yet somehow, you found yourself alone with this amazing person and you hadn’t even had to pretend to be one of those “sexy, popular” girls. you had just been you.  For christ sake - you’d just been playing Mario Kart, of all things. Who does that?

So, in answer to his question, you just smiled. And you hoped that somehow you could convey in that one smile just how much you wanted this.

It worked. His grip on your wrists relaxed and you pulled yourself free, scooting forward and reaching back down to the button and zipper of his pants. Your eyes traveled down across his chest, his flat stomach, and to the button, you was struggling with. Nervousness more than anything put the slightest tremble in your fingers as you managed somehow to undo the button and pull down the zipper.

Hoseok slid out of his jeans, and you caught your breath at the bulge in his boxers. He smirked a little bit at your obvious gawking and pulled you both to our feet, guiding your hands to the waistband of his underwear, “Go ahead, take them off.”

So you did - slowly and carefully. you pulled the material down his legs and your eyes widened at the monster in front of you.

“Oh, my god…” you breathed, your hands reaching up to encircle his length. It was so thick… It wasn’t as long as you imagined, but it was wider, and so very, very hard. It pulsed beneath your touch and you almost whimpered - you was so crazy wet. Would he even fit in you?

Tentatively, you leaned forward, flicking your tongue across the tip of his cock and felt him shudder. Encouraged, you flicked your tongue again, snaking it across the small opening, and then down the underside. Slowly, your tongue moved back upwards and your eyes met his own just before you slid the head of his cock into your mouth. Hoseok’s breath hitched, and he rested his hand on the back of your head as you bobbed back and forth on just the tip.

“Fuck… yes.”

Feeling a little more daring, you lifted your free hand and grabbed the base of his cock, pumping in time with your mouth. He was more than a mouthful - and that was just the first few inches. But you wanted to try for more, and you gingerly pressed forward, taking him in until it almost hurt. You couldn’t fit all of him in your mouth, but your hand made up for the difference, and you sucked him fiercely until he was panting. On your head, his fingers grabbed your hair - more for balance, you guessed, since he hadn’t tried changing your pace.

Your jaw was beginning to ache, so you bobbed once more deeply and pulled back, smiling at the pleasure written across his face.

“My god…” he managed after a moment, pulling you again to your feet and then pushing you back against the bed. “You’re so fucking sexy…”

Flat on your back, you spread your legs for him, almost aching with how badly you wanted to feel that cock inside of you. Covering your body with his, his mouth reached for one of your nipples while his hand reached down to rub your sensitive clit. you gasped at the onslaught as his fingers alternated between sweet torture and agonizing pleasure.

You were on fire - every flick of his finger brought you closer to an orgasm and you thrust your hips forward at him, begging for more, aching for release. He took his time, however, until he felt your body begin to tense beneath him. You saw something flicker in his eyes as he withdrew his finger, and you whimpered at the mischievous smile on his face.

Before you could say anything, he covered your lips with his and pushed the head of his cock into your throbbing cunt.

The sound you made at the sudden entrance was somewhere between a growl and a groan, and you squirmed beneath him when he hesitated.

“It’s okay,” you murmured. “You won’t hurt me.”

Slowly - oh, so slowly - he pushed the rest of his cock inside of you. you let out a guttural moan, feeling just how very tight a fit he was. As it was, it was uncomfortable for only a few moments, but your cunt adjusted to his girth, and within a few more long moments he was buried all the way inside you.

“You’re so tight,” he said, his teeth gritted.

“Fuck me,” you urged him, your arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him down for a passionate kiss. When he pulled his cock out, you almost cried - it felt so empty without him inside of you- but then he thrust forward again and you whimpered as he once again stretched you out. How could something hurt and yet feel so, so good?

But he was too slow - too nice - too considerate. And you wanted to be ravaged. With a growl, you pushed him off of you and settled on top of him, rubbing your smooth pussy against the underside of his cock. He leaned his head back and groaned, and you held your breath as you plunged yourself down on his massive member.

The pleasure outweighed the pain this time, and a few thrusts later, it was all gone - lost somewhere in a fog of bliss. He filled every part of you, touching places you hadn’t known existed, and you rode him with a furious passion.

“Y/N,” Hoseok grunted. “I’m… getting close. You need to get off.”

You heard him. you really did. you just didn’t care. you increased your pace - your own orgasm was near and you wanted to reach it the same time he did. His hands - when had they reached your waist? - tried to slow you. You could tell he was only giving you a token resistance. If he’d really wanted you off of him, he could have lifted you off of him at any time. But he didn’t, so you didn’t stop. Couldn’t actually.  You were so close…

The next time he called your name, his entire body tensed and trembled beneath you. Long, thick, hot ropes of his cum erupted in your pussy and you screamed as your own orgasm consumed you. Fuck, there was so much cum - you didn’t think he’d ever stop. You almost wished it wouldn’t. Long moments later, you let yourself collapse atop him - panting and trembling. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly.

When you both had time to catch your breath, he murmured, “So… we’re good, right? You’re on the pill or something?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled.

“Oh, good…” he smiled. “Because that was amazing.”

“More than amazing,” you assured him, placing a lingering kiss on his lips.

“So does that make up for last night?”

You leaned up off his chest as you looked into his hooded eyes, “you bet your ass it does”

You both dressed slowly, taking most of your time to stop and kiss, or tease each other, and then packed up the games. By the time you were done and looked at the time, it had already been past 9 PM. Where the hell did time go? You said your goodbyes and shared you last kiss before leaving the room and heading to the dorm you shared with Namjoon.

You weren’t expecting to see Namjoon sitting in the dark with only a reading light near his bed on and it almost scared you half to death. You noticed his clenched jaw and the movie he held aggressively tight in your hands when it dawned on you. You had totally forgotten about movie night.

“Namjoon… I’m-” you didn’t have an excuse, you fucked up.

Namjoon sprung off the bed and brushed passed you, not even wasting his time to hear a bullshitted excuse you still tried to think of. He slammed the door behind himself and you instantly jumped by the impact. Just when everything was on the right track again, you had the best of luck with fucking it up again.

How the hell are you going to make up for this one smart one?

A/N- I’m not sure if ill write part three but if I do its more than likely the end of this short series. feedback is encouraged to motivate me to write but PLEASE do not pressure me by asking me when the next part will be out. I get overwhelmed too fam



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Hey thanks so much to everyone who has read this and I’m excited to keep writing about feysand cause they are amazing!!

Part 1 

Part 2

Chapter 3

I had left my bags in the room, which I was pleasantly surprised about because everyone knew Cassian had piss poor taste in choosing nice hotels. But everything was tastefully decorated and the sea view Cassian had gotten me was splendid. There was a note on my bed saying that Cassian and Azriel would be at the bar so I strolled through the hotel looking around for any signs that would lead me to my brothers.

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Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 19 - Mistletoe

Character: Issac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: None. Fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Tag: @averymerryspnxmas

He did it. Issac “Ike” Evans managed to pull off the biggest Christmas party manageable by any hotel in the Miami area.

All the rooms at the Miramar Playa were booked, the drinks still flowing at the bar and folks just having a good damn time, all in the Christmas spirit.

Ike sat on the steps that led the upper lounge area, sipping on a Scotch.

Over in the corner, cleaning up a spill, was a gorgeous woman named Y/N Fitzgerald. She wasn’t one of his main workers; she was a friend of one the cooks who had offered to help when a few of his other employees decided to lay out.

“Ouch!” She hissed, holding her hand.

Ike immediately got up to check on her.

“What happened?” He asked, squatting down and taking her hand.

She winced as he checked the cut, “The tumbler had a chip on the rim of it. I didn’t see it until I knicked myself.”

Taking a cloth from his pocket, he dab at the blood that had seeped from the small cut, “Doesn’t seem too bad. Come on, let’s get this patched up.”

With his one hand holding the cloth to the cut, he grabbed her elbow with the other, helping her stand.

Quietly and quickly, he led her back to the office.

Her skin was soft, Ike realized as he sat her down in a chair; his fingers grazing her arm as he let her go.

Rounding his desk, he got out the first aid kit and went back to her. He knelt at her feet, taking out an antiseptic wipe and a bandaid.

He looked up at her to see if she was alright and he couldn’t help himself when he saw the actual color of her eyes.

They twinkled as she blushed under his gaze.

“I’m such a klutz.” She said softly, smiling.

Ike blinked, giving a low chuckle, “Let me see that hand.”

She held it out to him, watching him intently as he unwrapped the previously pristine cloth.

“This might sting a little,” he warned, gently wiping down the cut.

Her eye twitched as it stung. Ike leaned over, blowing softly on it. His lips were close enough that he could have kissed her hand.

Guilt coursed through him as his mind began to wander and think of what he’d give just to kiss this beautiful woman.

His precious wife, Amelia, had passed just two years ago. He wanted to move on, to let her be able to rest, but it was just so damn difficult to.

“Are you okay Mr. Evans?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.

Ike cleared his throat, “Yeah.”

Taking the bandaid, he wrapped his around her finger and gathered the small amount of trash.

“Thank you,” Y/N said, placing her hand back in her lap.

One of the wait staff came into the office, panting, “We need you out here Mr. Evans. Mr. Reynolds is demanding to see you.”

“Christ.” Ike cursed.

Going over to Y/N, he helped her stand.

“Mr. Reynolds is quite the character, isn’t he?” She asked, laughter in her voice.

Ike laughed, “When he’s had a few drinks, yes.”

Crossing over into the lounge area, Ike put pressure on Y/N’s elbow to stop her.

“Listen, I was won-”

“Kiss her, damnit!” Mr. Reynolds yelled, his gait wobbly.

Ike looked completely lost, only to raise a brow at Y/N when he heard her giggle.

She pointed above their heads, “Mistletoe.”

“Do it!”

“Kiss her!”

Some more people joined Mr. Reynolds in cheering him on.

He looked down into her eyes again, the twinkle still there, “I understand if you don’t-”

“It’s alright Mr. Evans.” She said, softly.

Jesus Christ! Her saying his name like that did bad things to him.

Taking a chance, he cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing the dimple at the corner of her smile.

Ike brought Y/N in closer, lowering his lips to hers. They kept their eyes open for a brief second, closing as soon as his lips took hold of her bottom lip.

Her small gasp as he pulled back, only to connect again, made him want to taste her even more.

Carefully, his tounge peeked out, the tip running across her top lip.

The kiss soon turned heated as the crowd cheered them on.

At the feel of her tounge caressing his, Ike knew that they had to end their kiss before something else happened.

He always thought himself a gentleman and he by no means wanted to tarnish Y/N Fitzgerald’s reputation for a harlot. He pulled back enough to look at her, licking his lips.

He was surprised to not taste any lipstick, which was welcoming in many ways.

She didn’t need hardly any product on her smooth skin anyhow.

“Stay, afterwards?” He asked, his voice deep with want.

Y/N bit her bottom lip, plumping it up even further, “Yes, Mr. Evans.” She whispered.

“Ike.” He simply said.

Y/N took a finger, running it over his smoothly shaven jaw, “Yes, Ike.”

With one last peck, she left his embrace, returning back to her duties.

This woman… this magnificent creature, was one that would stay and haunt his dreams forever.

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Alex Summers imagine

After all the fighting and the re building of the school the professor thought it would be nice to throw an almost celebration ball. Ever since those words left his lips the whole school,well mostly the girls couldn’t stop talking about it.

Apart from me, I couldn’t think about anything else apart from learning to use my abilities we nearly lost a lot of people in the war against a God a lot of people I cared about. Some ball wasn’t going to distract me from what I needed to do.

“Y/N have you even got a dress yet?” Jean asked sitting down opposite me on a table in the lounge area of the school. I shook my head not even taking my eyes of the book I was flicking through. “Come on Y/N you’re not going to catch Alex’s eye if you turn up in a pair of jeans” my head shout up at his names eyes scanning the lounge to make sure he wasn’t there before they landed on a now smirking Jean.

“Honestly Jean can you keep your voice down the last thing I want is anyone catching on to the fact I have a giant crush of Alex” I mutter closing my book.

Alex was the first person who truly made me feel at ease when I got to the school. He was the one to show me around and introduce me to the rest of the first X-Men crew. After the events on the beach and what happened to Charles everyone went their separate ways no more X-Men. I hadn’t seen Alex since that day he dropped me back home with a goodbye hug,that was until he came back about two months ago with his brother Scott and everything I felt from before just came rushing back.

“Earth to Y/N” I blink out of my state as Jean swipes her hand in front of my face. “I know both me and Jub are younger than you but we are going dress shopping later if you want to come?” I smiled at Jean and nodded causing her to let out a little scream. “Don’t worry we’re going to find the perfect dress to make sure Alex notices you in the right way” and with a wink and a laugh she was off probably to find Jubilee and tell her the news.
I took one final look in the mirror. My hair was curled down to my shoulders and the make up Jean had done went well with my red dress. I couldn’t help but feel sick even if Alex paid no attention to me tonight I was going to tell him how I feel before another war brakes out.

“Y/N you ready?” I hear Jean call from outside my room. Well no looking back now I grab my little bag of my bed and head out to greet the girl and her date.

“Y/N wow you look beautiful” I turn to see a blushing Scott who was holding Jean’s hand.

“Why thank you Scott,let’s hope I get the same reaction out of your brother” I giggle as the three of us head down to the ball room.

The ball room was filled with tacky lights and a disco ball,probably less formal then what the professor was looking for. As soon as we had gotten inside Jean and Scott had left me standing by the punch bowl.

“Y/N wow” I heard his voice before I saw him,I slowly slid of the table until I was standing just in front of Alex his blue eyes shining under the lights.

“Hey Summers” I greet him like old times sake a smile forming on his face.

“You look absolutely beautiful breath taking” he mumbles out scratching behind his head something he did when he was nervous even though he never admits it.

“Thanks Alex,you scrub up well don’t you” I giggle feeling like a 10 year old who’s little school crush just noticed her.

“Would you um like to dance?” He asks holding out his hand,which I gladly accepts as he drags me onto the dance floor. Of course a slow song would start as me make it to the centre. I feel Alex wrap his arms around my waist and I feel myself wrap my arms around his neck and melt into his touch.

“I’m so happy that you’re here again Alex” I mutter into his shoulder as the two of us sway back and forth.

“Me too Y/N,there’s something I need to tell you” I lift my head of his shoulder and again stare into his blue eyes that are lit up from the disco ball above us.

“I’m in love with you,I have been probably from the first time I met you. How you were so sweet with everyone,how you managed to put up with moody old me knowing my past and what I was like and still you wanted to be my friend. After the events in Cuba when I drove you home and said goodbye I didn’t want to let go I wanted to take you with me but that would’ve been selfish. So when I came back I was ready to accept that you were mad at me hated me,but instead you hugged me and told me how much you missed me and I’m happier now but I’ll never be as happy as I am with you. So that’s it it’s rambled and not romantic but you know me Y/L/N I’m not good with words” I stare at him even more now probably making him uncomfortable but I didn’t know what else to do my heart beating so fast.

But I lean up him catching on to what I was about to do and then we are kissing. Pulling away I lean my forehead against his both of us smiling like idiots and I swear I can hear some one cheering from inside the room,but all that matters in this moment is Alex and I.

“Well you don’t need to be good with words,cause I love you too Summers”

Bucky Barnes Imagine #2 -Valentine's Day #7

Requested by @purplekitten30

Today was Valentine’s Day, and you were kind of okay. Kind of. A couple weeks ago, you broke up with your cheating boyfriend of three years.

Tonight, Stark was having a Valentine’s Day party, and your ex, Joshua, would be there. You didn’t have a date for the party, so you were a bit uneasy about going and seeing him.

The night approached quickly and you made your way to the party/lounging area of the tower. You sat down at the bar, where Natasha was serving just because she had nothing better to do.

“Hey (Y/N). Want anything?” She offered.

“No thanks.” You replied politely. Just then, you felt someone standing behind you. You turned around to see a tall, dark haired figure towering over you. Joshua. You stood up so you were face to face with him.

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A/N: This is a collab with @ultimatefandom-imagines who made the banner! (Awesome job btw, it’s stunning!) I hope you enjoy! It’s not very long, but it is packed, I tried to not draw anything out too long ^^

Summary: The reader and Luke attempt to hide their relationship from her brother, Han Solo. He finds out, of course, and chaos ensues. The reader decides it’s up to them to put an end to it. What harm would that do?


You walk through the dim hallways of the Millennium Falcon to the lounge area and rejoin Luke. He smiles and waves you over for the entertaining hologram board game you loved so much. You two played a few games, and you ultimately won by majority considering your experience.

“What were you saying about ‘finally beating me’?” You smirk, leaning back and crossing your arms. He huffs and rolls his eyes playfully, going to scoot closer to you.

“One day I will, (Y/N) Solo. One day!” He declares, going to tickle you in the sides. You giggle and thrash, but he has you pinned. You clumsily try rolling off onto the ground, taking him with you.He ruthlessly began to tickle you more, having pinned you once again. Finally, he stops, gasping for air after laughing so much.

He loved your laugh. He loved how it made him laugh. He loved making you laugh and watching you laugh. Heck, what didn’t he love about you?

“I’m gonna get you back for that.” You pant, still regaining your strength. He chuckles, helping you up and back onto the couch, but not before a little twirl and kiss on the cheek. You snuggle up and begin divulging in one of your many late night talks. It probably drove the others crazy, but you didn’t care. All that was on your mind was Luke and your odd conversation topic.

“So do you think baby Wookies look like Ewoks? Or are they cuter? But seriously what could be cuter than an Ewok? OH, what about a baby Ewok?” You questioned as if Luke was the all-knowing Jedi.

“I think a baby Wookie would be a like a… Like a smaller Ewok, but with bigger eyes.” He chuckles as you nuzzle your face into his chest. “You’re a really good cuddler, you know that?” He commented, easily swinging an arm around you like he had done hundreds of time before.

“I was just about to say the same thing about you!” You smiled. “Were we always this connected?” You ponder, thinking back to when you and Luke had just started being friends.

You had met about 5 years ago when Luke had joined the Resistance. You were assigned to flying as backup with him on their mission to destroy the Death Star. You thankfully made it, wiping out a mighty 13 TIE fighters. You covered Luke until the very end, reassuring him the entire way. You felt like best friends even though you had only met him a few hours ago.

Afterward you met Leia and Chewie, introduced to you by your brother, Han. You and Luke had drifted from the center of the celebration party held afterward and talked for the rest of the night. You both had so much in common and so many stories to tell. When you woke up in your room on the resistance base the next day, your core was sore from laughing so much.

Just a few weeks ago you and Luke started dating. It was so effortless… So right, yet you kept it a secret from Han, your older (and very protective) brother. You knew if he found out just yet he’d be suspicious of Luke. Why would you two starts dating all of a sudden? Weren’t you just good friends? You could hear Han’s interrogation playing in your head. Leia and Chewie knew, but agreed it’d be best if Han didn’t.

Luke hummed a soft “Hm…” making his chest vibrate, and you smile at the feeling. “I guess so. We did really connect when we started talking…” He smiled softly. You heard footsteps, but assumed it was Leia or Chewie since Han was in the cockpit flying the ship. You remained relaxed in Luke’s arms until you heard a low and rough voice shouting at you two.

“What the hell?!” Han exclaimed, his tall figure filling up the doorway. Your eyes grew wide and you sat up trying to quickly explain, but he was too fast and too loud. “Since when were you two all cozy?!” He continued to raise his voice.

“Han, calm down. We… um…” You started, but seeing Han’s angered red face made you lose your train of thought.

“We started dating a few weeks ago.” Luke chimes in. Luke and Han were close, but he was so protective of you the only person he really trusted around you was Chewie.  

“And it didn’t cross your mind that I might, just might want to know?” He said, stepping closer to you both.

“I knew you would react this way even if I told you on the first day!” You shot back, shocking Han. He was quickly reminded just how fiery you could be when you were mad or upset.

“I act this way because I care, (Y/N).” He said, taking the calmer approach now. “I don’t want you getting hurt.” You knew it was true. You took a moment to look at your brother, to take it all in. Everything since you met Luke. He would never hurt you. You couldn’t even imagine Luke doing something on accident let alone on purpose. “Luke, I do trust you, I really do… You’re a good kid, it’s just.. Even a good guy could hurt my sister.” He sighs.

“He isn’t just some good guy. He’s Luke, Han. The sweet and humble Tatooine farmboy. He wouldn’t hurt me.” You say, making Han back away only slightly from the much shorter Luke Skywalker.

“Yeah, he wouldn’t dare.” Han says, his fire returning slightly, before shooting an accusing finger at Luke. “Not on my watch.”

Good Enough (5)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Sehun stood on the opposite side of the large bed, mirroring your stance with his hands on his hips, staring at the pillows with his face screwed up in frustration. “Well I’m not sharing my bed with you,” he stated as a matter of fact. “It’s bad enough that I’m married to you and now you’re invading my space like this.”

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